Moving Day

Summary: A few weeks after getting engaged, Ginny moves into Harry's flat.

Looking around the flat one more time, Ginny found that most of all her belongings were packed and ready to go. Today was moving day and she was moving into Harry's flat. A move that at first didn't please Molly, but she now more accepted the idea, especially since they would be getting married in the summer.

The move itself wasn't going to be difficult as she was just moving across the hall. The furniture she had purchased was being divided into two categories, store or give to Mum and Dad. She didn't have much only a kitchen table with a few chairs, a couch and a table with an armchair and her bedroom suite. Between her schedule of practices, games, promotional tours and other things that came with being a Quidditch star, she wasn't there much and if she was home, she was with Harry, at his flat.

She had decided to move her full-size bedroom suite from her flat to her room at the Burrow, enlarging the room a little for the furniture to fit, and moving the old furniture to the attic. Her kitchen table was bigger than the one Harry had and would fit in the kitchen, while the current one would be moved down to his storage unit in the basement. George took the couch and coffee table to keep in the flat above the shop. Ron, understandably, wouldn't sit on it until Harry assured him that he and Ginny didn't shag on it. The armchair she had in her sitting room was being moved to Harry's bedroom. Correction, her and Harry'sbedroom.

The decision to move into Harry's flat came when Ginny was reviewing the Harpies schedule and a calendar. It was either move in with Harry now or wait until after the wedding. With the season winding down, Ginny felt it was a perfect opportunity to go ahead and move.

She had brought up the topic one night when she brought home Chinese and headed to Harry's flat.

"Hey babe," Ginny called into the flat, announcing her arrival. Harry came in from the bedroom, having changed out of his work clothes and into a Holyhead Harpies shirt and sweatpants, his feet were bare.

"Hi Cupcake," Harry greeted. They kissed and then headed to the kitchen. Harry got out the plates and forks, while Ginny pulled out the food.

"Sweet and sour chicken, noodles, rice, prawns…." Ginny trailed off as Harry began piling food on his plate.

Harry looked up at her, over his glasses. "I skipped lunch and haven't eaten since breakfast," he said defensively.

"I've been looking at the Harpies schedule and our calendar. If I want to move in here, I would need to do it now, or wait until after we married."

Harry paused, a prawn speared on his fork. He was thinking, Ginny could tell. The green in his eyes went darker, but not as dark as they did when someone ignited his temper or when he was angry.

"Okay, how long do you have on your lease?" Harry asked, stuffing the prawn into his mouth. Ginny poured some soda into two glasses and handed one to Harry.

"It is up in June. But I kind of hate to come home from the honeymoon and have to move my stuff in here. I was thinking, I'd move in here now, and sublet my flat."

Harry thought over what Ginny had said as he sipped on his drink. Ginny was right, it would be easier on both of them if Ginny moved in now.

"Do you know who would want to sublet your flat?"

Ginny shook her head, scooping some rice into her mouth with a spoon. "I'll talk to Caroline, she said something about needing to find another place to stay, and she could have the option to lease it when mine is up."

Harry smiled. "So, does this mean, you're moving in with me?" he asked, his smiling widening.

For the second time in her life, Ginny smiled at Harry and said, "Yes."

Ginny was packing away the pictures when she found her favorite picture of her and Harry. It was taken at the Burrow, for Harry's eighteenth birthday. She laid it in the box and continued to pack the pictures. She had just taped the box when there was a knock at the door.

"It's open!" she called.

The door opened to reveal the landlord. He was coming to check on the progress of Ginny's move.

"How's the packing?" he asked.

"It's going good, Herb. The move should be easy considering I am moving across the hall."

Herb chuckled. "It should."

Ginny's teammate Caroline was subletting the flat. There were only a few months left on the lease, after which Caroline would sign for two years.

"Good luck and in case we haven't said it earlier, congratulations on your engagement."

Ginny smiled. "Thank you," she said sincerely. The landlord left after Ginny said that she would bring him her and Harry's key to the flat later that afternoon.

Herb had left the door open since Ginny was ready to start moving boxes and furniture. Ginny crossed the hall to Harry's flat and opened the unlocked door. Harry must of have opened it for her since they decided that they all would meet at Harry's flat for breakfast since all of Ginny's things were packed.

"Harry?" she called.

"Bedroom," he called.

Ginny walked into the bedroom that she would share with Harry. She stopped at the doorway. The walls once were a cherry red were changed to a calming blue. There was a more feminine looking dresser and vanity, that wasn't there before. They looked similar to the ones from Ginny's bedroom at the Burrow, but newer and matched Harry's bedroom furniture.

Harry's head poked out of the closet where he was making room for Ginny's clothes.

"Hey babe," he greeted.

"Are you ready for today?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah, more so I could wake up with you next to me every morning." Ginny smiled and cupped the back of Harry's head, gently pushing Harry's head closer to her. She pressed her lips to hers and kissed him.

"When did you repaint in here?" she asked when they broke apart.

Harry looked around the room. "Last weekend when you went to Wales for that promotional engagement for your 'Ginny Weasley Holyhead Harpy doll. Ron helped after I bribed him with pizza."

Ginny looked around the bedroom, knowing she would sleep in here tonight. Her eyes settled on a familiar yellow and green box with her picture and the Harpies emblem on it, sitting on the table beside the red armchair.

"Gwendolyn sent you one didn't she?" She asked.

"No, I went to Quality Quidditch Supplies, elbowed my way through the crowd and paid for it myself," Harry replied, voice laced with sarcasm. "When Gwendolyn sent me a copy of your schedule, she sent a pre-order form for the doll and poster. I ordered both and paid for it."

Ginny nodded walking out to the kitchen. "Have you had breakfast?" She called over her shoulder.

"No," Harry replied, through a yawn.

Ginny began gathering eggs, sausage, and bacon to start fixing herself and Harry some breakfast. She flicked her wand at the scones that were sitting on a plate, with a scent that said they were definitely made by Molly, and send them from their place on the counter to the table.

Harry got out the jug of orange juice and a bowl of fruit out of the refrigerator.

Just as Ginny was dishing the food onto plates, the floo flared and Ron tumbled out.

"I tried to floo to Ginny's, but her floo has been disconnected."

"They disconnected to change it out from my account to Caroline's," Ginny explained, pushing Harry into a chair. "Had anything for breakfast?"

"No." Ron sat down in the chair beside Harry. He pointed to the table. "Is this staying?" Ron asked.

"No, Ginny's table and chairs are being moved over here," Harry explained around a mouthful of eggs.

Ginny sat down in the chair on the other side of Harry, across from Ron. "Where's Hermione?"

The floo flared and Hermione came through.

"Hello, Hermione, had breakfast?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah. Mum had breakfast ready when I got up and I ate with her and Dad," Hermione replied. That didn't stop her from picking up a scone from the plate and a cup of tea.

"Are you packed and ready?" she asked Ginny.

Ginny nodded, having taken a bite of the scone she picked up. She swallowed and sipped some tea before she replied.

"Yes. No point in taping the boxes as they would be coming over here to be unpacked and my clothes, I thought I would bring over in groups and piles from the closet and what's in my dresser is all in the laundry basket."

Hermione's eyebrows shot up. "You fit all of your clothes you keep in the dresser in your laundry basket?"

"I borrowed Harry's and threw some in my hamper since it was empty."

They drank the tea until it was gone and ate until there wasn't any food left. They sat in silence for a few minutes until Ron broke it when he asked. "So, where do we start?"


Hermione was helping Ginny move, the more lightweight boxes across the hall, leaving the heavier one for the boys. Since it was approaching noon, Ginny and Hermione decided to head to the sandwich shop and get something for lunch. The boys had left to deliver Ginny's kitchen table and chairs to George, and Ginny's bedroom furniture to the Burrow. They would be gone for a while.

"Harry left his car the rental place where he got the truck for the day, we'll have to walk," Ginny said as they rode the lift to the ground floor.

"Sounds fine to me." The weather was unusually warm for mid-October. Ginny could recall going to Hogsmeade this time of year with snow on the ground. As much as she loved summer, autumn was another of her favorite times of the year. It meant being at school, with her friends, and with Harry. The summer before her fifth year was the summer she couldn't wait for Harry to arrive at the Burrow.

After lengthy conversations with Dumbledore, he agreed to allow Harry to come to the Burrow, two weeks early. He had a hard time with Sirius's passing and wasn't handling it well. Ginny still to this day could recall when she returned to Gryffindor tower that evening after the Battle in the Department of Mysteries and finding Harry alone in the common room. She spent the night beside him on the couch, comforting him as he grieved. She often wondered if Harry ever broke down with Ron and Hermione as he did with her.

She still recalled the next morning. Harry's eyes were red and puffy, adding to the already dark circles that seemed to never go away.

When they went home for the summer, she hugged him extra tightly and said to owl her if he needed her.

But the memory that she would often use to do a Patronus was when Harry arrived at the Burrow. Dumbledore had brought him in the late afternoon and Ginny was sitting outside on the porch reading a book Harry got her for Christmas. When she saw him, she ran to him, book forgotten and leaped into his waiting arms.

That was the start of their relationship and on the morning of her fifteenth birthday, he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Ginny was brought back to the present with a tap on her shoulder. She turned and found Hermione looking at her.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "You kind of zoned out?"

"Yeah." Ginny nodded her head. "I'm fine."

Turning the corner, they had made to the sandwich shop. She and Harry frequently ate there on the weekends when they would go out and explore Soho. A man close to Arthur's age was leaving as Ginny approached the door. The man held the door open for Ginny and Hermione to enter.

"Thank you," the girls chorused.

Ginny approached the counter and ordered the pasta and meatball combo and a chicken sandwich with mayo and tomato for Harry. Hermione had read over the menu and had decided to get the same thing Ginny got when she saw the food. Knowing Ron would eat anything, Hermione chose the roasted ham sandwich. Before paying for their lunch, Ginny selected a bag of crisps.

Harry was currently on a sour cream and onion kick. Ginny didn't like them and made Harry brush his teeth before he kissed her after eating them. After selecting some fruit and drinks, Ginny paid for the lunch.

"What were you thinking about earlier?" Hermione asked.

"Summer before my fifth year, the start of my and Harry's relationship," Ginny replied.

Hermione smiled. "I don't think I've seen Harry happier than when he's with you."

They talked about wedding preparations and what Ginny had planned to do with her career after she was married.

"I told Harry I would play until it wasn't fun anymore. He told me he would support whatever decision I make. Even I did decide to quit and become a housewife, we'll be fine financially, between his inheritance and his pay from the Aurors."

Hermione nodded. "Word has it when Robards decides to retire, he wants Harry to take his place."

Ginny smiled. She and Harry had talked about the future one night when Ginny stayed over. She couldn't see what she would be doing other than Quidditch, but Harry, she saw him as the Head of the Auror Department.

They made it back to the flat and walked into Harry's. Ginny sat the food down and walked into her old flat. Harry was in her bedroom, picking up boxes.

"Ready for a lunch break?"

"Let me guess," Harry began. "Pasta and meatball combo for you and chicken with mayo and tomato for me?"

"Correct. I checked and there's Butterbeer in the fridge. Can you get that box in the kitchen and bring it over?"

"Sure," Harry replied, walking to the kitchen. He picked up the box and carried it, without problems, to his kitchen.

"What's in this?"

"Some kitchen things Mum gave me, pots, pans, utensils, and some groceries, I had in the cabinet."

Sitting down at the table, Ron and Hermione began to share some of the wedding planning they had started, and that was lunch was spent, discussing wedding preparations.


"Where is this going?" Ron asked, pointing to the armchair in the corner of Ginny's bedroom.

"Bedroom," Harry replied and picked up the pillow and throw that was slung on the armchair and tossed them into an open box that was filled with Ginny's personal items.

"Which one?" Ron knew the answer but wanted to make sure.

"Mine." Harry watched Ron closely, looking for a reaction like the one he saw in his head. But Ron, to his credit, merely shrugged and said something about "if it makes her happy." Together, he and Harry lifted the armchair and navigated their way out of Ginny's small flat and across the hall to Harry's.

Ron didn't comment on Harry and Ginny sharing a bed. They often slept together when they were both living at the Burrow. To the surprise of Bill and the older brothers, Ginny and Harry were allowed to sleep together. Molly had witnessed Ginny soothing Harry after a nightmare and vice versa. The deciding factor was when Molly learned that they slept better with the other nearby or with them. She allowed Harry to move in with Ginny as long as sleep was all they did.

Molly never knew that they had already had their first time while in Hogwarts right before Dumbledore passed.

"Okay, what's next?" Ron panted.

"Table, mine is being moved down to storage and Ginny's is being moved over here."

Walking into the kitchen, Ron and Harry picked up the table and carried it out of the flat.

"Will it fit on the lift?" Ron inquired.

"Yeah, that's how it got up here. Ginny's on the other we had to carry it upstairs."

Harry and Ron carried the table to the lift and rode down to the basement where the storage units where. In Harry's, there wasn't much. A box of things of his parent's that he took from the house in Godric's Hollow, Teddy's old cot and high chair that he kept at his place, a box of Teddy's old toys, and a box of books that Harry had moved with him to his flat from the Burrow.

There was room in the corner for the table and four chairs.

"Okay, we'll have to go back and get the chairs," Harry informed Ron as he locked the unit before he left.

"Great," Ron groaned.

They rode the lift upstairs to level five and returned to Harry's flat to get the chairs. Harry paused at the doorway to Ginny's old flat and called "Gin."

Ginny walked in the sitting room and found Harry at the door. "Do you have anything to move to storage?" he asked.

"No, I don't. I might have a few things later to move down there, but not right now."

"Alright, Ron and I are going to take the chairs down and we'll be back to move the table."

Once Harry and Ron were gone, Ginny moved into Harry's bedroom and began to unpack her clothes. Hermione helped her fold and hang up clothes, as Ginny put them up.

"I like the color Harry picked. It's really relaxing," Hermione commented, looking around the room.

"I like it myself."

Footsteps sounded in the hall and Harry and Ron returned. Harry stopped at the doorway of his bedroom.

"Gin, I didn't know you had this much clothes?" Her whole wardrobe covered the bed to the point that Harry didn't know what color the comforter was.

"Whose fault is that?" she retorted.

"I didn't get you all of this!" Harry argued. Ginny picked up a purple and turquoise dress that Harry had bought her last summer. "Okay, I bought that one." He sighed. "Maybe I did."

Ginny picked up a box that her toiletries and bathroom items and began to unpack them. She noticed that for the first time since she could remember Harry's bathroom was clean. The shower had been scrubbed, there were no towels on the floor and the toilet had been cleaned.

She left the bathroom after unpacking and went to her old flat to recheck she had packed everything. Harry was in her bedroom, lifting boxes to bring over to his flat.

"I think that's everything, Gin," he told her, walking towards her with the boxes in his hands.

"Here, let me take one," Ginny said, taking the box on top. Together they headed back to Harry's flat and sat the boxes down on the kitchen table.

"Knick-knacks," Hermione read on one of the boxes in Ginny's handwriting. Most of them were souvenirs from when she went away for a Quidditch game or with Harry on a holiday.

"Pride and Prejudice?" she asked when Ginny began to unpack books and place them on a bookshelf in the sitting room.

"I read it when Harry and I went to Paris, read it while we were on the plane. Of course, it was hard to read because somebody," she looked at Harry, "was sleeping on my shoulder and snoring in my ear."

Hermione chuckled while Harry blushed. Ginny got up from her kneeling position and walked in the kitchen. Harry had unpacked the kitchen items Ginny had moved over, making it easier for Ginny. She opened the refrigerator and began writing down things she needed on a pad with a pen.

"Making a list?" Harry asked her.

"Yes, we'll need to go to the store this evening." Ginny moved to the cabinet and found that Harry didn't have much left from the last meal Ginny had cooked for them. To Harry's relief, Ginny was just as a good of a cook as Molly. Some things Ginny made Harry liked better than Molly's, but he wasn't going to tell her that. He would likely be hexed.


Ron walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge, helping himself to the last Coke.

"Add that to the list," Harry told Ginny as she wrote down the things she knew she needed herself.

"Will we walk or drive?" Ginny asked.

Harry looked at the list over her shoulder. "Judging by the amount of stuff on the list, we'll drive."


Hermione and Ron left after making sure that everything was moved out of Ginny's flat or moved to their new locations, whether it was the storage unit in the basement, the flat above George's shop or the Burrow.

Harry collapsed on the couch once Ginny declared she was officially moved in and unpacked.

"What do you say about getting pizza?" Ginny asked, sitting down beside Harry.

"I would say Pizza Express or Soho Joe's?"

"Pizza Express," Ginny replied. She went to the bedroom and collected her purse and returned to the sitting room. "Ready?"

Harry got up from the couch and headed to the bedroom to collect his things. They were heading down to the main floor when Ginny dug in her purse for the keys to her old flat.

"Hello Herb," Ginny greeted when she stepped off the lift.

"Hello Ginny, Harry. What are you two up to?"

"We're out of nearly everything, so we need to go shopping." She handed the key to Herb and then turned to Harry.

"I gave mine to Hazel when I came back from taking the couch to your brother," Harry explained.

"Okay. Have a good evening," Herb called to them as they left.

"You too," Ginny returned. She approached the truck Harry had rented and hopped in the passenger side.

"Are we returning the truck?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah." Harry started the truck and merged into traffic, driving in the rush hour traffic. Soon, much to Ginny's relief, they reached the rental lot to return the truck. Harry parked the truck in its spot and turned the engine off.

"What do we need to do?" Ginny asked.

"Drop the key in the box and that's it," Harry replied, pressing the button on his keypad to unlock his car.

Ginny headed to the car, again getting in the passenger seat. Harry returned a minute later and soon they were on their way to the grocery store.


The sky was clear and the weather was perfect to sit out on the small balcony. Ginny crawled through the French door style window and out to the balcony. It was quiet on the street for this time of night and quite the opposite from the other side of the building where Ginny was previously. Harry had the view of the streets of Soho and the London skyline. Ginny's view was the building on the other side and the alley.

She settled in one of the chairs and looked up at the clear night sky, and the lights of downtown London, or what she could see from here.

Settling back in the chair, Ginny review the day's events in her head. Moving from her flat to Harry's, going grocery shopping together, and then coming home, eating pizza while watching some mad program on the TV. Ginny once considered selecting a movie or stop by the movie rental place on their way home. But when she turned the TV on, she settled back her and Harry laughed at the crazy antics the characters on the show got into.

Once the show was over, she took a shower first, relishing in a relaxing shower after a long day. She took care in dressing for bed. But Harry wouldn't care what she wore to bed. She chose a pair of her pajama bottoms and one of Harry's old Quidditch T-shirts. Harry's name, jersey number, and a C for captain were on the shirt. She realized that she bought it for him for his birthday that year. Molly added the name, the C, and the number 7.

"Isn't cold out here?"

The voice made Ginny jump, she turned to find Harry standing next to her, her dressing gown in his hand. She took it from him and slipped it on. It was a little chilly.

"I think I'm going in," Ginny decided after a while, especially when the wind got colder.

Ginny climbed through the window, reminding her of the portrait hole of Gryffindor tower.

She followed Harry into the bedroom, where she slipped off her dressing gown and toed off her slippers.

"Are you happy?" Ginny asked.

Harry paused, taking his shirt off. "What?"

"Are you happy?" Ginny repeated. She wanted to know.

Pulling his shirt over his head, Harry thought over what Ginny asked him. Truthfully, he's been the happiest he has ever been since Ginny said yes when he proposed.

"Yes, Ginny. I am," Harry replied. He pulled the cover down and climbed on the bed.

Once Harry was comfortable, Ginny snuggled up close to him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"You know I've missed waking up with you," Ginny said, breaking the silence that had ascended on them.

"I did too," Harry replied.

Ginny wrapped an arm around Harry, smiling mischievously as her fingers brushed along his side and he jerked. Harry was really ticklish, especially his sides and stomach. How he passed the Auror physical exam without laughing, Ginny didn't know.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Ginny asked.

"I don't know, I'm off for the week, so I guess we could do whatever you want to."

"May we'll discuss it in the morning."

Harry hummed in agreement. He missed having Ginny next to him in bed, even though she would stick her cold feet and hands on his warm body. She was often like a frozen popsicle when she came to bed, and often times when Harry would sleep above the covers in the hot summer months, she would snuggle under a thin blanket, wanting something over her.

Ginny looked over at Harry, noticing that he was struggling to keep his eyes open. "Maybe we should get some sleep," she said, noticing Harry's increasing yawns.

"Okay," Harry whispered. He leaned over and they kissed a few times before whispering good night. "I love you."

Ginny reached over and pushed back Harry's hair off his face. He needed a haircut soon. "I love you too."

She snuggled into Harry's embrace and soon fell asleep, dreaming about the changes in her life that were going to occur in the next few months.