After the sins saved the kingdom of Liones from Hendrickson, the group separated to deal with a few issues they were having. Meliodas and Ban would work at the Boar's hat, King would sleep the days away, Merlin salvaged what she could from her old Lab and Gowther was nowhere to be seen. The only person who did not have much to do was Diane, after all she was a giant so people tended to avoid her. The few people who would talk to her were busy and she had done everything she had on her list. She had gone to see Hauser the other day to thank him and she had already asked King to go to the festival with her, the thing was she was just bored of waiting for it!

Diane was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed. She had found the barn were she used to sleep, however, it had been repurposed into a working barn as opposed to her room, which was sort of a bummer. She still liked sleeping outside though, but, she did miss having a soft bed of hay and a roof over her head. She sighed, realizing that ten years had gone by really quickly as she wondered about a few things. For example, when were they going to be assigned a new mission, were would they go next, when would they go and find Escanor... Thinking about it made her realized that during their fight with Hendrickson and what happened with Elizabeth that everyone had completely forgotten about finding Escanor. This just made her think back to when she first met him and how the sins struggled to recruit him... But, that's a story for another time, as of now... Diane knew she was going to sit here until the festival occurred, bored out of her mind. Once again she sighed in disappointment... It was then that Diane heard a familiar high pitch voice call out to her, to which she turned around and smiled.

"Elizabeth!" she yelled, happy to see her friends face. She paused for a brief second and then stared at Elizabeth with a puzzled look on her face.

"What are the bags for?" she asked, curiously. She was staring at both the bags attempting to guess what was in them, but, couldn't come up with a good enough guess.

"You really want to know?" Elizabeth replied, staring up at her friend with a cheery smile. She opened up one of the bags and showed Diane what seemed to be camping equipment. The other bag had a variety of things in it such as; clothes, perfumes and a plethora of make up. After looking at both the bags, Diane looked down at her friend even more confused than before. Both the bags were completely different, which gave Diane the impression that this was a joke, but, she decided to play along knowing it would be more interesting than what she had planned anyway.

"What is that stuff for?" Diane asked, lowering her head down to Elizabeth's level. Her friend was aware that this would seem confusing at first, but, luckily she had prepared for Diane to ask questions.

"This is for a camping trip, i was going to take my best friend with me!" she replied, staring up at Diane and smiling. Diane became more aware of the situation, although thought to herself that Elizabeth was going with Meliodas. She then saw Elizabeth close the bags and walk towards the western gate. As she began to leave she looked back towards Diane, who had continued to sulk. She spun herself around, tilted her head and stared at Diane for a few seconds, before calling out to her again.

"Well? Aren't you coming?" she yelled, which surprised Diane. She stared at Elizabeth for a few seconds and realized what she meant by her previous statement.

"I'm your best friend?!" she asked, stammering her words and pointing to herself. She hadn't realized that she and Elizabeth had gotten so close... Which was probably a sign of how developed their friendship had become. Diane stood up to her full height where she towered above Elizabeth and the nearby buildings. She lowered her head and with a smile picked up Elizabeth and the bags, only taking her pills in case she needed to shrink herself down.

The two of them arrived at the western gate quickly, as Diane ran towards the gate eager to begin the camping trip. She made sure not to step on anyone as she sprinted through the kingdom, past the artisan district and stopped before bashing into the gate. Diane's excitement left a couple of fresh boot prints along the path she had taken, but, otherwise she caused no damage, which she was proud of. She examined Elizabeth's face who was taken aback by how fast a giant could run, it was clearly shown by her amazed expression and her hair being blown back.

"Are you ok? Did i go a little too fast? Sorry!" Diane stated, showing signs of worry for her friend. Elizabeth shook her head in order to clear her thoughts as she produced a brush from her bag and fixed up her hair.

"It's alright Diane, your just excited is all!" she replied, smiling up at Diane who responded with a smile and a fist pump. The gate was then opened for the two companions as they ran out of the kingdom and arrived at a forest's clearing. The two girls examined the clearing and agreed to split up and look for things they needed, Elizabeth looked for the ideal spot to camp and Diane went looking for food. Elizabeth then began to fix up the tent, which was fairly large in size. It was nowhere near capable of fitting Diane inside, but, it could easily house 6-7 humans. Diane returned close to 20 minutes later where she had a nice surprise as Elizabeth had stuck the tent up. She showed Elizabeth a few boars she had found nearby and the two smiled at one another. They then looked around the campsite and realized they forgot to get firewood so both of them went looking together, leaving the food at the camp.

The sun was slowly setting and the girls had yet to find any good firewood, until Diane cried out to Elizabeth who immediately ran towards her. She stared at what had frightened Diane and it sent shivers down her spine as well, it was a huge matanago mushroom. It was similar to the one that had shrunk them both at Vaizel, but, this one was a different colour and had small spots on it's head. Diane had angered the mushroom as she uprooted the tree that the mushroom was sleeping on.

"AH! I'm sorry Mr Mushroom... Mrs Mushroom... Mushroom... Uh... Sorry I don't know what gender you are... Ha ha!" she stammered, whilst slowly backing away from the angered shroom. Elizabeth ran over to Diane who picked her up and darted back to the campsite, dragging the tree behind her. They managed to escape the matanago mushroom, but, they were also tired and in need of some food. Diane tried lighting the campfire with what little she remembered Matrona teaching her over 20 years ago. This resulted in a failure on Diane's part as Dolores was always the one best suited for survival skills. With a disappointed grin on her face she began to reminisce about the past. Her day dreaming was then interrupted by Elizabeth who had a solution to this predicament.

"I have trouble starting a fire too... So i borrowed this from Merlin" she said that this incantation orb should produce a very bright and durable fire... However it will wear off in a 4 hours." Elizabeth said, pulling out the incantation orb and throwing it on the fire. Both girls stared in amazement as the campfire was set ablaze by the ball... Diane reached her arm over to the boars she had found earlier, stuck a large stick through each of them and put them on the fire. She had three boars in total, as she alone could eat two and she believed that Elizabeth could help her finish the last one. Elizabeth had never really heard of giant's cooking being incredible nor any mention that they could cook at all. This peaked her curiosity as she anxiously waited for Diane to finish cooking their meal.

Half an hour later, the Boars had been roasted and were set aside to cool. This gave Diane and Elizabeth a chance to talk about things that were bothering them, the next mission the sins would have and how much they were looking forward to the festival. It was in fact Elizabeth's plan to take Diane out on a day camping so they could bond more as friends and discuss why Diane had been rather down lately. The feelings that were gnawing at her had been going on for the last few days as she slowly recovered more of her memories of her and King. As a good friend and great judge of character, Elizabeth had noticed the lack of enthusiasm and cheerfulness in Diane's voice, and thus chose to set this camping trip up. Diane was very reluctant to talk about her feelings and was more interested in the feelings Elizabeth had for Meliodas. Elizabeth blushed at the thought of Diane's question and turned her head away, over to the roast pork so it looked less suspicious.

"Is the roast pork ready yet Diane?" she said, changing the subject and hoping that she could avoid talking about her feelings. Diane leant her massive body over Elizabeth, leaning her arm towards the cooling delicacies and made sure they were ready to eat.

"Yup, they seem cool enough... Just be careful as to not burn your mouth!" she replied, seeing Elizabeth's eyes light up as she carved a piece of meat off and ate it. Describing Diane's cooking would be fairly simple for anyone to do, as it's not terrible and yet it's not great either. To a refined palette, like Ban's, Diane cooking would taste incredibly bland as she used no seasonings or herbs to elevate the flavour of the meat. In fact, to a giant's perspective this would taste great considering they usually eat food that taste like this. To conclude, it's bland, but well cooked and overall a solid effort. After all, anything is better than Meliodas's cooking.

"Do you like it?" she asked, nervously, as she chomped down on her meal and ripped one of it's legs off.

"It's delicious Diane, thank you!" she replied, watching as her friend's face lit up with a huge smile. They were both enjoying themselves during a lovely sunset, where they could just relax and forget all their troubles. Both girls ate their fair share of roast pork, making sure not to waste anything and then burying the remains as to attract wild animals. Elizabeth's mind was racing with ideas of what they could do next, however, Diane seemed to have her mind set on something specific.

"Hey Elizabeth... Isn't this clearing close to Mt. Hargeon?" she asked, pointing to one of the mountains off in the distance.

"Yes... Why is that Diane?" she replied, pointing to the same mountain and confirming that this was the one she was speaking of.

"Whilst on a mission with Merlin and Escanor, i got injured rather badly. On the way back, Escanor told us of an awesome hot spring whose healing properties were said to be insane... We arrived and, sure enough, the hot spring was there. It was my first experience with hot springs and it was the best bath I've ever had! We should go there!" she said, leaning her body in the direction of the mountain and staring at Elizabeth with puppy dog eyes and a huge smile.

"That sounds great, Diane! Let's go!" she replied, watching as her friend's face lit up with joy. This was followed by a shared giggle between the girls as Diane leant down, picked Elizabeth up and ran towards the Mt. Hargeon. Diane ran through the forest quickly, failing to notice a sinister, yet familiar, mushroom lurking in the shadows.

A few minutes later, Diane arrived at the hot spring. The heat from the spring dispersed in the atmosphere and the girls stared in amazement at how soothing the bubbling water looked. Diane placed Elizabeth on the ground in front of her, as both girls proceeded to undress and get into the spring. Diane dipped her right foot into the water, the familiar feeling from eleven years ago creeping into her mind, as the rest of her body followed. Elizabeth copied her, followed by both girls letting out a sigh of relief, allowing their bodies to relax and their minds to get lost in their imagination.

Fifteen minutes passed by in an instant as the girls continued their wondrous bathing experience. The moment of peace, quiet and tranquillity was then broken when Diane started giggling once again. Elizabeth turned around out of curiosity as Diane cupped her hands and caused a massive wave to engulf Elizabeth and send her to the other side of the spring. Diane's giggling grew into laughter as she watched Elizabeth get washed away by the wave. She found this so hilarious that she was kicking her legs out of the water and causing slightly more havoc, in the form of wave, for her little friend.

Elizabeth resurfaced with a menacing smirk across her face, as she was slightly annoyed at Diane! She wouldn't dream of getting revenge on Diane for such a simple thing, however, she did feel like she could use this to tease her at some point... getting her in trouble would be satisfactory, as well. She spun herself around and transformed her smirk into her trademark sincere smile.

"I'll get you back for, one day!" she stated, whilst swimming towards her large friend. Diane's laughter had yet to cease, however, she did feel slightly uneasy about what Elizabeth might have planned for her.

"Alright! Let's stay in the spring for another ten minutes and no more then! Any longer and it'll be too dark to navigate our way back!" said Diane, who was slightly worried about how dark it was getting. The two nodded in agreement and went back to relaxing in the spring.

After the ten minutes were up, the two girls exited the spring, got dressed and ran back to the campsite. The reddish flame of the campfire was still burning strong, so the girls knew the general direction of the campsite. It took then a few minutes to return to their campsite, where they made sure the tent was set up correctly. After being put down by Diane, Elizabeth walked over to her bags and opened them up. Elizabeth did have her proprieties straight, though, as she asked her friend an important question.

"Are you going to join me in the tent?" she asked, gesturing towards the opening in the tent and tilting her head to emote curiosity. Diane scratched her head, contemplating the thought.

"I won't fit in that tent, Elizabeth... Even my foot would struggle to fit!" she replied, reminding herself why she disliked being a giant from time to time. Her head began to droop as she entered a small state of depression, to which Elizabeth was happily able to provide her with a great idea.

"Why don't you take one of the shrinking pills Merlin gave you?" she asked, watching as Diane went from depressed to overjoyed instantaneously. Diane emptied her pocket and picked up one of the pills from inside the bottle, chucking it into her mouth and swallowing the pill. Elizabeth watched in awe as Diane's clothes progressively got larger on her, as her friend's body began shrinking to human size. Diane kicked off her shoes, took off her gauntlets and removed her pigtails, letting her hair flow in the wind as she shrunk into her shirt, She pushed her leather clothes away from her, escaping through the hole where she put her head. She walked over to the tent, covering herself slightly, as Elizabeth handed her a pair of orange pyjamas. Diane smiled, waltzed into the tent and proceeded to get changed, as Elizabeth procured herself a yellow pair of the same pyjamas. Diane exited the tent in her orange pyjamas, to which Elizabeth commented how cute they looked on her. This made Diane blush as Elizabeth entered the tent in order to change herself.

Diane took this time to examine the world outside from her new perspective. Staring up at trees, rocks, mountains and more impressively her own boots. She realized just how much larger a giant was from a human's point of view and how scary she might actually look to most people. Elizabeth left the confines of the tent to get Diane, who was lost in how different the world looked like this. She had never truly taken the time to examine the world like this and from such a small size she truly felt insignificant. Her daydreams were cut short as Elizabeth tapped her on the shoulder, her encouraging and reassuring smile sending waves of confidence through Diane's heart. The two girls smiled, hugged and entered the tent or the last time.

The tent was light blue in colour and had white, fluffy pillows littered on the ground. The two large bags that Elizabeth had brought with her were placed along the back of tent and the two girls sat in the centre and started chatting about things they wanted to do during the festival. Diane, quite literally, wanted to do everything, whilst Elizabeth was satisfied with just working in the bar. More importantly, Elizabeth remembered what she had brought in her second bag, crawling across the pillow covered ground and scouring through her belongings to find what she was looking for. From the bag she took out some orange ribbons and crawled back over to Diane, whose confused expression defined her state of mind in this scenario.

"What are those for?" she asked, as Elizabeth placed them on the ground next to her.

"Well, i thought we could do each other's hair, Diane!" she said. Diane was somewhat shocked at the proposal, but, she didn't want to seem rude... So she agreed. Diane took the ribbons that Elizabeth had set on the ground, shuffled her way behind her friend and started tying Elizabeth's hair up in ponytails, similar to how Diane would do her own. This was the only way she knew how to tie her hair up, however, Elizabeth didn't mind that!

"Haha, thanks Diane! I guess it's my turn now, huh?" she said, budging herself to the side of Diane's body and beginning to braid her hair. This was the first time Diane had seen this style of hair manipulation and Elizabeth had somewhat mastered it. It took her a fairly long time, but, she managed to completely braid Diane's hair, to which Diane's eyes lit up, like beacons on a foggy night.

"YAY! I LOVE IT, THANKS ELIZABETH!" she yelled, jumping up and down. The two girls stared at each other and started laughing loudly. Their laughter attracted the attention of the sinister mushroom they had passed earlier on, whilst running to the spring. The mushroom was not a typical matanago mushroom with the ability to shrink people, it was a hallucinogenic one which caused people to fantasize about things they wanted or things they cared about deeply. The mushroom had been holding a grudge against the girls for toppling the tree it liked since the early morning. The shroom was now perfectly positioned to exact it's revenge. The Hallucination Matango began spraying it's spores onto the tent and watched as they began seeping through the covers towards the two girls.

The girls noticed a small amount of yellow mist approaching them. They began coughing and wheezing due to the spores, leaning over to each other to make sure they were fine. After the spores had cleared from the area, the girls opened their eyes and were instantly hit with the hallucinogenic effects. They needed to make sure they were both safe, but, upon staring at each other they were surprised to see a difference.

"?" both girls exclaimed, staring at one another and seeing the man they loved in place of one another. They spent a few minutes staring at one another, blushing, until Diane decided to leap onto Elizabeth and give her a huge hug.

"What are you doing here? Never mind that, I have to tell you something important!" she yelled, watching as Elizabeth's face grew redder and crawled up next to her, like a cat. From Elizabeth's perspective, she had noticed a few inconsistencies with the illusionary Meliodas, specifically that he had leapt on her and not groped her. This was an obvious, yet peculiar, point that Elizabeth made, but, she was able to discern that the Meliodas that was hugging her was, in fact, Diane. Diane could not discern the slight differences as Elizabeth could, considering she was overjoyed to see the man she loved in the tent with her.

Elizabeth began feeling uneasy with the situation, as Diane started snuggling up to her. Elizabeth reacted by hugging Diane tightly and trying to stop her from moving momentarily, so she could explain. But, Diane reacted by breaking out of her friend's embrace and kissing her on the lips. The instant their lips touched, Elizabeth darted backwards to get away from Diane... However, Diane wanted to kiss so she grabbed onto Elizabeth tightly and refused to let her go until she was satisfied. A minute or so passed as Diane's lustful desire was fulfilled leaving both girls blushing, startled and satisfied. The shock from the kiss and the after effects of the spores began kicking in, leaving the girls dreary and weary. Seconds later they fell asleep, Elizabeth laying on her back and Diane on top of her, snuggling into her chest as she did before.

Seven hours passed, the orange glow of the sun streamed through the tent's fabric and woke the girls from their slumber. Dazed from their late night antics and lack of sleep, they sat up and examined the confines of the tent. The girls were at a loss, as they tried to remember why they had fallen asleep in such a peculiar position. After several minutes of contemplating, they both gave up, stared at each other and smiled.

"Thanks for taking me camping, Elizabeth!" she said, twirling her hair and laughing slightly.

"Diane... Haha, your welcome!" she responded, showcasing a massive smile and hugging Diane tightly. The two girls giggled at the great time they had had together, until the lovely embrace between friends was interrupted by a sudden realization. Diane's pill had worn off and she was slowly growing back to her original height. The two girls smiled and rushed out of the tent in order to prevent any unwanted damage. Elizabeth closed her eyes, as Diane threw the pyjamas down at her, in order to put on her own clothing. After the conundrum they faced, the two friends packed up their equipment and headed back to the kingdom, skipping cheerfully along the way!

The End!