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by Lady Callista


"Stardust in your eyes, rosy cheeks, and a happy girl in the morning."


Chapter 11:

Emma woke a few hours later to find that they'd shifted in their sleep.

She woke on her side, his chest hard against her back, his breath playing lightly over the nape of her neck and causing her to let out a soft sigh. She woke surrounded by his warmth and the scent of the sea he always seemed to carry with him, and noticed that at some point he'd woken enough to remove his hook, although the brace was still on the arm that stuck out under the pillow. And his other arm was curled around her waist, where his hand had snuck under her shirt to lightly cup her breast.

Rather than making her panic and want to run, Emma felt the warmth slide through her, and she let out another sigh when she wiggled her hips and felt him start to wake.

Killian hummed contentedly into her neck, dropping a soft kiss there as he began rubbing her breast gently, tilting his head to drop sweet, sleepy kisses along the curve of her neck as he murmured her name.

"Killian." She whispered back, unable to stop her hand from sliding back and gripping his hip as he started rubbing himself softly against her ass.

"If this is a dream, I never want to wake."

Emma gasped as he husked the words in her ear as he nibbled over the shell of it, his voice still rough with sleep and accent somehow both stronger yet more liquid. His voice sounded like sin and she felt her body shiver in his arms as a surge of lust went through her.

He mistook her reaction however, and the fingers that had just started to tease her nipple to a point suddenly froze along with the rest of him as he woke up fully. He started to pull back from her at once, already mentally berating himself. That he'd been half asleep and dreaming of her was a reason but not an excuse. She'd just wanted him to hold her, and after saying he would never push her he...

All thoughts flew from his head when she only used the space he was giving her to twist her torso, her hand sliding back to grip his ass and keep their hips together. There was no mistaking the desire on her face, and he felt the wonder flow through him when she raised her head, clearly asking for a kiss he had no intention of denying.

He kissed her softly, his fingers beginning to play over her again as she arched into his hand. He broke the kiss when she went to deepen it, sliding his lips along her cheek and down the curve of her neck, nibbling across her collarbone and making her gasp. His hand slid from one breast to the other, still moving slowly, knowing they shouldn't be doing this now but unable to stop touching her now that she was not only allowing it, but welcoming it.

"You are so very tempting." He groaned the words in her ear as she squeezed his ass and arched her hips back into him at the same moment. She trembled in his arms, the same reaction he'd thought was fear before, but as he watched her face he knew that wasn't it.

Unable to stop himself, he chuckled deeply, nibbling along her neck again before breathing in her ear, "Bloody hell, love, the way you react to me... could I make you fly with just my voice?"

She shuddered as his hand slid down over her stomach, unable to help herself from whispering, "Think happy thoughts."

He chuckled in her ear, missing one reference entirely but getting a completely different idea from her words. He slid his hand down to slide it between her waist and the bed, pulling her as tightly against him as he could and rocking his hips into her. "Oh, I'm fairly happy already, love."

Emma couldn't help the giggle that escaped her, wondering if the slang was the same in the Enchanted Forest, or if it was one of the things he'd picked up in his brief time in Storybrooke. It wouldn't really surprise her either way. "I wish we had time for this."

"We've all the time in the world." He husked in her ear, paying attention now, and watching the blush that spread over her cheeks as he nibbled at her earlobe before adding, "I'm not going anywhere, love, not if I've any choice in the matter."

Emma met his eyes, the blush fading slightly at the quiet seriousness in his voice. The panic and fear didn't even start to rise this time, she could see the devotion and affection in his eyes, and above even that could hear the truth in his words. "I know."

His smile flashed brilliantly at her soft words, knowing how hard it was for her to believe that, and he kissed her sweetly before nudging her hip until she turned over, cuddling into his chest and listening as his heartbeat slowly returned to normal.

"You weren't kidding when you said you were a gentleman." She said after a few moments of silence.

"Of course not." He gave a slightly affronted huff, but she could hear the smile in his voice. "I don't know how things work in your world, love, but I've no problem with courting you before we... well..." Killian ran his fingers up and down her back softly, dropping a kiss on her forehead as he trailed off.

"Before we hit a home run?" She deliberately teased him, knowing he wouldn't get the reference. She couldn't remember ever being this comfortable with a man, a minute ago they'd been seriously making out, yet now they were talking with just the same ease. He really was okay with taking things slow, which both did and didn't surprise her.

"What does a game with a stick and a ball have to do with anything?"

He'd gotten part of the reference but missed the other, which was almost funnier. Emma grinned, wondering when and how he had run into baseball, but it didn't really matter at the moment. "It's code, basically among all adults. For example, first base." She raised her head, her hand going to the back of his neck as she drew him into a deep kiss, not pulling back until they were both breathless.

"Hmm." He hummed, fingers trailing up and down her spine under her shirt, his eyes dark and stormy with a heat she wanted to wrap around herself. "If memory serves, there are second and third bases before that home run you mentioned."

"Okay, I was gonna let it go but I have to ask, how did you learn about baseball?" She really was curious, but she also needed a minute to recover from his kiss. Because at this very instant, she wanted that home run, timing and possible interruptions be damned.

"It was on the magic box at the Rabbit Hole one night, and it's hardly a complicated game." He raised an eyebrow as she tried to lower her head back to his chest, catching her chin and tipping it back up to drop a kiss on her nose. "You're avoiding the question."

She blushed again, couldn't help it, but said softly, "You more or less got to second base in your sleep."

Killian grinned, remembering how he'd woken with the globe of her breast in his hand. He'd done it unconsciously, but she certainly hadn't seemed to mind. Still, there was something in her wording. "More or less?"

Emma's blush deepened, she was hardly a virgin, but sometimes he made her feel like one. For one thing, she'd never been with someone who loved teasing her so much, not to mention the other ways he was more vocal than she was used to. Her eyes flicked to his lips and back down, just imagining his mouth on her like that making her tremble slightly against him.

"Ah, I think I see, love." He grinned. "And when we have time, I plan on kissing every single inch of your body. Including what I suspect will be third base." She trembled again as he hummed the words in her ear, and he couldn't help but add, his voice getting lower still, "I can't wait to taste you."

The desire in his voice stunned her, she'd never been with a man who particularly wanted to do that, but there was no mistaking his desire and she felt herself blushing again. And wondering what he'd taste like in return. "Gods, Killian, why are we waiting?"

"Because it will be worth it." He kissed her softly before curling her back into his chest.

Where once he would have said it with ego, there was nothing but promise in his voice, and Emma sighed and cuddled closer. Other than Neal, she'd never done this with anyone, never taken the time to get to know someone, to date them, let the anticipation build along with the comfort level and closeness. She'd had the occasional one night stand, she wasn't a nun, but it wasn't always the sex she missed the most. What she missed was, well, everything else that you didn't have when things were just a one time thing.

She thought of how he'd reached out automatically to comfort her when she thought Henry was lost, he was probably the first person other than her family that had ever just hugged her like that since Neal. And how he'd massaged her back the other night when it was bothering her. How he would randomly drop kisses on her head when they lay like this, and how it soothed them both when he stroked through her hair. The warmth of his hand in hers as they walked, or his arm around her like it was now.

There was a knock on the door, and she moaned even as he chuckled, mumbling, "Also, I don't fancy being interrupted."

"Hook, you in there?"

It was her father, of course it was, and Emma sighed as Killian sat hurridly, reaching over the bed to snap his hook into place even as he called, "Be with you in a minute, mate."

Killian adjusted himself, tossing on and closing his coat when that wasn't quite enough to hide the state she'd left him in. He planned to slide out the door quickly, leaving David none the wiser that Emma had been with him, but she surprised him by getting up and grabbing the bowl of food he'd brought in before following him to the door. "You're sure, love?"

"As long as you're not an ass about it."

He couldn't help but laugh at the teasing tone in her voice, but his own was serious when he replied, "Haven't I already proven I'm not one to kiss and tell?"

"You told everyone about our first kiss." She couldn't help but grumble as he reached for the door.

"I wouldn't have if there had been any other way, love, and I think you know that."

She did, she really did, and so she only smiled, reaching out and curling her fingers around his hook. His eyes widened, and she saw how much the simple touch meant to him as he opened the door.

"Neal's got the helm for a bit, and... Emma, what are you..." David's eyes widened as his daughter followed Hook out of the room, but he cut himself off before he could ask a question he really didn't want an answer to.

Killian wasn't sure what to say, and settled for turning in the direction of the chart room and hoping the others would simply follow. When they didn't, and he felt Emma drop his hook, he started to turn back, fully prepared to stand by her whatever David said or thought.

But she reached for him again, this time squeezing his hand, and said softly, "Give us a minute, Killian."

Over her shoulder, he saw David's astonishment as she, quite deliberately he was sure, used his actual name in front of someone else for the first time. It would have been easy to tease David further, but she'd quite correctly count that as him being an ass, so he only nodded and brought her hand up to kiss the backs of her fingers gently before giving her a wink and heading off to check their course. "If you want a lesson in sailing, love, meet me at the helm when you have a chance."

Emma was still blushing when she turned to David after calling her agreement, and she hated that she was reacting like the innocent teenager she'd never been to something as simple as him kissing her hand. She would have considered it an affectation in anyone from her world, or a cheesy try at being romantic, yet the move was clearly natural to him, and while she'd never really been one for historical stuff she knew it had been considered completely proper.

"We were just sleeping, dad." She purposely made her voice higher and whiny, and when he only tilted his head and studied her more closely she dropped the mask and gave him a tentative smile. She remembered when she'd been in the Enchanted Forest with her mother, and the story she'd told her after waking from a particularly bad dream of the room of fire. "He's... he's like my candle."

Her dad's face froze for a second, and then he clearly discarded whatever he'd been about to say. He let out a deep sigh, eyes closing for a second as he dropped his chin to his chest. "How did you know the perfect thing to say?"

"It's just true." Emma whispered, leaning against the wall and tilting her head back for a moment. "I certainly wasn't looking for it, but..."

"Neither was I." David breathed, more to himself than her, but she cut herself off and he said he was sorry.

"It's okay, I, I don't really know what else to say. But he gets me, and... and I trust him." Emma turned her head to face him as he slouched along the wall beside her, his face serious. "I know we think of him as a bad guy, but so was Regina, and, and...He risked his life for us, more than once, and he saved your life. We'd never have saved Henry without him. He believes in me like... well, like Henry does."

"Like Snow and I do." David said softly. "And according to your mother, he looks at you the same way I look at her."

Emma blushed, because she knew the exact look he was talking about, and she had indeed seen it on both men's faces. She groaned as a thought crossed her mind, unlike the three of them she'd never thought of herself as a romantic, and she had to ask, "Please tell me I don't have a look matching mom's."

David chuckled for the first time since they'd come out of the room together. "Before just a minute ago I could have."

"Just give him a chance?" Emma shook her head even as she changed the subject, although she knew that even his disapproval wouldn't change her mind about this.

"Emma, I've been doing that since I found out he kissed you." David wraped his arm around her shoulders, kissing her briefly on the forehead .

She learned into him, mumbling, "Actually the first time I kissed him."

David sighed, stroking over the back of her head for a minute and saying just as softly, "I didn't need to know that." He gave her shoulder a squeeze as he pulled back and turned back to head up the hallway, likely to get some sleep. As he left, he said softly, "All we want is for you to be happy, and I'm not blind. I see how happy he makes you, so does Snow. That alone earns him a lot."

Emma watched him go for a long moment, almost disbelieving but not wanting to question how easy that had been. She popped a hunk of beef jerky into her mouth before wandering up to the main deck.

Tink and Wendy sat in the bow of the ship, laughing together, and Killian was just replacing Neal at the helm, but Emma didn't see anyone else. Neal passed her on his way down, swiping a piece of cheese from her with a wink as he answered her unspoken question, "Regina and Henry are down getting some food, and your mother's in the hold telling the boys stories. I think your father just went to sleep."

Emma nodded her thanks. "I'll stay up here with Hook if you wanna get some sleep. I know I still feel like I could sleep for a week."

Neal nodded, but reached out for her hands. She gave them to him without hesitation, smiling when he squeezed them gently as his eyes flicked back to Hook before looking at her seriously. "Be careful, Ems."


He nodded before heading below as she moved up to the helm. Killian took his hook off the wheel, opening his arms to her with a look of hesitation on his face. She only smiled, moving into the circle of his arms and leaning back lightly against his chest as she continued eating.

He kept his hand on the wheel at first, alternately resting his hook on her hip and using it to gesture as he pointed out some of the constellations he had told her about before, explaining how they were using them to navigate. And when she finished eating and set the bowl on the deck he moved her hands to the wheel so that he could wrap his arms around her waist.

"Fancy another story, love?"

She eyed him warily, enjoying just being with him like this and not sure if she was ready for more deep conversations.

Killian grinned as he read her face, leaning down to kiss her softly before casting his eyes off to starboard. "It looks different than the one you spoke of, and has a different story, but I know a story about a swan as well." He removed his hand from her waist to point out the stars that made up the constellation he knew as the swan and began to tell her a story.

Emma wasn't even really listening at first, his warmth and lilting voice and just the peace, the relief that everything was over sweeping through her. Then she really registered what he was saying, and that it was the story of the Ugly Duckling. Apparently a story in her world was a constellation in another.

Rather than interrupt, she just leaned back into his warmth and enjoyed the minutes of peace.