Here is another story. So a quick note ahead on time. :)

Atm this is just a side project. I am not planning to make this something giant. But if enough people like it I might spend a lot more time on it. :)

So This is Naruto in GoT universe. Along with that I want to give his style of his buildings and army a lotr style. Atm I am with buildings of a mix of Elven and Gondorish. While why I would love to give his army the armour of Isengard and such it would not make sense, neither would it be the same to have a human in Uruk- hai armour. So instead I am planning to go for the Arnor armour set. He has Mokuton, so that means he also has water style, and Earth style. And just because he is Naruto, I will give him wind. Does this mean no lighting or fire? I will give him a small fire jutsu just to make some fire but no giant attacks and no lighting. I am planning to make him rather OP but well I do want to place limits. Suggestions are welcome of course.

So This story starts right after Naruto is sent into the universe of GoT by a last effort of Obito cause him turning good did not make sense, not one bit. And I will never forgive him for killing Konan! Uhm, anyway. Ye he will be sent into GoT through Kamui, and no Sharringan for Naruto so no teleporting himself back. Nor will there be any other Naruto characters in this story. Including Kurama, yep this is a no fox zone people. :(

There might be some things that make no sense, but well this is a Fanfic. So we all make less sense the more we read or write. :) So regarding the making no sense, Naruto has a sword from the lotr universe, which one? Well Glamdring of course. Glamdring is the sword Gandalf has, and is not forged in the Iron throne! Everyone who day's other wise is a enemy of the State!

As for his armour, well for now he will wear something that will happen in the fanfic but that will be revealed later.

Where is this tree? Well it is where he will build his kingdom. Derp, of course, but where? Well In the north cause that has the most land and people would not shit a brick for it. :)

Where in the north? west of winter fell at the western border of the Wolfswood. But before he needs to of course make this kingdom, he will have to get fame and money, along with people.

So Naruto arrives in the GoT world, just 1 month before the Tourney of Harrenhal.

A fair warning ahead, while I love Robert Baratheon. I have to be honest and he will be made into a bit of a asshole... more then usual.

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Let's begin then shall we?

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Chapter one.

Groaning in discomfort, Naruto would slowly rise on his hands and knees, while looking down on the leaf covered ground.

"Fucking Bastard..." The blond swore as he would fall on his side and lean against a large tree while looking in front of him.

It seems that Naruto had no idea where he is, but he did remember one thing, the bastard that sent him here.

Obito, while they fought for two full days Obito was finally brought down to the ground with Naruto gasping and panting for air in front of him, the taxation of the battle finally rolling in when his foe was brought down.

His left hand was leaning on the pommel of the sword that was placed in the stone, while red blood covered the white steel. His clothing ripped on many spots. While his body held many gaping wounds which blood poured out from.

While Obito was on the ground with blood leaking out of his mouth he would look at Naruto and glare hatefully in his direction. Naruto remembered his words spoken to him. "You may win, and save what is left of this world... but you will be alone. Just as I have been, then you will feel the pain that I had to endure." And with that Naruto was sucked into the Kamui which sent him to the world of Westerose. While Obito was on the ground giving only a glare before his eyes closed. Even as he died he did not feel the joy of having the final 'victory'.

And now Naruto is leaning against a tree, alone while bleeding from his wounds. No longer could he call for his eternal companion to heal his wounds or at least help him out as Kurama was sucked out of him.

The only thing he felt at the moment was just the pain, the pain of his wounds, the pain of not knowing if he defeated Obito and saved his home, and the pain of his loneliness. Now he was alone... For all he knew this is all that is left in the world a forest.

So not caring if he would die today he started to slowly close his eyes wanting to have the darkness gather around him and finally send him to the land of the nonliving.

Yet not too long after the darkness consumed him he suddenly opened his eyes. As he heard the sound of sticks and leaf's being stepped upon.

Looking to the source of the sound he found a large cat. It's fur was black with white stripes, while it was growling at the bleeding blond. Slowly approaching him with it's maw open and it's fang ready to bite down in the blond.

While at first Naruto made ready to kill the cat he started to ponder if he even should. After all he was about the embrace death why kill the cat if it could increase speed in his demise.

Yet just as he was about to surrender he had a small flash of the past of a man with orange hair and piercings in his body telling him to give up. And then back to his own words he said to him. 'You should give up, on making me give up.'

Opening his eyes they had a new shine in them, and just as the cat was about to pounce on him he took a hold of the sword in his hand and brought it up in the cat's it's front of it's chest. Killing it instantly.

Slowly pulling his sword back he would start to rise to his feet with new found strength. Looking around he only found forest with the ground covered in leafs. While he was tempted to sit down again and rest he knew that he would slip into giving up again so willing his legs to move he made one step. Yet after one step he realized just how much wounds he had. So quickly he started to gather some of his remainder of Chakra and made small blue fire in his finger tip and took out his last Kunai.

After the Kunai gained a certain heat he started to use the heated metal of the Kunai to cut into the wounds and close the wounds.

While he shouted and screamed of the pain of the heat he finally was done. Yet after he was done he turned to the dead cat and took out his Kunai and started to skin the fut off the animal, and gather it's meat.

While he did this only one thought went through his mind. 'I will not die, I will not give up, and I will not surrender to anything or anyone!'

One week later.

In his one week in this forest, Naruto had learned quite a bit. For one, he was not in some lone forest, but in a whole different world. After he had made his way through the forest and encounters a village with people in it. He decided to speak to them. Lucky they spoke in the same language so that was no problem.

Along with him learning things, before he approached the people he had switched his tattered clothing with some new clothing, sadly all that was left was a Green hooded cloak, a black vest that only went over his chest with some black pants. Luckily his cloak did have sleeves so he did not have to suffer through cold arms.

He learn t that these lands were called Westerose, yet when he asked about a nation called the elemental countries, they only shook their heads as they did not know about this land.

So that left out any hope of a possibility that he would have been sent to another country instead of another world. Yet his mind was already made up on that he refused to give up so he kept asking them questions. Who ruled the land and what he should know, while they did question him why he asked he explained that he is from another land. So not caring too much about it they simply kept telling him.

The land of Westerose was ruled by King Aerys the second. While many said that he gone bad, he still was the king. After wards they told him that at the moment he was in the North, and that these lands were ruled by Lord Rickard Stark of the house Stark.

Having learn t enough of the people he asked if he could know the way to the home of the Starks, at which they said that it was east of their village. Yet they told him that he would have a small chance of finding any Starks this month in Winterfell, as many 'high folk' as they called them, rode to the Tourney of this age. As some people liked to proclaim.

The Tourney at Harrenhall was supposed to be the Biggest one in the whole realm. So after he had enough of his questions answered he decided to make his way South to this Harrenhall. When asked the way they simply pointed him to the road and told him to head south. Eventually after a long trek of at least three weeks he should arrive.

Luckily he was not like them and simply tree hopped alongside the road. Before the tree hopping turned into running. Yet after two full days of running he decided to finally rest for a while. So after a while of his running the day had turned into night and now in front of him stood a large inn with lights inside and smoke rising out of their chimney.

Sighing he would open a seal on his wrist which should contain his wallet. In it were only some golden coins with a few paper bills, but from what he learn t was that they have a different currency so he was sure that the bills would be worth nothing. Instead he would use the golden coins and see what he would get.

Yet outside of the inn were a lot of horses with one carriage in it. While two men in armour stood there, most likely guarding the horses. Both men were dressed in in brown leather chest armour, and thick woolen clothing beneath it. Yet from the small gaps you could see the chain mail that would rest beneath it. In their left arm was a steel shield with the symbol of a Growling Wolf on it. While on their head rested a bucket like helmet.

Walking past them he gave them a small greeting before opening the door. Stepping inside he would see that the Inn was rather filled with different people, so quickly stepping through he would arrive at the front of the bar and speak out. "How much for a room?"

Yet the woman behind it was at the moment dealing with someone else so maybe he should wait a bit. After waiting for a few moments she finally turned to him and raised her brow. "This is now home for the homeless, unless you have coin go sleep in the woods." With that she was about to turn away, yet Naruto placed one golden coin on the table and spoke up.

"A room, how much? With maybe an meal?" Turning back to him she picked the coin up in her hand and looked it over until realizing she was golding a solid golden coin.

After the realization struck in she spoke out a bit too sweetly. "Please come in, we have one room left and it is all for you. It is at the end of the hall when you go up the stairs. And a meal will come right up. Please take a seat and it shall be brought to you." With that Naruto would turn around and head to an empty table in a corner and sits down while looking around for a moment.

Some men were looking at him with caution as the cloak kept his face hidden and he just walked in while not even knowing the slightest bit about him. Some did not really give him a care in the world. Deciding not to dwell too long on the the people in the in he would close his eyes while letting his mind trail off to his thoughts.

Yet to most it just seemed that he was looking at what ever was in front of him as the shadow of the cowl kept his eyes hidden. At the moment his face was directed to an large table that held four people. Three boys, and one girl. All of them had dark hair with grey eyes. Their clothing looked rather expensive compared to most, yet not too rich that would shout royalty.

They where talking with one another and making jokes, yet once Naruto sat down on his chair the eldest of the four kept his gaze on the cloaked blond, not sure what to think. He just wished that stranger would turn his face away from him. It made him uncomfortable, and he knew that he would get rather aggravated if someone makes him uncomfortable.

Back with the cloaked blond, he was in his thoughts, thinking what he should do. His original plan was to find some work and make a coin. Yet learning that people in this world had not the power that the shinobi had made him reluctant. He might as well reform this world if he liked with out anything to stop him. Yet that was not his way, no he wished to make his place in this world but at least do it within boundaries. Yet that did not mean he could not have some fun with his Jutsu. Yet before he could start claiming his own house he would to have land. And for that he would have to buy it.

Which is why he would now go to the Tourney of Harrenhall, he did not doubt his skills in battle for him to win at least a battle with the sword. After all he and Glamdring have brought down many foes, and they were Shinobi.

Suddenly feeling a hand on his shoulder which caused him to open his eyes. And come eye to eye with the woman from the bar, in front of him was a plate with some pork chops. Along with a bowl of soup and of course a tankard of ale. "Excuses me, me lord but I must have your name to know for who the room is." As she said that Naruto nodded his head.

"Does my actual name have to be written down? Or will a travel name suffice?" Asked the blond. At which the woman spoke out. "Everything for the right price."

Sighing lightly he spoke out. " Naruto Uzumaki." With that the woman rather confused at the strange name, but took it either way. As he payed top notch for a room, she rather not question it.

Walking off again, Naruto started to dig into the food, rather enjoying the taste of having to hunt his own food on the road. Not that it was bad but food from a kitchen is something he rather ate.

He enjoyed the dinner so much that he did not notice the two men that stood in front on his table until one spoke out. "You are in our seat boy." Spoke the man.

Naruto would raise his head from his dinner and look at the two men in front of him. They bore simple and cheap armour with on their vests was the symbol of two towers with a bridge between them.

They in full honesty looked like un kept men. Dirty with ugly faces. Deciding not to let himself be intimidated he simply stared them down. Most people seemed to shiver under a stare of Sasuke, so surely it would work if he did it. So with that he looked at them both from his chair.

Yet this had rather the opposite effect as the left one spoke up aggravated. "Are you lame in the head?! Move or I will replace your teeth with stones." While placing his hand on the pommel of his sword. Clearly just looking for a fight.

Just as Naruto was about to take out his own weapon, he suddenly heard the angry yell of a girl on the other side of the tavern which caused all the sound to stop in the Tavern. "Oi! You Frey Bastard are looking for a fight?!" When she said that all three boys already stood on their feet with their hands on their pommels in case of an fight. Yet not only them but several men in the inn started to ready them self's as well.

Naruto looked at the other table with an raised brow before raising his hand. "I do not think anyone is looking for a fight." As he said that he would stand up and placed a hand on the shoulder of one of the now identified as Frey men. "Right?"

Yet that got a different reaction as the attention was now back at him again and the Frey man lashed out at him with his fist. Yet all he was met with was air before hit fist would hit a wooden pillar that would keep the building standing. Earning a loud crack from his hand the man was about to shout out in pain, yet was silenced when his stomach was met with a swift knee of Naruto. Causing the man to bubble over and fall flat on the floor.

Seeing his comrade fall on the floor in defeat, the second Frey man was about to pull out his sword yet was stopped when Naruto quickly kicked the pommel of the sword that was still halve way in it;s sheath and forced the man to twist around. Yet not even being able to finish the twist due the man being tripped over by the boot of Naruto. Leading to the man falling on top of his Comrade.

With both of them now on the ground and groaning loudly Naruto stood above of them and kicked the one on top of the other against his side. Causing him to roll off his friend and face the roof. Yet Naruto's face appeared before him, not saying a word the man waited for the still cloaked boy to speak. "You mind taking another table?"

With that Naruto sat down on his own old spot with some people looking more cautiously at him. Yet the four teens around his age looked at him with an mix of a smile of delight, and a face of surprise. As they expected him to just be some boy about to be beaten down by the some Frey soldiers.

Not paying any of them any mind Naruto started to continue with his dinner not caring in the slightest about the stares. At least that is what he showed on the inside, he was slapping himself multiple times as he straight off blew any chance of not causing any suspicion.

His berating of himself was interrupted, yet this time by one of the boys that was part of the four teens. He seemed like the eldest of the four and spoke out. "Who are you, and where did you learn something like that?" As he did not get any reaction from the cloaked blond at the start he was about to ask again yet stopped when he finally got a reply.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, as for where I learned that? Let's say as secret. And you might be?" Spoke out the blond now looking at him. Which gave the boy a chance to get a better look at him, which revealed him to have blue eyes and a far younger face then he expected. He was around his own age.

"I am Brandon Stark, Heir to Winterfell." As he said that he gained a bit of a puff in his chest at the pride he felt of his family. Turning around he waved his left arm to the three other teens he spoke out. "These are my brothers and sister, Ned, Lyanna and Benjen Stark."

At that Naruto gave as nod and spoke out. "A pleasure"

"Would you like to join us at the table?" This was said by the girl of the four Teens which got a raised brow from the Four teens. Neither of them really expected for the girl to invite the mysterious guy to sit with them.

"I could not see the harm in that, yet only if all of you are sure. I have no wish to intrude." Yet that was quickly declined by Brandon, as he almost dragged the blond to their table. While he was and still is suspicious about the cloaked blond. He did admire his skill and the way he took down those Freys. As he hated every single Frey to the death.

In his new seat the Blond looked at all four of them now a bit better. The first one he looked at had the darkest hair of all three of them which was the youngest. While he did seem like the rather shy type he had a certain shine in his eyes.

The second one was Brandon, the way he spoke and stood screamed out at what kind of man he is, a rather brutish rough man with a hot headed mind. Yet hidden in him was kindness and honor. Yet for that you should be a close friend to him to receive Naruto thought.

The third was the silent one of the four, he had brown hair, while he looked like a proud and smart man. Naruto just did not know what else to make of him. As his outward appearance did not betray a lot about him.

Finally the last of the four the girl. She had light brown hair with an beautiful face, yet unlike most girls she seemed to hold some fierceness in her eyes as it almost seemed that he was looking in the eyes of a wild wolf. Along with that she seemed rather headstrong, hot tempered and willful.

Yet he was brought out of his identifying of the four when a fifth member joined the group. He had a small beard yet was rather tall. He had two tankards in his hands while drunkenly walking to the four Starks and one Uzumaki. "Ned, ye bastard! Come and drink with me a bit more!"

Yet Ned shook his head and said. "I have had enough Robert, I think you should also take a bit less." At that Robert walked toward the table and took a seat rather close to Lyanna.

Leaning against her he spoke out. "Lyanna! Come and drink with me." Yet while he spoke he was hanging halve the way over her nearly pouring the content of his tankard over her.

Yet just as Naruto was about to push the man a bit off the now uncomfortable girl, she did it herself and shoved the Baratheon off her while glaring at her. "Fuck off Robert, you are drunk, again."

Smiling slightly at the girl Naruto almost had a vision of the past yet instead of Lyanna sitting there it was Sakura, shaking his head at his memory he turned to the Stark host. Thinking it might be a bit rude to keep that cowl on his head he would remove it over his head, exposing his blond hair, blue eyes and whisker marks to the world.

The rest of the night was filled with the Starks getting to know the blond teen while Robert had gone back to the bartender demanding for more drink before disappearing upstairs with a random girl.

While after a while of their conversation it finally got to the point that they asked him what he was planning on his way south. In full honesty he did not see a reason to lie to them and told them the truth. That he wished to win the tournament and then buy a large scrap of land to make his home at.

With that said he left the four Starks along as he retreated to his chamber for the night.

Next morning.

After waking from his slumber, Naruto looked out the window. It seemed that the sun was just about to rise and that it was early in the morning.

Wishing to get on the path quickly he quickly got dressed with the wooden cowl once again over his head. It seemed that below it was empty as there was no one but a few sleeping drunks, and a sleeping barmaid. While outside there stood only one guard. While the other was sleeping presumably in the barn.

Already walking away from the inn Naruto started to rush off again. Only one day of running and he should reach the castle/ruins of Harrenhall.

Once there he would join the melee and see what other contest would be there. The jousting, while he did want to join it he did not have a horse nor a thick plated armour.

So his plan? He was planning to win as many contest and with some luck he might actually get a horse with some scrap armour and join the joust as that did pay the most.

Yet for now he had a path to run through to actually get there.


While Naruto was running on the road he suddenly stopped as he heard the sound of shouting and the clashing of metal. Turning his head to the sound he sees a fire off the road where seven men stood with five of them facing two.

Rushing towards the group of people he found that the two men were dressed in rather rich armour, as one had golden plated armour why w a white cloak would hang on his shoulders. While beside him stood a blond teen around his own age. Both of them had their swords drawn to the other five people.

The other five were dressed in plated armour themselves yet their armour was more dirty while in their hands they had rather crude weapons. While one hand a castle forged sword, one held a large mace. One had a shield with a hatchet in his hands while the last two held spears. All of them looking rather threatening towards the two men.

Yet only twenty seconds of rushing towards them he already noticed that out the woods more men showed up. All dressed like the five other men. Now with their joined forced that numbered around five teen.

And with their now joined forced a fight broke out between them. With the boy after killing two men was brought to the ground with the man with a large mace holding it over his head ready to slam it into the head of the now defencless teen.

While the man in golden armour was in a locked combat with five others and seemed to hold his ground but was slowly losing it with more moving towards him.

As it seemed the man could hold his own for now, Naruto finally made one final jump and had Glamdring drawn, throwing the sword into the back of the man with the mace.

Once the man fell down on the ground clearly dead Naruto quickly took out his sword from the dead man and started to slaughter men left and right. Bringing them down like they were Straw men.

With only ten of their own men left the bandits quickly made their escape back into the woods yet not without losing five more men to the strikes of both Naruto and the man in Gold.

Their foes now gone, Naruto turned to the downed Teen and reached out his hand from him to take it while he spoke out. "Are you alright?" Earning a nod from the Teen, Naruto pulled him up once he grasped his hand.

Now on his feet the teen looked at the cloaked Naruto before his gaze turned to the pile of dead men around them. Yet his thoughts quickly disappeared when he heard the voice of the man in golden armour speak to him. "Jaimie, are you alright?" Earning a nod from the teen the man turned to the cloaked teen. "You have my thanks, with out you we might not have made it."

"I am happy to help, I only saw a group of men attacking two so I decided to help you all out." Spoke the cloaked blond. "So who are you two?"

With that the man smiled, "Apologies, this here is Jaimie Lannister, Son of Tywin Lannister. I am Ser Arthur Dayne, of the king's guard. Who are you my friend?"

"Naruto Uzumaki. So why did they attack you?" While they might not know the answer he still wanted to ask.

"Well in the full truth we were the ones that attacked them. They are part of a band of outlaws called the Kingswood Brotherhood. They are wanted men as they have been kidnapping some nobles and maidens. We were here to hunt them down."

"I see, well I am happy to help the two of you out when I could. Say would you mind if I take one of the armour plating of these men?" While it did sound strange the man spoke up.

"I do not mind, yet why?"

"Well I will need the armour as I am planning to compete in the Tournament of Harren hall and at the moment what I got well it would not stop any blows of a blade or spear."

Gaining a glint in his Eyes Jaimie spoke out. "Well then come with us to Harren hall, we are going there either way. And as a sign of thanks for saving my live and helping us out I am sure we could pay for you a fresh set of armour."

Smiling at the rather generous offer, Naruto was about to decline yet then stopped himself. He saw no reason to decline such an offer besides these suit's of armour on the fallen men might not even be his size so who is he to decline it. So cleaning his now blood covered blade on the cloak of one of the dead men, he nodded and spoke out. "Well if you insist."

Smiling at that all three men made their way south on the road soon to reach Harren hall.

And break.

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