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"Hello?" -Phone or radio.

"{Alpha!}" -Dinosaur language.

Inside her mind, Claire was grappling as memories came back from the incident with the first Indominus. As her breath quickened, she felt Owen slide his hand into hers and give it a squeeze. When she looked at him, his eyes told her that he was there and would not be leaving before he turned toward Agent Francine and growled. "You mean to tell me... That the Indominus was not enough for him, but that he created a human hybrid?! How the hell did he manage that in the amount of time he was given between when the Indminus hatched and now?!"

For a few moments, Agent Francine was silent. However, she wasn't the one who answered, but Tim who sighed. "The Indominus Rex along with it's sibling hatched sometime during April, 2009. From what I could gather, it had been worked on since 2005, though it was hard to track down all the information on the project."

Slowly, Claire nodded as she began to think again. "That... Would explain some things. Remember? In the lab before Delta killed him?"

Owen nodded a bit. "Yeah... He said that the Indominus was a prototype. That they would create a raptor sized version of it for the military."

Her eyes narrowed, Francine softly snorted. "I very much doubt he meant the United States Military. However, you are right about the Indominus Raptor, Mr. Grady. Doctor Wu's own notes mentioned that he had worked and finished it. All it needed was for the embryos to be emplaced into eggs. From further data though, that was the base upon which he used to create the I-Sapiens. Though the I-Sapiens has a much larger amount of human DNA in it's genome then the Indominus did."

That caused Grant to whip his eyes around and stare at Tim who flinched. "Human DNA... InGen used human DNA in that thing..."

Rubbing his face, Tim just sighed. "Unfortunately, yes. It was why the Indominus had opposable thumbs and could rotate it's hands and arms so much."

After several moments, Alan turned toward Agent Francine. "Do you have any X-rays of them? The original Indominus and the children?"

Her eyebrow raised, Francine tapped a tablet and after several moments gestured to one of the screens that lined the room. "I can do you one better." Two turned on and on one of them was the skeleton of the Indominus and the other showed what was obviously one of the children. "There you go. They're touch screens so you can manipulate the images."

Walking up, Alan examined them for a moment before he turned back to her. "Can you put both on the same screen?"

The Agent didn't say anything, she just manipulated her tablet and both skeletons appeared on the screen. Several minutes of silence went by as Grant examined both images closely. Finally, he sighed and rubbed his eyes. Ian coughed a bit into his hand. "And, uh, what are you looking for, um, exactly?"

Sighing, Grant shook his head a little and let out a sigh. "I'm trying to find the human in them... And I can pick out the obvious ones. For example, here." He tapped on the part of the screen for both the Indominus and the I-Sapien's jaw which increased the resolution. "In the back you can see human molars... So I'm guessing that while they're mostly carnivorous, they probably can eat some vegetable matter?"

At the look, Francine nodded. "Their caretakers confirmed that they can, in fact, eat fruits and such. However, mostly they eat meat and fish, I've heard it compared to the diet of a polar bear."

Nodding, Grant turned back to the images. "That would also explain the small incisors at the front." Then he tapped on where the spine met the skull. "This is... The other obviously human portion. Where the vertebrae meet the skull has been moved forward from where they are in the Indominus. It's basically the foramen magnum like in humans which would help with them having a human posture... Do they have the same inner ear as a human?"

Intrigued, Agent Francine nodded. "They do. Any other signs that you can pick out, Doctor?"

Giving her a snort, Alan zoomed out and then zoomed back in at where the tail met the rest of the vertebrae. "Here, the lumbar are different and more human, except there being a tail. If this was a natural evolution, I would be amazed at how it happened as it looks, while human, to have naturally evolved with the rest of the skeleton... Sort of like it would in the Dinosauroid thought experiment."

That caused Simon to blink and look at him in slight interest. "Dinosauroid?"

With a slight smile, Alan hummed. "It was a thought experiment back in the 1980s headed by a Canadian palaeontologist. He used troodon as a basis and used conjecture as to how it would evolve. It... Was criticized for being too human, but I can definitely see where Wu would take some inspiration from it." Turning, Grant looked at the young I-sapien on the screen and frowned. "In which case, I'll guess that, based on that, they'll be able to give live birth most likely. Which means there might be some sexual dimorphism at some point between the genders in that females might have wider hips. Feeding probably done via regurgitation."

Her expression triumphant, Agent Francine smiled slightly. "That was, indeed, what was mentioned in Doctor Wu's notes. Though... He noted that he was not quite sure exactly how many human features would pop up once they enter adolescence." Ignoring the looks, she shook her head. "We do know that anatomically, there's a number of biological structures not shown in their skeletons that hint at a more human nature. Such as their digestive system for one, though there it seems Wu added the genes from herrarasaurs which may allow them to digest bone."

It was then that Claire spoke up with a frown on her face as she stared at a spot on the table. "If they're allowed to reach adolescence that is..." At the looks she got, Claire raised her head a bit. "I'm assuming that a decision has not been reached regarding that."

Utter silence fell onto the room before Agent Francine shook her head. "No, a decision has not been reached. Despite the obvious ethical and moral issues involving both the recreation of the neanderthals and the creation of I-sapiens, at least with the neanderthals they're recognizably human and thus would most likely have all the rights that any of us enjoy. The implications for the I-sapiens, though, are rather different. They're an entirely never seen before species and there's a number of questions." Getting up, she walked over to the screen that still had the still frame from the video. "As much as some may complain about the morality of our government and, in particular, agencies such as the one I am part of... We understand that the question would remain as to our right to destroy a newborn group of fully intelligent and sapient beings."

Sarah shook her head in disbelief. "This is just..."

From where he leaned back, Malcolm shook his head. "Well, that, uh, is the difference between theory and what happens in reality." Grabbing a glass of water, he took a sip and then suddenly leaned forward. "Most people seem to think that the question of what to do with, ah, a child of the humanity's creation is recent. Artificial intelligence in the form of computers or uplifting a chimp or dog, or dolphin... It's not. The theme of how we handle creating life goes back centuries. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein might be one of the more well examples. But you got ones later on such as the Golem of Prague and others. Now, it's no longer, uh, a work of fiction but one of reality. And we're stumbling a bit after having played God."

His voice soft, Masrani shook his head. "What we decide now will have implications for the future. How we might handle any other sapient being we happen to create, either on purpose or by accident. What will our descendants think of us? Will they see us as sinners or saints I believe would be the best terms. And which decision will have which view..."

While he leaned forward, Owen narrowed his eyes a bit. "That's why we're really here, isn't it. You want us to consult you on which decision you should make in regards to the kids."

Even though it could have been a question, it wasn't phrased as such. Nonetheless, Agent Francine gave him a nod, granting him the point. "You're quite correct, Mr. Grady. We need to come to a decision for the foreseeable future and rather quickly. After all, we are still gathering information regarding it before coming to any longer term conclusions which will likely take the rest of the year. So we need to understand the possible dangers of waiting."

Eyes narrowing still further, Owen scoffed mentally. 'In other words, we're going to be the ones who will have fingers pointed at politically in a couple of months when people other then the highest levels of government are told.' Grimacing, he shook his head. 'Though considering things, I can understand why they would sit on it for a while.'

Sharing a look with her husband, Sarah coughed into her hand to attract attention. "Well, if you're going to be having us deal with it, we need more information first of all. How do they interact with the neanderthals for example. Or their caretakers. That information would go a lot way."

Having snapped out of his thoughts, Owen grunted. "It would show us how socialized they are at least. One of the issues with the Indominus was that it had no socialization and so didn't know what it was supposed to act like. It just learned as it went along."

If one had looked, they would have noticed a slight upturn in Agent Francine's lips. "Of course, of course. We wouldn't ask for your opinion without as much information as we could give you at this point. We've already set up a hotel floor for you where you can rest or review information regarding what we've found. I should inform you that we've replaced hotel staff with vetted ones. More so that they don't stumble across something then anything else and cause a leak. And being as at least three of you have outside business, we'll allow for you to have outside access through secured channels. Now then, we do have some video for you to watch if you want..."

Walking out of the hotel bathroom, Owen raised an eyebrow as he noticed that Claire was flipping through one of the folders from the briefcase they had been given. "Still reading huh?" Claire only nodded, still silent as she continued to stare into the folder. Concerned, Owen walked over and put his arm around her shoulder and felt the tense muscles under the skin. "I'd ask if you were okay, but there's nothing about this which is okay."

For a moment, Claire held her head in her hands before she sighed. "No, nothing about this is right, you're... right, about that." She then gestured at the folders. "He's created a hundred, Owen. A hundred Indominus hybrids. And all under our noses. How did we miss this?"

His chin on her shoulder, Owen slowly shook his head. "That's something that will need to be found out. And it's not you who needs to figure that out, but InGen and Masrani."

Several minutes of silence went by before Claire reached up and grasped his hand. "You should probably get started... you got a lot of video to go through after all."

Knowing that she only said that to give herself a moment to pull herself back together, Owen nodded as he got up and walked to the briefcase. Reaching in, he grabbed one of the DVDs in it and then walked over to the television and player, both of which he knew were likely to be destroyed once they left the hotel for the last time. Finally, Owen walked back to where Claire was and turned on the television and DVD player. "Let's see... I'm just happy they caught audio."

On the screen, it replayed the video right up to when the I-sapien reached the two neanderthal children and continued onwards as the girl neanderthal shook her head. Before she could say anything, a twelve year old looking neanderthal jogged into view and gave the I-sapien a small glare as she held her hands on her hips. "Annalise! You know the rules, you're not allowed to be walking around outside during the day!"

Her claws scuffing at the dirt, the dinosaur hybrid sniffled a bit and as usual, Owen was surprised to hear it speak normal English. Granted, it did so in a slightly gravely tone that still sounded like a little girl's voice. "I-I know, Jane... But... It's just so boring." There seemed to be a pout on her face as she stomped a foot on the ground. "We're always stuck inside all day. We only get to come out when it's dark out and stuff. I want to be able to walk around like you guys during the day..."

Gently, the female neanderthal reached over and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know, I know Annalise. But the adults seemed scared to let you guys outside during the day. And they're not going to be happy with this."

Now looking utterly misrable, Annalise sniffled a bit as she scratched at her snout. "I... I know... I'm really sorry and..."

All Jane did was shake her head and sigh. "It's okay, we'll try and sneak you back inside, okay? But they probably already know anyways... So let's just head back, okay? And I'll try to sneak you something later on if your punishment for disobeying the rules is too bad, okay?"

Perking up, the hybrid blinked. "Re-really? Like, um... yoghurt and honey?" At the nod, she perked up a bit and then pulled the slightly smaller girl into a hug. "Thank you!" Suddenly, Annalise pulled away and gasped a bit. "Opps! I hope that I didn't hurt her..."

That caused Owen to blink as did Jane in the video, both asking the same question. "Hurt who...?"

Her claws going into the front pocket of her dungarees, the I-sapien pulled out a lizard and then let out a breath. "Oh good... She's still okay. EEP!" When the lizard scrambled out of her hand, though, she began to chase it. "Come back, Miss Lizard! I want to show you to the others!"

Meanwhile, Jane just facepalmed a bit and groaned. "Oh for..." She then turned to the other two children and gave them a look. "And you two are in just as much trouble for helping her get out. Now come on, we need to catch her and get her back home before the adults show up!"

With that, the person who had manned the camera just kept it on the four for as long as they could before they were out of sight behind a bend in the path and the video ended. Pausing the video, Owen rubbed his chin in thought as he tried to ignore how Claire was boring holes in the screen with her stare. "Okay... even after everything else, it's still wierd to seeing hybrids acting like little kids should."

Claire snorted a little bit. "Little kids with deadly claws and teeth and who can turn invisible."

Glancing at her, Owen nodded. "True... but still little kids." As he stared at the paused image, he frowned a bit. "They seem pretty socialized from everything... though I don't like the idea of having stuck them inside during the daytime. Kids need to get out and run around."

Beside him, Claire just continued to stare before she finally sighed. "That's... Not the worst of it, Owen."

Eyebrow raised, Owen turned and gave her his attention. "Really?"

Softly snorting, Claire pointed at the screen. "I'm not an expert in animal behavior, like you are, Owen. But one thing that I do know? It's how people act. I... may have had issues with Gray and Zach, but I know enough about kids. The way that girl was acting? That's an older sister exasperated with her younger siblings. Owen... She sees that hybrid as a little sister."

Confused, Owen blinked slowly. "Okay..."

That only caused Claire to shake her head as she got up. "Owen, from the other videos we were shown, she's not the only one. It seems that they all see various members of the hybrids as little siblings. Now ask yourself this... How would you react if someone went and killed your little sister or brother just because they were scared of them?"

Wincing, Owen groaned as he rubbed his hand across his head. "Great... as if things were not complicated enough." It was then that he noticed that she was again looking at the same folder. "What is it with, uh, what was her name again? It's like that one hybrid keeps gaining your attention for some reason."

Her lips turned down into a frown, Claire shook her head. "Rose, her name is Rose. And I don't know, Owen. Call it instinct, but for some odd reason despite my... Personal feelings about what she is, there's something about her."

With his eyebrow raised just a bit, Owen looked over her shoulder at a picture of the small hybrid, her red quills against her neck. "Maybe it's just you?"

Finger against her chin, Claire's eyes were stormy with confusion as she shook her head. "Maybe..."

Having gotten together for a meal with the others, Ian waved a fork around in the air as he looked at Owen. "So, uh, you have experience in this sort of, um, thing, right?"

Slightly amused, Owen raised an eyebrow at him as Claire continued to eat her salad, though he heard her sigh. Before he could answer, Tim spoke up. "Considering that Mr. Grady here is Ex-Navy SEALs, I would think that the answer to that would be obvious, Ian."

As he chuckled, Owen shook his head. "Okay, you got some sort of question. Shoot."

For a moment, Ian chewed his food before he leaned in. "Right, so you know that they got us all, under surveilence and such. Any idea where some of the devices might be in this room?"

Raising his eyebrow, Owen just watched him as he smirked. "You mean the ones that they're using to watch us?" At Ian's nod, for a few seconds Owen was silent before he pointed up at a corner at what looked like a fire alarm. "That's one of the more obvious ones."

Ian was silent before he nodded and grabbed his chair and dragged it over to the hidden camera that Owen had pointed out. Meanwhile, Claire sighed a bit as she massaged her brow. "Really, Owen?"

All he did was shrug though with a slight smirk. "What can I say? I retired from the Navy and they've really annoyed me with all the secret squirrel shit."

Where he was though, Ian got the chair under the camera and stood up on it before he knocked on it. "Hey." Tapping it, he raised an eyebrow. "Hey, uh, I realize that the government likes going for, ah, low cost bids. But you need to, er, do better for the cooks. My chicken is kind of undercooked and..."

Snorting into his plate, Owen looked over at Ian with a grin. "Is he really...?"

Beside him, Claire shook her head a bit, her tone utterly dry. "You don't know Doctor Malcolm very well..."

That only caused Grant to shake his head a bit. "Bets on how long before he annoys our watchers? I'm saying maybe a day."

From where he was, Tim snorted. "A day? I bet that the minute he walked into that meeting he annoyed them. We are talking Ian here."

Eventually, Ian got bored and returned to the rest of the group who was nearly done. As he tucked back into the food, he wagged his fork around a bit. "Right, just to get the, ah, giant, white man-eating dinosaur out of the room... thoughts on what we've been told?" He then turned around in his seat and faced the camera that Owen had pointed out and Ian gave it one of his looks. "Besides the hubris that you suits showed. I mean, uh, you honestly thought that genocide was even on the table as a moral choice? You know that's far beyond moral, right?"

Playing a bit with a piece of vegetable on her plate, Claire frowned a bit. "I hate to admit it, but I did have to give it some thought... even though I know that what the Indominus did shouldn't reflect on them, there was this small voice in my head that kept reminding me."

Squeezing her leg a bit under the table, Owen nodded. "You wouldn't be the only one."

Her eyes narrowed slightly, Sarah watched her. "So you think that they should be destroyed then?"

The tone in the voice though caused Claire to whip her head up and glare at Sarah, who was suddenly reminded of Isla Sorna when she faced the tyrannosaurs. But that lasted only a second before she felt a pinch in the side and glanced at Ian who just gave her a look before he gave Claire an apologetic look. "Excuse Sarah, I think that we're all rather frustrated at the moment and it doesn't help that we're all a bit tired I think."

After a pause, Claire nodded as she remembered that Sarah had been one of the more vocal supporters of just leaving the dinosaurs on all the islands alone to live out their lives. "Yes, well, to your question I was going to say that despite my feelings toward the Indominus, I know that the children are not to blame. And, from the videos... they're nothing like that monster and don't deserve to be judged by it's actions."

Grant raised his fork and nodded. "Good view to have."

Frowning, Owen grunted a bit. "That's not to say that I think either of us will be able to be in the personal presence of one for quite a while."

With a frown Masrani shook his head. "And you would not be alone in that I would think. Though this does beg the question of how the situation should be handled."

Thoughtful, Tim sighed a bit and grimaced. "I only wish that I knew what Wu's endgame was. I can understand, sort of, why he made them seeing he always wanted to challenge himself more and more. But how was he going to introduce them to the world is what I want to know."

Eyebrow raised, Ian gestured at the camera as he finished. "Why not ask them?" Turning, he waved a bit. "Hey, do you think that you could get us that information? It's rather important after all or is, uh, it too classified or something?"

Giving him an amused look, Tim just shook his head. 'Never change, Ian. Never change...' Then his expression became serious. "I think though that InGen needs to take some responsiblity for it. There's going to be a fight when this is revealed and I want to make sure that they're taken care of."

It said something about his character that Masrani nodded almost immediatly in agreement as he began to muse out loud. "Even if I cannot say why exactly, I can help by making quiet inquiries to my lawyers and ask them about how a theoritical situation where sapient life is created could be handled. Perhaps use the fact that the Indominus had human DNA as an excuse..."

Slowly, Grant's eyes narrowed a bit. "Where did the human DNA he used come from? For both the Indominus and the children...?"

Pausing as he was about to take a drink, Tim set it down with a slight frown. "Now that is a question that I have been attempting to answer and will try to do so in the case of the children as well. But according to the files they gave us, no two of the I-sapiens children had the same donar so I'm not sure that we'll ever know where all the human DNA came from. One of our products is a DNA mapping kit to trace ancestry after all, so we've had a lot of samples come through our doors over the years. That's not counting our own research into the human genome... And that would be the best case scenario."

Masrani shook his head and bit back a curse. 'And that's assuming that Henry did not go for some more... Illegal methods of obtaining the needed genetic material.'

Needless to say, it was not just him who realized that fact as they all shared looks.

Watching as the little saurian hybrid ran off toward a group of neanderthals and other I-sapiens with the candy he had given her, the Special Forces operative leaned back against the wall. He barely even acknowledged one of his squad who walked up until they spoke up in a low voice. "You know that you shouldn't get too close to them, right? I mean... you have heard what we might have to do..."

The man merely snorted a bit as he lit up a cigarette. "If that happens, then the pencil pushers can kiss my pale ass. I signed up to protect people and freedom, not to murder a bunch of kids because some dickwad in Washington is afraid of what they might become."

More then a little amused, the other man shook his head. "So even if they order you to, you won't, Sir?"

Having taken a deep breath, the man let it out in cloud of smoke. "Damn straight I won't. Being able to disobey unlawful orders is a wonderful thing. And killing kids who have done nothing is always going to be unlawful in my books." He then smirked a bit. "And let them fuckers court-martial me if they want. Because they'll have to let enough out that people are going to wonder why they wanted us to kill kids."

Also leaning against the wall, the other operative just snorted. "Frankly, LT, I don't think that I'll go against you." Seeing the group of kids playing, he just shook his head. "Just the same, I've seen some fucked up things in my life but this? This takes the fucking cake..." One of the neanderthals began to chase one of the saurian children around, both laughing as their human caretakers kept giving the Special Forces uneasy looks. "Fucking Christ on a stick... I got some nieces back home and I'm being reminded of them."

Nodding, the LT just shook his head. "Fucking shame that people are afraid of them just because of that fucking monster's rampage. Just the same, anyone who suggests I do anything to them can go fuck themselves with my gun."

That only got him agreement from the man next to him.

Her face buried in the pillow, Ami blinked a bit before she sighed. "Sunset..."

Almost immediately, the ceratosaur answered her. "{Yes, Mama-Ami?}"

Once more, Ami sighed a bit as she tried to shift around her head only to stop. "Why... are you on my back with your head on mine?"

Sunset, just sneezed a bit from Ami's hair before she opened her mouth a bit in a small grin. "{Mama-Ami's nest so soft! And like being on Mama-Ami because so warm.}"

With a slight snort, Ami shifted a little bit as she grinned into her pillow. "So you want to be my hat again then, Sunset-Hat?"

After a moment, Sunset huffed as she rolled off Ami. "{Am not hat!}"

Now able to move, Ami rolled to the side and then grinned as she noted the annoyed expression on Sunset's. "Aw, but you make such a cute little hat." Petting the ceratosaur, she got up and went about her morning business, before lifting Sunset off the bed with a grunt. Once she set Sunset back down, Ami placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. "You're getting heavy, baby girl."

Looking up, Sunset tilted her head a bit as she blinked her one eye. "{Am getting heavy?}"

As she crouched down, Ami nodded as she rubbed a hand along Sunset's neck much to the little dinosaur's enjoyment. "Very much so, Sunset. You're getting bigger every day now. Soon, you'll be bigger then I am. Maybe then I'll lay on top of you and sleep."

With a blink, Sunset softly snorted. "{Would not mind much. Then Mama-Ami be hat!}"

That got a chuckle out of Ami as she shook her head and then patted Sunset's side. "I guess so." Standing back up, Ami shook her head and gestured for Sunset to follow her. "Now then, it's time for your measuring and weighing."

A soft whine escaped from Sunset as she hung her head a bit. "{But am hungry, Mama-Ami...}"

Softly stroking Sunset's head, Ami only nodded in sympathy. "I know, Sunset. But to get a good reading I need to weigh you before I feed you." Reaching the scale, Ami set it up and smiled. "Okay, time to get up on it, Sunset. Just like always." Grumbling, Sunset did so and stood there as Ami went through the motions. She might not understand why Ami kept having her do it, but she did it anyways. Finally, Ami grabbed clipboard and began to write down on it. "Let's see... according to this, you're about 62 and a half pounds..."

Her expression hopeful, Sunset looked up. "{Can eat now?}"

Giggling slightly, Ami shook her head a bit. "I just got to measure you now, Sunset." Tape measure in her hands, Ami made quick work of measuring Sunset's height and length and muttered to herself. "Let's see... lengthwise, you're about four foot four... So you gained three inches in length since last week..." Shaking her head, Ami sighed. "You're getting really big now."

Once more, Sunset just looked up. "{Eat now?}"

Unable to stop herself, Ami laughed a bit and nodded. "Yes, we'll go and eat now. I got you some nice rabbit today for you."

Mouth slightly open, Sunset nodded her head. "{Eating Hopping-Thing!? LOVE HOPPING-THING! Is very Yum!}"

Shaking her head, Ami only smiled as she reached the fridge and pulled out the meat in question to warm it up some. "I know, Sunset. Now just let me cut this up for you so I can heat it up..."

Grace was passing the living room when she noticed that Blue was laying on the couch as a human. What really caught her attention was how miserable the transformed raptor looked. "Blue? Is something wrong?"

Not even a moment later, Blue sniffled some as she clutched a pillow to her chest. "Miss Daddy. Has been many days since he left." She then looked up at Grace with eyes that tugged at her heartstrings. "When daddy coming back to pack?"

Quickly walking over, Grace noticed that the other raptors also looked miserable, though it was harder to tell since they weren't human. Sitting down, Grace pulled Blue into a hug. "It's only been a week, honey. Besides, whatever he's involved with is just about finished so he should be home real soon."

Once more, Blue only sniffled. "Want daddy and his mate, Claire, home now. Pack should be together."

With a slight frown, Grace hummed as she held Blue close and looked around. "This has been the longest that Owen's been away from you bunch, huh? Probably since you were all born."

Chirping, Echo bobbed her head. "{Yes, is longest time. Even after White-One, daddy come back in two suns.}"

All Grace did was raise an eyebrow at her before she frowned. "Okay... I don't know what you said, but I'm pretty sure that it was agreeing with me." Gently, she ran her fingers through Blue's hair and smiled. "Anyways, Owen and Claire shouldn't be away for too much longer. And they already told me that they're bringing you bunch some presents. Don't know what, but with Claire helping the should be good."

In reply, Blue simply nodded and pressed herself closer to her aunt...

Tapping her finger against the tabletop, Agent Francine nodded some. "After hearing your opinions on the matter and much discussion, it has been decided to allow both the neanderthals and I-sapiens to continue. We will also be allow for the currently frozen embryos be eventually brought to full term. It's undecided as of this time if we'll produce more embryos through the method we recovered, but that is years away but that depends on who the possible donors are for the human DNA. Once we know, we'll inform those who were used, or their closest relatives if they are no longer alive."

A relieved look was on Masrani's face as he nodded. "At least our sins are not going to be compounded." Several seconds passed before he lifted his head. "Did your superiors accept mine and Tim's offer?"

Slowly, the agent nodded. "They considered your offer of financial assistance in this matter. And, to that end, have accepted it fully."

Grunting, Alan just gulped down some coffee, for once truly appearing like his age. "So then, what happens next?"

Hands folded across each other, Agent Francine regarded the group before her for almost a minute in silence. Finally, she nodded. "Under normal circumstances, we would not tell you anything more. But due to your assistance in this matter, it has been approved. In regards to the children, once we're ready and prepared, they're to be moved to the Earhart Islands northwest of the Marshals."

Ian blinked for a moment and frowned. "The, uh, ones found during one of the expeditions to find Amelia Earhart?" At the looks, he shrugged. "After Nublar and before Sorna, when InGen tried to, ah, silence me, let's just say I was grouped with, uh, a certain portion of society and heard things."

Much to everyone's surprise, Agent Francine actually chuckled at that. "Yes, I suppose that I can see how that might happen. But you are correct about where the name came from. Though it was less them being discovered and more that they were rediscovered seeing as their original names are the Los Jardines. That said, the islands are highly isolated while still being a United States territory. The closest inhabited spot will be Wake Island and we'll be running drones from the old base there. Officially, they'll be there to keep an eye out for poachers, in reality we'll be keeping an eye out for anyone possible stumbling across them."

Raising an eyebrow, Claire frowned a bit. "Wouldn't it be easier for everyone to keep them where they are though?"

With a soft sigh, Agent Francine shook her head. "If it were possible, then that is what we would do. Believe me, we understand that for the children, this is going to be a big change. However, besides the issue of running what is quite literally a secret project under a allied country's nose, we also have the issue of there being elements in the Greek government who could cause... Issues, if they were to find out. To say nothing of current issues nearby in the Middle East."

Sarah then chose to speak up with a slight smile as she nursed her own coffee. "There is a bonus to this though."

Turning, Tim raised an eyebrow at her. "And what would that be?"

As she chuckled, Sarah's smile grew some. "Unlike where they are now, the kids can go out into the open even during the day. I'm assuming that the islands are big enough, right?"

Understanding where she is going, Francine nodded. "They are, the largest is roughly equal in size to Isla Nublar after all. We'll make sure that they get the best care possible. And once everything is in place, we'll reveal them to the world." Standing up, she reached across the table and shook each of their hands. "The United States Government thanks you for your input and we will be in touch with you at later dates regarding this. Now, I don't think that I need to remind you all of how secret this is?"

When he noticed that she was looking at him, Ian smiled. "Hey, in this case there's no need to worry. I, um, understand what's at stake here."

There was a glint in Agent Francine's eyes as she nodded. As they were walking out though, Tim turned toward Claire and snapped his fingers. "That reminds me... The park will be reopening in December, correct?"

Confused, Claire shared a look with Owen who simply shrugged before he went back at observing various Federal agents. With a slow nod, Claire cleared her throat. "That is the plan and we're well on schedule to meet the deadline."

His hands in his pockets, Tim nodded. "Good, good. Though there will be an inspection of the park in November to make sure that everything is safe. A precaution, you understand."

Even though part of her felt a flash of anger, Claire shoved it down easily. She could understand what was going on more then most. "That shouldn't be an issue. Though can I ask what this inspection team will be?"

Still walking, Tim smiled a bit. "The first day will have some government inspectors, but they're supposed to leave on the first boat out the next morning. However, the other inspectors will stay for at least a week. They'll point out any issues and the public will likely feel much safer with their endorsements."

Now really confused, Claire felt herself frowning even more. "I see... And who..." She trailed off as she saw Alan smirking at her. "You cannot be serious."

Amused, Alan coughed into his fist and nodded. "As serious as a pissed off Rexy." With a slight smile, he gestured at Ian and Sarah. "They'll be coming along as well as a few others such as Tim."

It went without saying that Claire and Owen were rather torn on being told that.