Regression: Notes on the story

Hi all!  Okay, there seemed to be a lot of confusion over the last chapter, which in a way was intentional, but I did want to clear a couple of things up for y'all…

The Epilogue:  Chandler and Monica are at Corrine's funeral.  I made a vague reference to her illness earlier in the story…it was too vague to detect, perhaps, but I put it in because I had always intended to kill her off.  (Wow, that sounds awful!)  Originally, I was gonna have some big dramatic hospital scene with her and Chandler, but in the end, I decided that it was too much.

Harold:  Yeah, I know, the bastard got away…I had an alternate ending where Chandler finds out that Harold died of a coronary alone in some nasty hotel room, but it kind of ended things too neatly for my taste.

Chandler & Monica:  I wanted to delve a little more into this relationship, but found that Chandler's relationship with his father was more interesting/more revealing.  If I ever get motivated to do so, I may do a sequel to this, and cover this relationship more.  (Don't count on it, lol.)  I left a small reference at the very end of the fic, just to give it some minor closure.  Chandler and Monica are married by the end of the story.  I was gonna have her pregnant too, but it was too clichéd, imho.

Chandler & the rest of the gang:  Bringing the gang out to Vegas was about as far as I was willing to go with this.  The scene in the plane was meant to show that the gang as a unit had been able to heal and move forward, and that some things (Ross & Rachel/Joey) never really change.

Thank you all again for your extensive feedback on this!  I doubt I will ever do anything this huge again…but never say never, right?