Got a new idea after I saw "Hero." So here it is.

Most of the events are movie based.


Ten years passed since the fall of the dark lord.

               The night had darkened upon the empty parts of a broken city. Helm's Deep was now deserted and naught but graves. But in the mists, two figures stood.

Aragorn Speaks-

               Never did I hope or dare to think that I would see him here. My eyes focused upon him, as his long silky blond hair fell upon his face just the way I had remembered. His eyes shone crystal blue in the fading light and his skin pale and bright. Long it has been, everyday a year in my mind. I waited but he did not return. I opened my arms to him, hoping that nothing has changed but he only stood there, a shadow of a ghost he seemed. His eyes were worn in pain and sadness, but I knew that he still cared.


               "No… my lord." He spoke in a soft voice; "I swore I would not…."

He cast one last look upon the grave of Haldir and turned away from me.

               "This is not your fault…"

               "All he wanted to do was love me… and I turned away… why couldn't I have just given myself to him? He cared for me so much. Now it is too late…"

               "Did you love him?"

               "… No…" He replied after a period of sad silence, "I never loved him the way I should have." He turned towards me with tearful eyes, "It was you I loved. Even though I knew I could never have you. I'm sorry." With that he ran from me, and did not stop till he was out of sight.


10 years later…


               "It has been too long…" Aragorn whispered softly. They sat alone upon the forgotten rocks beside the sea, as they once did many years ago. The waves crashed up on shore splattering upon the pebbles. He turned to the one he loved, and lost for what he thought was forever. Legolas seemed to have recovered from his pain… although the sadness did not leave his eyes. They had met again upon the shore but he did not run nor did he seem overwhelm with pain. He was just an empty shell of forgotten grief.

               "Yes, I can hardly remember the last time we were here." Legolas replied with a weak smile. His hands were folded upon his lap and he looked out towards the horizon. "But you were still just Aragorn then… not Lord of Gondor." He laughed softly, his voice like music.

               "… I have not changed." He said gently, noticing how much sadness and pain beheld in his lover's eyes.

               "… I know." Legolas assured him. "It is I who has changed." He added. 

               "Why have you not come to see me?" Aragorn looked upon the elf.

               "I'm sorry." Legolas said gently, "How could I after what I said, after the way I ran from you five years ago." This was only partly true… he had thought long about it but he did not have the heart to do it. It was too painful for him. He turned his eyes to face the stern yet handsome man.

               "…You should have come" Aragorn replied, "… I have missed you so."

               Legolas felt his heart skip a beat. "… And I you." He could seldom remember the last time he felt that sudden rush of happiness. As they sat there, silent, Legolas felt Aragorn's hand lace into his own. He laid his head upon Aragorn's shoulder and there they stayed till dusk turned completely into night.

               The stars have opened up in the skies above and the moon was now visible through the mist. "Do you remember…when we first held each other like this?" Aragorn said in barely a whisper…


               "Estel…"Legolas called, "Come, my father is expecting you." His eyes faltered as they fell upon the creature that was sitting by a tree biting himself. "What is that?" He asked pointedly as the creature hissed and its eyes fell upon him.

               "That… is Gollum." Aragorn replied gently but his eyes were fixed on Legolas. It seemed that his friend has grown even more beautiful than he had remembered.

               "What is a Gollum?" Legolas said quietly as the creature began to pick himself off the ground. He backed away with doubt in his eyes.

               "It is…" Aragorn began but he did not go on, "I will explain later… Let us get him inside." As they walked, He could not help noticing the way the light would hit the blond elf's hair and how it would gently brush against his face as he walked.

               "Is something the matter?" Legolas noticed his friend watching him intently. But as he spoke he could not help noticing that the one he used to hunt with once upon a time had changed as well. The ranger stood proud and stern like a prince of forgotten days and his face was keen and confident full of life.

               "No." Aragorn replied. They walked on.

[Interrupt Flashback]

               "I was surprised… you were even more beautiful than I had remembered." Aragorn said softly.

               "… And you were so strong and handsome…" Legolas replied. He laid his face upon the man's breast as he felt himself being bore to Aragorn's arms. The loneliness and pain he had to live with for the past fifteen years were disappearing and he could feel his heart burning upon his chest.

[Back to Flashback]

               "Will you stay a while?" Legolas said hopefully as they strolled out to the gardens leaving Gollum in the hands of guards.

               "Perhaps a day or two." Aragorn replied.             

               "You are so busy now… going abroad…" Legolas whispered,  "To think of all the things we have done in those careless days."

               "I do not regret even one of them." Aragorn laughed softly, "… How is Haldir?"

               "Haldir?" Legolas repeated.

               "Are you not with him?"

               "… No, not anymore." Legolas replied gently. He did not love Haldir the way he tried to love him. It was only a really deep friendship, and that could not change. He shivered slightly, as he thought about how much pain he put his friend through when he broke off their love. "I'm sorry." Aragorn said softly.

               "Are you cold?" Aragorn whispered as he slipped his cloak around Legolas.

               "Thank you." Legolas said gently. He realized that Aragorn did not let go of him right away and only did so when he looked up. He focused his eyes upon the handsome man as he felt his heart nearly jumping up his throat. In his nervousness, he had not realized they reached the wood. And thus, he stumbled upon a root.

               But it was not the ground he hit for Aragorn had caught him in his arms. And there they stayed. Legolas slowly slipped his arms around Aragorn's shoulders and they kissed softly… and passionately.

[End Flashback]