What is this story? Go find out! I hope you can read of course, anyway, enjoy this piece of shat story I conjured up.

Note: This is just an intro

Gaius Julius Octavius, emperor of Rome, paced down the palace dais, grabbing a guava or fig every so often from the fruit bowl standing atop a pedestal beside the royal throne. The grand palace was a beautiful building, with many openings to let in the sunlight and beautiful marble blanketing the walls, floors and ceilings. Beautiful tapestries depicting the great feats of various roman soldiers and generals were draped along the walls of the throne room giving it a colorful feel. The Emperors toga whipped about in the cool roman Breeze.

Nobody took him seriously anymore. Although he was named Augustus (a great honor in the roman empire), that honor had long been forgotten with 2000 years of age. After he had heard "HA! Emperor that would cause the topple of our entire empire." from his generals for the last time, the emperor decided to retire to his palace indefinitely. He ordered to be left alone, expelling his advisors temporarily and putting his closest friend in charge of the government for a short while. Only two guards and a servant to tend to him would be present, although this was a formality demanded by the traditionalist senate, he was immortal after all. Augustus just needed some time to think.

The great Japanese army led by the revered Oda Nebugana were closing in on the city of Antium. Antium was a metropolis for its time with 3 million inhabitants, it was dwarfed only by the city of Rome. Given the right number of steel legionnaires (Legionnaires armed with the newly discovered steel), the city could hold of any amount of vast armies. In fact, the war was very much in Rome's favor, with the walls of Satsuma crumbling and Antium sure to stand strong against the army advancing towards it. Oda was a man who was married to war however, and as such he made many rather reckless decisions such as declaring war on countries twice his size. This was most apparent in the Russo Japanese war, Oda entered Russia with a large but poorly trained army and left with a broken neck. Augustus laughed as he though about the naiveness of Oda when it came to the Japanese emperor and repeating his mistakes. The Roman emperor however, was above war and as such, when war came to him, he could not quite mentally handle it. He was not withdrawing himself from the world because of the war, but from the stress it caused to run a country during it.