A/N: I wrote this about a year ago (back in 2014) and I posted it on my tumblr but I completely forgot about putting it up here. To be entirely honest I just didn't think it was good enough but it got notes so hey why not.

Summary: Chris lends Sawamura his scarf. Sawamura wants to return the favour, as well as confirm something. He is not disappointed.
Pairing: Sawamura Eijun/Takigawa Chris Yuu
Warnings: Absolutely none.

"Sawamura, you have to take better care of yourself."

The boy in question startled as he felt something soft and warm being wrapped against his neck. A scarf. He turned around and looked up at the taller upperclassman, a smile curling his lips for a moment - until it turned into a frown when he saw the other boy's bare throat. "Chris-senpai, what about you?"

"What about me?" There seemed to be a glint in his eyes - that, or Sawamura was seeing things.

"Won't you be cold? Since you're lending me your scarf…" Very cozy scarf that smelt just like Chris-senpai. It was weird, but the pitcher had never felt so soothed before. Huh. It was probably just because of the warmth and not actually because of the scent. Right.

Oh, who was he kidding. He had the hots for the older boy and he knew it.

"It's alright, I can endure the cold until we get back to the dorms." There seemed to be more behind those words, but Sawamura couldn't quite interpret the underlying meaning of them. He didn't ask either.

"…Fine. I'll accept that." It felt like he couldn't quite accept the scarf though, but he knew his catcher wouldn't budge, no matter what he said.


Backtrack that thought.

Had he really thought of Chris-senpai as 'his' catcher? Yeah. Yeah, he had. Ah, why was he even trying to fool himself.

"But," Sawamura continued after having accepted his thoughts and feelings, "aren't your hands cold?" A brief glance was shot towards the older teenager. If there was something there on the other boy's end as well, he would get the hint.

He did.

Sawamura took back his earlier thought. Having Chris-senpai's big, gentle hand in his own calloused one, was definitely the most soothing feeling he'd ever felt.

(He also blamed the cold for the sudden healthy flush that appeared over his cheeks.)

Thank you for reading!