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Oda Nobugana peered down the long marble trophy room, Augustus standing at his side. Two mortal enemies stood next to each other peacefully, not shedding a single drop of blood. "Thank you for coming to my 'humble' abode Emperor kichihōshi 'Oda Nobugana', I believe we have met before, the battle of Capua was it?" the roman said with a noticeably large grin smacked on his face. The walls were lined with all different kinds of swords all with beautiful markings etched on to their hilts. There were many Japanese swords sharing the same markings as well as the engraving "ICDFA", Oda assumed that it stood for 'Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus" The roman emperors official name (the unnecessarily long name was undoubtedly another one of the formal senate's bizarre demands which all the leaders including Oda had noticed and poked fun at). Oda looked wide eyed at all the swords like a kid in a candy store, a Tanchi and Wakizashi pair especially stood out. They both had fire breathing dragons chiseled into their long golden hilts along with the Roman Emperors initials like the other swords. The generously polished blades looked almost white in the Mediterranean sun, Oda could tell that the blades were razor sharp. They were the most beautiful blades he had ever seen, the most beautiful blades he had ever seen and also bitterly envied that is.

"So you have invited me over to show me your sword collection. It seems rather trivial does it not? Considering the first Roman-Japanese war is only now just over, both mighty empires are now in shambles, and there is a revolution brewing in mine." Suddenly two steel objects flew towards Oda's head, cutting off a single hair sticking out of his balding scalp. Augustus dropped both a Tachi and Wakizashi creating a dinging echo throughout the hall. The Roman's grin grew even larger.

"How about a quick duel eh?" The Roman said in a smug manner. Oda stood there, totally blown away. Augustus did not have a sword on him, how did he... The beautiful Tachi- Wakizashi pair lay there on the floor where Augustus had dropped them. The grin suddenly spread to Oda's face as well.

" Very well, if I win the duel, I get those swords, and if I lose.." Oda paused for a second " I will give you the city of Ise."

"My kingdom for a sword" the Roman mocked. Grinfest 1060 had begun. "Oda as I am sure you are well aware of, I just crushed you in a war, can take whatever I want from you, or are you still letting your ego control your memory?"

"True you beat me in war, but I know that you are an honorable man, and honorable men don't turn down high stakes duels" the samurai said.

"High stakes duels are for people who aren't immortal." The Roman said. With that, Augustus threw Oda a frankish broadsword and made a slash at the samurai's breast. The samurai deflected the attack and in turn charged towards the roman, Augustus quickly moved to the side and Oda flew right past him. He made a slash at the samurai's unguarded back but alas, Oda was an experienced fighter with amazing reflexes, he quickly turned around and made a great big blind swing at the roman's chest which was easily dodged. Suddenly, a high pitch marimba beat echoed throughout the hall, both men stopped. A booming voice then came literally out of nowhere.

"Wherever we look, the work of the chemist has raised the level of our civilization and has increased the productive capacity of the nation." the voice boomed.

Next on the Roman science agenda after figuring out how to make a cannon (check) was to figure out why a booming voice quoted various wise men whenever a discovery was made. A true mystery of nature and science that had been researched for centuries. The two men stood there for not 15 seconds until they both broke out laughing on the floor, there would be no duel today. "Take it Oda, you can take them both." Augustus managed to get out in his laughing fit. Augustus never really liked awkward and anti-climactic endings, Augustus also believed that there could be exceptions to everything.