Jurassic World quote: "To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat."- Dr. Henry Wu

Warning: Contains the point of view from a highly intelligent carnivorous animal. People die – it isn't pretty. I try not to be too descriptive – but people die, so… ye be warned.

Disclaimer: Jurassic World is not mine.

His heart beat wildly as his feet pounded against the dirt path. A scream pierced through the air before cutting off with a crunch. Ellis was dead. Without breaking stride Owen listened for any signs of the hybrid. He heard flesh tearing and bones breaking. He pushed his legs to move faster.

The ground shook under him as the massive carnivore resumed the chase. Ahead of him Nick was panicking as the gate's security panel flashed an angry red. The gate was not opening. Nick turned and looked above and behind Owen; sheer terror shone in his eyes. With startling clarity, Owen realized that they were going to die.

Anger warred against hopelessness.

Owen looked Nick in the eye before darting into the thick vegetation. Bushes scraped against the tough fabric of his pants as he raced through them. A loud wooden crack echoed through the area followed by an angry roar.

Another surge of adrenaline coursed through his veins as loud crashing footsteps continued to pursue him. Racing deeper into the paddock, Owen wove through the large trees. He smacked large fronds and leaves away from his face as he heedlessly sprinted through the enclosure. His chest burned as he gulped in air. He wasn't sure how far he had run when he noticed that the hybrid was no longer crashing through the woods right behind him.

The sounds of pursuit fell further behind as he continued his mad dash through the foliage. Slowing to a fast jog, Owen listened carefully for signs of the indominus rex. Her footsteps were fading, moving away from his current location.

He took the opportunity to catch his breath while observing his surroundings as the heavy footfalls continued to grow fainter. Large rain, palm and balsa trees blocked his view of the sky. A cement wall was visible through the trees to his right. He would need to be careful to avoid being pinned down if the indominus came after him again. In the meantime, he needed to see if he could find the exit.

Turning around and going back would lead to the gate and large clearing. The indominus had moved off in that direction. He didn't want to cross that big open area if he could avoid it. It would take a while but following the wall around would eventually lead him back to the door he had entered this paddock through. He began the long trek through the woods.

A scream sounded before stopping abruptly. It was just him and the indominus rex now.

Three creatures had trespassed into her domain - her small and monotonous place. Normally they hid behind the strong clear barrier. But she had set a trap and prey had taken the bait. She had been tempted to immediately hunt the first critter that had entered. Her patience had been rewarded with two more creatures joining the first. She remained still and silent in the hope that more critters would follow.

A crackly voice caught the attention of the prey. They stiffened and began eyeing their surroundings. Unknown had just given the game away. It was time to spring her trap before anything escaped. Two dashed back towards the small-wall-that-opens that they had all come in through as she moved to intercept them. The other was playing with the small object stuck to the wall by her claw marks.

The runners turned back when she cut off their escape route. It was easy enough to grab the slower running critter and take a quick taste. It squealed and struggled against her powerful hand fruitlessly. With one bite she tore it apart. Fresh warm blood slid down her throat and sent a wave of pleasure through her. The body was a bit chewy and the creature's odd skins scratched her throat slightly. It was the best morsel she had ever tasted.

A pleasant tingle spread through her as the hunt continued - two more morsels to catch and devour. Saliva coated her mouth in anticipation. Giving chase to the other runner was invigorating. Veering to the left, it dashed into the trees. Struggling to change direction she crashed through a tree, breaking its trunk with bruising force. Pain flared through her and she roared angrily.

A red haze clouded her vision momentarily. The prey creature would not escape. She could feel its heat, hear it crashing through the shrubbery and smell the sweat it excreted. Muscles strained as she maneuvered around large trees while chasing the agile creature. It was racing straight towards a tall wall. Anticipation raced through her as she contemplated the best way to trap it, catch it and eat it.

Movement behind her disrupted happy thoughts. She could feel the heat of Plump Prey moving towards the wall that opens. Fast Prey was straying farther from escape – it could wait until later.

Cutting across her paddock, she stood between Plump Prey and its escape. Instead of continuing to run, the chunky one froze in fear. Perhaps a little nudge would get it moving again. Give her something to chase and ease her boredom.

A quick swipe of her hand sent Plump Prey flying a short way through the air. Its screech ended abruptly as it collided with a tree. It gave a few sporadic twitches before lying still. Boring, broken prey.

A quick snap of her jaws and fresh flesh filled her stomach. Rumbling in satisfaction of a full stomach, she stretched out to enjoy the warm rays of the sun for a minute. She could sense Fast Prey along the far wall, still trapped in her home as she expected. She had a perfect view of the suspicious wall near her claw marks (she was fairly certain it could open but had never seen it do so) and lay in front of the small-wall-that-opens. She could take a short break and then play with Fast Prey.

Feeling more content than she could ever remember, she began cleaning herself while keeping track of Fast Prey's movements. Fast Prey was carefully sneaking through the thick vegetation. Likely trying to avoid her detection; an impossible task with the amount of warmth it gave off.

A little later her preening was satisfactory and she rose to her hind legs once more. Although she had enjoyed her fill for the moment, it had been a long time since she had played with anything that moved. She could always eat Fast Prey after it became boring.

Moving stealthily took great care, precision and patience. Especially with Fast Prey on the lookout for her. Each foot was placed carefully and slowly to reduce noise and vibrations through the ground. It was painstakingly slow and difficult, a challenge. But she was making progress in her goal to cut off Fast Prey's path. If she could get a good hiding place it was likely that she could catch it unawares. It was invigorating.

His shirt felt like a jinx. Claire had called it bad taste and now he wondered if it was bad luck too. Mr. Masrani was still hovering over him. He had used Lowery's controls to lock down the gate trapping people in with the genetically modified monster.

First to die had been a paddock 11 worker. Then the indominus had chased the raptor guy, he was fairly certain he recognized him as a raptor handler anyway, into the trees; at least they had no video view of his death. The paddock supervisor had taken the opportunity to hurry back to the door but wasn't fast enough. The indominus had cut him off, blood staining her teeth. She had tossed him into a tree before eating him too.

The control room was momentarily quiet before the sounds of shifting chairs and radio chatter filled the room. To his left Sandy was staring vacantly at the large monitor while conversing with security about a lost child. On his other side, Vivian's hands were shaking as she checked the status of paddock 11 security. As far as he could see, most of the control room personnel were gaping at the main monitor. Lowery wasn't quite sure if people were mourning the dead or just in shock from witnessing the gory deaths.

There was still the question of how the indominus had hid from the thermal sensors. And he had a horrible feeling that it wasn't equipment failure.

Mr. Masrani stepped back as they watched the indominus rex bask in the sun before she leisurely walked back into the cover of the trees.

"At least… it is still contained." Mr. Masrani hesitantly stated. Almost as though he was trying to excuse locking the gate on people, and maybe he was right. Lowery didn't really want to think what could have happened if the indominus had managed to escaped its paddock. But it didn't excuse the deaths of those men either.

The elevator opened and a wide eyed Claire entered. Mr. Masrani quietly greeted her as he left the room. Vivian began filling Claire in on the status of the cage and arranging for a temporary paddock supervisor, until an official replacement could be made.

A little later Mr. Masrani made it a priority to install equipment that could follow the indominus rex's tracker from her paddock's control room. Apparently something in her messed up genetics allowed her to hide from thermal imaging, making it unreliable in keeping track of her.

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