1850 Large Bear Lane

Tall Skies, British Columbia 7K6 3T2

This was the new address Maddy Smith now lived at.

Tall Skies, BC was the ugly cousin of Stonybridge, New England. Stonybridge was a small town surrounded by farmland. It offered warm summers and tolerable winters. Of course, like every place, it had its faults. Not every person appreciated the persistent fog that prowled through the area. There was also the daily rain showers that softened the ground and muddied the residents' homes as their kids ran inside. Even still, Tall Skies was worse.

Tall Skies was cold . . . all year long. The population was smaller than Stonybridge, making it a perfect place to hide. But it was cold, very cold. Most of the townspeople worked within the town, except for a few that were hired at the recently opened resort. Elk Ridge Resort rested about twenty miles west of Tall Skies, offering its patrons skiing, snowboarding, and a first class spa experience.

The Smith family was no longer farmers. Nothing to farm as nothing could grow in the frigid ten degree weather. Daniel had found work at a local mechanic shop and Emma found employment as an administrative assist for a small town accountant. Her family now rented the two bedroom apartment above Tall Skies' Drugstore, which was three blocks away from the mechanic and ten blocks away from the new high school Maddy was to attend.

Worst of all, Tall Skies lacked the one thing that could make everything about her new home better . . . her friends and her true love. Maddy was alone . . . and the new kid. The young wolfblood shivered as she continued up the path to the local high school, coming to an important conclusion about her current situation. 'This sucks.'

- End Prologue

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