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This was a reader from requested story with Harry/Loki as the pairing.

The reader prompt from huskielover94 was:

Loki is gay and likes to bottom and thor spread this and makes fun of this. Loki is raped repeatedly by other asgardians and thinks they have odins permission due to thors teasing and stuff odins says. Loki had nothing to do with the attack by the frost giants but is framed. He has no desire to be king and when he falls he ends up at hogwarts during harrys fifth year and Dumbledore allows him to join.

The sun was trying to get through the thick umbrella that the trees made but for the most part, the light was unsuccessful. Harry did see a few almost puddles of light on the forest floor as he walked through the forest. It was a humid summer day, so that he was warm enough that he didn't have to wear a jumper. Harry could hear the trees move in the slight breeze, the leaves crinkling quietly. He could also hear a herd of centaurs moving about in the forest, rather close by.

Harry made sure he had easy access to his wand and continued walking, wanting to get the most recent nightmare out of his mind. The nightmare he had had last night was again of Cedric and then of what happened in the graveyard three months ago. He was so preoccupied by his thoughts that he didn't see or hear one of the centaurs coming up to him.

"Mr. Potter?"

Harry yelped and looked up after staring at the ground, lost in his thoughts. Firenze was standing before him, looking at him expectantly. The centaur was alone; Harry couldn't hear or see any other centaur or animal in the forest. For that matter, he couldn't hear any of the regular sounds that the forest made.

"Yes, sir?"

Firenze stared at him with an odd expression then nodded. "There is a human teenager on the south east side of the forest who is hurt. I thought you would like to know."

"Hurt?" Harry repeated, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes. You are the only young human to walk this forest this summer, aside from Hagrid, and you are not the one that I am referring to. He appeared ten minutes ago and I think he is unconscious."

"Appeared? Like apparated?"

Firenze shook his head and his tail swished. "I don't believe so. The stars told me that he isn't a wizard but there was magic around him."

Harry nodded and glanced around. He was at the north end of the forest now and it would take him at least an hour to get there. And something told him the unnamed teenager needed help right now.

"I will carry you there, if you like. I know it is a long way there," Firenze offered.

Harry glanced up into the centaur's blue eyes. "But I thought your herd hadn't liked you carrying me back in first year?"

"Aiding humans is not so bad in my opinion. I aided you when you were younger because you could get rid of the malevolent presence in the forest. I can aid you now because my herd is not here."

Harry raised a skeptical eyebrow but nodded. "If you don't mind..."

Firenze walked over to Harry's side and waited patiently. It didn't take long for Harry to jump up onto Firenze's back, taking care to not overly hurt the centaur. "I'm ready when you are."

Firenze started off at a walk then took off at a quicker pace, cantering through the woods. They passed some thestrals on the way to their destination, which Hagrid had told Harry about earlier in the summer. That had been before the half giant had left on a secret mission for Dumbledore and two months had passed since then. The ghostly, black winged horses looked up at Firenze and Harry as they passed them then went back to eating.

They were just fifteen minutes away from where Firenze had said the teenager would be when they heard an explosion. Firenze shouted in surprise and slowed to a walk, cautiously picking his way through the forest.

"You're right," Harry muttered, as he extended his magic over the area and into the southern part of the forest.

"About?" Firenze asked as he walked on.

"Whomever it is, they have magic and they're conscious," Harry explained wearily. "The explosion or whatever it was, was caused by magic. We need to hurry."

"I will take you as far as I can," Firenze replied.

Harry nodded.

They walked on, encountering some fleeing birds as they went. Harry could feel the other's magic by now and it felt… alien. He had never felt this kind of magic before, this cold and wild. And it felt… The magic felt fearful, like the person was scared and powerful.

A minute later, as Firenze started to take another step, he gave a sound that almost sounded like a whinny or a snort. Harry could feel the horse part of Firenze almost dance around, like he was recovering from a small hurt or something. "I cannot go any further."

Harry blinked and looked further into the small clearing that they had been headed into. If he squinted, he could see a thin, green shield of magic around the tiny clearing. "Okay, I'll go on ahead. See if I can help."

"You are not suppose to leave the castle grounds," Firenze reminded him gently.

"I'm still in the forest," Harry retorted. "Those are castle grounds, aren't they?"

Firenze sighed and backed up, waiting until Harry jumped off.

"The castle grounds wards wouldn't let any Death Eater in. I'll be safe."

Firenze nodded apprehensively, returning Harry's skeptical look from before. "Shoot up a spark of red if you need anything."

"I will. Thanks for the ride."

"You are most welcome, young wizard."

Harry watched as Firenze left and then turned back to the small, tiny clearing in the forest that hadn't been there the day before. There were a few downed trees in the clearing but for the most part, the only thing that drew Harry's attention was the young man in the clearing. He looked to about Harry's age and he was wearing weird clothing. The clothing kind of looked like some kind of armor, all green and some gold mixed in there. It was leather or some kind of material and that made Harry think that the young man wasn't a muggle.

The young man seemed to be conscious and was sitting up against a tree trunk. His knees were drawn up against his chest and his head was buried in his arms. The guy had soft looking black hair that went down to his shoulders. Though Harry wasn't exactly focusing on the clothes or the young man's hair; it was the slashes in the clothing and the leg that was bent at an awkward angle that caused Harry to flinch. And Harry was pretty sure there was a pool of blood in front of the man.


The magic of the shield quivered and the young man startled, abruptly looking up at Harry. Harry's eyes widened when the other young man looked right at him. The other man's eyes were green, just like his own. Though the young man's green was a bit lighter color than his own. Harry's were just the sickly dark of the killing curse.

"You need help, right?" Harry asked, moderating his voice to carry but not to sound too loud. The young man looked like he would spook at anything, like he was a skittish wild animal or a deer in the headlights.

The young man stared at Harry dazedly then started to glow, green magic flowing around him. Harry winced as the shield that was right in front of him started to move, trying to force him away from the young man. Harry extended his own magic, willing it to shield him, as he attempted to move through the shield. He was worried. The young man was badly injured and for him to attempt this much magic would tire him out so much quicker.

"I'm not going to hurt you! I'm a friend," Harry called out. "You need to stop! You're going to exhaust yourself!"

The young man continued to stare at him fearfully.

Harry quickly glanced behind him then back to the boy and drew his wand, twirling it in one small motion. White wisps of magic flowed from his wand and transformed into Prongs, who raced through the shield and came to a stop right before the other boy. The appearance of the translucent deer startled the young man just enough to lower the shield.

Harry slowly approached, avoiding the drops of blood around the clearing, and stopped right before the young man and sat down. He was right next to Prongs as the deer kneeled down too, copying the spell caster.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Harry repeated, lowering his voice.

The boy started, rocking back into the tree trunk. Harry watched as his eyes widened even more, looking between Harry and Prongs.

"Who..." The boy croaked out then started to cough.

Harry flinched again at the sound of the coughs. They sounded wet, like there was liquid in the other boy's lungs. And his voice sounded hoarse like he had been screaming for a while.

"You're safe," Harry whispered. "Can I come closer?"

The young man visibly hesitated and continued to stare at him. He started to sway a little and just as he toppled over, Harry quickly shuffled over and caught him. As soon as he did, he could feel the thinness of the boy's body and he could feel dry, sticky blood both on the skin and on his clothing, which was armor.

"What's your name?" Harry murmured as the other boy trembled in his arms.


"I'm Harry. Nice to meet you, Loki. Do you mind if I pick you up? You need medical attention."

"Where… am I?" Loki whispered.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean? Do you… You're in Scotland. You must be a student from another school if you don't know where you are, not to mention that I don't recognize you."

"Scotland? Is this Midgard?"


Harry started as Loki seemed to pass out, slumping against Harry's chest fully. "What's a Midgard?"

He shrugged before picking Loki up gently, moving a hand around his shoulders then moving another underneath his… He flinched bodily when he noticed that there was no piece of clothing on Loki's bottom. Dry, sticky blood was coated around Loki's skin instead and Harry had to take a minute to settle his stomach, his recent lunch trying to make a reappearance.

Loki looked like Harry had when he had gotten back from the graveyard a few months ago but worse. The blood on Loki's bottom suggested a certain kind of assault that started with a 'r' and it made Harry's magic consciously wrap around the boy, as Harry spelled a warming charm around Loki. He gingerly slipped an arm underneath Loki's knees and lifted, taking care to not jostle the other boy too much. He only distantly registered that Loki was too light, too thin and Harry took a deep breath then started back through the forest.