2016 2nd Annual of Rugrats/All Grown Up! Fanfiction Awards!

With your Hosts: LilNate03, Celrock, TCKing12, and Nairobi Harper!

LilNate03- "Hey Guys! We are back for the 2nd Annual 2016 Rugrats/All Grown Up! Fanfiction Awards!"

Celrock-" That's right! We are to honor our Authors, Rugrats Characters and OC's!"

TCKing12-" We have a lot of categories of the voting list and we want to show you guys who made the category lists of 2016 Rugrats/All Grow Up Fanfiction Awards!"

Nairobi Harper-" Don't wait! VOTE NOW!"

Best Couple of the Year:

A. Zack and Starr

B. Peter and Kimi

C. Tom and Jerry(Jessica)

D. Jesse Barrow and Rosa Lopez

E. Rosiland and T.J

Favorite Rugrats Fanfiction stories:

A. Ask The Dynamic Trio(Celrock)

B. Rugrats:Dil's College Years(Nairobi Harper)

C. Rugrats: Growing Up 2! Forever(Lilnate03)

D. Sweet Baby Dr. Lipchiz (Olaughlinhunter)

E. Tommy Pickles: The Terrible Two's(DemonAloisTrancy)

F. The Real Housewives(NairobiHarper)

G. The Offspring(Celrock)

Favorite OC's guy:

A. Zack Whrenburg(Celrock)

B. Jesse Barrow(Jesse Barrow-Stories-JJB)

C. Peter Albany(TCKing12)

D. Tom Daniels(Lilnate03)

E. Hunter Oakley(Holiday Sean)

F. John Bouchie(LilNate03)

Favorite OC's ladies:

A. Starr Pickles(LilNate03)

B. Rosiland Hall(Nairobi Harper)

C. Hazel Levine(Hazelnut Swirl)

D. Dove(Gabe)

E. Paige(Lilnate03)

F. Cree Carmichael(Lilnate03)

H. Abigail Albany(TCKing12)

Favorite Rugrats:

A. Tommy Pickles

B. Chuckie Finester

C. Kimi Finester

D. Lil Deville

E. Angelica Pickles

F. Dil Pickles

H. Susie Carmichael

I. Phil Deville

Favorite LGBT OC's

A. Jerry(Jessica) Carmichael-Daniels

B. Zoe Anderson (Sovietlollipop)

C. Marla Lenin(Sovietlollipop)

Tom Daniels(Lilnate03)

Favorite Authors OF THE YEAR!:

A. Celrock

B. TCKing12

C. Jesse Barrow Stories-JJB

D. LilNate03

E. Nairobi Harper

F. Sovietlollipop

G. DemonAloisTrancy

H. Hazelnut Swirl

I. Holiday Sean

J. Olaughlinhunter

K. EmmaPickles

Total Diva Awards:

A. Cree Carmichael

B. Kimi Finester

C. Angelica Pickles

D. Paige

E. Natalie Bishop

F. Starr Pickles

Shirtless of the Year:

A. Dil Pickles

B. Zack Whrenburg

C. Jesse Barrow

D. Peter Albany

E. John Bouchie

F. Tom Daniels

Biggest Rivalry of the Year:

A. Dil Pickles/Tommy Pickles

B. Zack Whrenburg/Tommy Pickles

C. Starr Pickles/Cree Carmichael

D. Rosiland Hall/Hazel Levine

Biggest Threat of Rugrats Fanfiction of the Year:


B. Paige

C. Paterat


2nd Annual 2016 Rugrats/All Grown Up! Fanfiction Awards!

December 23, 2015!