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Of the Grimm;

It is common knowledge that most on Remnant want the Grimm to be exterminated. It is common knowledge that every faction on this planet hopes for their annihilation.

I hardly count as a faction.

Throughout the history of Remnant Human and Faunas alike have been on the defensive. The Grimm having forced us to create refuges to be able to live past 15 years of age.

It had taken us centuries to get to the point where we are today, where we have comfortable and safe lives from the Grimm.

Yet in contradiction to what many had believed there was no peace. Once we had our largest threat guarded against we found enemies in each other.

No longer are we united against a common foe, the focus for our anger. We are looking to each other and not seeing fellow survivors nor friends.

We are seeing rivals. We have made enemies out of each other over the pettiest of things.

Ever since we have had control of our own destinies we have had wars. The latest being the Great War, one to stop all wars. All but the most current one.

The war between Humans and Faunas. In the past we worked together, but now our need for a scapegoat has driven us to hate each other.

The point of this speech is, after all that, was to state that we need the Grimm to have a society without major conflict.

My proposal to you is that we stop researching the Grimm to be able to slay them easier, but to rather use that knowledge and make them stronger to once again unite the people of the world.

- Dr. Hanvald of the Grimmology Division before the Four Kingdoms Scientific Council (June 3rd, 739)


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