One upon a time, during an ordinary day at the Boar's Hat, Elizabeth Liones was practicing her skills as a barmaid. She had been working at the boar's hat for two weeks now, yet she still struggled to balance all of the plates and pints of liquor from the bar counter. She was fairly clumsy at her job, although Meliodas was very forgiving, usually yelling at Hawk to clean up the mess, which the pig did with pleasure. She was prepared to practice her daily routine for the upcoming night with a great amount of confidence she would succeed. For motivational support she had the Serpent's sin of Envy, Diane cheering her on from outside. Hawk was also supporting her, by cleaning up any mess she made during the trial run, which he was secretly hoping she would… After all Ban's food was that good!

Elizabeth: "Okay, I'm ready… let's begin!" she said, in her usual sweet voice. A kind and radiating tone which could only be described as sliding down a lovely silk tapestry… truly music to the ears of those around her. Her shyness, albeit combined with her lack of practice, made her reactions much cuter and much more amusing. Her routine began as any other day, she had asked King to assist her and he was more than happy to oblige, not to mention content with Diane noticing him more than usual. King was told whenever he was ready to walk through the door and he did just that after two minutes of waiting. He entered and was immediately greeted by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: "Welcome to the Boar's Hat, please come this way!" she exclaimed. The pitch of her voice had risen slightly, whilst her tone had become more vibrant. Her lips elongated and a relatively large smile appeared on her face. She directed King over to the table nearest to the window which Diane was looking through, she did this so Diane was able to encourage her more… although, she did not account for King's embarrassment being placed right in front of Diane's face. Elizabeth's metaphorical lightbulb appeared above her head as she recommended Diane to join King, in order to help her out. Diane was ecstatic that she had asked her that, as King opened the window and Diane struggled momentarily to squeeze her head through. Eventually she made it through, without causing any damage to the window pane, surprising everyone who was watching.

Diane: "I may be a giant… but, I'm not THAT big. I'm only 29ft tall, remember?" she responded, blushing slightly as she had to explain how it was not impossible for her to fit her head through the window. Realistically Meliodas was roughly 5ft tall, in that case Diane was approximately 6 Meliodas's tall, which they had calculated once at Liones before they were framed for the Great Holy Knight's murder, of course this required the use of Lostvayne, Meliodas's Sacred treasure. Regardless of how they measured her height, this did not prevent Gowther's immediate interruption.

Gowther: "Incorrect, you are exactly 30ft tall!" he corrected, pointing out the flaws in Diane's statement and causing her to blush in embarrassment. He had been reading a book outside and was currently standing next to Diane's arm, a foolish mistake on his part. She proceeded to smash him into the ground, grinding him deep into the earth. Most of the sins could survive being smashed like that, however this did not mean she was being merciful. She kept her hand placed on the hole she had created with Gowther's body, in order to prevent his escape.

Diane: "Anyway, let's continue shall we?" she asked, an aggravated smile upon her face to simulate her displeasure at the sin of Lust's sudden interruption and revelation of her secrets.

Elizabeth and King: "R…Right!" they stammered, slightly unnerved by the sin of Envy's display of rage.

Elizabeth: "Anyway, my name is Elizabeth and I will be your waitress this evening. Was there anything particular that caught your eye?" She continued, smiling as she pulled out a small piece of paper with which to take their order.

King: "I will have the fondue, please!" he responded, his love of cheese was evident with this statement. Out of all the human inventions, this was the best in his opinion.

Diane: "I will have a whole roast pork, please! OH, could you also put on the weird sauce the chef makes? It's really good!" She exclaimed, her mouth began salivating at the very thought of her roasted pork.

Elizabeth: "1 fondue and 1 roast pork with gravy! Would you like any drinks?" she noted and asked, making sure she did not mess up the basics.

King: "Uuuhh… I'll just have a mug of Aberdeen ale please!" he asked politely.

Diane: "Hmmm… I think I will have a barrel of Bernia ale, please! I don't know why but it always appeals to me! I think Escanor once told me why, but, I forgot… hahaha!" she replied politely. Her way of speaking was quite unnatural considering the stereotypes that surrounded the giant's clan.

Elizabeth: "Okay… I have your order written down, I'll go and ask Sir Ban and Sir Meliodas to get it prepared!" She stated, bowing in appreciation for their help and leaving to go to the bar.

King: "I hope the princess does not ask who you were talking about… We are not supposed to talk about him in front of others." He stated, reminding the sin of Envy that she had just mentioned 'he who must not be named'. Upon realizing this she scratched the top of her head, having forgot that this was actually the case. Whilst the two sins discussed not speaking of Escanor's existence in front of Elizabeth, the princess had walked over to the bar, which was being manned by Meliodas, captain of the seven deadly sins.

Meliodas: "So, what did they order Elizabeth?" he asked, whilst he tried to locate a bottle of liquor from the shelf, which seemed to have disappeared… or perhaps stolen?

Elizabeth: "They wanted, 1 mug of Aberdeen ale, 1 barrel of Bernia ale, 1 fondue and 1 roast pork with gravy smeared on it." She replied, with confidence she got the order correct.

Meliodas: "Yeah, that sounds about right for those two!" He said, whilst pouring King's drink and handing it to Elizabeth on a wooden plater. She carried it carefully towards their table, whilst Meliodas went inside the storage room to get a barrel of Bernia Ale and tell Ban of the order. Elizabeth returned to the table to deliver King's drink.

Elizabeth: "Here you go, 1 aberdeen ale. Your barrel of Bernia Ale and food are on the way!" She stated, successfully managing to complete her first order.

Diane and King: "Thanks Elizabeth!" they exclaimed. Meaniwhile, Meliodas was confused as to where he had put the Bernia ale. He found it after a minute of searching and decided to roll the barrel past the kitchen to tell Ban about the orders.

Meliodas: "Yo, Ban! Can you make 1 fondue and 1 roast pork smeared in gravy?" he asked, peeping his head into the kitchen and saw Ban sitting in the kitchen, bored and drinking the beer he was looking for. He stared at Ban, squinting his eyes at him as he continued to roll the barrel out of storage.

Ban: "Yeah, I got it captain!" he said, in his usual happy tone, he followed it up by putting on his apron and preparing himself to cook. Hawk had followed Meliodas into the kitchen and was more than happy to watch Ban cook, a terrible mistake on his part… considering Diane had asked for Roast pork.

Meliodas appeared behind Elizabeth with his barrel and began groping her but with his usual carefree face. He never tried to hide his groping, which was his way of conveying his feelings for Elizabeth, although she just considered it groping. So did Diane and King, who were quite annoyed at him for doing that.

?: "I said stop doing that you swine!" a high pitched voice said, busting out of the kitchen and leaping across the room, kicking Meliodas in the face for groping the princess. Obviously this was Hawk, but he seemed slightly paler than usual, the assumption being he overheard the commotion outside, whilst Ban had started cooking the whole roast pork.

Elizabeth: "Thank you Hawk!" she said, blushing slightly as she looked over to the barrel of Bernia Ale. She rolled it over to Diane, who had found an issue with her drinking it from inside the bar. Deciding to be a good, creative friend, Elizabeth pulled out a nearby knife and carved a small incision in the top of the barrel. She then ran to the storage room and found a few reeds that Ban had bought for a few recipes. She picked one up, apologised for taking it and ran out of the kitchen. Ban was perplexed as he had just realized what had happened.

Ban: "…Did the princess just steal from me?" he said, absolutely shocked at the inconceivable and equally ironic event that had just happened before him. Elizabeth returned to the table and stuck the reed in the hole she had made, pushing the barrel over to Diane. The giantess looked at her confused at what she had just done, but, looking at Elizabeth smiling and gesturing towards the reed she decided it was best to trust her friend, I mean they were essentially best friends.

The giantess placed her lips around the top of the reed and began to suck, to her surprise she began tasting the ale and looked in amazement as she figured out what Elizabeth's wacky invention was, a straw. Diane happily kept sucking on the reed and drinking small amounts of the ale, this was an excellent way to conserve alcohol and get it to Diane's mouth.

Diane: "Wow, you're a genius Elizabeth!" she said, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she watched in anticipation for Elizabeth's next trick.

Elizabeth: "I got the idea from a fairy tale Meliodas told me last night!" she said. This got both of the sins curious as to what they had done last night.

Last Night

The princess of Liones was ready for bed. She walked across the room and sat down on the bed. She noticed a lack of company in the room and began wondering where her roommate had run off to. She left the room and walked downstairs to inspect the bar… but, he was not there. She decided to check the roof and noticed him standing on the balcony of the boar's hat. She approached him, slowly, making no sudden movements as to not startle him. He noticed her presence nonetheless and turned to face her. In his hands were a book, a book which he had purchased a while ago and had not read it in 16 years. The book's title was illegible, so Elizabeth really did not know what the contents would be about. He allowed a comforting smile to appear upon his face, which signified to Elizabeth she could approach him without any issues. She could not hold her curiosity and simply had to ask… what the book was.

Elizabeth: "Um… Sir Meliodas, what is that book your holding?" she asked, wanting to know more about his preferences. She had already come to a conclusion that she may have had feelings for the captain and hearing about Liz from Cain was quite the startling history lesson. His smile turned into a small grin as he sat down on the balcony, his back leaning against the wall.

Meliodas: "If you'd like, sit down next to me and I'll read it to you!" he said, patting his hand on the ground. Her curiosity got the better of her as she found herself sitting next to Meliodas, the man she had come to care for deeply. He opened the book and began reading her the story. The general gist of the novel, was rather simple but effective in captivating the audience. A lonely traveller who adventures through Britannia in order to find purpose and acceptance, and apparently these were all true stories. The scenes that captivating Elizabeth's attention were the chapter titled; "Pond escape" and "Chance meeting".

The chapter entitled "Pond escape" was a chapter that delved into the art of spontaneous creativity and would be the source of inspiration for Elizabeth's "straw" idea. The chapter described the man's encounter with a large group of bandits which he tried to outrun. He came to a dead end and chose to dive into a nearby lake and hide at the bottom. He grabbed one of the reeds, tugging at it firecly until it snapped. He proceeded to use it as an air funnel, so he could safely hide at the bottom of the lake, without needing to surface for air. This idea eventually worked and the bandits left him alone, this chapter basically made the man look like a genius.

The chapter entitled "Chance meeting" delved into the romantic aspect of the man's life and was equally interesting to Elizabeth, because she was in a similar situation. The bond he and his lover shared was one-sided, in the sense that one of them was completely infatuated by the other… but, was too shy to confess their feelings. He describes everything about her being immaculate, perfection that even perfection would be jealous of. His large vocabulary and use of varying adjectives all to personify her beauty was impressive and rather sweet. The heart of the lonely man, who sought nothing but purpose, finally had a purpose… to live for his love. This was the last chapter that Meliodas read to Elizabeth, as she had become increasingly tired and had fallen asleep. She lent her head on Meliodas shoulder, which made the latter blush. He had never thought Elizabeth would fall asleep on him, but, her soft skin and velvet scented hair were enough for him to forget about his worries from before. He caressed her head and pushed her hair back behind her ear. He looked at her and momentarily his past flashed before his eyes… almost as if he were back with Liz. He smiled, yet tears rolled down his face.

Meliodas: "haha… you use to fall asleep at that part too… remember Liz?" he whispered, picking Elizabeth up and walking back to their bedroom. He placed her on the bed softly and pulled the cover over her. He stared at her, realizing that he might actually be falling in love again. Perhaps it was best that he could move on, but, he would never forget. Liz was incredibly important to him, yet so was Elizabeth. He pushed his thoughts aside and returned to reality. He reached over to Elizabeth's forehead and gave it a gentle kiss.

Meliodas: "Good night, Elizabeth. Sweet dreams!" he whispered, as to not wake her up.

Elizabeth: "Good night, sir Meliodas…" she mumbled in response to him. She had unconsciously reacted to Meliodas's statement, which forced a smile on his face. He was happy, no longer regretting his past like he was on the balcony. He stared down at the book and laughed for a while, remembering all the times he and Liz had read this book together and who had sold him the book in the first place. He patted the cover of the books to remove all the dust and read the now legible text. On the cover was a simple, yet, important title… which Meliodas read aloud.

Meliodas: "Poems, Pride and Purpose…" he whispered. He placed the book back in the attic and left, to jump into bed with Elizabeth.

Present Day

Elizabeth: "So that's what happened last night, after the last chapter I forgot what happened, so I must have fallen asleep. Sir Meliodas then carried me to bed and that was it." She stated, the two of them looked at her in a peculiar manner, knowing full well the meaning behind those events. Before they could say a word, Ban arrived with the food. They both looked at their delicious meals and thanked Ban for making it. They were incredibly hungry and were more than delighted to eat some fine cuisine.

Diane and King: "SOOOO GOOD!" They said, in unison. Elizabeth smiled at their pleasure eating and left to go outside. She saw Meliodas starring to the west of their location as she walked over to him. She stood next to him and stared at him, dead in the eyes.

Elizabeth: "Thanks for last night, it was really nice!" she said, blushing and smiling simultaneously at her comment. Meliodas smiled back, as she hugged him as payment for his good deeds. He faltered, but, looked avidly pleased with the situation as well… however, he broke the mood when he began fondling Elizabeth's breasts again.

Elizabeth: "KYAAA!" she yelled, this was the beginning to a simple and beautiful romance between a princess and a criminal.

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