QUOTE - "Progess is made by trial and failure; the failures are generally a hundred times more numerous than the successes; yet

they are usually left unchronicled" William Ramsay (1852-1916)


In the residential neighbourhood of East New York, Brooklyn in Atlantic Avenue where in the projects, a slum of the impoverished

and downtrodden, focus shifts towards a dilapedated home where two young african american males were conducting an experiment.

There is a dissambled microwave, some light bulbs and dozens of junk circuit boards that are constructed to form a device now

stationed in the delapidated area of the broken household. There the two boys stood in awe and amazement at their creation as

one of them a lanky shaped bespectaled boy went towards the contraption and then looked at the other boy whose face was scruffy

looking yet determined despite his smaller build. The bespectaled boy then nodded and the other proceeded to grab the plug of

the device to fit it into the socket of the house and gave a thumbs up signal to notify that everything was ready to commence

their little experiment.

BESPECTALED BOY: You ready Morgan?

MORGAN: Yeah Reed let's just get this over with before Moms comes back

REED (Happy & Excited Facial Expression): This is it Morgan, If this works I've finally built the world's first time machine

MORGAN (rubbing his eyes): Yeah Yeah and I can finally get some damn sleep

Reed then flicks a small switch at the side and the machine starts to rev up, the in house lights flicker rapidly until some

bulbs began to spark and then burst. Then the noise starts to grow and the house shakes, Morgan then looks outside the window

and notices the street lights in the neighbourhood does the same reaction as the lights in the house. A panicked-stricken look

appeared on Morgan's face as he then turns to look at Reed supervising the experiment.

MORGAN: Ummm bro, you sure this thing'll work!?

REED: I can confirm but with my calculations it should, I hope...no, I believe it'll work

MORGAN: Riiiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhtttttttt cuz the other lights in the street are doin the same thing

REED: Really!?

Reed then goes to the window to witness the street lights each sparking and blowing up, this caused some of the reisdents to

come outside their homes to see this strange occurrance. Then a luminous blue light shines brightly admist the room engulfing

the dark and dismal environment of the shabby house, Morgan covers his eyes from the light and calls out to his brother Reed who

also began to notice this reaction and turns away from looking out the window.

MORGAN: YO REED! It's lightin up, you need to check this out!

REED: On it!

Reed hastily dashes towards the device covering his eyes from the blinding flashing lights emanating from the device. Trying to

navigate to where the machine is stationed being directed by the buzzing noise of his latest invention. He tries to reach for

any surface of the machine and then he hears a loud spark like a bang similar to that of a gunshot and then all of a sudden he

felt himself being lifted off the ground and crashing hard on the wooden floor with a loud thud and all of a sudden the room

went dark. Then the only sound was that of a mouse squeaking until Morgan groans came in from the small explosion.

MORGAN: Bro you alright? You there!? Talk to me man!?

REED: I'm fine Morgan, I'm fine...dammit guess it's a failure

MORGAN: What the hell happened!?

REED: It didn't work that's what happened, hmph guess this needed another power grid

MORGAN: Yeah, you think so huh, cuz it looks like the entire city block just shut down...man we are so screwed

Just then they heard loud noises of residents complaining about the sudden power outage and mentioning of the blue flashing

lights coming from the house Reed and Morgan were conducting their experiment.

MORGAN: Aww shit bro, we better scrap all this up before Moms arrive, we don't wanna get caught

REED: I know Morgan, Mom warned me already about my experiments

Just then a loud slam was heard from the distance and a loud shout which suddenly alerted both the boys who knew very well what

was going to follow with that noise.



REED: I'm afraid we're too late

Just then a dishelved Woman in a waitress uniform, who looked tired and wornout with heavy grocery bags accompanied with a mad

look on her face stood infront of them glaring at them. The bags dropped with a heavy thud as she then proceeded to grab the two

of them by the scruf of their necks and scold them for what they had done.

REED: Mom I can explain everything, it's just a little experiment

MOM: Reed & Morgan Richards what the hell did I say about conductin dangerous experiments!?

REED: I know Mom, I know but please lemme explain

MORGAN: Honestly Mom at least no one got hurt unlike the last time (Morgan looks angrily at Reed)

MOM: Oh yeah until now! You caused a power outage on the entire city! I'mma go crazy on both y'all asses tonight!

She carries the two boys to their bedrooms to give them their spanking.

The next day shifts to the two boys tredding carefully to school, the pathway is a dangerous one, in that there are drug dealers

and other illegal activities going on which would explain Reed and Morgan's haste in getting to school safe. One of the drug

dealers calls out to Reed but Reed ignores him and grips on his little brother Morgan tightly ensuring Morgan's safety to reach

to his school first before Reed sets out to reach at his own high school. The Dealer calls out to Reed and his brother again

causing the two boys to quickly pick up their pace until they notice two speeding cars one of them a cop car tailing a black

dishelved mustang that was riddled with bullets, the window already broken had a gunman pointing his gun aiming at the cop car,

Reed instinctively grabbed Morgan by the hand and the two ran in the opposite direction of the oncoming danger to get away from

the gunfire not to end up as collaterol. They ran until Reed finally sees East New York Middle School overhead and breathed a

huge sigh of relief and the two brothers ambled their way until they arrived at the entrance.

MORGAN: Man that was close

REED: Yeah we got lucky, but I'll have to chose another route this time

MORGAN: C'mon bro, that's the quickest route to school besides your'e the one who knew about it

REED: But it's not safe...damn nuthin's safe around this district anymore, anyways bro I'll come pick you up after labs

MORGAN: Tch! Whatever, you always come late anyways all in your stupid science and stuff

REED: Hey It's to benefit mankind and get us rich so we can get the hell outta here

MORGAN: Later bro

REED: Yeah I'll pick you up Morgan so wait outside

MORGAN: Yeah Yeah Whatever

Reed then heads off to his school East New York High School and checks his watch for punctuality only realising he is half &

hour late, this was due to the car chase incident near the block Reed & Morgan took on their way to school. In getting to the

entrance Reed heard some noises which sounded like a scuffle was taking place and then hearing shouts, groans and yells of pain

along with a few swear words. This suddenly lead Reed to investigate the noises which came from the eastern side of the school

entrance which lead to an deserted alleyway, a block from the school compound itself. Reed took a peek to see a fight between

one guy and gang of six thugs. Reed then took immediate notice of the individual who was outnumbered yet single-handedly

defeating his opponents with ease due to his immense, hulking built. He was 7 feet tall red head with broad shoulders that

resembled a mountain range and had a few freckles on his face but was easily beating the guys to a bloody pulp eventually

attacking the last gang-member who shrieked and begged for mercy but his cries was soon deafened by the swift yet painful

punches to his stomach and face that resulted in bruises, a nose bleed and the thug falling to the ground unconscious. Reed

witnessed this event with an awestruck look on his face until the red head brute recognized Reed peeking from the corner of the

alley way and turned to look at Reed who was awoken from his stupor of guy's brute force in overpowering his foes.

RED HEAD: Hey what you lookin at!?

REED (whispers under his breath): Oh crap!

RED HEAD: Hey dipshit! I'm talkin to ya

Reed quickly makes a break for it and runs back to school before the red head brute follows him, on his arrival he noticies a

group of delinquents lounging in the hallways of the school compound, a sick feeling came over him. The usual morning bullying

was about to commence.

DELINQUENT #1: Well if it ain't smarty pants Reed Richards, what up man!? you have that homework for me!?

REED: Listen man I ain't got time to deal with you...ouch!?

A swift sudden punch to the stomach lead to an immense measure of pain causing Reed to drop to the ground holding tight his

aching belly to subdue the growing pain.

DELINQUENT #2: Listen to this dumbass, being all cheeky & shit, heh heh

REED: C'mon guys I really didn't get time to do your homework, I'm really busy these awwww ouch, c'mon man! get offa me!

Several kicks and stomps struck Reed about his body as he lay trying to cover himself from the irncoming onslaught of blows from

the two bullies. Then one of them took his back pack and starting digging through his belongings looking for the so called

homework which they took along with his lunch money. The other bully was continuing with the beatings making sure Reed remained

subdued and unable to fight back from the blows.

DELINQUENT #1: Thanks for the homework, oh and next time you give us lip there's gonna be more where that came from

DELINQUENT #2: C'mon brah let's bounce before dem dumb-ass teachers catch us

The two delinquents quickly stepped over Reeds aching body now hunched in curl ball position fearing more blows, unfortunately

one more swift kick to the face led to Reed's glasses flying off his face and landing some where on the floor.

DELINQUENT #1: Be seeing ya Richards, ah ha ha ha!

Reed slowly struggling to get up, crawling on the floor whilst searching for his glasses. After a few minutes, the pain subsided

and Reed gain composure and managed to find his now broken glasses laying on the floor, the frame was intact but the lens on the

right side was completely shattered.

REED: Dammit! Man this is gonna be one of those days huh

The school day proceeded as Reed was at home room period nursing his bruises he received earlier this morning. The students were

in their usual mischief, the popular girls were gossiping, the stoners left the room to sneak in a smoke, some were listening to

music on their ipods and smartphones whilst the jocs were picking on the geeks spitting paper waste at them through a straw

having a contest to see how much paper waste they got get on a particular geek. Unfortunately for Reed he was the selected

target for the day but that didn't bother him, he was reading an article published by Dr. Hank McCoy on human genes and it's

relevance to mutation which was now a growing concern in the globe since the prevelance of STD's and cancer. This mutation

dubbed the X-gene is what differentiates human species causing an evolution from homo-sapien to homo-superior. This gene gives

them abilities/powers that usually manifest around puberty.

REED (murmurs to himself): Fansinating

Just then the home room teacher came in and starting shouting at the rowdy students to gain order and have them settled for the

usual annoucements.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Quiet Class! Hey settle down!

The class finally calm down and the students filed in to their seats minus the stoners, it was time for the announcements.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Okay class, the usual as you all well know this month is the School Science Fair the theme "Inventive

creations, tech that can change the world". As you are aware this Science fair will give students the opportunity to conduct

experiments, safe experiments mind you in the auditorium and it will be spectated by all who...

Then the teacher noticed students looking back at him, some with a dull facial expression, others were staring up at the ceiling

whilst others were already nodding off to sleep. The teacher took this reaction to mean that this annoucement was boring and

uninteresting and he decided to move on to other relevant annoucnements that hopefully might be of interest to his home room

class. Except for one student in particular.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Hmph, alright on to other stuff...the school annual dance is...huh question!?

REED: Umm sir uh that's all concerning the Science Fair!?

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Aha Mr Richards, I'd figured you inquire more information about it


The class then erupted into laughter at that insulting commenting on Reed's interest in the Science Fair. This came from one of

the popular students in the back of the classroom.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Hey! Quiet Derek! Reed the Science Fair is two weeks from now, see me after this session's over alright.

REED (exicted already): Thanks sir

The Teacher then heard some one calling him and looked right from the doorway to notice the Principal who nodded at him

motioning him that something important was here that needed to be announced.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Hold on class.

The Teacher left the classroom and Reed could hear voices coming from the entrance of the room. The other students resumed their

usual activity until the Home room Teacher returned but not alone, this time a familar face which caused Reed to look shocked

and terrified at the same accompained the Teacher. It was the Red Headed Brute Reed saw in alleyway.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Okay class, this is another major annoucement, I'll like to introduce our fellow student, he just transferred

from another district, so let's make him feel welcomed alright...class I'd like you all to meet Mr. Benjamin Grimm

The Brute known as Ben surveyed the class and then had his eyes fixated on Reed who immediately tried to look away by burying

his head in the article he read. Some of the girls were looking at Ben admiringly, others were taking in by his huge and

somewhat intimidating appreance, for a minute there was silence.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Go on Ben, tell em a little about yourself

BEN (gave a dry wave to the class): Hey...um name's Ben

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Is that all Mr Grimm?

BEN: Huh!? Well...yeah I guess

Then one of the girls managed to ask a question concerning Ben.

FEMALE STUDENT: So Ben, where'ya from?

BEN: I'm from Lower East Side

FEMALE STUDENT: Cool...which part!?

BEN: I was born on Yancy Street, since then my folks & I reside around that area.

FEMALE STUDENT (gave him a slight but welcoming smile): Alright, Welcome Ben

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Great then, Ben have a seat

Ben then proceeded to go straight to the back of the class where some of the football jocs were already taking a liking to him

given his huge size and demeanor. He slumped down on the chair and watched around the classroom nodding at the students taking

note of every one especially Reed Richards. The Teacher was about to resume annoucements when the bell rang to sound the end of

home room period, students quickly filed out to the exit, the Teacher nodded to Reed to come and see him.

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: So Reed The Science Fair is next two weeks, the theme is using tech to modernize the world, well since the

advent of MacIntosh PC's and other stuff, technology is advancing pretty quickly

REED: Yeah I know right, I've managed to build a PC myself at one time

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Build you say!?

REED: Yup, took me awhile but I've managed to construct a computer that aids me in my mathematical equations, science research

and experimentations

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Really you don't say, you built this PC...How!?

REED: Well actually it's from scrap circuit boards and other peripherals from Radio, Television Sets and Walkie Talkies, come to

think of it that was my first science project in middle school

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: I see, now I know why your'e this school's pride & joy heh heh your'e somewhat of a genius

REED: Yeah...I guess you could say that

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Well hopefully you'll do more amazing stuff at the Fair, probably become the next Tony Stark or Hank Pym


REED: Riiiiighhhhhhhhhttttttt

HOME-ROOM TEACHER: Anyways this is what's required from the Science Fair, rules & guidelines are all in there so take a read and

best of luck on your project.

Reed then leaves the classroom to proceed to his next class session, on his way there passing by the hallways as he was heading

to the next classroom block which was just around the corner when a hand suddenly grabbed his shirt and pulled him over with

such great force that Reed's body practically flung itself, with his glasses flying off again and slammed his face hard pressed

against a wall. The pain instantly came rushing in almost causing a paralysis leaving Reed stunned yet terrified. Then another

hand gripped his shirt collar and lifted him up in the air with ease, Reed's blurred vision couldn't get a clear look at the

person but from the sound of his voice he immediately identified the troublemaker.

REED: Gulp! Hey man I didn't see nuthin okay, I swear

BEN: Bullshit! You saw enough ta get me a 3rd strike, so spill it whaddaya saw!?

REED: Look Man, I told you I didn't see anything

A swift gut punch to Reed stomach further increased the pain making Reed's face squinge in confusion and unease

BEN: I'm gonna ask again...what did you saw!?

REED: Awww crap jus when I thought things were gettin slightly better...ouch!

Another punch to his face which added another bruise, this was turning out to be a very bad day for Reed seeing that he is

picked on again by a somewhat potential bully to add the list of other school juveniles who were bullying Reed.

BEN: You lyin piece of crap, jus stay the hell outta my way and don't ya look anywhere near my direction, ya got that!?

REED: Got it man, lemme go!

Ben was about to deal another blow to Reed's face but decided against it and let go of Reed's shirt to leave Reed dropping to

the ground with a thud.

BEN: Later Loser

Ben then walked away and slipped out to the back of the school via the exit doors to go cut classes. The scenary changes after

school as Reed picks up his little brother Morgan. Morgan noticed the bruises from Reed's face and immediately shows concern for

Reed by asking him questions on what led to Reed's poor state.

MORGAN: What the hell happen to you bro?

REED: It's nuthin Morgan jus leave it alone

MORGAN: Leave it alone...yeah right they got to you again didn't they

REED: Morgan! Not now alright!

MORGAN: Geez! fine go ahead an be that way tch...dumbass

REED (Reed gives morgan a slight tap in the head): I heard that

Morgan quickly responds in kind and the two brothers started their mischief by play fighting each other until they arrived home.

The boys came home to the shabby house and noticed their Mother in her waitress outfit tired and sleeping on the dusty sofa with

a pink piece of paper in her hand. Reed already knew what it was and grabbed it before Morgan could inquire.

REED (sad look on his face): Hmph...jus great, laid off again

MORGAN: Damn! You serious!?

Reed shows Morgan the pink slip of paper which states her employment being terminated and her final payment for work done.

Morgan hung his head in disappointment and Reed went over to give him a hug and a pat on the head.

MORGAN: Guess this means no presents for Christmas for awhile huh!?

REED: C'mon we're still in October she could get another job by then.

MORGAN: Yeah she better cuz soon we'd be outta of a house

Morgan then points to the table that had several utility bills, a majority of them had outstanding payments that had due for


REED: This ain't fair bro...it ain't right at all

MORGAN: Yeah I know, what we gonna do!?

Just then their Mom woke up from the sound of Reed & Morgan complaining about their dismal situation at home. Her face looked

forlorn and Reed took notice of that and could tell that she was crying before they both returned home from school.

MOM (Rubbing her eyes): Hey my two babies home already

She embraced the boys giving them the tighest squeeze possible, Reed almost felt like his lungs would burst out of his chest but

deep down this was the best feeling he ever experienced and wouldn't trade it for anything. A slow smile crept up in both Reed

and Morgan's faces as they looked at each other for a minute whilst their Mom was hugging them. Just then his mother noticed the

swellings from Reed's bullying at school along with his broken glasses.

MOM: Hey what happened Reed? Don't lie to me, who hurt you!?

MORGAN: Don't bother Mom he keep sayin it's nuthin actin all tough, heh heh

MOM: Morgan quiet! C'mon Reed you can tell me

REED: It's jus some bullies is all, nuthin serious

MOM: What! Reed that is serious! you've got to put a stop to this nonesense now. I ain't sending you to school to get beat up

on, I'm sending you to learn and get educated. You've got to have more confidence in yourself and stand up to em, your'e special

and you've got something to prove.

His mother lift Reed's head up to have him look directly at her.

MOM (looks lovingly at Reed & Morgan): Don't let nuthin hold you back, you hear, nuthin! I'm proud of you...I'm proud of both

of you boys.

REED: Okay Mom

MOM: This has been goin for too long, I'll go meet with your principal and sort this out

MORGAN: You look very tired Mom, what's going on?

MOM: I'm fine baby...I'll be okay, but I also have something important to tell you both

REED: Yeah your'e out of a job

MOM: Nuthin gets past you huh smarty pants (Motherly smile)

REED: Nah jus simple observation with you hangin that pink slip around heh heh

MOM: Okay well yes, but that doesn't mean the end of the world. Yes, that's bad but that leaves me with more opportunities to

look for another better job, besides I could finally see what the two of you are up with your experimentin around the house.

REED: Really!? That'll be great

MOM: I'm sorry I couldn't get you guys a computer to replace the makeshift one you built Reed

REED: That's alright Mom we can manage

MORGAN (disappointed look): Yeah it's no big deal

MOM (rubbing Reed & Morgan's head): Listen don't worry about the bills and everything you two, especially you Reed...focus on

school. That's one of the good blessings I have you turning out to be a genius and you not gettin into trouble, now we don't

have much but what do you boys want for dinner?


MOM: Too bad, can't afford take-out so you boys are havin Meat loaf tonight

REED & MORGAN: Awwwwwww man! left-overs!

After dinner the scenary shifts to Reed and Morgan, where Morgan was already in his bed sleeping whilst Reed was working on

another experiment. His Mom was peeking through the bedroom and a smile crept up in her face as she then proceeded to go to her

room to sleep. Reed with a determined look on his face was ardent in hope for the better for his family home situation.