Erza's teeth sank into his shoulder and Jellal groaned. The shower spray beat on his back and the soap suds made it difficult for him to keep hold of Erza's thighs. She had a tight grip around his hips, though, and in the interest of saving time he didn't want to rearrange their position. He grasped her leg as well as he could and thrust into her again. She was breathing heavily and, if the way her muscles fluttered around him were any way to judge, he thought her close to finishing. In all honesty, Jellal never really needed more than five minutes of solid fucking to get off. Erza was absolute perfection and he wasn't ashamed to admit he had a hair-trigger with her.

Unlike himself, however, Erza required some effort. Despite the fact that she'd accepted her love for him long before he'd done the same, she still had a hard time letting all her walls down. Erza was also a woman prone to over thinking certain things. She often had big ideas for bedroom activities and gave little thought to implementation. It wasn't until a very... unfortunate incident with a pair of borrowed handcuffs that she'd been willing to let go of some of her kinkier ideas. Jellal didn't mind Erza's attempts at creativity, but he also didn't mind taking the time to show her that dime-store erotic novels were hardly the bright-line rule when it came to thoroughly enjoyable sex. Eventually he'd driven his point home.

On this particular morning Jellal was already running late and the other occupant of their house would be up and about very soon – if not already.

"I want you," Jellal rasped in Erza's ear. "To touch yourself."

"Hm?" Erza's eyes opened lazily and she blinked. Jellal grinned and squeezed her thighs to emphasize his inability to touch her himself. When she finally took his meaning and slid one hand from around his shoulders down between their bodies, Jellal moved his lips to her neck. Erza had a weakness for kisses there.

She was mumbling words he couldn't quite catch but her legs trembled and her teeth dug into her bottom lip.

"Jellal," Erza whispered. Before she could finish her sentence he leaned all his weight into her and, in a final show of strength, hoisted her a few inches to gain the best access. "Oh, my god!" She managed with a strangled gasp. "Right there!"

Her fingers were furiously pulling her over the edge of her climax. When Jellal heard her ragged breaths and felt the wild clenching he couldn't have been more relieved. He didn't even consider pulling out – consequences be damned.

Erza's back slid down the tiled wall of the shower and she looped her arms around his neck just before her feet hit the ground. Jellal kissed her with a languor he knew he didn't have time for. When he pulled back he felt a surge of chauvinistic pride in the dazed expression she wore.

"Good morning," he said softly, kissing her again.

"Good morning," she replied with a smile. "I -"

"Mommy!" a voice interrupted from the bedroom. "Mommy, I need help... mommy?" The bathroom doorknob jiggled experimentally. "Mommy, are you in there?"

Erza sighed and let her head fall forward onto Jellal's shoulder. "Duty calls," she teased, kissing the bite mark she'd left earlier. "I'll let you clean up." She left him alone in the shower and wrapped herself in a bathrobe.

"I'll be out in a bit," Jellal called after her. He really did need to hurry. The council would only wait so long before beginning without him – Chairman or not. He heard Erza open the bathroom door to greet their son.

"Well, good morn-" Erza paused and fumbled for words. "Oh, my. Come with me, little one." The bathroom was silent once more and Jellal did not want to think about what kind of mess waited beyond the door. He felt a little guilty for being relieved it would have to be Erza's problem and not his.

Jellal dressed as quickly as possible, trying not to notice the clock on the wall. He was painfully late. By the time he made it down to the kitchen he was wondering if it had been too ambitious to squeeze in a quickie in the shower. Not that he regretted it at all.

Mother and child were seated at the kitchen table with an array of finger paints. Several sheets of paper were strewn across the tabletop and were covered in the most garish designs.

"Daddy!" his son exclaimed jumping up from the chair and reaching for him with paint splattered hands.

"Oh, no you don't." Erza grabbed him by the waist and pulled him back into the chair. "Daddy is very late this morning. You can jump on him when he comes home." The little boy giggled but remained in the seat. "After you wash your hands, of course."

Jellal grabbed his cloak and turned back to the table. He carefully leaned over to kiss his son's hair and ruffle the deep blue tuft of hair that reminded him of his own. "Take it easy on your mom today, okay?"

"Okay, daddy!" The boy gazed up at him with a face that Jellal still had trouble wrapping his mind around. His life had swung from one extreme to another in a matter of a few years and every single day he appreciated it even more.

Erza waited for him in the small entry way. She still wore her bathrobe and he weighed the temptation of reaching inside of it against the angry faces of his fellow council members. Responsibility won out and Jellal swiftly kissed his wife goodbye. Erza, however, had no problems wrapping her arm around his waist and settling her hand over the right side of his ass.

"You," he said with a final grin. "Are trouble." Erza only winked at him and kissed his nose.

"Have fun with the council. I'll see you tonight."

As expected, he ended up on the receiving end of more than a couple irritated glares. The formal meeting went quickly and before long Jellal found himself wading through the typical amount of council business that fell under his personal jurisdiction. The small crowd of aides and representatives following him around begging for seals and signatures wasn't abnormal but today Jellal found the air of awkward hesitancy amongst them to be insufferable. All afternoon they eyed him with a trepidatious incredulity that grated on his nerves.

Twilight finally settled over the city and Jellal opted out of his cloak for the walk back home. The night was pleasant and he needed the air flow.

"Well don't you look dapper this evening, Chairman Fernandes," Laxus said as he fell into step beside him.

"Laxus," Jellal muttered.

"I don't see why you're not in a better mood." His friend said nudging him with an elbow.

"I have no idea what you mean. Today was exhausting."

"That's because you made the mistake of letting them put you in charge. Beginner's mistake, Fernandes."

"Somebody had to do it."

"Even so it's obvious at least one part of your day went okay." Laxus was laughing again and Jellal's last string of tolerance snapped.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You've got a bright red handprint on your ass."

"What?!" Jellal frantically twisted to try and get a look at his rear. Laxus left him grasping at the fabric of his pants. Some friend he was!

No wonder everyone had been looking at him strangely! They probably thought him absentminded at best, and an adulterer at worst. He'd need to have a serious talk with his wife about red finger paint and the importance of handwashing.