My name is Sarah González, I'm 19 years old, I live in California; my mother and I moved to a city in the state when she got her dream job. A couple of years ago it was only me and her, I lost my dad when I was very young and I can't remember him really well, my mom tells me I inherited his fair skin tone and his coppery hair. We are Latinas, although I don't look like one thanks to my dad. My abuelita was from a city in México called Irapuato, which I don't really know where it's located and she came to the US in the end of the 70's when my mom was barely a child. My mom then grew up here, which allowed her to see the boom of pop culture in the 80's as a teen. I think that experience made her who she is and since we've been just the two of us after my dad died, it made me share those "retro" tastes and hobbies with her. I'm just as weird as her... She loves rock and knows a lot about rock and roll through the history. She can listen to anything from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's and tell you exactly who wrote it.

We like the same music, movies and tv shows. In the 80's she became friends with this british exchange student, who had a taste for weird stuff too and who was appointed as my madrina (my godmother) when I was born; her name is Emma and she has been friends with my mom for a long time: She showed her this crazy british TV show about a Timelord called The Doctor, and until that show got cancelled in 1989, they were obsessed with it. It was just natural that when the "new" series was launched in 2005, my mom and I watched it together all the time. I still watch it but she's not around a lot these days… We'll get to "why" in a few moments.

I love my mom, she has always been my best friend and after many years of grieving my dad, who passed away when I was 4, she started seeing this guy: Chris (when I was 16). Chris is a teacher, they met through mutual friends I think, but they got married the year I turned 18. The wedding was beautiful, Chris is an awesome new dad and my mom looked so beautiful in her white dress; I bet my biological dad saw her from heaven and fell in love again.

As I told you before, my mom is not around very often these days, the reason is that she works a lot and also: I have a baby brother now; his name is George and he has Chris's last name. It feels so awkward, he is just as tanned as my mom and as dark haired as Chris, he looks more like a Latino than me. He also cries a lot, all the time, so my mom has to take care of him constantly. She stopped having time to watch TV or movies with me and it makes me feel really upset. I understand, because that's what babies are supposed to do to parents anyway.

Since my mom stopped having time for me, I listen only to my favorite old records and watch only my favorite movies now, not that I don't like new stuff but I love to go back to those things because they remind me of the times when my mom and I were together all the time and it makes me really happy. My favorite movie is Labyrinth, and my favorite records are "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" and "Space Oddity". Coincidentally, they all involve David Bowie.

Emma and my mom love Doctor Who, but since my mom no longer has time to be a nerd with me, Emma sends me old tapes of the show from the 70's in every special occasion and she has even bought me the DVD's of the new series. I could call myself a Whoovian, although I'm not as much of an expert as Emma. I just try to enjoy the show and imagine what I would do if I was a companion.

As a girl, Labyrinth was my favorite movie as I mentioned before; I always dreamt of having a baby brother so that I could summon the King Goblin to take him. I'd make him show up and then I'd force him to stay and tell him my real plan, the true reason why I summoned him. If he ever actually took the baby to turn him into a goblin, I had another plan: I knew I would be able to complete the labyrinth to rescue the baby and reach Jareth again since I have memorized the movie completely… (I even downloaded it to my phone via Google Movies and watch it late at night, when I'm supposed to be sleeping)

I'd tell him I wasn't actually there for the baby, but to make him use his magic to contact me with rock messiah Ziggy Stardust… As a child, I used to imagine that they were so similar because they shared the same human body (David Bowie) as a medium to show themselves in the tangible world… and since Ziggy wanted to save the Earth from permanent destruction, he probably had worked with the Timelord who saved the Earth constantly from threats. With Ziggy's help I would be able to finally find The Doctor: this wonderful and awesome mad man in a box who would give me Jelly babies and would treat me like Third treated Sarah Jane… Hell, he might even teach me some of that Venusian Aikido. I would convince the Doctor to take me away as a companion and my first mission would be to ask him to help me find Major Tom to return him to his family. A (fan)girl can only dream… can't she?