Love & War

By Jane Doe

Disclaimer: Not mine, I just write about them.

Summary: Sara is attacked and Grissom's leadership gets put in the spotlight.

Author's Notes: In this fic Sara and Grissom are the new couple, just because I couldn't stand to put them together again because Sara got hurt. My first stab at a romance so sorry if it is unbearable. True love and all that. I hope you enjoy it! Please send me a review to tell me what ya think ;)

Chapter 1: The Attack

It all happened so fast really. She didn't even know what was happening until it was too late. She was at the top of the stairs dusting for prints on the banister when he tackled her from behind knocking the wind from her lungs. It seemed to be in slow motion like it wasn't even be happening. She seemed detached. She saw herself struggling against his weight and screaming for help. Then she became fully aware when he slammed her head into the floor. A wave of nausea washed over her entire body.

"Damn that worked out nicely." He said. "Did I hurt you?" He rolled Sara onto her back to get a clear view of his damage. He smiled. The fresh gash was dripping blood into her eyes. She fumbled for her gun but he caught her. "We can't have you hurting someone with that." He tossed in down the hallway. Sara watched it slide across the hard wood floor. "Cut looks bad." His tone was mocking as he pressed his finger into it. A new wave of pain washed over her.

"Get the hell off me!" She screamed. The consequence was a solid connection between the back of his hand and Sara's face. Blood spewed from her mouth.

Suddenly she couldn't think straight. Her mind was a mixture of thoughts. She thought of her parents, what she had for breakfast, Nick's latest joke, college, Greg's smile, the last case she solved, the waitress at the diner where she got coffee with Warrick last week, the music she was listening to in her car, the CD she borrowed from Catherine, and then it all went blank. Through the chaos she thought of Grissom. He was her boss, her colleague, her mentor, her friend, and now her boyfriend. The passed month they spent together was amazing. They finally went beyond friendship when he asked her out on a date. He was the perfect gentleman the whole time. He was now part of her life. They hadn't even gotten passed the dating phase yet, but the kisses were enough for now. He was a great kisser. Then at the thought of him in pain because of her made her want to cry. This man was going to kill her and the last conversation with Grissom was filled of hateful and angry words. She would do anything to see him now, to apologize for their fight.

The man grabbed her arms and pulled her to a standing position. "Look at me." Sara's eyes tried to focus. He must be the guy that robbed the place. She was trying to memorize this bastard's face. If he got away, she would find him.

"Don't look at me like that!" He pushed her against the wall.

Sara put all her energy into keeping herself and him calm. If she wanted to live she had to keep him under control. Keep him subdued until help can arrive. "Sorry. Look let's just talk."

"You don't recognize me?" A slow smile spread across his lips.

Panic overcame her. He knew her. It was a planned attack. Planning meant purpose and if that was any indication she was in trouble. There is no help Sara, you're working solo and the officer is only God knows where! What are you waiting for Sara? You know hand-to-hand combat, attack him!

Sara kicked him in the shin and used all her weight to push him to the ground. She started to run for her gun but he tripped her. She hit the ground hard. He stood up and kicked her in the side. Sara screamed and he kicked her again.

"Shut up bitch!" He picked her up by the hair. "Look at me dammit!" He searched her eyes. "Oh Miss Sidle, you don't remember me? I remember you. How could I forget such a pretty face." He reached out and caressed her cheek. "Jarod Morse. You were working solo on my case, well my girlfriend's case. I killed her remember. I killed her because that slut was cheating on me. Now do you remember?" The guy was sick. He was actually gloating about killing someone.

Sara searched the corners of her mind but found no recollection of such a person. He didn't know how he would react if she didn't recognize him. She had to buy time until someone found her. "Yes now I remember."

He frowned. "You're lying Sara. Do they teach you to lie when you become a CSI? Is it part of the training? Or is it just the fact that you're a woman and in natural for you to lie. 'Cause you know it's really a shame."

Sara started to fall. She couldn't stand anymore. All the blood ran from her head to her feet. She saw his lips move but didn't hear the words. She felt the stomach bile rising in her throat. "I am going to be sick." She mumbled.

He punched her in the stomach to shut her up. "Don't interrupt me. You put me away for ten long ass years Sara Sidle and I believe it's my turn for the spotlight. San Francisco, solo case, dead female found in bathroom with her wrists cut, remember? I had it all planned out to match a suicide but you still caught me. Such a little investigator. I bet you didn't see this coming, did you bitch?" He laughed. "Well enough about me it's time to repay the debt."

She couldn't think anymore. It was all impulse. The case drifted back as he retold it. Suicide but no it was murder. There were too many missing factors for a suicide. She found out that...

"Give me your arm." She blinked back to the present. He tried to grab her arm but she fought back. "Why are you making this so hard?!" He sent her flying down the stairs.

She desperately grabbed for the banister railing but to now avail could she stop herself. She felt her ribs and head smack a few steps. The pain was almost unbearable but she didn't hear any cracking which was always a good sign. She finally hit the bottom with a thud. He frowned and walked slowly down the steps. "You know Sara, I just wanted to see your arm."

"Go to hell!" She screamed. She put all her energy into scrambling to the door to get the officer's attention but he came running down the stairs to throw her back to the foot of the stairs.

She stumbled and hit the floor again. He came over to sit on top of her pinning her to the floor. He slammed the back of her head into the floor again to render her defenseless. Then he grabbed her arm and slowly pulled out his knife. Sara was struggling to stay awake.

"You know that a form of Chinese torture is to make tiny cuts all over the body. The pain is excruciating they say. In dealing with someone who is serious about suicide they always choose the cutting of the wrists. It's painful yet once the blood flow gets going you get a relaxing feeling. That's why I chose suicide for Ann. Granted I actually killed her but I was just trying to help her along the way. She was so depressed when she found out that I might leave her. Suicide seemed to be fitting for her and anyway I needed to cover my tracks. Two birds with one stone right? I think it's ingenious of me to kill you by slitting your wrists. Of course I don't want you to die too soon so it'll just be the one wrist for now. I want you awake for the rest of my carving. Which will it be? Right? Or left?" He shrugged at her unresponsive nature and pressed the knife into Sara's right wrist. He drug it vertically exactly two inches toward her elbow. Sara was no longer distant the pain was too great. She cried out in pain.

"Get the hell away from her!" Gil Grissom stood in the doorway gun drawn and ready to fire.

Jarod Morse looked up and Sara just closed her eyes as his voice reached her ears. Grissom watched the blood pour from her wrist. He tightened his grip on his gun.

"Who are you?" Jarod asked frowning. He was supposed to be alone with her. He already took care of the officer. This man was ruining everything.

"The man who is going to shoot you if you don't get away from her."

He cut her wrist again with a quick swipe. This time slanted instead of vertical and not as deep. Sara's cry was proof that it was still painful.

"Shoot me but I'll warn you I will kill her before the last breath leaves my body." He dropped her arm with an evil smile. "Who is he?" He asked Sara.

"I said get away from her!" The gun was cocked and ready to go.

He lifted Sara's shirt revealing her stomach as it rose and fell in short quick breaths. She couldn't move but her eyes fell to the side. Her mind was becoming foggy. The blood from her wrist was flowing freely. Must have hit an artery, she thought. She almost laughed that his plan wasn't going as planned. It looked like she was going to die sooner than he wanted.

"Earth to my favorite whore." Jarod said. "Who is he?"

"Grissom." She whispered.

Grissom looked at her at the mention of his name. She was losing a lot of blood, too much to wait much longer. He grasped the gun harder. "If you don't get the fuck off her, you're a dead man."

"Looks like I have to kill you now." He slowly started to drag the knife across her stomach leaving a trail of blood as he watched Grissom closely. He looked down to Sara. Suddenly he reared back with all his might. Sara waited for the blow. The blow that would end her life. It was again in slow motion as if it wasn't happening.

Three shots rang out. Three of them. One after the other. Grissom didn't give Jarod a chance to blink. He knew Sara was in danger and didn't even hesitate. She opened her eyes and saw Jarod Morse fall dead to his side.

"Sara!" Grissom yelled. He went to her side and pushed Jarod's legs off her body. "Stay calm Sara."

She knew what was happening even though she didn't realize it until she felt the lightheadedness. She was having a panic attack. She had one before in college, but she never remember it being so debilitating. She was shaking all over and she couldn't catch her breath.

"Sara don't move. Just breathe. It's okay." He pushed her hair from her face and she began to calm somewhat, until she saw Jarod laying beside her.

She rolled over and started to crawl away from Jarod. Grissom voice was too faraway and Jarod Morse was too close. Dead or alive, he was too close to her.

"Sara don't move!" He was concerned about the cut on her abdomen. He didn't know how deep it was but he wasn't going to risk anything. He grabbed her ankles. "Sara stop!"

She stopped crawling to curl into a tight ball. She was far enough away for now. Her breaths came in a fast rise and fall. With eyes open and glassy eyes she watched the shadows on the floor as he moved to check her pulse. His hands were was warm. She should have never fought with him. She should have gone home like he told her too. None of this would have happened if she wasn't so stubborn.

"Sara the ambulance is on the way. I need to keep pressure on your wound." He slowly uncurled her. He was relieved that her breathing slowed but that only meant one thing; she was in shock now. She was unable to move by her own will. She just laid there as he lifted her shirt. Her skin was soft but strangely cold. He checked her face again, she was in another place.

He noticed the cut wasn't as deep as he thought. It was just a scratch. He looked at the blood on the floor. Where is it coming from? She was cradling her arm. Her arm. The blood. He ran to the kitchen for a tea towel. Sara didn't even blink as he applied pressure to the cuts. She was losing blood too quickly.

"Sara stay with me."