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Chapter 19

"Bella?" Jacob repeated as the two girls froze. He knew it was stupid, and that the chance of Bella being in Seattle, alive...but he was sure it was her.

Ever since she had disappeared, Charlie had been a man obsessed. And as the son of Charlie's best friend, and one of Bella's sorta friends at the time, Jacob had been around Charlie a lot. He had also spent up to an hour each visit staring at the wall in Charlie's house that held the drawings Charlie had made each year of what Bella would look like had she been around that day.

This girl looked almost exactly like the most recent drawing. The long, thick brown hair, the gorgeous brown eyes, the mole on her jaw...and while Jacob had only seen the side of the girl's face, a certainty filled him. This was Bella.

"Bella!" Jacob shouted again, filled with excitement, release, amazement, many different emotions that actually had his eyes welling up with tears. He didn't even try to blink them back as he ran over excitedly, moving to sweep the startled, wide eyed girl into the biggest hug of her life.

The sickeningly sweet smell of vampire hit him a minute too late as, before he could even touch the girl he knew had to be Bella, the tiny blonde next to him grabbed him by the neck and tossed him into the street. Onlookers screamed, not by the display of strength as no one really saw what had happened, but by the boy who had seemingly fallen into traffic. Jacob had no choice but to roll, cursing the entire way, to avoid getting hit by a car that thankfully, or perhaps rudely, didn't try to swerve out of the way. In fact, said car kept driving along like the driver didn't have a care in the world.

"Jay!" he heard Bella chide in a scolding manner. "We talked about this. You can't try to kill people just because they try to touch me."

"You're mine, and he interrupted our moment," Jade retorted grumpily. Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared up at her mate. "That...thing...said your name. Do you know him, Bella?"

Bella didn't even blink at Jane calling the boy she had nearly killed a thing, as Jane had said many similar things about everyone but her and the Kings. "And no, I don't…" Bella trailed off as her gift told her she did in fact know the boy Jane had just nearly killed. Her eyes widened as realization hit her. "Jake," she breathed, making Jane scowl.

It was then that Jacob managed to run back across the street, his glare focussing on Jane, then turning to Bella and softening. "I knew it was you, Bells. Where have you been? Your mom and dad…"

Shit had just hit the fan, and Bella knew it. Damn it, why had she let herself get distracted? Now everything was ruined, and even Bella didn't know how badly things could go. Especially as she knew that Jacob already knew it really was her, and that nothing could talk him out of it.

With a low snarl that only Jacob and Bella could hear, Jane stepped between Bella and Jacob, poised to attack at any moment.

Jacob snarled right back with a glare, hands clenching and body shaking. "Bella, come over here. That thing is dangerous."

"Well yeah, she's dangerous, but not to me," Bella said, her face taking on a sappy, lovestruck look as her attention focused on her mate's back. Jane was still as sexy as ever when she got all protective.

"Isabella, not now," Jane muttered through gritted teeth as Bella absently stroked Jane's back. It was hard not to react to her mate's touch, but the threat to her mate obviously took priority.

"Sorry," Bella said, not really meaning it as she let her hand drop. Then she frowned as another realization hit her. Jacob knew Jane was dangerous, but not just because Bella had been kidnapped or even because Jane had thrown Jacob right into oncoming traffic. "He knows you're a vampire," she whispered in as low a voice as possible.

"Yeah I do," Jacob growled at the same moment Jane hissed and said, "Yes, Isabella." Then Jane added, "He's a werewolf." Jane didn't know for sure, of course, as he didn't smell like any werewolf she had come across before. But maybe they had evolved to blend in more with society. Whether this...mutt...was a werewolf or not, Jane would use whatever excuse she needed to slaughter the thing that dared to take Bella away from her.

"And you're a leech. Not to mention a lot more dangerous to Bella than I am." His face screwed up in furious disgust, and he started to shake as he remembered what he had seen them doing only a few minutes earlier. "You took Bella away from us, didn't you? Who knows what you've done to her over the probably brainwashed her, you disgusting piece of shit. I'll kill you."

"Actually, the one who will die today is you," Jane murmured with a smile that was more of a feral baring of teeth. "After all, not only are you a danger to my mate, but you're a werewolf...and by Caius's orders, all werewolves are to be killed on sight."

"Mate?" Jacob snarled again, his trembling getting more pronounced. "She isn't your mate, leech."

"Uh, guys? Yoo hoo," Bella interrupted before Jane could reply. She waved a hand in between Jane and Jacob, catching the attention of both of them. "Are you guys really going to duke it out in the middle of Seattle? Look around us." Both reluctantly did as they were told, only to realize that tons of people had stopped walking and were staring at the spectacle that they had created, some even on their phone, talking to the police. "So if you guys are going to fight, we're going to have to take it elsewhere. But no killing, got it? Jane's my girlfriend and I love her, but Jacob was one of my best friends back in the day, and I don't really want him dead either, you know?" Unless there really was no other option. Bella wasn't eighteen yet after all, and Jane had technically kidnapped her. She didn't want to have to deal with the police, especially with Charlie being the chief, because things would definitely get complicated. Not to mention she would do whatever it takes to stay with Jane and the rest of the Volturi. They were her family, and would be her family for the rest of eternity. And while she loved her mom and dad, there was no way she could or should get back in touch with them, especially since they were going to die in what probably would feel like no time at all once Bella was turned, and her human memories would fade.

"Bella, this bitch kidnapped you!" Jacob started, thankfully in a low tone.

Just then, everyone could hear the approaching police sirens. With a curse, from both Jane and Jacob, which almost made Bella laugh at how synchronized the two were, they all realized they couldn't stay.

"Come on," Jane said as she grabbed Bella's hand, taking off at a fast human pace down the street, then turning into an alley. When she was sure no one could see them, she scooped Bella up and continued to run right out of the city, completely forgetting the car and deciding to deal with the disgusting wolf later, once Bella was safe and tucked away so Jane could kill him without upsetting her.

But Jacob wasn't done with her yet, and Jane soon had no choice to stop as Jacob appeared in front of her, cutting her off. He must have taken a shortcut, as clearly he knew the layout better than Jane. He had lived here and explored a lot longer than Jane, after all.

Jane tried to put Bella down, but at first Bella didn't want to go. It was only when she realized how dangerous Jacob was in that moment that she reluctantly released her hold on Jane's neck with a sigh; only to then stand in front of her with her arms straight out, staring defiantly at Jacob and acting as a human shield in hopes of stopping the fight before it could start. Because a fight would start if she didn't do something, or at least stall. Sadly, there were too many different possibilities for Bella to know for sure if she would be successful.

"Bella!" Jane snapped, furious that Bella was putting herself in danger. She tried to move around her, taking a step to the right, but Bella shuffled over, still blocking Jane from being able to get in front of her. Jane snarled and tried to go around her the other way, but Bella just sidestepped several times to the left, still blocking Jane from stepping forward. This continued for several more moments, with Jane trying to go around Bella and Bella continuously blocking her off, almost as if they were in some kind of strange dance. Jacob didn't move or try to attack, not only because of how much the scene confused him, but because he didn't want to risk Bella getting in the middle.

"Oh, enough of this," Jane snarled. She was a vampire, damn it, and it was about time she showed her mate just that...again. Grabbing Bella by the hips, she picked the girl right off of the ground, turned around just enough so she could still keep an eye on the mutt, and set Bella behind her.

There, that was that. Now Jane could fight-

Lunging forward, Bella wrapped her arms around Jane's body, managing to trap her arms at her side. Of course, Jane could easily break the hold, but Bella was hanging on with all of her strength, and the shock of Bella's action and the fact that Jane might accidentally hurt her mate gave Jane pause.

"Isabella!" Jane protested furiously, but Bella hung on tight.

Of course, Bella would let Jane go in a heartbeat if Jacob lunged or tried to attack, but for now…

"Aaaallllll of me, loves aaaallll of you," Bella started to sing. "All your sexiness and your fire, especially since you're my vampire. Give your aaalll to me, I've already given my aaalll to you-" Bella paused in the song to mutter in annoyance, "Save for my body because of my Uncles' stupid rules, but anyways-" then she got back to singing. "You're my end and my beginning-" one again, Bella stopped singing to add, "And I mean that in every way possible, sexy ways included, if you know what I mean. Of course if you don't, I'll explain it to you later. Anyways, let me just get back to it." Bella kissed Jane's neck as the smaller girl started to open her mouth, a look of anger and bewilderment in her eyes. "Even when I lose I'm winning-especially when you punish me, because that shit is hot, and-"

"Enough!" Jacob snarled, the talk of Bella enjoying being punished pushing him right over the edge. He seemed to explode, and suddenly, there was a large russet colored wolf in his place. He lunged, and Bella had no choice but to release Jane, who immediately rose to meet him, keeping herself between the dangerous wolf and her mate.

Just like that, a fight to the death began.