Hey this is my second fanfic book. I started like the idea of Naruto having his family neglect him for being a Jinchuriki in favour for his twin, so I decided to make a story of my own.

(Kyuubi attacks like normal, but this time the Third Hokage sacrifices his life instead of the Fourth. Kushina has twins, Naruto and Naruko. Naruto becomes the Jinchuriki and the village is safe.)

~Timeskip to 5 years later~

A little blonde boy was running away from the mod of fork sticks and torches. 'Die Demon' and other various similar things were said to the boy. The boy had tanned skin with bright blonde hair. He was covered in bruises and cuts. He ran and ran as fast as he could, but there is only so much that a 5 year old could do, so they finally caught up and beat him up.

October 10 was the Kyuubi festival and as others like to call it, the fox hunt. Everyday on the little boys birthday, he would under go the same thing, not that they didn't beat him everyday, by this day was always the worst. Being the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, the boy was seen as the demon itself, in human form. This boy was the son of the Fourth Hokage and the Red Habenaro. and yet they never treated him any better then the villagers. While their son was getting beaten by the villagers, they were celebrating the daughter's fifth birthday at the festival, not aware of someone missing.

After the beating was over, the boy had enough. He didn't want to live anymore. He hated the village, his sister and especially his parents for never believing him of the villagers harassment. He took one of the kunai that were lying there and limped to the then deserted park.

"If nobody wants me, then I'll grant their wish" he said aloud. He took the kunai, and went to stab himself in the neck, only to be stopped by a girl. She was shocked that a little boy his age was thinking about committing suicide.

"What do you think your doing? Why do you want to kill yourself?" she asked. The looked at her in shock as well, he wasn't expecting anyone to be there, let alone stop him from killing himself.

"This village wants me died, don't you know, so don't stop me and leave me alone."

"Sorry, but I might be new to this village, but why do they hate you? You look like a sweet little boy who wouldn't harm anyone? Can you please tell me?" they girl pleaded.

The girl was no older than 9 years old and she had wanted to talk to him. She actually cared about him. He looked at her and started to cry. She held him, and he felt warm, something he had never felt before. So he told her about his family and the villagers, and said that he didn't know why the villagers called him a demon, while his sister was seen as a hero. He told her that he wanted them to train him along with his sister, but was always declined. He would always be locked out, and left out of everything. After he finished, he looked at the girl who was at tears due to his story. She couldn't believe that such a sweet looking boy went through so much. When he saw her tears, he only cried more.

'She crying for me. No one ever did that' he thought.

"Do you want to be friends?" he asked, hoping to have gained a friend, but looked devastated when she shook her head no, but brightened up when she said,

"No, we won't be friends, we'll be family. By the way I never got your name, my name's Miley."

"My name is Naruto Namikaze"

"Wait, Namikaze, as in the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze? Are you his son?" he nodded. She was beyond shock that the villagers would treat the leader's child like that and more that the Hokage would neglect his son for his daughter. It took a lot of persuasion rom Naruto so she wouldn't go and rile up the village.

"Well, since they hardly notice whether or not your there, why not come to my place. I'll leave a shadow clone a your house transformed as you and keep my chakra low to avoid suspicion." She looked at Naruto who was fidgeting, as if he wanted to say something.

"If you want to say something, anything for that manner, you can ask me, I am your older sister now, aren't I?"

Smiling brightly he asked, "I just wanted to ask if I could call you Nee-chan, instead of Miley" she nodded in approval then he continued, "and if you could train? Are you really strong?" he looked at her waiting for a reply.

"Bro, where I come from, everyone sees me as the strongest and of course I'd train you. Now come lets go home" he looked at her with confusion, " My home is yours now as well remember?" he nodded. then she made a shadow clone, which then transformed into Naruto and went home. She and the real Naruto shushined to her house, and what he saw was too much for a 5 year old to take in all at once.

In front of him was the most beautiful mansion that could every be created. He looked in awe as they welcomed them in the front. As they came into the huge house, some of the maids and butlers looked at the poor boy covered in bandages, and asked his sister if they should clean him up. She refused saying that she was going to do it her self, but instead ask for a bath to be ready for him as well as a set of new clothes. He didn't say a word, but was still absorbing the fact that his new older sister was super rich!

"Surprised? Don't be, like I said, this is your house as well, OK?" she said and received a nodded from a still shocked little boy. then she gathered all the maids and butlers and said,

"Now I want you all to listen to me. This is Naruto and he is now my younger brother, so I want everyone to show him respect, OK?" they nodded showing they understood, and then left. A maid came up to her and told her that her father was out and said won't be back in about a weeks time, she nodded and turned her attention to Naruto.

"Come on, I need to clean and heal you better. What I did at the park wasn't enough." she picked him up in her arms and then went to one of the rooms. As he looked inside, it was the largest room he had ever seen, but wasn't as shocked as earlier, deducing that everything in the house was big. He finally decided to ask, as she cleaned his wounds.

"Nee-chan, can you tell me more about yourself? Everyone here looks at with respect and they look sincerely happy and kind people." Now Naruto was a smart boy for his age, it just wasn't noticed by any one.

She laughed and asked, "well what do you want to know?"

"Why were you at the village even though you don't live there?"

"Well then, I guess I should tell you everything, huh? Well, first off, have you ever heard of the League of Assassins?" he shook his head 'no', then she continued, " well you see this league is a group of warriors that kill, assassinate people who the world would be better off without. My father is the leader of the league, known as Ra's al Ghul, meaning the demon's head. As his daughter, I am the Heiress to the Demon. The league is greatly feared by the five nations, and since they don't have alliance with one another, they know they can't beat the league alone. Now, when I was about three years old, my mother, known as Serena Sheen, passed away from a horrible disease. Her finally wish was for me to live in the Hidden leaf and live a normal life, that didn't involve with fights and battles. My grandfather, which you have to first promise me that you won't tell a soul-" I promise I won't tell anyone!" " well he's the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi and so he was able to pull some strings for me to get in. I lived in the village for about a year. My grandfather was so kind and I was able to meet the rest of my family. You see my father never like the way of the leaf, and even more hated shinobi so he left the village, and was declared a missing-nin. He was then exiled from the clan, not that he cared thought and so started the league. Life was going on great, until that fateful day. the nine tailed fox attack the village, so in order to safe it, he sacrificed his life by sealing it into a child, who I don't know. After that, since the village was unstable, my father brought me back, and I started to train in order to become stronger. I guess you could say I blamed myself for not saving my grandfather. And that's my story!" she looked at the who she just finished healing.

"I'm really sorry for your losses. Both your mom and granddad sounded like nice people. But why are you returning now?"

"Well to be honest, never really technically left. I'm still allowed into the village. I guess its because I wanted to get stronger on my own. I don't know if you know but the don't teach you anything useful at the academy. Your going in four years, right?"

"Yup, that when my so called parents said that I would be able to start my training, but your going to help me now, right?"

"Of course, these four years will be filed with hellish training, but sweet relaxing baths and delicious meals afterwards. Our chef cooks the best meals ever!" they both giggled and then there was a knock on the door. Miley went to answer it, as it turned out to be a maid saying that the bath was ready and handed her Naruto's new set of clothes.

"Come on, our bath is ready!" he looked at her in embarrassment, then she understood, "Don't worry, were siblings and still young. We haven't matured yet so its alright. If your not comfortable, then its OK" he shook his headed and then they took a bath, put their new clothes on, and then went to sleep in her bed. It was the first time in his life that Naruto felt safe, at peace and loved.