Tales of Lust

Chapter 1

Contributor: DragonPony022

Sarada glared at the ground as she stomped down the streets of Konoha. She was once again brushed off by her father when she had asked him to train her as he said he had to train his 'apprentice' Boruto.

'I'm his daughter! Shouldn't I be his focus? Especially with my eyes' she thought as the most she had gotten was two tomoe in her right eye and one in her left on her own.

She tried to ask her mother to train her in her natural strength but her mother had decided to go back to the hospital and take up the role of co-chief of staff with Shizune. And even with her father being back home he was rarely home, deciding to stay out of the house for the most part so it was no different than before.

She was brought out of her thoughts as she felt herself crash into something incredibly sturdy before she found herself on her butt staring up at what she crashed into.

"Oh sorry Sarada, I didn't see you there" a familiar voice said as the Seventh Hokage smiled down at her and held out his hand to help her up.

She felt a soft blush creep on her cheeks as she accepted his hand and he helped her up "I'm sorry Hokage-sama, I wasn't looking where I was going" she said as she bowed her head to him only to feel his hands on her shoulders as he chuckled at her.

"Sarada, you are my god-daughter, I've told you many, many times that you can call me Naruto or Uncle since you are family to me and again the offer stands in public as well" he said with a chuckle as he ruffled her hair slightly with a warm smile that only made her blush go darker.

Sarada steeled her nerves as she tried her best not to embarrass herself in front of her crush as she smiled "Thanks N-Naruto" she said with a smile as she had hoped to run into him today, just not this literal.

She had always felt this way towards Naruto since as long as she could remember.

From her childhood memories of him looking after her to help her mother to her recent memories of him even going as far as to take her as his apprentice. He was always there for her and her mother and as much as it was embarrassing to admit was the person she called 'Dad' first.

He was the person she always looked up to and gradually fell in love with as she grew up around him throughout her life. She even grew not to care about the age difference between them.

"Oh damn, I think you fell into a mud puddle" Naruto said with a frown as he looked behind her as well as at her butt, which made her blush and smile slightly since her mother had told her she had a cute 'bubble butt' in her words. That and the fact her crush was looking at it made her feel good.

"Here, wear this until we get to my house, I think I still have some spare clothes of yours from when you stayed the night at the house a few times" Naruto said as he placed his Hokage cloak around her and smiled down at her.

Sarada smiled and nodded as she walked with him towards his house. Normally she was better at hiding her crush towards Naruto since he was married and a father but ever since the most recent news came out she couldn't really help it.

There was a rumor going around that Hinata had left Naruto and ran off with Boruto, staying within the Hyuga compound and since the Hokage couldn't really interfere with clan matters such as the Hyuga's offering refuge to Hinata.

From what people had found out or figured out from others Hinata might have cheated on Naruto with his own son. Though it wasn't too surprising since Boruto was massively in love with his mother and Naruto had been busy dealing with the aftermath of Momoshiki and Kinshiki Otsutsuki since the two Otsutsuki members had caused massive amounts of damage.

Hinata didn't seem to understand how difficult it was cleaning up after a massive attack like that and seemed to decide to leave Naruto with Boruto, leaving her husband with Himawari, who refused to leave her father's side.

Sarada at first didn't know how to react to the news but eventually she settled on using this opportunity to her benefit. She wasn't sure if Naruto even saw her as a woman but she wanted to at least try.

While she hadn't told her mother who her crush was something about the way she would try and get her to go visit Naruto, either by spending the night over there with Himawari and her friend Chocho Akamichi or just to go over to give him some food that her mother had made.

"Here, I'll draw up a bath for you and have some clones gather your spare clothes you left here. I'll also have to tell Sakura where you are in case she comes home from work" he said as he summoned a few clones.

"Wait! C-Can I maybe spend the night? I'm guessing Himawari might be a little bored and she's a nice girl that I don't like seeing sad with everything that has happened" she said before frowning at Naruto's slightly sad look.

"I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring it up-" Sarada said before Naruto held up a hand to stop her with a smile.

"Relax Sarada, it's been several months since my wife left me for my own son and thankfully with the help of you, your mother and some others I've gotten a bit better. I'll see what Sakura says but I have no problem with you staying over, Himawari enjoys your company and so do I. Plus since even if I make clones do all my work I can't be here all the time and I feel bad, even if Himawari assures me I'm doing good" he said with a warm smile that made her cheeks heat up a lot as he pet her head before heading off to the bathroom, leaving the clones to shunshin out of the house.

'Yes! Progress! If I can keep at this pace he'll be mine in no time! Shannaro!' she yelled mentally as she wrapped Naruto's cloak around her tighter before breathing in his scent with a smile.

"Sarada-chan! What are you doing here?" Sarada heard as she turned around to see Himawari running up to her with a massive smile.

"O-Oh Himawari, Naruto just brought me over to let me clean up since I bumped into him and fell in some mud" she said as the younger girl smiled at her.

"Are you staying the night!? I hope you are, playing with you and Daddy is so much fun!" Himawari said excitedly as Naruto walked out of the bath with a chuckle.

"Well lucky you Himawari since Sakura told my clone she can stay over as she has to work late at the hospital. Also she told me to tell you to 'Go for it and you have her approval' or something" Naruto said with a confused frown as Sarada's cheeks turned dark red.

'H-How does Mama know!?And is she seriously giving me approval to make a move!?' Sarada thought in minor shock and confusion before shaking it off and looking towards the bathroom. "T-Thanks Naruto, is the bath ready?" Sarada asked as Naruto nodded.

"Oh! Can I take one with her? It'll be fun" Himawari said as she grabbed Sarada's hand with a smile.

"If she's okay with it then go ahead. I'll get dinner started" Naruto said as Himawari smiled and pulled Sarada into the bathroom.

"Oh you're wearing Daddy's cloak! Isn't it fun to wear? It makes me feel like Daddy is hugging me when I wear it" Himawari said as Sarada smiled at the younger girl before taking off Naruto's Hokage cloak and hanging it up in the bathroom before they started to take off their clothes for the bath.

"Yeah, it feels really nice. Your Papa is very sweet and kind Himawari" Sarada said as she took off her red top, exposing her developing medium sized B-cup breasts that were being held in a soft red lacy bra.

Ever since she decided to go after her crush she wanted to wear more mature underwear just in case by some stroke of luck her dreams happened and she was grateful that she chose to wear her best set today.

"Wow it's so pretty~" Himawari said in awe as she poked Sarada's bra with a smile, making the black haired Uchiha girl blush and smile.

"Thanks Himawari, I wore them especially for today since I felt I'd need them" she said as Himawari smiled up at her.

"For Daddy right?" Himawari said innocently, making Sarada fall over on her butt onto the tile ground while she had been sliding down her shorts.

"W-What do you mean by that?" Sarada nervously asked as she stood back up and took off the last of her clothes while Himawari took off the last of her clothes with a smile.

"You always get all red and smiley around my Daddy just like how Mommy use to" the young Uzumaki said with a slight frown before it turned to a smile as she looked up at Sarada. "Daddy is really nice and sweet, that must be why you like him" she said as Sarada's blush had now turned atomic.

'H-Have I really been that obvious around here?' Sarada thought before Himawari grabbed her arm.

"Daddy seems happier when you are around in the house with me, I think it makes him stop thinking about Mommy" Himawari said as Sarada frowned. "So please make Daddy happy, I don't like him being sad".

"I'll try Himawari, but it'll be difficult since I'm so young compared to him" she said as the younger girl giggled.

"I will help! I want Daddy happy again!" Himawari said with a fire in her eyes, making Sarada blush dark as she took off her bra and panties before they both walked into the bath.

"That means a lot Himawari but I don't know how you can" Sarada said with a frown as she got into the bath first but just as Himawari was about to get in she grew a massive smile.

"Wait here! I know what to do!" Himawari said, confusing Sarada before she ran out of the bathroom and into the house butt naked.

"Himawari don't run off naked!" Sarada yelled too late before she heard a thud from the house.

"Daddy! Come take a bath with us! You need one after your long day!" Himawari said as Sarada's whole body turned red.

"Himawari?! What have I told you about running around the house naked" Naruto's voice sounded through the house as it seemed like he was getting closer. "Plus I can't take a bath with you and Sarada, it wouldn't be good" he said as Himawari whined.

"Daddy~ Sarada-chan is okay with it, now come on you need your bath!" Himawari said as she led Naruto into the bathroom as Sarada could see their outlines behind the screen door separating the restroom from the bathing part.

"Sarada? Are you sure this is okay? I don't want you to just agree because Himawari is forcing it" Naruto said from behind the screen as Himawari whined and tried to push him into the room and open the door though he was easily keeping her from doing it.

"W-Well I would hate to inconvenience you by making you wait to take a bath and waste water. Plus you can have clones make dinner while you relax after a long day of work" Sarada spoke out as she steeled her nerves the best she could.

She smiled as she heard Naruto sigh and saw him nod before she watched the outline of him take of his clothes as Himawari bounced nearby in excitement. "Okay, we're coming in" Naruto said as he slid open the door and Sarada had to struggle not to pass out.

There, in front of her eyes was her crush wearing nothing but a towel, letting her see his defined muscles as he and Himawari walked in.

"I'll let you girls soak in the bath first, I'll wash my hair first" Naruto said as Himawari eased into the tub.

"Sarada-chan will wash your back Daddy!" Himawari said with a smile as both Naruto and Sarada blushed darkly and looked at the young girl in shock.

"Himawari, don't worry I can wash myself" Naruto said as Himawari shook her head adamantly.

"Papa can't wash himself with clones! It's weird! Let Sarada-chan do it" Himawari said as she gave Sarada a thumbs up as Sarada nervously nodded.

"O-Okay, s-sit down Naruto" Sarada said nervously as Naruto's cheeks turned red.

"S-Sarada you don't have to do this just because Himawari said to, I know my little girl can be bossy" Naruto said as Sarada shook her head and Himawari puffed up her cheeks in disapproval.

"No, you are tired after work so I might as well help you out" Sarada said as she nervously stood up and covered her breasts slightly as Naruto turned and sat down.

Sarada steeled her nerves as she saw Himawari give her a thumbs up before she lathered her hands in soap and moved closer to Naruto's broad back. "Naruto, thank you for always being there for me and my mom" Sarada said as she started to rub and wash his back. "You always check in on us when my Papa is away, which is nearly all the time, and you helped my Mama get our house fixed. Mama says your extended family and I can see it now" she said as Naruto chuckled.

"Sakura and you mean a lot to me Sarada. Your mother has helped me a lot since the incident and you've helped Himawari and me also. I truly do care for you two" he said as Sarada blushed and smiled as she clenched her fists as she decided to make her move.

Himawari, seeing the look in Sarada's eyes smiled as she got up from the bath and sent Sarada a smile. "I have to go grab my froggie shampoo Daddy! It's in your bathroom, I'll be right back!" Himawari yelled as she quickly ran out of the bathroom with a towel around herself as she quickly left the bathroom.

Sarada bit her lip, gathering more courage as she was now alone with her crush before she lathered up her breasts with soap before she quickly hugged Naruto from behind, pressing her developing chest against his broad back.

"S-Sarada!? What are you doing?" Naruto asked in shock as he felt two warm sensations press against his back while Sarada's arms wrapped around his chest.

"I'm hugging the man I love in hopes that he understands my feelings" Sarada said as she pressed her chest against him more, ignoring the powerful pounding of her heart in her chest.

"Sarada? I'm way older than you, I'm an adult and you're still a child" he said with a frown as he grabbed her hands only for her grip around him to tighten which with her mother's strength meant she wasn't about to let her grip be broken.

"I'm a ninja! If I'm old enough to kill then I am old enough to be with the man I deeply care for and love as well as be here for him!" Sarada yelled as tears built up in her eyes. "I don't care about the age or that you are my Hokage! All I care about is being there for the man that was there for me the majority of my life and is always looking after me! The man I love!" she yelled as Naruto chuckled and stroked her hands.

"Just like your mother it seems, always so determined" he said as he gave her hands a squeeze. "You and your mom have been there for me a lot these last few months and I am very grateful. You are a sweet, beautiful girl that is blossoming more and more each day but I really need time to think this over Sarada, this is a big step" he said as Sarada nodded a bit sadly even though she knew it made sense.

"Then can I at least do this" Sarada said as she quickly turned him around and kissed him deeply on the lips, even going as far as to grab and put his hands on her butt to show how serious she was about it.

Naruto's brain froze as Sarada's soft lips pressed against his before his instincts took over and he gave her bubbly and firm butt a squeeze and kissed her back, making her moan into the kiss. He went even further as he deepened the kiss by snaking his tongue into her mouth, over powering her tongue inside her mouth, much to her pleasure.

They continued to make out passionately until Sarada broke the kiss with a gasp as she felt something hard press up against her stomach only to look down to see the towel that was covering his lower waist had now rose like a tent.

"I'm sorry Sarada it's just-" Naruto started to say before Sarada silenced him with another kiss before she rested her hand on top of the tent and used her other hand to make him squeeze her butt again.

"No need to say sorry, this means you see me as a woman and it makes me happy" Sarada said as she rubbed the top of the tent before she lowered herself down to his waist in front of the massive tent that was erect between his legs.

She was about to pull the towel off until they both froze at the sound of the bathroom door shutting, signaling Himawari's return and causing Naruto to regain his full senses.

"I-I have to th-think things o-over…just take your bath" Naruto said nervously as he quickly splashed himself with water, washing off all the suds that Sarada had lathered him with before quickly running out of the bathroom, side stepping Himawari as she opened the door.

Himawari frowned as she saw her daddy rush out of the bathroom and the somewhat sad look on her friend's face. "Don't worry Sarada-chan! You can continue try again after dinner!" Himawari said as Sarada was still in shock from Naruto basically saying he'd think about it before she had made out with him.

"Okay, I'll try my best" Sarada said as she and Himawari giggled about it.

Sarada was a bit nervous as she walked out of bathroom with a new set of clothes but steeled her determination as she was dead set on committing to what she had started in the bathroom.

Dinner, even after what happened in the bathroom, went by as it always did whenever she was over.

It was fun and sort of made her jealous. It always reminded her this was how family dinners were meant to be, unlike the ones where her Papa would just 'hnn' in response to everything and her Mama would just get that sad look in her eyes.

This was another reason she loved staying over at Naruto's house, he always made her feel like she belonged.

As dinner ended she steeled her nerves and waited, sitting up on Himawari's spare bed, until she knew that Naruto had headed to bed so she could make her move.

Sadly she couldn't use her Sharingan as it wasn't complete and wouldn't let her track the Bijuu in Naruto. Which was why she was relying on her friends' Byakugan.

"Daddy's going to his room. You should go now" Himawari said as she tracked her dad through the walls with the Byakugan she had inherited from her mom.

"Okay, I'm going to do this! I won't chicken out" Sarada said as she clutched a small bag in her arms that was full of some lingerie she had bought under the henge of a random disguise she made and had it specially made to fit her young body.

"Change into your outfit first Sarada-chan!" Himawari said as her friend had shown her the pretty outfit earlier. "Daddy will think it's pretty on you!" she said, making Sarada blush and nod before quickly changing into it in her room's adjoining bathroom.

Sarada felt her pulse quicken as she stared at herself in the mirror and couldn't help but smile at the bold act she was about to do in the outfit she looked at herself at.

Her outfit was a very see through negligee that went to a bit higher than her mid-thigh. Though it was more so a red lacy bra that barely hid her nipples with a bit of them visible with a see through dress attached as she wore a red thong that she thought showed off her butt nicely.

"It looks so pretty Sarada-chan! Daddy is going to love it!" Himawari said as Sarada blushed and nodded.

"Wish me luck" Sarada said as she opened Himawari's bedroom door and smiled as Himawari clapped her hands.

"Good luck Sarada-chan" Himawari said as Sarada closed the door behind her and walked off towards Naruto's bedroom, silently sneaking through the house to make sure she didn't wake him up.

Sarada swallowed down her nervous energy as she quickly opened his door to see he was already passed out but felt her blush darken as she saw a familiar tent erect from under the blanket as he had passed out quite sloppily on the bed.

'I-I have to do this now' Sarada thought as she crawled onto the bed, under blanket as she moved on top of him to surprise him by waking him up while she was sitting on his chest.

-Lemon Start-

Sarada's blush went near atomic as she suddenly found her cheek pressed against the length of his penis through his boxers. 'It's so big' she thought as she brought her hand up to rub it through his boxers almost on instinct.

She bit her lip as she rubbed her hand up and down its full length and figured to be at least 12 maybe 13 inches long. The blush went a bit darker as she felt some wetness start to form in between her legs as she grabbed the waist of his boxers and pulled them down slowly.

Her eyes widened as she saw his bare penis for the first time as it stood straight up, inches from in front of her face. 'I can't believe I am doing this…but it feels right' Sarada thought as she nervously licked it multiple times, going from the base to the tip before she licked up the bit of pre-cum that was starting to come out from the tip.

'It tastes salty…but sweet' Sarada thought as she pressed her finger against the tip to collect some more before she sucked her finger, tasting the pre-cum again. As she savored the taste she decided she wanted more as she licked the darker tip all around.

She grew more confident as she could hear Naruto grunt and groan in his sleep while more and more pre-cum leaked out. Sarada smiled as she started to stroke the full length of his dick up and down.

'I don't know how much of this I can put in my mouth but I have to try' she thought as she put the tip of it in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around it before she slowly slid more and more of Naruto's dick into her mouth until about five inches was inside her small mouth.

She froze with his dick in her mouth as the blanket was lifted and she looked up to see Naruto staring down at her with a blush as she slowly pulled her head back. The blush grew as she unintentionally let it out of her mouth with a pop which made Naruto bite his lip.

"S-Sarada what are you doing? And what are you wearing?" Naruto asked as he threw the blanket off of her and blushed as he saw the outfit she was wearing.

"I wanted to surprise you, I-I originally didn't mean to start doing this," Sarada said as she nervously placed her hand on his penis, blushing as he gave out a soft grunt "and I wanted to know if you wanted to make it official and….maybe make love" she said as her blush grew as dark as her Sharingan as she flew towards him and kissed him passionately, placing his hands on her butt.

Naruto returned the kiss before he slid his hands off her soft rear and put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her back a bit, unintentionally sliding her off his chest and making her press her crotch against the tip of his dick and making her moan.

"Sarada, are you sure you want this? This isn't something you do with anyone and I am still much older than you. If we do this I have to be certain you really want this and won't regret it" he said as he struggled not to stare at Sarada's visible breasts as they were barely inside the lingerie she was wearing.

"I love you Naruto, I want to do this. I have loved you for a long while. Please I love you Naruto and want this so badly" Sarada said she cried a bit before Naruto stroked her tears off her cheek before she stood up.

"I'll prove how serious I am about this" she said as she stood up on the bed, letting him see a clear view of her in her outfit before she turned around and bent over and slid down her thong, giving him a clear view of her pussy.

Naruto found himself stunned by not only the bold act of Sarada but also by how pure and clean Sarada's pussy looked. Her lips were puffy with nothing but a clean, slightly dripping slit to show where her pussy was. She even had a small, still coming in patch of hair above it.

"I-I know I'm not experienced but I can handle it. I want this Naruto" she said as he swallowed to wet his dry throat before he shakily put his hands on her butt, making her squeak in surprise.

"Sarada, I believe you mean it. The fact you are this brave to do all this shows everything and if you are honestly willing to try this out then I can't turn you down" he said in a soft tone with a smile as he leaned forward to kiss her smooth lips, making Sarada let out a quivering moan.

"I'll be gentle Sarada but I have to ask one more time. Do you really want this" he said as he brought Sarada to sit on his lap, not caring that his dick was pressing up against her butt. He needed to make sure that this wasn't something Sarada would regret.

"Yes I want this, please" Sarada said as she scooted back, rubbing her butt up against his dick as she laid herself on the bed and spread her legs a bit to give him a clear view of her pussy. "Please, Naruto…make me a woman" Sarada said as her face heated up at the fact she actually said something as bold as that.

Naruto nodded as he watched her carefully lifted up her legs and rubbing her thighs softly as he lined up the tip of his dick with her glistening womanhood. "I'll go slowly, tell me if it hurts" he said as he let her rest her legs against his chest, freeing her hands to link them with his.

Sarada could only nod as her situation had made her lose her voice before she felt his tip start to push into her.

Naruto grunted as he pushed the head of his erect dick against her tight virgin womanhood but didn't seem to use enough force to enter her. He felt her wiggle and squirm against the feeling of his manhood touching her pure pussy before he frowned and pulled back.

"W-Why are you stopping?" Sarada asked thinking Naruto was getting cold feet about being involved with her and it silently scared her.

"I want to warn you up a bit first Sarada so this doesn't hurt too much. I want you to have a taste of what is to come." Naruto said as he leaned down and started to kiss her soft lips with vigor.

Feeling him start the kiss shocked Sarada slightly before she quickly returned the kiss with as much fever as she can. During this she smiled inwardly as she felt his hands slowly run up her thighs and keep climbing higher and higher till she felt his large hands stop just inches away from her untouched pussy.

She moaned softly as she felt Naruto slowly pet her tight slit. She couldn't help but moan into his mouth as she felt him trace her pussly lips from one end to the other stimulating her swollen lips as well as her hardening clit that was peeking out from between them.

Sarada couldn't help but throw her hips onto his fingers as she wanted to feel more of her crush's hands caress and rub her womanhood that was quickly becoming more and more drenched. She was almost in shock by how different it felt compared to the rare times she would touch herself to the thought of the man who was now massaging her sensitive clit.

Sarada knew she wouldn't last long the second she felt him slide his middle finger into her slightly, going very slowly into her, almost to tease her while he used his palm to keep stimulating her bundle of nerves that he had already touched more than she ever had herself.

"N-Naruto-sama! S-something is coming. I f-feel it so close~." Sarada was able to pant out as she was forced broke her kiss with Naruto due to the amount of pleasure he was giving her.

"Let it all out Sarada, no need to hold it since this will be happening a lot tonight" Naruto whispered to her as he slid another finger into her and kissed on her neck, keeping up the attention on her clit as well as softly playing with her insides.

Sarada was almost afraid of the amount of pleasure building inside her as Naruto seemed to hit all the right spots inside of her. Especially since she had only ever had her own slim fingers inside of her so to have Naruto's thick fingers inside of her was giving her a whole new sensations she never thought she would or even could feel.

It made her think that if his fingers felt like this she couldn't imagine what his penis would feel like inside of her.

Before she could think any more about what was next she felt a sharp pulse of pleasure shot through her before her toes started to curl and she grabbed onto the arm that was fingering her in desperation, pushing his hand deeper into her. "N-Naruto-sama~! Oh god~! I-I'm coming~" she moaned out loudly as she felt herself start to squirt over his hand and below his waist as she spasmed slightly while the orgasm worked its way through her.

As it died down she felt so embarrassed at the fact she had squirted all over Naruto's hand and manhood before she blushed and tried to cover her face with her hands.

Naruto smiled as he took his unsoiled hand and used it to move her hands from her face as she looked up at him with her large beautiful eyes with her blush staining her cheeks.

She felt her blush grow as she watched him take his hand that was covered in her juices and put his fingers in his mouth and began to suck on them. She couldn't believe she was seeing her Hokage savoring her own nectar like it was the greatest threat he has ever tasted.

"No need to be nervous Sarada, you really do taste delicious and so very sweet" Naruto said as he teased her, watching as her blush grew until it covered her entire face before he kissed her softly. "Though I think with that you are more than warmed up for the real thing" he said as he stroked her cheek with his still clean hand.

Sarada weakly nodded as she watched him rub his member up against her still soaked pussy, covering his penis in her juices before he slid the tip up and down her entrance, making her groan at the teasing.

"Stop teasing Naruto-sama! Please just give it to me, I'm ready" Sarada said with confidence as Naruto smiled down at her and nodded before he intertwined their hands again.

"Okay, just bear with the pain for a bit before you get use to it" he said as she nodded and she let out a loud moan as she felt him push his way into her.

Naruto groaned as he pushed his penis into Sarada slowly due to the fact it was her first time but also because of how tight and small her pussy was. He resisted the urge to ram all of his length into her as her insides felt so warm and soft, more so than Hinata ever was.

As he slowly reached the end of the warm folds that were gripping him tightly he struggled to not push it in deeper into her womb as still about five of his inches were not inside her. "Sarada are you okay?" he asked as he watched his young lover pant in a mixture of what seemed to be pleasure and pain, though by the look on her face it seemed to be mainly pain.

"I-I'm fine Naruto-sama i-it's just really big" Sarada said in between moans as she could feel his member throb inside her. It hurt a bit due to the size of it but as she looked down to see a slight bulge in her stomach due to its length and girth that was filling her stomach.

"I'll wait until you're okay to move" he said as he kissed her neck softly and rubbed the slight bulge in her stomach, making her moan as the rubbing pushed his member against her inner walls.

As he looked down and saw Sarada moaning softly and smiling up at him it finally hit him that he as having sex with a girl, now woman, that was as old as his own child. But he didn't feel particularly bad about it. She came onto him and expressed her want for it.

And in a world where incest was an okay practice, as well as harems, for the sake of clan preservation he doubted having sexy with a girl around 14 or so years old wasn't that bad. Plus in the eyes of the village she was an adult the second she was a licensed kunoichi.

He quickly shook off his thoughts as he started to bring his attention back to his partner.

She smiled as he kissed her gently and lovingly while rubbing her hard bud to drown out the pain of adjusting to the large size of his penis that was inside of her. "Naruto-sama, you can start moving now" Sarada said as the pain had eased away and her insides started to tingle in pleasure from the feeling of being filled with his length.

Naruto nodded as he slowly started to pump his member in and out of Sarada's tight pussy while it seemed to grip him tightly and not want him to leave it. He couldn't help but smile as every time he pumped back into Sarada she would let out a quivering moan while he watched her legs spasm.

Sarada's head was in a thick mist of pleasure as Naruto pumped in and out of her, slowly picking up speed and even continued to play with her hard bud. She struggled to hold on as the amount of pleasure, from all the spots his dick was hitting inside of her and his playing with her clit, was starting to bring her to cumming again and she wanted to hold on longer.

"N-Naruto-sama~ S-Slow down, I-I'm getting close again" Sarada whined out as she wanted to make Naruto feel good and cum, not her repeatedly.

Naruto smiled as he kissed Sarada softly and stroked her cheek as he picked her up so that she was basically sitting on his lap while he gripped her soft and firm rear. "No need to hold it in, let it all out. I want to make you cum so much" he whispered into her ear as she wrapped her arms around his neck to support herself.

Sarada moaned as Naruto moved her up and down on his large member, piercing it deeper into her. "N-No I w-want to hold on!" Sarada moaned out loudly before she shot her head back and let out a quivering moan as she started cumming again, squirting all over his dick and chest again before she buried her face in his chest.

Naruto frowned as he heard Sarada's quiet sobs before he tilted her head up to look at him. "Sarada, there is no reason to be sad" he said as she shook her head.

"No...I can't hold on and keep cumming when you haven't once" she said as he chuckled and kissed her softly.

"Sarada, this is your first time compared to my experience it only makes sense for you to climax a few times before me" he said as he stroked her cheek, wiping away her tears. "I want your first time to be a good one so this is all about you. Enjoy yourself because trust me," he said before he leaned closer to her "I am thoroughly enjoying your tight pussy" he whispered as Sarada blushed darkly and her frown turned into a very happy smile.

"Now shall we continue?" he asked as he gave her butt a soft squeeze as he enjoyed the feeling of it in his hands. Sarada smiled and nodded before she moaned again as she felt him push even deeper into her before raising her up until only the tip was inside her.

He smiled as he saw her panting and moaning face as she clutched his shoulders for support. "Now it's your turn to ride on me" he whispered as he looked into Sarada's soft black eyes.

Sarada nodded nervously as she let herself drop down onto Naruto's penis only to gasp and slightly lose her breath as she felt it pierce through her, stretching her insides to a new shape and hitting the entrance of her womb.

'G-God this feels so good. H-He's hitting my womb' Sarada thought as she moved her hips up and down, moaning as his member slid in and out of her to a point she struggled to sit upright and had to lean against Naruto for support.

Naruto smirked as he watched Sarada ride him and moan with each pump before he gave her butt a hard squeeze and started pumping her up and down even more. "N-Naruto-sama!" she shouted out with a moan as she felt her legs spasm at the sudden piercing of her soaked womanhood.

She couldn't help as she kept moaning as he pumped her up and down on his member as well as squeeze and feel up her butt. She struggled to stay sitting up as she wrapped her arms around his neck more, unintentionally digging her nails into his back.

Her brain started to get even hazier as she found herself moaning out Naruto's name with each thrust until she suddenly found herself on her hands and knees, facing away from Naruto as he shoved his length into her and stayed still inside her.

After a few seconds of no movement Sarada whined a bit and turned around to frown at Naruto to see he had leaned over towards her. She smiled as they kissed before she broke the kiss.

"Do you want me to start moving again?" he asked in a husky tone as she whined and nodded before she tried to move her hips only for them to be held in place by Naruto's large hands. "If you want it badly I want to hear you beg for it" he whispered to her as he felt like teasing her as he loved the embarrassed look on her face.

Sarada couldn't help but whine in embarrassment as her lover wanted her to beg for it but the more it stayed still inside her the more restless she became as she tried to wiggle her hips to get some sensation.

"Come on Sarada, just tell me what you want" he whispered in her ear before he nibbled on her earlobe, making her moan and whine. She mumbled softly until he reached down with his hand and squeezed her clit in-between his thumb and index finger, making her scream out in a powerful moan.

He smirked more as he heard Sarada mumble more under her breath as she had a dark blush on her cheeks. "What was that? You need to be louder or I might pull out" he teased as he slowly started to pull out before she whined and rose her head quickly.

"I said please make love to me and fill me up! Mark me as yours! Just don't pull out!" Sarada whined out loudly before she felt him thrust into her and kiss her neck softly.

"That's my good girl. Your wish is my command" he whispered as he started thrusting hard and deep into Sarada tight pussy as she moaned and spasmed each time he thrust into her, sending ten of his inches into her and hitting her womb.

Sarada could barely keep herself supported on her hands and knees as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. She had even lost count after the seventh as after that they kept coming faster than she could count.

She didn't know how long she could stay conscious as she felt her body spasm with every hit against her womb. Due to her pleasure filled haze she was unaware of her tongue as it hung out of her mouth as she panted and moaned his name over and over again.

"Look at you Sarada, you're definitely enjoying this" Naruto whispered to her as he picked her up, leaning her back against his chest as he spread her legs wide open. He smiled as the action made her moan loudly and pant more.

"Take a look Sarada at how you are from us having sex" he teased as Sarada struggled to lift her eyes up to the mirror across from the bed and widened what she saw.

In front of her, reflected in the mirror she saw herself naked as the day she was born and her body glistening with sweat. Her glasses were slightly fogged up and tilted ever so slightly with her eyes filled with a lustful haze. The hair her mother would take time and brush for her in their mother and daughter moments disheveled from her activities.

As she looked to to her budding breasts to see them heaving with her panting breath and noticed her pink nipples erect clearly sensitive to the touch. When her eyes finally trailed down she saw her, just a few hours ago, virgin womanhood now being invaded and clearly pushed to it limits by a thick, long, and throbbing penis that was thrusting inside of her.

Sarada could see it shining with her own cum from her countless orgasms and with each thrust of it inside of her she could even see a slight bulge appear right where she knew her very core of what made her a woman was. She also noticed her pink clit standing at full attention, poking right out for all to see as it looked to almost be throbbing itself begging to be simulated even more so.

This was a Sarada that she had never seen and one her mother, her absent father, and one her best friend Chocho would never see. This was a Sarada that her leader, her crush, and now lover had created. Naruto had made her so that she was no longer a girl but a woman and she had to admit she liked it.

"Watch as I christen your virgin pussy full of my cum" he whispered huskily into her ear as, due to her lust filled haze, could only let her tongue pant out of her mouth as she moaned at each jab at the entrance of her womb.

Sarada's eyes widened in shock for a second as the words registered in her head. 'C-Cum inside? I-I don't want to get pregnant but I don't want this to stop. I w-want to know how it feels to be filled by my lover's cum' Sarada thought with a dark blush as her body loosened up her womb and nearly let him in.

"Is that what you want Sarada? Cause your body seems to want it by how your pussy is clenching down on my dick" he said with a smirk as he gave her butt a squeeze before making sure to thrust harder into her, loosening up the entrance to her womb more.

"I-I-I w-want i-it" Sarada stuttered out with a bit a difficulty due to her brain starting to shut down from the massive orgasm building up inside her as well as the rough thrusts Naruto was giving her. "I-I w-want it s-so b-badly~!" she screamed out in a moan as she started to bounce on his dick in rhythm with his thrusts.

Naruto smiled as he turned Sarada around so she could face him. "If that's what my lady wants then who am I to refuse" he said as he started to move her up and down on his dick even faster and harder than before as he kissed her deeply, which was easy considering her tongue was hanging out of her mouth.

Sarada moaned loudly into the kiss as she felt the pressure of the orgasm building up even more as well as the throbbing of Naruto's dick inside her as he picked up even more speed. She struggled to hold onto him before she gasped in shock as he lifted her up so only his tip was inside her before crashing her back down, which caused him to pierce and enter her womb.

The rest was a daze as she felt her biggest orgasm of the night tear through her and, what felt to be boiling hot liquid, gush and fill her insides to the point she felt some pour out of her pussy. She knew this was the biggest orgasm she has had up till this point but she didn't know she had it in her to release everything she pint up all at once.

A stream of liquid of their combined cum and what she could only assume was some of her own urine poured out of her as all control of her lower body seemed to stop. She just felt her now devastated pussy as well as her legs twitch as she felt herself lose all sense of reasoning as she let herself ride the ungodly pleasure through.

Which was only extended longer as Naruto kept pumping as he came thick batches of cum inside her over and over again filling her to her rim and beyond as it just started to pour out of her as well.

Sarada knew she would have felt embarrassed by relieving herself but if just felt too good for her to care. And her womb pumped full of her lover's hot seed was all she could really feel at this point and time.

She couldn't dwell on the pleasure of being filled much longer as the orgasm, due to it's potency and how long it was lasting was too much for her to handle before her mind shut down and she passed out in her lover's arms.

-Lemon End-

Naruto felt a bit bad for being so rough with Sarada as he watched her pass out after her pretty massive orgasm if the amount she squirted was anything to go by. He had to summon a few shadow clones to grab a towel to clean himself off while he used a contraceptive jutsu on Sarada to keep her from getting to pregnant as his Uzumaki genes were very potent.

He smiled though as Sarada's face formed a happy smile as he laid her down on the bed, slowly pulling out of her and using the towel that he used to clean her juices off of himself to clean up the overflow of how much cum he poured into her.

"Sleep well Sarada, you did great for your first time" he whispered to her softly as he kissed her forehead and laid next to her, causing her to cling to his warmth which made him chuckle.

'Next time we can try for multiple orgasms for me but the first time is all about the girl' he thought as even though he only got to orgasm once it was a very powerful one due to Sarada's tightness.

He was a bit unsure of this new relationship but something told him a lot of good would come from it in the end.


The pink haired Haruno smiled softly as she closed the book she was reading before going to bed. Thankfully her shift at the hospital wasn't nearly as long as she thought it would be and due to Sarada staying over at Naruto's house she didn't have to worry about rushing home.

As she thought about Naruto she still couldn't fully believe that her daughter had a massive crush on her former teammate. Of course she wasn't one to stop her since she had seen that look before when Naruto used to and still did look at her when he thought she wasn't looking.

She felt a bit bad for her daughter since she knew there was little to no chance of her daughter's crush working out but as a mother she had to wish her daughter luck.

A sigh left her lips as she noticed the time and the still, and seemingly always, empty spot next to her on her bed as she reached into her nightstand and pulled out her 'sexual relief' for the night, which came in the form of an orange vibrator.

She always felt a bit sad at the fact she had to rely on a vibrator to get off but with a husband that was always out of the house, even after completing his mission, was still out of the house. She wasn't sure why she chose orange for the color but something about it made it feel less terrible.

Maybe it was because it was the color of her teammate and how he was always there for her and her daughter.

As far back as the moment she returned to Konoha with Sarada, Naruto was always there for the two of them. Helping in whatever way he could, going as far as to buy them a house when she unintentionally destroyed it to even babysitting Sarada while he was raising Bolt no less.

She smiled as she picked up the picture on her nightstand of her, Naruto and a baby Sarada, who was nestled in Naruto arms. The picture always made her happy at how Naruto was always there for her.

Sakura let out a sigh with a bit of a smile, left over from the picture as she set it down and turned on her vibrator, sliding it down her pajama pants and panties.

For some reason it took quicker for her to 'relieve' herself and even made it more powerful as she set the turned off vibrator on her nightstand. She smiled back at the picture of her best friend and her daughter as sleep started to draw her in.

'Good night Naruto' she found herself thinking as she fell asleep for the night.

-Chapter End-

This story isn't all smut. There is a plot to this story and isn't just story-less smut. Also I am not bashing Hinata, all characters are merely altered to fit the storyline. I do not hate Hinata or Bolt, just made them change a bit but not to the point of OC, all reasons for actions will be explained in later chapters in a way that are aligned with their character.

I have wanted to do a Sarada story for SOOOO long that I am so happy to see this one turned out so well.

As for the Pairing it is more than just Naruto x Sarada but who I add will be hidden until later in the story. Keep reading to find out.

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