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Two Plus Two
By Misarae

We Are Family

Inu Yasha's ears flicked as the sounds of happy domesticity reached his ears. He was currently in the main room, sitting in a comfortable chair. The television was on, with the sound turned low, but Inu Yasha wasn't paying any attention to it. His entire focus was on the warm, slightly squirmy, bundle in his arms. The pup's eyes wouldn't open for another week or so, judging by Naoki's milestones, but Mamoru made his mission very clear, gripping the bottle Inu Yasha held as if for dear life and sucking away with gusto, shades of happiness and pure contentment radiating through the mating bond.

As soon as she had been able, Kagome had started pumping some extra milk so that in the evenings, Inu Yasha could have his turn feeding their newest pup. It was a task he relished. He hadn't fully realized that his arms had felt slightly empty, what with both their older pups growing up so fast. On top of that, he'd spent years thinking Naoki was the only pup he would ever have. Now he held in his arms the living, breathing proof that he and his older son were loved beyond any shadow of a doubt.

He knew he probably looked like a total sap, but at the moment, he didn't care. Kagome had been affectionately shooed out of the kitchen and was currently sitting on a chair with a special cushion attached for comfort while her body recovered. Mama Higurashi, Suikotsu, Sachiko, and Naoki were actually making dinner. Inu Yasha felt the big, goofy grin on his face and the faraway look that had to be in his eyes as he recalled the events of that very afternoon. According to Kagome, after school, Naoki would insist on having his turn at carrying Mamoru on his back. While everyone else was at school and work, Kagome did her tasks with the pup strapped to hers.

Inu Yasha didn't care what anyone else said or thought. He'd learned with Naoki that there was no such thing as holding a pup too much. Apparently Mamoru was just as fond of skin contact as Naoki had been, though he was much better behaved, mostly thanks to the lessons learned after Naoki's birth, as well as Mamoru's advanced grasp on the mating bond and his gift of already being able to vocalize simple words in inu.

Then Inu Yasha realized that the bottle was empty, Mamoru contentedly gumming the nipple instead. Inu Yasha gently pried it out of Mamoru's grasp and his little face scrunched up.

"Now, now don't go yelling at me," Inu Yasha said, immediately bringing the pup to his shoulder, where a rag had already been draped. "I'm not the one who was sucking bubbles."

In response, Mamoru mouthed the fabric, his tiny fingers grasping Inu Yasha's shirt.

Inu Yasha rubbed the pup's back, bracing himself when Mamoru gave a familiar little wiggle before an adult-worthy belch filled the room.

"Good one, pup!" Naoki called from the kitchen.

Mamoru made a grizzling sound.

Inu Yasha kept Mamoru braced on his shoulder, continuing to rub the pup's back, but this time more gently as a gesture of affection. How could someone so tiny have captured his heart so thoroughly?

"Will you stop being so darned sexy?"

Inu Yasha looked up, then smiled as he saw Kagome perched on an ottoman close by. "Sexy?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You look amazing with a pup in your arms," Kagome replied. "It's a good thing you did hole up after Naoki was born. The ladies would have been all over you."

Inu Yasha smirked. "There's only one lady I want all over me." He licked his lips for emphasis, which made Kagome blush.

Then she sighed. "We're both doing our best, but there's only so much we can safely do to speed things along," she said with a pout.

Inu Yasha chuckled. "Yeah. Trust me, if full and true healing could be done by sheer willpower alone, you'd have been totally recovered in less than a day."

"Tell me about it," Kagome said, standing up so she could rub Mamoru's ears.

The pup's rumble in response sounded more like a kitten than an inu.

"Does he need changing?" Sachiko asked from the kitchen.

Inu Yasha sniffed and patted Mamoru's bottom. "Not yet, Sa-chan. Give it a chance to go through first."

That made everyone laugh. Since Naoki provided warmth, and Kagome and Inu Yasha did the feeding, Sachiko had declared that at least when she wasn't at school, diapers were her domain. Inu Yasha privately thought she was crazy, and he always watched her just in case, but she took such time and care with the task, it melted his heart all over again every time.

"You are very much loved, pup," Inu Yasha said.

"And so are you, Papa," Kagome replied.

Mamoru continued to rumble as his parents kissed.

Everything had come full circle, and Inu Yasha knew that whatever life decided to throw at them next, they would face it head-on. A perfectly united front that nothing and no one would ever breach again.


Author's Note: I'm currently staring at that little word above, still in a bit of shock. Part of me can't believe that I actually pulled this off. This has blown anything else I've ever written completely out of the water in every possible way. All the writing. All the research. All the time spent, working on this universe and determined to let the story come out of my mind and onto, well, computer screen.

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