Wonder What's Inside

25. Home

Tsuna rocked Giotto gently. Giotto clung to him like a stubborn burr, refusing to let out. Both were covered with bandages. Tiredly, Tsuna hummed a soft lullaby as he comforted Giotto. They were at Ryohei's hospital ward/house. Tsuna steadily ignored the surgery light on and refused to think about the scorching heat of the explosion and the dull ringing of Hyper Intuition.

Reborn… Reborn would be okay.

"You're safe Giotto-kun," Tsuna reassured the boy.

"Why did this happen?" Giotto asked.

Tsuna hesitated. He supposed now would be as good as a time to explain Hamaguri to Giotto. Giotto was a smart kid.

"Do you know what yakuza are, Giotto-kun?" Tsuna asked.

"Bad people," Giotto said. "Scary people."

Tsuna felt his heart tightened at Giotto's words. "Yeah, some of them are," he agreed. It was simply the nature of the yakuza. "I'm part of a yakuza group, Giotto-kun. So is Reborn and most of my friends."

Giotto pulled away from Tsuna's neck to look at him. His blue eyes turned orange glazing at Tsuna's own orange tinted ones. There was no fear in Giotto's eyes, just a quiet calculation, a weight of words.

Then the orange was gone and Giotto half whined, "But you're nice Tsuna-san."

Tsuna chuckled. "Thank you, Giotto-kun. I'm inheriting the group from my ojiisan." His expression grew grim. "Anyway, what I'm trying to say Giotto-kun is that the reason why you got kidnapped was because the man that took you, Byakuran, he doesn't like me very much."

Giotto's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "But you're nice!" he repeated.

"Doesn't change that I'm part of the yakuza," Tsuna gently corrected.

Giotto looked pensive at Tsuna's words. Tsuna hesitated at the next part.

"What that means if you still want to stay with us, if you still want me and Reborn to adopt you, it means you might end up in more situations like that… because… because if I adopt you, that makes you my heir. Which means one day you'll be yakuza too," Tsuna explained.

"But I get to stay with you and Reborn-san?" Giotto asked, a little hopeful.

Tsuna nodded. "Yes, but Hamaguri is still yakuza, Giotto-kun. Sure, we don't deal with some of the darker aspect of the underworld, but you may have to fight one day Giotto-kun. You'll probably get kidnapped again as my heir. One day you have to kill someone. People will seek to use you to get to me or Reborn." He didn't want to scare Giotto, but he had to understand the weight of choosing to stay with Reborn and Tsuna.

Giotto fell silent. The orange glow of Hyper Intuition lit in his eyes, weighing the pros and cons.


Tsuna turned to see Ryohei had exited from the operating room. "Oniisan?" Tsuna asked.

Ryohei beamed and gave him a thumbs up. "Reborn will be fine!"

Tsuna let out a breath of relief. He was not going to become a widow today. "Can we see him?"

Ryohei nodded. "Yes. He may be a little out of it, but he should wake up soon."

Tsuna glided over to room Ryohei had pointed out to him. Reborn laid on the bed, still. The last of Tsuna's Hyper Intuition fell away, content that Reborn was safe. Giotto squirmed out of Tsuna's grasp, flopping onto Reborn's bed and reaching out with his tiny to touch Reborn's face. It was probably to reassure him that Reborn was okay. Tsuna couldn't blame him. What Reborn did was heroically stupid (and Tsuna was not going to let him live that down for a long time. He would like his husband in one piece and alive, dammit.)

Tsuna took a seat, slipping his hand into Reborn's and squeezing tight. Giotto wasn't the only one that could use some reassurance that Reborn was alright.

"Brat. You better not being touching my sideburns."

Giotto froze, tiny hands just about to tug at said curly sideburns. "No, Papa," he said.

Tsuna snapped his head towards Giotto; calmly noting the surprise that was on Reborn's face. Giotto hadn't just said…? Surely his ears must be playing tricks on him.

Reborn glared at his husband. "Have I been unconscious that long that you decided to adopt the brat without me?" he asked, sulking.

"I didn't do that!" Tsuna protested. "I just told him about Hamaguri."

"Touchan is yakuza," Giotto said sagely, nodding. "So is Papa."

"I am a hitman," Reborn said.

"Same thing," Tsuna said.

"No, it's not."

Tsuna ignored that. "Giotto-kun does that mean you want to be adopted by us? You do understand that you might be in danger all the time?"

Giotto nodded. "Yes." Then he smiled. "When can we go home?"

-6 Years Later-

Twelve years old Giotto looked at his sleeping parents. He grinned, not unlike a certain sadistic papa. This was the first time he managed to sneak into his parents' bedroom. Both of them were hyper aware (Hyper Intuition was a pain to evade), but this time, Giotto managed to get into the bedroom without waking them!

He had readied a bucket of cold snow that would be just perfect. (Revenge on a certain sadistic papa).

He had just lifted it above his head when…

"Don't even think about it, brat."

"It's too early to be up, Giotto."

Giotto scowled, having been foiled. "But Papa, Touchan," he whined. "It's snowing outside."

"You're old enough to go outside by yourself," Reborn said, cracking open one eye.

Giotto was old enough. But that wasn't the only reason why he had woke his parents up. But before he could say anything, a loud crash could be heard.

"Kufufu, the puppy made a mess."






"Maa, maa guys. You're gonna wake up Reborn and Tsuna."

"You're all too noisy. I will bite you to death."

Tsuna buried his head in his pillow. Voice muffled, he asked, "Giotto, my favorite and only child. Please tell me you didn't let the entire family into the house this early in the morning."

Giotto smiled innocently. "I only let Xanxus-jii in."

"They're here before coffee," Reborn growled.

Gleefully, Giotto watched as his papa rolled out of bed, armed with a gun and stalked outside. The sound of gunshots soon joined the sound of fighting outside. Tsuna resignedly sighed. He slowly got out of bed.

"Let's go stop them before the blood gets on our floor, ne Giotto?" Tsuna said.

Giotto beamed. "Of course, Touchan," he said, following Tsuna out into the living room.

He fondly looked out the scene of chaos that he learned to call home over the last six years. There were times where Giotto had wondered, wondered how exactly he ended up here, wondered where his sanity went over the years, wondered what he did to deserve such a loving family to call his own. Things were crazy and chaotic. Hamaguri was still going strong and being a criminal didn't really faze Giotto. His family was by no means normal (gunshots, fighting and yelling insults at each other had all become norm.) There was no other way than to describe Giotto's life but insane. And Giotto wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Giotto had finally come home.

Wonder if what's inside, really been there all the time.

Wonder if it's wonder in my heart.

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