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Buffy crept down the stairs. She's had to wait a little while for the feeling to return to her legs. He was absolutely incredible and he seemed to think the same about her. In fact, forget that. They were incredible . . .together. She hoped it would be that way for a long time yet. Buffy opened the fridge and pulled out everything fattening that she could find.

She was halfway up the stairs when she remembered Spike, he might enjoy this food but it wasn't going to fill him up. Buffy crept back to the kitchen. She took a mug off the rack and a kitchen knife from the stand. She made a small cut just below her elbow. Once the mug was three quarters full she put a plaster over the cut a grabbed the food.

On the way past Buffy picked the letter up off the floor. She might want that later.

Spike was just waking up as she crept up the stairs. "Hey pet. Thought you'd gone pet."

Buffy smiled, "I live here. I went to get food."

Spike sniffed "Something smells good."

Buffy flopped back onto the bed, "That would be me . . . literally."

Buffy handed him the mug, "Is this what I think it is?"

Spike was looking at her like she had gone mad, "It will go cold and then I'll be insulted."

Spike leant forward and kissed her and then he drank. It tasted amazing. So powerful, just like her.

Buffy having no table manners started on the ice cream, "This is fantastic."

Spike drained his mug and reached for the peanut butter. Spike opened the jar and dipped his finger into it. After sticking the finger in his mouth, he wiped a load more on her nose. Buffy's mouth opened in surprise, but she giggled and smeared ice cream on his chest. They fought for a minute and then Buffy licked it off him.

Spike moaned and kissed her getting peanut butter all over both of them. The two of them played a little. Spike kissed Buffy who tasted like Cherry Garcia ice cream. "You taste good." Buffy smiled and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Spike moaned again, "You always taste good.."

Buffy woke up to find stroking her arm, "Hey. What time is it?"

"About eleven."

"Oh God. Everyone's going to be wondering where I am. They'll be at the Magic Box. I have to pick up Dawn."

Spike looked at her, "I'll keep a low profile until you know."

Buffy smiled, "You're kidding right. There all there, we have to go together. Willow and Giles I told weeks ago. Xander . . .I'll need your help with."

"You told Willow and Giles?"

"Yeah. Oh and my mom"

Spike looked at her shocked. "You told your mum?"

"Well, she kinda guessed and encouraged me."

Spike laughed aloud, "You're joking."

"I'm serious. Anyway Dawn will be pleased, she likes you. I told you, it's Xander."

Spike smiled and kissed her, "We'll manage. I love you, you know."

Buffy smiled back, "I love you too."

Buffy sat down on the sofa and read the letter:

Dear Buffy, I just wanted to let you know that I was going pet. I know that whatever you decide you'll be okay, you still have your family and friends, and they'll always love you. Just like, I love you. I never actually though that I could love someone enough to do something like this. Selfless. I want to go now. I think that it'll help to make things easier for you. So that's what I want for you. Be happy. Please. I love you.


Buffy woke on her birthday and looked at the sleeping vampire beside her. She liked waking up to see him. It made it easier to get up when it was hard, with Dawn and everything. Buffy grabbed her robe and trotted down the stairs. She stopped and picked up her cards. She loved cards, made her feel all wanted and loved. Buffy opened them one after the other. When she got to her last one, she had no idea who this one was from. Opening the card Buffy looked at the familiar writing.

To Buffy

Happy 20th Birthday All My Love Riley.

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