What Two Little Kids Can Do,

Chapter Eight..

Hi Uncle Sesshoumaru...


"What in seven hells just happened?" Shippou whispered his eyes fixed on the now human Masako.

"We changed." Masako answered quietly her gaze shifting between Shippou and her brother who was flexing his claws dangerously.

"What's he doing?" Shippou asked the fear rising in his voice.

"When Onii-chan becomes full demon he can't control him self." Masako told Shippou in a timid voice as she wrapped her arms around her self for comfort.

"You have to go get Otou-san and Okaa-chan, please." Masako begged looking at Shippou with big pleading violet eyes.

"But I don't know where they are." Shippou told her slowly walking toward her wanting to comfort his new friend.

"Yes you do." She told him taking a deep breath, "Kagome-chan and Inuyasha- chan, they're our parents..." Masako told him letting out a sigh as small tears sprang to her eyes.

"What..." Shippou whispered starring at her in disbelief. He started to sniff the air looking for Kagome or Inuyasha's sent and he found the radiating from his friends, especially Kagome's. He blinked and shook his head. Than he looked at Miroku whom was just smiling coyly and than back to Masako giving her a reassuring smile and hopping off back into the forest.

"Come back here little fox." Kawainu demanded in a cruel feral voice as he jumped off after Shippou.

"No! Onii-chan, don't! Onii-chan!" Masako cried after him as tears fell down her face. She tried to chase her brother but couldn't move very fast sense she was only human.

"Masako-chan, shhhh... it's okay, Inuyasha will stop him, don't worry." Miroku told her in a soothing voice as he bent down to her level and caught her as she ran by.

"No, Uncle Miroku let go! You don't understand, he'll catch Shippou-kun!" Masako cried into his chest as he began to cradle her.

"Masako, listen, Shippou is very fast and Kawainu doesn't seem to be very fast as a half demon, so he can't be that fast as a full demon. Do you understand?" Miroku soothed trying to keep her from crying.

"No! His speed will increase too much! He can even out run Uncle Sesshoumaru!" Masako choked out as she curled her self into a ball.

"What? Masako-chan are you sure that he's that fast in this form?" Miroku asked urgently pulling her away from him and holding her so that he could look her directly in the eyes.

"Yes." Masako sobbed as she put her hands in her face and let her long black hair fall over her face as she dropped onto her knees.

"Stay right here, I'll be write back, I promise." Miroku told her as he picked up his staff and ran into the forest.


"AHHHHH!!!" Shippou yelled as he burst into the clearing Kagome and Inuyasha were currently relaxing in.

"Shippou! What are you running from? You're going to wake up Kagome! Shut up!" Inuyasha whispered harshly glaring at Shippou.

"Come back here little foxie..." Kawainu trailed off cruelly as he jumped in front of Shippou raising his claws and flexing them dangerously as he slowly licked his large fangs.

"What? Brat?" Inuyasha asked as he unconsciously shifted Kagome behind him to protect her from the newly transformed youkai.

"Inuyasha! That's Kawainu, he just changed! Just like you do on the new moon!" Shippou squeaked the fear rising in his voice, as his green eyes grew larger.

"Oh I get it." Inuyasha whispered calmly getting up and placing Kagome gently against the tree trunk behind her.

"Inuyasha do something!" Shippou demanded quickly hoping behind Inuyasha.

"Yeah, yeah I know, you're just lucky that Kagome likes you so much." Inuyasha said calmly with an arrogant tone as her picked up Tessaiga and walked over to Kawainu.


'Why'd Uncle Miroku leave me here?' Masako asked her self as she curled up into a small ball on the ground as she felt the wetness of the grass sink into her pink hamaka.

'I'm scared.' She thought as she began to shiver feeling the nights coldness sink into her skin.

'I can't hear anything, every things quiet.' Her head screamed as she brought her hands over her now human ears.

'My sight is gone, it's so dark.' Masako told her self as she opened her big violet eyes and saw nothing but endless darkness.

'I can't smell anything; I don't know what anything around me is.' Masako admitted to her self as she sniffed but found no sent.

"I want Okaa-chan!" Masako screamed as she shut her eyes tightly and clasped her hands tightly over her ears as new tears sprang from her eyes and violently fell down her cheeks and onto her lap.


"Sesshoumaru-sama, did you hear that?" Asked a little green toad demon as he turned to look up at his master.

"Yes," the tall dog demon answered in a quiet melancholy tone as her turned his head toward the small girl that walked happily in front of him.

"What is it?" Asked the small girl as she looked at him with big innocent chocolate colored eyes.

"It sounded like a human child screaming." Jakken said wisely. He turned his head toward the small girl who immediately stopped in her tracks and looked from him to the taller inu youkai in front of him with concern in her eyes.

"Fluffy-sama!" The little girl yelled in panic. "Please can we go see if they're okay, what if it's the evil wolves who got Rin-chan!"

"Hmm, we shale see." Sesshoumaru told her quietly forcing himself not to smile at her genuine compassion and concern.

"Thank you Fluffy-sama." Rin said as she smiled brightly at him before turning and running forward in any direction, as she didn't know which the screaming came from.

"You're going the wrong way you brat!" Jakken yelled to her as he ran after her waving his staff in the air with exasperation.

"Jakken." Sesshoumaru growled warningly, but to quietly for Rin to hear him.

"Umm, I mean Rin wait the scream was that way." Jakken told her pointing in the direction of the east as he eyed Sesshoumaru cautiously.

"Okay Jakken-sama!" Rin yelled happily as she quickly changed direction and ran even faster.

"Good." Sesshoumaru whispered with a small smile as he watched Rin run as fast as her legs would allow.

"Umm... Sesshoumaru-sama are you okay?" Jakken asked cautiously wondering if he had just shortened his life by another hundred years.

Sesshoumaru didn't responded in stead he just turned his gaze down to Jakken and glared at him still smiling.

"I was just going to make sure that if a youkai suddenly decides to eat the bra- I mean Rin than he'll see me and eat me first!" Jakken told him hurriedly as he dashed toward Rin remembering what had happened last time Sesshoumaru had smiled at him.


"Shippou what's wrong with him! He's as fast as Sesshoumaru-baka?!" Inuyasha asked franticly as her jumped away from Kawainu who had just managed to scratch his face.

"He is!" Shippou yelled in response as he ran to hide behind the now awake Kagome who was standing nervously next to the tree she had been resting trying to decide what to do.

"As fast as Sesshoumaru, or... or as fast as Inuyasha." Kagome muttered as she watched the small boy jump back and forth from branch to branch, or at least saw the claw marks he left on all the trees as her was going to fast for her eyes to keep up with.

"What do you mean Kagome-chan?" Shippou asked remembering what Masako had told him and instantly knowing what would happen if Kagome figured it out.

"I don't know, for some reason he just seems more like Inuyasha than he had before, I can't explain it. Maybe I just didn't see it before, I have been feeling weird for the past few days, but..." Kagome muttered thinking out loud as she recalled the past days since she had met the two strange twins.
"Kagome can't you stop him?" Shippou asked her franticly looking up at her with panic in his eyes.

"I don't know, I can't sit him like I could if it was Inuyasha..." Kagome muttered as a million thoughts ran through her head, she hadn't even paid attention to what she had said; unfortunately hanyous had very good hearing.

"AHH!" Inuyasha yelled as he was plummeted to the ground by the rosary around his neck.

"Wha wa at or wnch!?" Came Inuyasha's muffled yelling unceremoniously from his position in the hole he had just created.

"Hmm, Kawainu he may have transformed but he's still a little boy... what gets little boy's to listen to you?" Kagome asked herself staring intently at the small youkai who was now staring curiously at her with his blood red but childish eyes.


"Fluffy-sama Rin can hear her now! She's really close." Rin yelled happily as she continued to run through the forest.

"Rin wait if I lose you Sesshoumaru-sama will kill me!" Jakken panted out of breath as her struggled to keep up with her.

"Over hear!" Rin yelled ignoring Jakken and pushing through some thick bushes and into a small clearing where she saw a little girl crying and shaking her head violently.

"Who are you? Why are you crying? Please don't be sad." Rin asked softly as she slowly approached the girl and kneeled next to her putting her arm around her comfortingly.

"Ah!" The girl yelled pushing Rin away from her and staring at her with horrified eyes.

"I won't hurt you, I promise, I just want to help!" Rin told her quietly.

"Huh? Rin-chan?" Masako asked quietly with out thinking as she vaguely made out Rin's face and voice.

"How do you know Rin's name?" Rin asked her curiously.

"I umm, I just guessed." Masako lied between her teeth as she tried to stop crying.

"Why are you crying?" Rin asked her quietly.

"Because I'm lost and I not used to this silence, this horrible feeling." Masako told her grabbing onto Rin as if she was a lifeline as a new batch of tears sprang to her eyes.

"What do you mean?" Rin asked as she hugged Masako back trying to comfort her.

"I'm not used to being human." Masako choked out as she continued to cry on Rin's shoulder.

"Your not human?" Rin asked her with a curious tone in her voice.

"No, only on full moon!" Masako told her between sobs.

"Well, you can come with us, and we'll help you find your family." Rin told her smiling at her new friend.

"Huh?" Masako pulled away and looked at her curiously and than noticed that just behind her was the silhouette of a tall youkai man with a fluffy tail.

"Please let us help you. We can be friends." Rin told her giving her a comforting friendly smile.

"Thank you." Masako whispered nodding her head and wiping her tears from her eyes.


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