Chapter 11

"If you don't stop moving, I will stick you with a pin."

Adrien glanced down, then straight back up again to fix his eyes on a spot on the wall. "Having you right there is not being very helpful to my comfort level."

"You're a model, you should be used to this."

"The designer isn't usually my gorgeous girlfriend who's on her knees before of me."

Marinette rolled her eyes. "You're such a skittish kitty. Would you rather do this as Chat?"

"Oh, yeah, that'd be swell," he told her, under layers of sarcasm. "Skin tight suit and that close, bad things are going to happen."

Marinette lifted her head and giggled. "Swell."

Adrien's eyes widened and he groaned. "Let me die right now."

"I always knew one day your puns would get you." Still giggling, Marinette lifted her hand. Taking it, he helped her to her feet and she dusted off her pants. "Okay, arms out."

Raising his eyebrows at her, his arms soon followed. Tapping her fingers against her lips, she circled him. "And you call me the cat," he said.


"The concentration on your face," he teased. "It's a lioness circling her prey." Looking over his shoulder, he rumbled a growl at her.

Resting her hand on his shoulder, she ducked under his arm to fix the way the jacket sat. "I learned from the best." Hopping back, she ran her hands across each shoulder. "Okay, touch your toes."

Aware of the pins holding the jacket together, he carefully dropped his arms and swivelled to face her. "I'm onto you. You just want to check out my purr-ks."

"It's a serious design," she said, blinking big, innocent eyes at him. "I need to make sure it's functional as well as stylish."

"Rather fur-ward of you."

"Fiiine," she complained and dropped her eyes from his to the jacket. She pulled the edges together and stroked her fingers down his chest. While he knew she concentrated on the fabric, it still did wonderful things to him. "How's it feel?"

"Amazing," he said and closed one hand over the top of hers. "You're doing great job."

Smiling, she said, "I should be able to finish this tonight."

He pouted. "Does that mean I can't come back for pats?"

She lifted her fingers and walked them up his neck to his chin. "Depends on how much of a good kitty you are today." She pulled her hand away before he could really appreciate her pat. Holding out her hands, her eyes roamed around the jacket as she said, "Let's get you out."

He slipped his arms out as carefully as he could to avoid the pins. Brushing it and picking of small lint pieces, Marinette walked across the room to hang the jacket beside the almost finished feminine jacket. He couldn't wait to see the final designs. "Are you sure you don't mind helping me?"

Jumping down from the small stool, he shrugged. "I didn't want to be a judge. It was worth refusing just for the look on his face."

She smiled. "As long as it doesn't cause trouble."

"I can handle anything," he said as he slipped his arms back into his day jacket. Reaching for his phone so he could signal his driver, he asked, "Are you ready to go, Princess?"

She nodded and scratched the back of her leg with a pink shoe. "Just let me stow this."

He watched her pack away her pins into the various sewing baskets and containers she had on her desk. "You have a freckle on your neck, did you know?"

She paused. "Are you checking me out?"

"Absolutely. It's cute."

Lifting away from the desk, she placed her hand on her hip and looked over her shoulder flirtatiously at him. "You're a dork."

"And I a-dork you." His gaze fell on the basket she'd just been packing. "Hey, is that yarn?!"

She scrambled for it and shoved it back inside a basket. "No."

Bouncing across, he joined her at her desk. "You've been holding out on me."

"It's my good yarn!" she said, moving so she shielded his view with her whole body. "I'm not having kitty-drool all over it. If you want some, buy your own."

"Me-ouch!" Feeling playful, he tried to get past her. "There's perfectly good yarn right there! That blue one looked tasty and—" Adrien only felt Marinette's sudden freeze because he was pressed up against her back. "What?"


Placing one hand on her stomach from behind, he stretched out his other and snagged the blue wool. This time, she let him have it. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he ran his thumb over the ball. "What's special about this one?"

Biting her lip, she took it from him and put it back in the basket. "I made something from it for a friend."

He nodded. "Something special. Like, say, a scarf?"

She tensed and then let out a puff of breath. "You know?"

"I know." He'd pieced it together from things she'd said. "Which means that kitty yarn is mine and I reserve the right to drool all over it."

"And you're not… mad?"

"Not with you. It was a thoughtful and wonderful gift. I love it and I'm sorry it was stolen." He pressed his forehead against the back of her head. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You seemed so happy that your father gave you something. I couldn't."

He'd guessed that. Changing the subject, he battered at her hand. "Can I have the yarn now?"

With a giggle, she closed the basket lid. "Later, you can drool all over it all you want, but don't we need to go?"

"Oh right!" Stepping away, he looked up at Marinette's bed. "Plagg, let's go."

Hooking her small pink bag across her shoulders, she opened it up. "Tikki, are you coming?"

The little red kwami zipped down from Marinette's bed, while Plagg floated down at a more sedate pace. Adrien recognised the freshly patted, dopey look on Plagg's face. "Enjoy yourself?" he said, holding open his jacket.

"She's really good," Plagg slurred and curled up in Adrien's pocket.

Tikki giggled and dove into Marinette's bag.

Marinette clicked closed and wove her arm through Adrien's. "This is going to be a thing, isn't it? Those two sneaking off together."

"Means we can sneak off together," Adrien said.

Her parents were not subtle about their proximity to Marinette's attic door as they opened it. Tom sat on a stool at the kitchen bench and Sabine was in the kitchen itself. Since Marinette's stairs emptied right beside the kitchen there was no avoiding them.

Marinette bounced down the stairs. "Hi!"

Sabine turned from cutting carrots. "How the jacket coming, dear?"

While Marinette launched into an in-depth description about what she had remaining and how excited she was her deign was shaping up and how Adrien had found her the perfect cuddleskin for her lining, Adrien made awkward eye contact with her father. Tom's eyes narrowed. Adrien's widened. Tom folded his arms on his chest and reminded Adrien of a great bear. Adrien squashed the want to turn kitten behind Marinette. He wanted to make a good impression on Marinette's dad but it seemed like no matter what he did, Tom didn't approve.

"At least we know they weren't up to anything," Sabine told Tom, while nodding along to Marinette's gushing.

Marinette broke off mid-sentence to go bright red. "Moooom!"

"Bit soon for that," Tom said, his eyes locked on Adrien.

Adrien smiled and hoped it didn't come out cheesy. He focussed on not thinking about the months he'd been sneaking into her room for pats, or the fact that he'd most likely be back tonight.

"So, where are you taking my daughter?" Tom asked.

Adrien swallowed. "Ahh… well—"

"I told you," Marinette interjected. "We're going out with Aly and Nino too."

"But you haven't told me where."

Marinette paused and glanced at Adrien. "It's a surprise."

Adrien cleared his throat. "Um… Agreste Gardens."

Marinette sucked in a gasp. "Really?"

Adrien nodded. "It's not being used at the moment and the flowers are all in bloom. I thought you might—"

Marinette squealed and tackled him and Adrien shot Tom a frantic look, only to find the man had lost his stern appearance and chuckled with his wife.

"Perfect way to a Cheng's heart," Tom said and winked at Adrien and Adrien felt the stern mood shift to warm affection which somehow included him. "Our first date was the Luxenbourg."

"Oh, here he goes," Sabine said with a wide smile and gathered up Marinette to shoo her to the door. "Off you go, once he starts, he'll never stop. Have fun!"

"Bye Mama!" Marinette cried and pulled Adrien down the stairs and out the front door.

Adrien's driver waited across the street. Taking Marinette's hand, he led her across to the car while Marinette talked full steam, "We're really going to Agreste gardens? Where Gabriel Agreste does all his special entertaining? And they held Agreste Fashion Week and—"

Adrien grinned and held the car door open for her. "You are aware that's my last name."

She flushed as she slid into the seat. "I'm sorry. I'm… excited. Gabriel Agreste is a fashion idol and to go to a place where he's held his shows is amazing." She bounced. "And the gardens! I've heard they're magnificent! I've seen photos and—" The flush deepened. "But you know this already."

"You're adorable," he said and closed the door, trotting around the other side of the car. Once inside, he signalled his driver to go. "We have a hedge maze and the roses are all in bloom. I had the fountain turned on too. We can wander the gardens as long as you want."

She had stars in her eyes as she looked at him. "I feel like you're spoiling me."

Adrien blinked and his brow furrowed. That wasn't his intent. He wanted to do something nice for her and he knew she would enjoy it. "Is that not okay? I thought you'd like it."

She reached over to give him an affection scratch to the ear. "And I do, kitty, but I'm a simple girl. I'm happy having a pastry on top of the Eiffel Tower and watching the sunset."

Adrien tilted his head at her and leant in so he could whisper. "That sounds like a meow-velous second date."

"I'll bring the pastry," she said and booped him on the nose. "You're a cranky kitty when you're hungry."

It didn't take them long to reach Nino's home to pick up Alya and Nino. Adrien had invited them along because he knew the four of them would do a lot of tandem activities and the chance to share his gardens with Nino and Alya as well was something he didn't want to pass up. Plus, Alya and her ever-ready camera might get some nice couple shots.

Alya beamed happily as she bounced into the car and sat opposite Marinette, while Nino fist bumped Adrien as he took his spot. "Hey dude."


"Nice ride, bro."

"Did he tell you where we were going?" Alya asked Marinette. She clutched her hands to her chest and bounced up and down on her seat. "Did he?" Casting Adrien a sly glance she said, "Girl, you are gonna flip!"

"Agreste Gardens!" Marinette squealed and reached over to take Alya's hands. "I'm so excited!" She paused. "Wait. You knew?"

"He wasn't trying to impress me," Alya said, then held up her phone. "Plus, I take pictures. Speaking of—" She gestured at Adrien and Marinette. "Squish up."

Planting both elbows on the armrest, Adrien leaned so he could be right beside Marinette's face and grinned at Alya.

Snapping a picture, Alya looked at it and spoke as she typed, "Double date with my girl and her new beau."

Marinette blinked. "Are you snapchatting?"

Alya raised her eyebrow. "Is that a problem? I already sent one out of Nino and me."

"We haven't exactly told anyone yet," Marinette said, casting a glance at Adrien. "Besides you guys."

"Dude, it's not a secret," Nino said, waving his hand. "All the flirting between you two did at school this week, everyone probably already knows. Or is in denial."

Marinette flushed. "We weren't flirting."

"No," Alya giggled. "You two were just making doe eyes and giggling."

"We were not!" She paused. "Well, maybe we were, but we weren't the only ones! You two were just as bad."

Adrien shrugged and enjoyed Marinette's pink cheeked protest. "I can't think of a better way to confirm it."

"You know there's a certain someone who still won't believe it even if you shoved it in her face," Nino added.

Adrien raised his eyebrows. "Who, Chloe? Why wouldn't she believe it?"

Nino shook his head at him. "Dude, you are so oblivious sometimes."

Sure enough, a few minutes after Alya had posted her photo, Adrien's phone beeped with a message from Chloe. "Slumming it, are we? Vying for dear daddy's attention by having a bit of fun with your lessors. That's all well and good, but don't let her forget her place."

Adrien raised his eyebrows and decided not to show that to Marinette. Instead he texted, "Her place is right beside me."

"I hope you don't expect me to be nice to her."

"I have always expected you to be yourself," he returned and put the phone away so he could continue conversing with his friends.

Marinette plastered her face against the window as they drove into Agreste Gardens. Reaching across the gap between her and Alya, Marinette gripped her friend's hand and used her other to point. "Look at the fountain!"

The Gardens was a private parcel of land set behind the Manor, with a separate entrance. The fountain was the centrepiece of the driveway. Large, circular stonework with a tiered fountain, it emptied into a koi pond. Gabriel leased the garden and fountains for photoshoots as well as holding his annual Fashion Week on its grounds. He used to walk among it for inspiration but Adrien couldn't remember the last time he'd seen his father here. He and Adrien's mother had married in the garden, and Adrien had grown up using it as a playground. It, like the aquarium, held a lot of good and special memories for Adrien and that was why he wanted to share it with Marinette.

Past the driveway was a fifty foot wide grove of birches with a path winding through the middle. Beyond that, the gardens opened up into manicured lawns and beds of strategically placed flowers. Toward one end of the lawn was a small, open amphitheatre which doubled as an outdoor catwalk. The opposite end was a small hedged maze.

Parking at the beginning of the stone path to the driveway, Adrien's driver produced a book and went to sit beneath a tree. He'd stay there until Adrien messaged him to bring the picnic basket in the trunk.

Alya and Marinette bent over to peer into the base of the fountain, watching the koi swim and cooing together. Seeing Alya with her elbows on the stone and her head in her hands, Nino elbowed Adrien. "Good idea, dude."

Adrien shook his head. "You're terrible."

"Tell me you aren't doing the same. Dude, we have girlfriends. We're allowed to check them out."

"You're still terrible." Holding out his hand for Marinette, Adrien beckoned her with his head and walked toward the path. "Flowers are this way."

She practically skipped over to take his hand and fall into step beside him. "It's so pretty," she said, trying to look at everything at once. "All those birch trees. The colours must be amazing in autumn."

"You'll have to come back and see. Unless you turn into a grumpy bug in autumn too."

She flashed him a grin. "I'm drawn to hot things."

"Oh, I'm not leaving your side in winter."

She pressed her hand to her forehead. "Too hot, I'll be roasted bug."

He grinned at her and went to reply, only to hear the click of Alya's camera as she took a photo of them walking down the path together.

"That's a nice shot," Nino said.

"I have an eye for cute," Alya said.

"I want copies," Marinette called, smiling over her shoulder.

"Girl, I got you."

A man sauntered up the stone path toward them. At first glance, Adrien thought it was one of the four gardeners but a second glance had him freezing in shock. He pulled Marinette off balance with his sudden halt and Nino almost ran into the back of him.

"Dude what— oh shit."

Adrien swallowed. The hand he held Marinette's with went damp and he couldn't tell if it was him or her reacting. Marinette's fingers flexed but Adrien didn't let her release. Instead, he stepped closer to her.

Coming down the path the opposite way was his father. Gabriel's hands were behind his back, his pace slow and steady, like he'd completed an afternoon stroll. "Adrien," he greeted, stopping ahead of them.

He fought to keep his tone mild. "Hello, Father. I didn't expect you."

"That is obvious."

"Hello dude, I mean sir," Nino said with a wide, put-on grin and a friendly wave. "Nice to see you again."

Gabriel's eyes drifted to Nino's and his mouth tightened. "Nino." Looking toward Marinette, Gabriel's gaze dropped to the joined hands then back up with more interest. "I recognise you."

"This is Marinette," Adrien said and then nodded to Alya. "And this is Alya. They're in my class at school. I was showing them the garden."

"Hello, Mr Agreste," Marinette said, bobbing a curtsy.

Gabriel nodded. "Ahh, yes. Labouring hands of a hat maker. I trust your entry into the new competition is the reason Adrien declined being judge?"

"I didn't want to be biased," Adrien said.

With a considering hum, Gabriel turned his eyes to Alya, "And you run that website, the Ladyblog."

Marinette's hand clenched Adrien's as Alya brightened at being recognised. "Yes, sir."

"Interesting blog, your theories are most enlightening." Turning his gaze back to Marinette, he said, "I look forward to your entry, Marinette. Enjoy the gardens."

"Oh, he likes you," Nino complained to Alya when Gabriel was out of earshot.

"I'm very likeable," Alya said and stepped forward to shake Marinette's arm. "He remembered you!"

Marinette gusted out a breath. "He did."

"I get the feeling he was out here so he could meet you," Adrien murmured, watching his father's back as he walked. Was it simple curiosity which had drawn Gabriel out of his study and into the light? Or would there be repercussions? Deciding he wouldn't sully his time with Marineette by worry about it, he smiled at Marinette and tugged her into a walk. "C'mon. The gardens await."

"Look at this place!" Marinette said as they emerged from the birch grove. "I love it! Oh, can you smell that?" She bolted for the nearest flower bed, forgetting she had Adrien's hand. Instead of pulling her up short, he ran with her, flashing a smile over his shoulder at the giggling Alya.

"Peonies," Marinette whispered and cupped one of the brilliant pink flowers in the palm of her hand. Dropping her nose to the flower, she breathed in. "Hmm, beautiful."

Releasing her hand, Adrien chose one in full bloom and clipped the stem with his thumbnail. "Not as beautiful as you," he said and poked the stem through one of her pigtails. "Do you have a favourite flower?"

"Pincushion," she said. "If you have any of those, I will most likely roll around in them."

He glanced over his shoulder to see Alya and Nino strolling the other direction hand in hand. "Catnip to ladybugs, huh? Good to know."

She giggled. Flittering from flower to flower much like a ladybug would, each flower received a gentle caress and a scent sample and a delighted sigh.

"I'm getting jealous of the flowers," Adrien commented after the fifth garden bed. "They're getting all the attention."

"When I first became Ladybug," Marinette said, gently stroking her fingers along the petals of an azalea. "I visited all the flower gardens around Paris, like Bois de Vincennes and Palais Royale. I was drawn to the smell, the colours. Did you know there are hundreds of tiny gardens tucked away all over Paris?"

He nodded. "I've seen a lot in my roaming."

Releasing the flower, she moved to the next garden bed. "Sometimes, I go running at night to find the moonflowers of Paris. They are really hard to find, but the smell is divine. " Casting him a look, she smiled. "You could come with me next time."

He was so there. "I'd like that."

"Flowers make me feel happy." She giggled. "And hungry, all the crawly bugs that live within them."

Adrien raised his eyebrows as they walked to an archway covered in wisteria. "Have you ever—"

"Have you ever eaten a mouse?" she countered. Cupping a sprig of wisteria to smell she made a delighted sound.

"Does sashimi count? I mean, it's not a mouse, but it is raw."

She blinked at him. "Well…"

"I've never caught a mouse with the intent to eat it," Adrien said, then shrugged. "Plagg has."

"So has Tikki. Aphids, I mean." She hesitated and checked were Alya and Nino were. "Do you think it's safe for them to come out?"

"There're gardeners here somewhere," Adrien said and glanced around. "So they'd better be careful."

"Tikki and I are quite capable of watching out for ourselves," Plagg said, floating from Adrien's jacket. Zipping down to Marinette's bag, he pressed both paws against it and meowed.

With a merry giggle, Tikki shot from Marinette's handbag and twirled around the pair as she gained height. A happy-cat noise puffed from Plagg he chased after her. They dipped and twisted as they teased each other and Tikki dove into the vines above their heads. Plagg blasted after her and several flower sprigs had their flowers torn from the stems, showering the couple below with falling wisteria petals.

Adrien ducked his head as a clump of flowers landed in his hair. "Hey!"

Holding her hand above her head to ward off any petals floating her way, Marinette giggled. "Very fetching."

Having been watching the playing kwami, Adrien glanced at her and then froze, entranced. Wisps of petals floated around her, eyes shining with happiness and a light blush colouring her cheeks, Marinette looked stunning.

A week's worth of smouldering glances, stolen rooftop moments and sneaky snatchings of kisses made him ache for more but now he wanted to worship her with his lips. Taking her hips, he pulled her toward him. She made an adorable squeak in surprise when he pressed his lips to hers.

Slipping his hands to her back, he held her snug. She arched up on her toes to meet him, leaning against him. No space between their chests, they were upon each other tight and he braced his knees to keep from toppling. With almost reckless abandon, her hands wove into his hair and pressed against his skull to fuse their mouths.

It was meant to be romantic. The flowers, the gardens, being together, holding hands and happy smiles. The moment their lips had met, something ignited in her. She buzzed, a low vibration thrumming through her into him. Different than his purr and yet so similar in its intent and seemed a waste to leave such a wonderful song unanswered with a chorus of his own.

A dash of desperation, a splattering of sexy and Marinette's tongue tasted his lips. The heat, the liquid fire and the assurance of their first kiss was back tenfold. His senses flooded and left him weak-kneed.

The flowers, it had to be the flowers which prompted this frenzy from her. He made a silent promise to take her to every garden in Paris if only she'd kiss him like this again. Open mouths and open hearts, a torrent passion which swept them away. She pushed against him and Adrien took a half-step back to brace. Another step as she followed him, then he was pinned against the wooden vines and surrounded by flowers.

The gasp she allowed him as his back hit the archway was too brief. Her fingers blazed lightning trails along his skull and down his spine. Lightheaded, the intakes of breath he could take wasn't enough and he didn't care. He didn't want to calm the frenzy. He was happy to be swept away.

If he picked her up, would she wrap her legs around his hips? Would she let him lay her upon the grass? His hands began to roam, seeking out the warm places of her skin. The nape of her neck, the small of her back, the dip of her waist and curve of her hips. Feeling daring, cupped her rear.

The noise she made was a combination of a gasp and a moan and did delightful things to him.

It had never been like this before. Not like this. It was all about touch, taste and smell. Taste her lips, smell the flowers, touch her skin, mould her against him and still have it be too far apart. Feel her moan and writhe and devour.

Words ceased to have meaning. Some still rattled around inside his head, but they were scattered. Dark shades of words which used to have elaborate meanings but now were solely focussed on her. Heat. Hot. Lips. Wet. Fire. Engulf. Want. More.


"Woo, go Adrien!"

"Nino!" Alya scolded.

Marinette fell away from him with a gasp and he mourned the loss of heat between them. Hands gripped the vines to hold him upright and he started at her as she backed away. Swollen lips and red from arousal and embarrassment, her eyes locked on his.

He cleared his throat and still managed to crack when he spoke. "I… Wow." Not being able to articulate, he instead slow blinked at her.

Marinette's smile blossomed.


Most of Paris slept, but anyone watching the rooftops may have caught sight of a black figure slinking through the moonlight and disappearing through a hatch in a rooftop in search of his ladylove.

She dozed on the chaise, wrapped up in a blanket to protect her from the cool of the night. One hand and one foot were all that escaped the blanket, her hand resting on what he thought was her stomach. On stands in the middle of the room were two completed and complementary jackets. She must have worked hard to get them both finished, which explained her current state.

Chat Noir began purring as he descended the stairs into her room. Bathed in moonlight, she looked as every bit as ethereal as she had covered in wisteria petals earlier. Not wanting to disturb her, but nevertheless wanting to be close, Chat Noir crawled onto the chaise. Rubbing his head against her hand, he burrowed beneath it and left it on his hair. Stretching out his arms, he cuddled the entire blanket with her inside and relaxed.

His tail flicked idly as he got comfortable and the purr rumbled between them, even as he closed his eyes to doze with her.

Marinette's fingers flexed. "Hello, kitty," she murmured, her voice thick with sleep.


Her other hand untangled from the blanket and made its way into his hair. Coaxing him, she whispered, "Come up here."

Purring louder, he lifted up and crawled along her until he reached her head. Butting his head gently against hers, he said, "Hello, Princess. Sorry if I woke you. I didn't mean to be this late but I had a last minute shoot."

Eyes closed, she turned her face toward his. "I was awake."

"Sure you were." He settled his weight down on her, nestling down between her legs and pressed his nose to her neck. "Warm enough?"

Her cheek rubbed against the top of his head while her finger massaged his head. "I am now."

"Purring blanket, at your service."

"Purrfect." Slightly more awake now, she turned both her hands into finely tuned sinners, roaming across his upper body and through his hair. Each hand had its own journey to complete. While one danced up his jaw, the other ran nails down his spine. One feather-touched along his lips while the other grazed against his ear. When he pushed into one hand to encourage stronger pets, the other would become more forceful and enticing. She toyed with him and every time he opened his eyes, she was smiling to herself.

Leaning into a hand that wouldn't pet harder no matter how hard he coaxed, he flopped sideways away from her. "You're teasing me."

"Yup." Abruptly sitting up, Marinette lurched out of her blankets and straddled him. She wriggled, repositioning both herself and her blanket until one knee on either side of his hips and he was flat on his back. Flopping against his chest, she pulled the blanket over both of them and rested her forehead on his neck.

His hands wove around her. "This is new."

A hand found his ear to scratch. "Comfy and warm."

"You don't want kisses?"

Lifting her head, her lips found his in a lingering and leisurely kiss. Slow and lazy, there was peace and contentment between them, a complete opposite from the frenzy they found themselves in earlier in the day.

He pricked her shoulders with the very tip of his claws, hoping to entice the return of her amorous mood. Although she thrummed at him, the kisses remained slow. Gentle strokes of her hands, designed to soothe rather than rile.

Gone was the sad, lonely boy and the sad, lonely girl. No more heartache. Now, they made something more, something better. An obsession with pats and misplaced yearnings might have brought them together, but it faded beneath the brilliance of what held them now. Trust and happiness and the stirrings of a deep love neither of them was ready to admit.

Breaking the kiss, she sighed and her fingers gently stroking his ear. "I can get kisses anytime," she murmured and snuggled deeper into his embrace. "This? This is better than kisses."

Purring, Chat Noir closed his eyes and wrapped himself around her, completely agreeing.

Author's Note: There is a sequel called 'Glaze'.

I hope you all have a very safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for letting me share my imagination with you.