Pokémon… Adventure Begins

Zenos region: Sunny Town

"In the Zenos region, in a place known as Sunny Town, a young girl is about to embark on the greatest journey of her life, full of excitement and hardships." (Narration)

Inside a house, a blonde-haired girl named Iris wakes up and takes a look outside the window, as a flock of Fletchling fly by.

"My name is Iris, and today, I'm a Pokémon Trainer!" Iris said, as she changed clothes and headed outside.

She is met by Nathaniel, an assistant to Professor Spruce. "Hey, is that the spirit of a new trainer?" Nathaniel asked.

"Yeah,… so what have you got for me?" Iris asked.

Nathaniel brought out a case containing three Poké Balls. "In these Poké Balls are Chikorita, the Grass-type, Cyndaquil, the Fire-type, and Totodile, the Water-type, so come on, pick one." Nathaniel said.

Iris looked hard until, she picked up Totodile's ball. "My first Pokémon will be, Totodile!" Iris shouted as she sent out Totodile.

"Totodile." Totodile said as it came out and hopped excitedly, and then it affectionately bit Iris on the head.

"Well, I think Totodile likes you, Iris. You should stop by the lab in Molberry Town, the Professor wants to see you." Nathaniel said as he left. "Oh, before I forget, here are 10 Poké Balls, so you can catch more Pokémon."

"Hey Totodile, you and I are gonna be great friends." Iris said as she offered a handshake, but instead Totodile bites Iris's head again. "Or that."

Zenos: Route 1

Finally, Iris sets out into Route 1, where she meets a red-haired girl with a Cyndaquil battling a wild Weedle.

"Cyndaquil, use Ember!" The girl shouted.

Cyndaquil fires Ember at the Weedle, dealing super-effective damage.

"Now, go! Poké Ball!" The girl threw a Poké Ball at Weedle and successfully catch it. "Alright, I caught, a Weedle!"

"Hey, can you teach me how to catch a Pokémon?" Iris asked.

"Oh, sure, and by the way, I'm Auriana, nice to meet you." The girl introduced herself.

"I'm Iris." Iris introduced herself.

"It's just like the way I did it, first, you battle the Pokémon, and lower its HP, then, throw a Poké Ball at it, and hope that it works." Auriana explained, and then she took off.

"Come on, Totodile! Let's go catch our own Pokemon!" Iris said, and she and Totodile ran off into the distance, until a wild Fletchling appeared.

"Fletch." the Fletchling said as it stood in front of Iris.

"Alright, go Totodile, use Water Gun!" Iris shouted, and Totodile shot Water Gun at Fletchling, but Flechling retaliates with Tackle.

"Go Poke Ball!" Iris as she threw a Poke Ball, successfully catching Fletchling. "Alright, I caught a Fletchling!"

Iris sends out Fletchling, "Fletchling, welcome to my team."

Fletchling replies with a happy tone, "Fletchling."

Iris and her Pokemon continue to walk, when a Youngster comes around.

"Hey, you look like a trainer, let's battle!" the Youngster said as he sent out Rattata.

"Go, Fletchling!" Iris sent out Fletchling to battle. "Fletchling, use Tackle!"

Fletchling Tackled the Youngster's Rattata, and wiped out a good amount of HP.

"Rattata, use Tackle as well!" the Youngster shouted, and his Rattata Tackled Fletchling, dealing fair damage.

"Fletchling, Tackle again!" Iris said, but instead of Tackle, Fletchling use Quick Attack, causing the Youngster's Rattata to faint.

Zenos: Molberry Town

After the battle, Iris finally make it to Molberry Town, where Professor Spruce's lab is located.

Saving… Don't turn off the power.



Game saved.

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A/N: Every time a chapter ends, it's gonna be like the above.

Plus, this Iris is not the girl from the Pokémon series, she is one of the protagonists of the LoliRock series.