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Hello everyone. I know I am supposed to be working on Nightmare and Friends and Lovers, but I had to get this started so it was out of my head and I could think clearly again for the other fics. Because I might have rushed the posting of chapter one just a tiny bit, I think I confused some people. This is the guide to the fic, so if there's something about one of the chapters that you don't understand you can check here and see what I meant to portray. Also, for reviews, I'm going to try to keep up with everyone and respond here to everyone. Bare with me, I'm trying.

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Chapter One: The way things are now…

So, here's the skinny on this chapter. It's the way the InuYasha world is right now for this fic. Some key facts to know…

It is 56 years after InuYasha was imprisoned by Kikyou's arrow. 50 years of his attachment to the God Tree and roughly another 6 of the quest for the Shikon-no-Tama. The anniversary marker is Kagome's birthday [since she came through the well on her 15th]. SesshouMaru and Kagome are a couple but they are not together. He is in the past and she is in her time. When the Shikon-no-Tama was completed, she was transported back to her time and the jewel reabsorbed into her. So she is now endowed with yet unknown miko powers as well as another surprise… InuYasha is accepting of the fact that his older brother took an opportunity presented to him and snatched up Kagome. They have been a couple for a while [like almost 5 years] so it's not news to InuYasha that SesshouMaru is searching for a way to bring his mate back to the past. Kikyou still walks the land. If she had been destroyed before the jewel was complete, Kagome would not be trapped in the future. It is Kikyou that has inadvertently sealed the well. InuYasha and SesshouMaru know this at the beginning of the fic. If it wasn't obvious enough, this is a SesshouMaru and Kagome romance fic. If you are not a fan of this couple, well, it's a good thing I put this chapter guide before the fic, because now you know and can save yourself the time of reading it. I am not a tolerant person of flamers so don't bother.

The chapter is divided into three parts: SesshouMaru, InuYasha and Kikyou, and Kagome. Each deals with introspective accounts from their respective main character.


He is mad at Fate and Kikyou, not Kagome. By investing his love into Kagome, becoming her mate, and loving her only to have it all taken away by the jewel, he had developed a deep resentment for anything Shikon-no-Tama related. Because it has been close to 5 years that they have been a couple, he understands Kagome's sense of responsibility, but he has now been six months without his other half, and the poor guy is in pain. He is going to get Kikyou and release the rest of Kagome's soul.

InuYasha and Kikyou

There is no love lost here; they flat out hate one another. He had mellowed, is more pacifist in this case because it's not really him fighting this battle. He recognizes SesshouMaru's right to free Kagome and is letting him have it. He had to beat Jaken three ways from Sunday to even get the time and location of this little meeting and is here for the show. Kikyou has lost her mind. She is undead and as such anything Ursula might have given her at her resurrection is beyond decayed and to a point of near uselessness. She knows what's going on and is not completely helpless to the situation, but that's for a later chapter.


She's pregnant. Now, I am going to work this differently. Because the jewel was reabsorbed into Kagome, she has strange new miko abilities, which we will see later. She is calling to the well at the end of the chapter, opening it herself, but I cannot tell you anything more than that. Regarding the pregnancy, I'm saying that the gestation period for youkai is longer than for humans. Now, if Kagome was having a regular hanyou, it would not be a noticeable term increase, but she's got the jewel in her and she was already carrying when the jewel reabsorbed into her body. Pretty much, instead of giving her the normal 40 weeks [roughly 9 months], she will carry for 60 weeks [roughly 13 to 14 months]. Now, that's over a year, okay. She will get back to SesshouMaru and still have half her pregnancy to go. They figure it all out then, but like I said about the miko powers, can't tell you any more than that.

This chapter follows a classic, here's-what's-happening formula. Chapter Two will start as a flashback. I'll post that at the beginning so you all know, but what I am going to do is tell you all how we got to this point, otherwise it would be a really short fic.

So, we will all get to see what brought SesshouMaru and Kagome together, how they managed their relationship with InuYasha and the gang, and exactly what I imagine happened at the final moment when Naraku was defeated and the jewel was made whole again. This fic follows the original story-line set out by Rumiko Takahashi in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Like all my other fics, I made this up out of the blue for your entertainment and mine; I am merely borrowing the characters and make no money on the side at all for this.

Now that you have your Chapter One guide enjoy the fic and let me know what you think. I hope I haven't given away too much but just enough to get you hooked for the more to come.



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