The maiden stood at the head of the ship. She grasped the railing tightly as a gust of wind ruffled the lace at the bust of her dress and whipped her hair into a flowing mass of curls behind her. She wasn't sure what to make of the open sea as of yet but her heart longed for adventure and the promise of new places left her alabaster complexion pink with anticipation.

A calloused hand landed on her shoulder possessively. His finger stroked the bare skin at her clavicle and the maiden could hear the wicked grin in his voice when he spoke.

"I've been looking for you, my lady." His lips brushed her ear and the warmth of his breath made her shiver in spite of the chilled wind.

"Have you?" she asked breathlessly. The pirate's hand stayed down toward the swell of her breasts.

"I think it's time I gave you a tour of the Captain's Quarters."

The maiden's heart skipped a beat and she knew that by the time the sun rose the next morning her innocence would be lost to the crisp white sheets of his bunk.

"Alright," she whispered tremulously and allowed him to lead her aft.

Erza sighed and glanced up from her book. The Maidenhead was an old favorite of hers but on this particular night she couldn't concentrate. She peered over the top edge of the binding and her eyebrows furrowed. Jellal was lounging on the couch with a ridiculously pretentious stack of magical encyclopedias next to him on the floor. His legs were stretched out across the cushions and every so often he'd reach up to run a hand through his messy hair. Jellal's hair always seemed to be intentionally disheveled and it was one of the many things about him that made her toes curl.

She had a running list of things she loved to casually observe while he wasn't looking. The way his biceps stretched the sleeves of his t-shirts regularly drove her to distraction, and it didn't matter what he was reading he sometimes ran his fingers over the words on the page. Erza liked Jellal's fingers a lot. However, neither of those were what currently drew her attention.

Jellal had a new accessory and she couldn't stop staring.

There was something about the way his reading glasses sat on his face that she absolutely loved – and Erza was almost offended by them. He was just sitting there like he couldn't feel the frustrated lust rolling off of her. Honestly. He could've warned her that the glasses would be so… so… She wanted to crawl over him, straddle his lap and kiss him silly before pulling the glasses from his face. It would be part of her fantasy to gently fold and set them aside.

Instead of picking up on any of her desires, though, he just sat. On the couch. Reading page after page of magical theory. As if he wasn't already one of the most powerful mages on the continent.

Erza rearranged herself in the arm chair and tried to go back to her book.

The maiden wasn't sure what she'd expected from a pirate but his quarters were pristine. She was only allowed a few brief seconds to take in her surroundings before his hand landed on her shoulder once more. He spun her to face him and crushed her petite body against his chest. His open shirt left a sliver of bare skin visible and the maiden found herself pleased to realize he was just as sun-kissed there as the backs of his hands.

His rough fingers grazed her cheeks and his eyes penetrated. "Have you been with a man before?"

"I haven't," she said softly.

"And what would your father say if he knew you were in the private cabin of one such as myself?"

"I… I don't care! I'm not his property or anyone else's!"

The pirate chuckled darkly. "And what if I claimed you as my own?"

"I don't believe people can be property," the maiden said as her eyes darted to his lips that seemed to be perpetually grinning.

For a brief second the pirate's expression faltered but be recovered quickly enough. "You know little of this world, my lady."

"Perhaps, but I know enough to take what I want." Her fingers grazed his chest and disappeared under the flap of his shirt.

The pirate smiled and the maiden wondered at how gleaming white his teeth were. "I'll be taking in equal measure on this night, my lady."

She didn't have even a moment to respond because his fingers hooked into the laces of her bodice and snapped them free. Her milky, white breasts were exposed as the dress pooled at her feet. He tugged at the knot securing her petticoat and it, too, fell to the wood planked floor. The maiden was completely open to him and she fought against the impulse to cover herself.

Her boldness made him smile wider and his rough fingers brushed the sensitive skin of her breasts.

Erza tossed the book aside and glared at Jellal. He'd reclined further into the couch and had one hand casually resting behind his head. A few strands of his hair brushed the rims of his glasses and the flickering glare of the firelight danced on the lenses. She'd had enough.

It seemed that though she was wearing a nightgown he preferred over all the others, Jellal didn't notice her until she plucked the encyclopedia from his hand and set it aside.

"Can I help you, Erza?" he asked raising one eyebrow.

"I think maybe," she purred draping her body across his. "You've done enough of that already and it's time for me to help myself."

"I see. Well then could you share with me what exactly I've done?" His hands fit over her hips perfectly and finally Jellal noticed what she was wearing. He grinned. "Have you been planning this seduction since changing tonight? I'd expect nothing less from a battle tactician of your caliber."

"I hadn't anticipated advancing my position this early but I couldn't help it, Jellal." Erza slid one leg up to balance herself over this lap.

"And why is that?" Jellal's smile didn't fade in the slightest as he leaned up to kiss the place just below her chin. One hand stayed firmly on her hip and the other traced tiny circles on the back of her thigh. Erza hummed softly when his fingertips brushed the soft swell of skin her panties didn't quite cover.

"Your glasses," she muttered.

Jellal hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and froze. "What about them?"

"They're sinful." Erza settled her weight over his still-hardening member and pushed the edge of his t-shirt up high enough to expose the trail of short hairs that led downward.

"Sinful?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes," she said with finality and tugged on the elastic of his pajama pants. He wasn't undressing her fast enough and Erza was tired of waiting. She scooted backwards and pulled the flannel pants down around his thighs. "And it's obvious to me now that you're completely unaware of how appealing they are."

"They're just glasses, Erza." He watched with an amused curiosity as she leaned down to kiss just below his navel.

"No," she said kissing him again where his thigh met his hip. "They're a tool of erotic torture." Her hand wrapped around his erection and Jellal exhaled sharply. Erza ran her tongue along the underside and took him into her mouth. She tightened her grip around the base and applied suction as her lips pulled at the tip.

"Erza," Jellal breathed as he watched himself disappear into her mouth once again. As much as he wanted to let his head fall back against the arm of the couch, he needed to see her. It heightened the sensation to watch her skillfully, and oh so gently, suck him off. So instead of giving in, he feathered his fingers through her hair.

She met his eyes just before kissing the very tip of him and sliding back up his chest. He grasped her hair more tightly and pulled her into to him for a heated kiss. Jellal dug his fingers into the lace of her panties and the seams tore easily. He wondered if she had so many pairs of flimsy underwear on purpose. Erza never complained when he ripped them. She grabbed his cock again, and pumped him once – he was still slick with her saliva – and quickly lowered herself onto him. Jellal shoved the front of her nightgown up and over her breasts as soon as she was upright. Erza's breasts were never less than spectacular. In the firelight they appeared almost golden and he knew if he were to sit up and taste them as he wanted, her nipples would turn an enticing shade of mauve.

Aside from her breasts the best part of Erza on top was the way he could watch her envelope him over and over. Jellal admitted he had a kind of fetish for watching Erza do things to him and even though he'd never said as much out loud, she seemed to pick up on it and indulge him. With a lascivious moan she arched her back and planted her hands on his thighs. She clenched around him and he knew she'd reached the point of no return but needed help finishing.

His hands grasped her hips and he sat up to press his face between her breasts. Jellal kissed each one with equal fervor before quickly twisting and pressing her back into the seat of the couch. Erza's hair spread over the cushions and she smiled up at him. Her fingertips brushed his cheeks and Jellal tamped down the desire to pound into her.

"These," Erza whispered as she removed the glasses from his face and reached over to place them on the stack of encyclopedias. "Should come with a warning label."

He pulled out of her slightly and wrapped her leg high around his waist. "So should you," he said before sinking all the way back in.

They never made it off the couch that night and by the time the fire died out, Erza lay against his chest breathing softly in sleep. Her nightgown was in the same lump of clothes as his pants and Jellal pulled the blanket off the back of the sofa before kissing the top of her head. Who knew glasses could incite such spontaneous lust? He needed to make sure he had a backup pair… or three.