Chapter 1 - Ghosts


"There...that oughtta do it." Kenny stood back and admired his work.

The father of a young man had just installed a ghost into his son's laptop while he was off at school. His son had been spending a lot of time on his computer, and as Kenny was a veteran of the internet age, would've bet good money on his son being up to no good on the internet.

"You're sure this is the right thing to do?" asked Josie, standing in the doorway watching her husband work.

"If my son's spending more time in his room, i'd like to know what he's doing. it's not like i'm gonna storm in on him unless I think he's setting himself up for danger." Replied Kenny, walking out of the room to his wife.

"If he finds out...he'll really hate you." Josie was worried at how her son might react if he knew he was being spied on.

"He'll get over it. It's called being a parent." Replied Kenny "Shall we go and enjoy the deck?"

Josie and Kenny walked out onto their deck and enjoyed the warm mid-april day.

"Beautiful day." Josie looked out into the distance with her husband's arm on her shoulder.

"Yes it is." Kenny leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips.

"So glad you've gotten the day off." replied Josie "You're always so busy stocking groceries."

"Well, i'm amazed I did so well." Kenny cast his hand around his backyard, which had a trampoline and a hot tub "I really lucked out in life."

Kenny had truly lucked out. He came from a poverty stricken past and came out clean with a wife, 2 kids, a full-time unionized job, an old truck that had still not broken down on him despite all the abuse he gave it, and 2 houses...and all before his 50th birthday.

"Y'know...i'm feeling really...really horny right now." Josie whispered in Kenny's ear.

" that so?" Kenny began to sound interested to tease his wife.

"Go upstairs...let's discuss the bathroom wall that's been needing to be fixed for the last few months." Josie smiled at kenny and licked her lips.

"Oooooh, fifty shades of Josie." Kenny had a grin on his face. That type of horny meant that Josie wanted something done, and she was going to service her husband in way that meant compromise. Neither one of the couple would service the other if it meant nothing would come of it.


The sounds of a paintball splatting on padding could be heard if you were the neighbor of the Kent family. 17 year old Steve Kent was going through amazon training, courtesy of his mother, who had the day off from nursing duty. She also had a paintball gun loaded with paintballs that she would shoot at her son, and he would block them with his wrists, which had pads on them so it wouldn't hurt.

Diana fired a shot. The paintball splatted on Steve's wrist.

"Good!" Diana called out.

Diana fired another shot. The paintball was blocked.

"Good." Diana prepared to fire again.

As Diana prepared another paintball for Steve to block, a distraction in the form of a 16 year old girl in a bikini popped up from the fence to Steve's left.

"Hey Stevie!" the girl said, causing Steve to turn and look.

"What?" then a paintball splatted Steve in the chest. "OW!" he yelled out.

Diana stifled her laughter as her son wiped the paint off his shirt while the girl on the other side of the fence apologized for screwing up his training.

"That's why you gotta be ready, Steve." Diana said "Distractions are gonna be everywhere."

"I know, I know." Steve brushed it off.

"You know, and you never know what to expect." Diana then fired a potshot and hit her son in the leg.

"OW! What the Hell, mom?" Steve hopped around.

"I didn't say stop, now did I?" Diana asked.

"Nope." groaned Steve.

"Ok then, get missed the shot that I took at you."

"What shot?" Asked Steve.

Diana fired another shot and Steve saw it coming, and he put his wrist up to block it.

"That shot." Diana joked. "Get ready, there's more coming." Diana primed the paintball gun, and continued training her son the way she was years before.


Kenny's breathing was heavy and he was laying there, regaining his energy while he watched his beautiful wife of 17 and a half years walk out of the bathroom after spitting some mouthwash into the sink.

"Ok Kenny, you know what my...demands were." Josie stood in the doorway.

"OK babe...i'm going to the home depot now." Kenny got up out of the bed.

"Pick up Zakk from school first, Ronda's got work, pick her up at 5 later, and after you get the drywall, pick up a rotissere chicken for supper on the way home." Josie ordered her husband.

"And be back in time to put the chicken in the oven." Kenny got out of the bed, pulled his jeans back up and covered up his bulked-up chest with his "Goku's Gym" t-shirt and a plaid shirt and went off to get the stuff he needed.

The 2001 Silverado had seen it's 37 years of abuse but didn't want to stop running, even at 500,000 KMs of driving. Kenny hopped into the driver's seat, and turned the ignition over once again, and the music began, it was "Desire" by Ozzy Osbourne. As the music blared up, Kenny put the truck in drive, and blasted his way out of the driveway.


After a day of training between Diana and Steve, and a long hard day at the fire department for Clark, No one felt like cooking. The Kent family agreed to order Pizza - A Pepperoni, a Hawaiian, and an anchovie pizza.

For the time being, Diana, Clark, and Steve sat down to watch TV, while Rose went off into her bedroom, to open up her computer. She put up the Wifi-connection wizard, and got herself into the internet via a neighbor's unprotected wifi-connection.

"Ok...I wonder if Zakk is online." Rose looked up her facebook profile. She kept it as private as she could from her parents, who of course, didn't use the internet to stay out of the public eye.

The time in Florida was 5:50, And Zakk was nearly home at his place in Abbotsford, BC. Yes, without even knowing it, Rose and Zakk had found each other without even knowing their parents were good friends.

They had met on WOW together, as Zakk was a big fan of it, and Rose liked playing with people she had never met. Maybe she felt trapped in a bubble for what it was worth.

Eventually, Zakk came online in Abbotsford. Almost immediately, Rose sent him a welcome.

The 2 talked for 20 minutes, and then Rose heard a knocking on her door. She immediately minimized facebook and awaited her mother to open the door.

"Pizza's here. You coming?" asked Diana as she opened the doorway.

"In a moment mom." Rose clicked a folder of homework open on her computer.

"We've got hawaiian...your favorite."

"And anchovies?" Rose added.

"Of course...what, you're going to deny your mom her favorite pizza?" Diana leaned in the doorway.

"I guess not." Rose shrugged "Just give me a moment, i'll be right there."

"Ok." Diana turned around and left her daughter to do what she was doing.

Rose turned facebook back on, and contacted Zakk.

"GTG, C u later."


"Ok then, take care wildrose23." Zakk said goodbye to his friend. He liked talking with Rose online, but had no idea her mother knew his dad at all.

Meanwhile, Zakk's dad was busy measuring drywall for the bathroom wall that had gotten water damage from years of abuse. it had begun to rot and it didn't look good at all. Kenny used the pencil to mark in the lines and measure everything while Josie sat in the livingroom and watched TV, relaxing and enjoying having her man do what she wanted.


But off in the nevada desert, something big was going down at Area 51. Scientists were running in panic and getting attacked by a species from a remote island, from the bermuda triangle.

These beings, were known as amazons. A large group of them had splintered off of Themyscira, their homeland, and had travelled to the united states in a massive craft, that flew above Area 51, and was subsequently shot down.

When the area 51 agents responded, they realized they had shot down an unknown species of human, and took them all into the compound as captures.

But 6 months after their capture, the amazons broke loose from their enclosures to overtake the facility. They killed off scientists and guards using their skills with their bracelets to deflect bullets and such.

And thanks to that, they assumed that man was their enemy, and had launched a massive plan to overtake the united states.

But they needed to draw someone out first. The leader of these rogue amazons had a score to settle with a certain name from her past.

Diana Prince was that name.