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"Hello?" -Phone or radio.

"{Alpha!}" -Dinosaur language.

Claire raised an eyebrow as she watched her two nephews on the video chat, Zach looking rather annoyed. "Where's Karen?"

If anything, Zach seemed to become more annoyed then he had been moments before. "Had to go out."

All Claire did was sigh and rub the side of her head before she reached for her mug of coffee. "I see..." Nonetheless, she chatted with her nephews much like she had almost every Thursday before she paused. "Zach, Grey... could I ask a question of you both..."

Frowning, Grey shared a look with his older brother before he shrugged. "Um, sure Aunt Claire. What is it?"

Still with that thoughtful expression, Claire leaned forward a bit. "What suggestions would you have for the park? Just out of curiosity."

The two brothers knew exactly why she was asking that then, as the last time Claire had asked their mother was there. To say it didn't go well was an understatement. After a moment, Zach shrugged. "Maybe do something with the raptors? I mean, they are pretty cool... Like a race track!" Slowly he grinned as he nodded. "Yeah, have the raptors racing around on a track would be awesome!"

Beside him, Grey nodded his head in excitement. "And you could have obstacles for them as well! And with a fence and stuff, you could have people watching from close up."

Tapping one finger against her chin, Claire nodded. "They are the most asked about dinosaur in the park next to Rexy... And with the positive image they got from the YouTube video of them defending Owen from the Indominus, it's doable... Anything else?"

Grey looked toward his brother for a moment before the younger boy scratched the back of his head. "Um... Maybe something at the terminal? No offence Aunt Claire, but it was boring waiting for the monorail."

While Claire blinked, Zach just nodded. "Yeah, all you got there was a Starbucks and a gift shop. Nothing else."

Leaning forward, their aunt placed a finger lengthwise against her lips. "And what would you suggest be put there?" Meanwhile, her mind was racing. 'And since there's a Starbucks there, I might be able to pull them as a sponsor...'

While he shrugged, Zach glanced at his brother. "I don't know, maybe some small dinosaur or something?"

Now with a frown, Claire shook her head. "We don't really have any as the Compsognathus was not too popular as an attraction and..." Suddenly, she paused as a thought occurred to her. "Unless, we don't go with just one small exhibit, but a few... A 'Small World' exhibit of sorts..."

Owen entered the room to find Claire on the bed with her laptop open as she scanned the screen. Gently, he sat down beside her and moved her hair out of the way before he kissed her shoulder. "I thought that we agreed no work after eight."

Tilting her head to the side to give him some more access, Claire hummed with a smile on her face. "We did... But Zach and Grey gave me some suggestions and I just had to look up some information..."

With one raised eyebrow, Owen nuzzled her as she told him about the idea. "Okay... Kind of interesting..." He grinned a little. "So what does this have to do with what is on the screen?"

As she shot him a look, Claire tapped the screen of the laptop. "We tried to make an exhibit for the Compsognathus, but it didn't attract the attention we thought it would. Afterwards, any animal under a certain size was declared not to be used. But, Grey and Zach came up with an idea that could make it work. And we already have one creature that could fit there."

That caused Owen to raise an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Chuckling, Claire turned to face him. "The Beelzebufo can be used after we've captured a few. After that, we have some of the others here as well which might be useful. We can place some various species of Placodonts together in a tank because they're so small. Another tank could hold some Lariosaurus as well. Then, you have these..."

While he shook his head, Owen leaned in and blinked. "Huh... I didn't know that we had Microraptor in the database... However..." Suddenly, he smirked as he reached out and closed the laptop. Any argument from Claire died as he scrapped his teeth against the crook of her neck with a growl not unlike his raptors. "I think that is quite enough work related activities for the night, Miss Dearing..."

Placing the laptop onto the side table, Claire turned toward him with her teeth showing as a deep rumble escaped her. "Perhaps you're right, Mr. Grady..."

The shadow silently stalked into the bedroom where both Owen and Claire slept and creeped up to the bed. After a few moments, the creature raised it's head over the edge of the bed and looked at the two humans laying on the bed. Not even a moment later, the moon broke out from some clouds to illuminate Blue as she blinked in the darkness. 'Is good, Alpha and Alpha's Mate asleep...' She sniffed a bit and looked at the empty bottle. 'Drank wierd smelling water too, won't wake up then... Now where is metal thing...'

It took several moments for the raptor to find said amulet and to pop off the cork at the top using her lips. Then slowly, she walked up to Owen only to stop as he snorted. "Mmm.."

Waiting until he settled back into deep sleep, Blue snuck up to where his arm hung off the bed and brought out her claw toward it. At the last moment, she stopped as she considered what she was about to do. 'Should I hurt Alpha? Using claw to make bleed would hurt...' Blue then shook her head. 'Stupid Alpha get hurt all time, won't notice.'

Reaching out, she made a small slice on the top of Owen's hands which made the human grumble in his sleep. "Dammit, Claire... stop biting and clawing..."

All Blue did was tilt her head some before she shook it off. Holding the amulet in her claws, she brought it down to Owen's fingers where some blood dripped off and into the opening. The whole time she kept an eye on her trainer to made sure that he would not wake up as she knew, somehow, he would not be pleased with what she was trying. Soon though, she pulled it away and gently licked at the cut to stop the bleeding. Once that was done, Blue used her lips to put the cork back in and watched as Owen wiped his hand in his sleep.

Then Claire's cellphone went off which caused the raptor to bolt and get out of the room just in time for both humans to wake with a start. "What the..."

While Owen turned on the lamp, Claire grabbed her phone and looked at the number before she answered it with a deep growl which reminded Lowery of nothing more then Rexy when pisssed. "This better be good, Lowery, it's..." She looked at the time. "Three in the morning on my and Owen's anniversary... If not, I am burning your dinosaurs."

On the other end of the phone, Lowery let out a soft hiss. "Ouch, boss. Isn't that too cruel and unusual?" Another growl answered him which caused him to clear his throat. "Right, right... anyways, we need you down at Control, we got a bit of a... situation here."

Almost magically, Claire's sleepiness vanished as she sat up. "A situation, what kind of one?"

Lowery's next words caused her to scramble out of bed and was soon followed by Owen who called Barry to come and watch the raptors. "It's about the tremor the seismometers have detected..."

Walking into the control room, Claire turned toward where Lowery's station was as he talked with someome, Owen right behind her. "What's going on Lowery? I thought that the geologists said that we weren't in danger from the recent tremor a few days ago?"

After he twirled around, Lowery put his hands behind his head. "Yeah, well... turns out that there was an issue..."

He then gestured toward one of the ACU members who was talking into a headset. Said man then turned and nodded at both Claire and Owen. "About an hour ago we detected a distress call about fifteen miles north of the island about a boat in trouble. We sent out the chopper to help and when they got close, they reported smoke and the sounds of explosions... At first, we thought that it was the boat itself, but while it was damaged, we got everyone off before it sank as well as some... assets, they had on board."

Both Claire and Owen narrowed their eyes as they realized it was one of the poaching boats that often tried to grab animals and animal parts from either the Five Deaths or Nublar's restricted zone. Tightening her grasp on the railing, Claire let out a breath. "Are they being placed into our detention center until the authorities arrive?" The ACU officer nodded which caused her to grin. "Good... so then, what caused the smoke and explosions?"

With a slight smirk, Lowery coughed a bit. "Well... I got someone on the line right now... bringing them up on screen." A woman in her forties came up and smiled a bit. "May I introduce Doctor Anna McDonald of the USGS in Costa Rica."

The woman nodded. "Thank you. Miss Dearing? I'm sorry about waking you, but the situation means that you needed to be briefed." Slowly, Claire nodded as she felt Owen's hand squeeze her shoulder. "The smoke is actually an ash cloud. It seems that one of the seamounts north of Nublar is erupting and beginning to break the surface to form a new island. The tremor last week was just the largest one and likely signaled the start of the new eruption on the north Nublar Bank."

Her teeth grinding, Claire narrowed her eyes. "There were more? Why was I not informed of this?"

Folding her hands in front of her, Anna sighed. "You're on a tectonic zone of which Nublar and the Muertes Archipelago are part of. Small tremors are relatively common and Sibo itself showed no activity thus Nublar was not considered in danger. And the last time we had any submarine eruptions was in the same place around 2001 and we thought it was a burp of sorts. However, from what my team can gather, you are likely in no danger at all from the eruption itself. At worst, you might have the smell of sulfur drifting around or a light dusting of ash if the winds shift."

Claire narrowed her eyes some. "But you can't be sure. You didn't even know there was an eruption!"

As she let out a breath, the doctor shook her head. "Actually, we can. We do have data on Nublar's own volcanic activity including the eruption back in 1951. By far the most common eruption in the area is Strombolian, though due to the contact with the water the eruption in this case is Surtseyan and will continue to be so until the island has built itself up enough for no more water to come in contact with the magma. In neither case will the park be in danger. And with the park currently closed, there's no possibility of tourists getting hurt... though if it's still going on by the time the park is to be reopened, you might have a new attraction by having them view the eruption from a safe distance."

Rubbing her face, Claire held back a groan. "Please make sure and keep us informed. Meantime, I need to consult with my superiors about this..." A sigh escaped from her mouth. 'Just one thing after another... and I can already tell this is going to be a long day...'

Finally getting out of a meeting between the various trainers and handlers that hashed out how to handle the newest situation, all Owen wanted to do was go home and sleep. Before he could though, the raptor trainer had one last stop. Entering the office, he noted Claire face down on her desk as she dozed. The second and third things he saw caused him to curse under his breath. "Dammit, Claire..." One was a new picture frame which contained a photo of Zara in her wedding dress which had been taken after she had a ceremony for just the Jurassic World staff to be in. Just below it was a file folder. Even though he wished otherwise, Owen knew exactly what was in it. As he walked up, he saw the face of a five year old boy smiling up at the camera along with a name. There were other photos and papers with names that had been burned into his mind.

Each name and picture being that of one of those killed during the recent disaster.

Running a hand brough his hair, Owen let out a hiss. "Fucking hell, Claire. We talked about this, you need to stop torturing yourself like this."

He was startled when Claire spoke up. "We did and I will, Owen. I need to remember exactly what the price of me fucking up is so there isn't a next time..." Reaching out, she took the picture of the five year old and stared at it. "His name was Will and he was five years old, Owen. Five years old. He had his whole life ahead of him and he wanted to be a fireman... All that ended by a damn pteranodon. And it only happened because I screwed up."

The slam as Owen brought his hands down on her desk caused her to jump a bit as he snarled. "It wasn't all your fault, dammit! Simon and the Board should have never have ordered the creation of the Indominus! Vic and fucking InGen should not have hijacked it to use the damn thing as a test bed for their fucking idiotic idea of military dinosaurs! And Wu should have never gone along with it! You share very little if any blame! If you had tried to stop it, then they would have had someone else do it."

Sadly, Owen could see that Claire still wouldn't accept it. "I would love to be able to believe that, Owen. But I can't." Her finger then came up and pointed at the picture frame. "You can't say that I'm not at fault for Zara. Because I was the one who shoved my nephews off onto her, she was running around and... She had just gotten married and was planning to start a family after her second ceremony back in England. Now Zara can't and her husband is a widower because of me..."

One could call it cowardice, and Owen would agree, but he decided to drop it. After all he had his own guilt and understood what Claire was going through. From an argument, he found out that there were only two real things keeping Claire together. One was, much to the amazement of Owen, himself and their slowly growing relationship. The other was the rebuilding and running of the park.

Part of him feared what might happen if they closed the park. That was also why he knew that the issue with the eruption possibly causing that was what opened up the can of worms once more that he had thought was sealed for good. A glance at the clock caused him to grimace a bit as he walked around the desk and helped her up. "Come on, it's midnight and we've been up nearly twenty-four hours. We need some sleep."

Tiredly nodded, Claire just placed the folder back into her desk before she let herself be brought to her feet. "Sleep... sounds rather good right about now..."

As they walked out, Owen decided to change the subject and sate his curiosity. "So... while I was busy, how were your meetings?"

With a snort as they walked through the control room, Claire glanced at the screen which showed the eruption from an airplane. "Long and arduous... Mostly it was about how dangerous this eruption might be, the need to update the seismic sensor map of the island just in case, and the USGS breathing down my neck to let a team use the park as a base from which to observe the eruption."

Stopping, Owen turned and stared at her. "You did tell them that the park is restricted to park personnel, Masrani employees. and VIPs, right?" At her sigh, he turned and looked at her directly. "Right?"

Rubbing her face, Claire nodded. "I did tell them that, but that was when they told me that they were lifting those restrictions, partially so that the USGS can come to the island. The other part comes from how a number of park personnel and their families have been pushing for visitation to be allowed on the island. Apparently, Masrani believes it safe enough at this stage of the clean up to allow for it." When Owen cursed, another sigh escaped her. "My thoughts exactly. Owen, I'm sorry but... if I tried to come up with excuses as to why it's not safe enough..."

Owen finished the thought. "They would be questioning what exactly we have been doing these past two months and might wonder about if they should continue to put money into it... dammit." Looking at the ceiling, he just shook his head. "Let's just get home and sleep. I'm too tired for this shit right now..."

Slowly, Claire nodded beside him. "As am I..."

Having gotten home, Owen yawned as him and Claire staggered in. With a sigh, he looked toward where Barry was at the table. "How were the girls today?"

With a smile, Barry chuckled a bit. "They were perfect as always, though Blue was acting a little bit odd today."

That caused Owen to raise an eyebrow and he glanced into the raptor's room to see Blue wrapped up in a blanket enough to hide most of her from sight. "I can see... what did she do?"

Slightly confused, Barry shrugged. "Mostly decided to play hide and seek with a lot of hiding and little seeking. She didn't go too far, but seemed to be sticking to the bushes and eating anything she could catch, so..."

His mind so sleepy that it was not quite running fully, Owen could only blink. "Odd... though she seems okay. I'll..." A yawn broke his sentence up and he shook his head. "I'll ask her in the morning... anyways, I'll see you tomorrow."

All Barry did was nod before he headed out to head home and catch some sleep himself, none of the three humans noticing as Blue's body began to twitch a bit as she had dreams of herself as a human.

The room slowly lightened as the sun rose above the horizon while the dawn chorus could be heard drifting in through the open window. All was quiet except for the sounds of the two people in the bed sleeping peacefully. However, the silence was soon to be broken as the door to the bedroom slowly creaked open and the patter of bare feet entered the room along with a shadow. Almost silent, the shadow walked up to the bed and leaned toward Owen. "Alpha?" When it got no response, it leaned in more and nuzzled him. "Alpha?"

Owen only grumbled some and pushed the face away as he turned away. "Go away, too early..."

Huffing a bit, the shadow stood up before crouching. Then she jumped onto the bed with a screech. "STUPID ALPHA WAKE UP!"

Both Owen and Claire yelped and woke with a start to see a 17 year old girl bouncing on their bed. "Wha... I, huh!?"

The girl glared at them and crossed her arms. "Stupid Alpha and Alpha's Mate need to wake up, I'm hungry."

Silence stretched out before Claire narrowed her eyes at the girl. "How do you know Owen?"

Annoyed, the girl glared at her, which caused Claire to notice something else. "Alpha raised me and sisters from young."

Claire took a deep breath before she slowly let it out and turned to give Owen an annoyed look. "Owen... you got about a minute to explain why we have a naked teenaged girl bouncing on her bed apparently saying that you raised her and her sisters... would you mind explaining?"

However, Owen wasn't really listening as he frowned as something about the girl was awfully familiar. Bit by bit, he took in her face. Part of the raptor trainer noted her greyish-blue hair then came the blue tattoos that were under each eye and one across the bottom of her neck. But what gave it away was the eyes...

The two golden eyes with slitted pupils which watched him in the same as only one other being ever did. It was then that he spotted the familiar amulet that hung from her neck which caused everything to click. Slowly, Owen blinked and stared at her. "... Blue?!"

Now it was Claire's turn to stare for a moment as the teen chirped. "Alpha finally realize who I am! About time!"

Rubbing the side of her face, Claire only groaned. "Great... this is all I need..." She then shoved Owen out of bed and glared at him. "You go get some coffee and breakfast started. I'll..." Claire glanced at Blue who watched her curiously. "I'll go and find some clothes for her..."

With a glare of her own, Blue snorted. "I not wear False-Skin like Not-Prey! Right, Alpha?" Having spotted the look in Claire's eyes, Owen however had booted it out of the room after grabbing some pants from where he had put them, cursing as he left. "... Alpha?"

It was then that Blue saw the expression on Claire's face and the look in her eyes before she shivered and considered that her little plan might not have been as thought out as she had believed...

Growling, Blue picked at the shirt on her as Owen poured some coffee into mugs for him and Claire. "Don't like this, feels odd against skin... itchy."

Claire walked by at the moment and gently smacked Blue's hand. "You picking at it is not helping any." With a sigh, she gratefully took the mug from Owen and looked at Blue. "So... you cut Owen's hand the other day while we were asleep and put the blood in the amulet... because you overheard us talking about how we can now become a raptor and a T-Rex..."

All Blue did was nod as she looked to where Owen was cooking up some food. "Yes, wanted to know what being Not-Prey is like because Alpha not True-Hunter often. Likes being Not-Prey so wonder."

While he closed his eyes, Owen groaned a bit. "Great... just great..." He then walked over the the fridge and poured some juice into a cup and put it in front of Blue. "Here, you look thirsty."

There was a look on Blue's face as she sniffed it and scowled. "This is Tree-sweet juice!"

However, Owen only rolled his eyes. "Yes, and humans drink that."

Pulling the cup toward her with narrowed eyes, Blue leaned down and was about to lap at it when Claire stopped her. "Not-Prey... er, humans don't drink like that, Blue." A glance at Owen had him nod and she cleared her throat as she sat down beside her.. "Eyes on me, Blue. Watched what I do and copy."

The entirety of Blue's attention was on Claire as the woman raised her mug in both hands before the transformed raptor did the same. Then she copied Claire perfectly and took a sip before her eyes widened. Owen began to worry some as she sat there silently with a stunned look. "Blue? Blue? Is something wrong?"

A moment later, Blue drained the whole cup and breathed hard as soon as she was done. "IS GOOD! SWEET AND YUMMY!"

Chuckling, Owen sat a plate of food in front of her which included some pancakes and syrup. After that, he refilled her cup. "Well, if you thought that was good..."

Blue watched both Owen and Claire as they cut into their meals and copied them. However, as soon as the food was in her mouth, all attempts to go slow were gone as she began to shovel the food into her mouth. Watching this, Claire snorted a bit. "Well, if people did not think that she was your daughter from the way she acts around you, her eating habits would make people really wonder..."

Partway through shovelling a fork full of food into his mouth, Owen paused. "What do you mean by that?"

With a smile, Claire only shook her head and took a bite of her breakfast. "Oh, nothing really..."

Having narrowed eyes, Owen watched her before he grunted and went back to eating just as fast as Blue, though said raptor had a expression part rapturous and part crazed.

Several minutes later as she watched as Blue licked her fingers clean, Claire leaned back with a thoughtful expression as she could see the amulet just under the baggy (and now food strained) shirt. Thankfully it was Owen's and not one of her own. "So... the amulet is able to let dinosaurs become humans as well..."

As he sighed and rubbed the side of his head, Owen fought the slowly rising headache. "This is all I need..." He watched as Blue burped some and glanced around the kitchen. "I'll admit though, I did not expect the tattoos on her... Though they are in the right spots for her natural markings."

There was a frown on Claire's face as she ran one finger along the rim of her mug in thought. "That's true and a bit odd... but..." With a deepening frown, she looked toward Owen. "You said that you had pictures of us stored somewhere?"

Owen raised an eyebrow but nodded. "Give me a moment..." About two minutes later, Owen returned with what looked like the biggest laptop that Claire had seen which he set down onto the table. "Here we go."

For a few moments, Claire boggled at it. "That's your laptop?"

Slowly laughing, Owen opened and booted it up. "Yeah, I asked some old military buddies of mine to send me one of the old laptops from the base after wiping them. It's rugged and can take a real beating and still work. Also cut off all external connections to it, so it's not hooked up to Jurassic World's ethernet or to the internet." Having seen the curious look on his girlfriend's face, Owen scowled. "Didn't want to chance Hoskins getting any of my real research. Caught someone hacking into one of my normal computers, so I couldn't chance it."

A scowl was also on Claire's face as she thought back to the now deceased head of security. "And knowing you, there's likely a lot of encryption on it..."

The only reply she got was for him to smirk at her before he gave a glare at Blue. "Put that down!"

For a moment, Blue glared at him before she licked the soap bottle. Much to Claire's amusement, Blue sputtered and spat as she shook her head. "GAH! BAD FUCKING SHITTY TASTE!"

Her tone dry, the red head smirked. "Definitely the daughter of a Navy man..."

Shaking his head, Owen just brought up the pictures that he had on it of him and Claire in their dinosaur forms. "So, any reason why you wanted to see these?"

Silent, Claire reached out and compared the two photos before she pointed at spots on them. "Look here and here."

Now curious about what she saw, Owen leaned in and frowned a bit. "The coloration?"

Claire looked at him and rolled her eyes. "Yes, look at where the coloration is and what it is." With one finger on the screen, Claire moved it along the head of her Tyrannosaur self before she reached up with her free hand and traced her hairline. "Right there, it's the same color as my hair and is in the same shape, just altered to skin tones and for the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Now look at you as a Raptor."

It took him only a moment to realize what she meant. "That area on my head is the same shape as my hair line and same color as my hair... and look, there's dots on my jaw that resemble the shape of my stubble. I can even see some of my scars..." Humming, he rubbed his chin in thought. "So... anything like color or patterns on us or the dinosaurs will stay but change to their closest equivalent. Like how Blue's color is now present in her hair except for her markings that have become like tattoos..."

A crash caused them to turn and spot Blue near the open door of the fridge with several items on the floor. Blue watched them for a few seconds before she grabbed a container of yoghurt and opened it. "Mine!"

Groaning, Owen facepalmed as she attempted to shove her whole face into the container and squealed. "Oh God... this is worse then when she was a hatchling..."

Highly amused, Claire patted him on the shoulder. "Welcome to having a teen, Raptor Mom..." Owen's glare only caused her to laugh as she walked over to the coffee maker.