Its been a month since the group of six returned and they fitted in with their daily routines perfectly. The war that had threatened to occur was easily dispearsed, once word of the SS-rank group was from Konoha, so now everything was alright in the war. Naruto and Kushina had a thriving mother-son relationship. They're love for the sealing arts also helped, which was one of the reasons why Naruto chose Uzumaki as his surname. They began constructing a variety of seals, from storage seals that had limitless space to the loved anti-rape seal for all kunoichi everywhere. Kushina was glad that her son had finally accepted her and given her a chance, and she had shown it well. Naruto, despite all his denial before, loved spending time with his mother, becasue like everyone else, a mother's love is the most desired. His relationship with Minato and Naruko didnt really improve, but he could tolerate them at a civilized level. They, along with Jiraiya, kept asking him about his skills instead of his well being, which was he refused them, unlike Kushina who was genuinely worried about his well being by asking about it when he first arrived.

They were now all gathered in the Hyuuga compound, along with the rest of the Hyuugas to watch the match between Hinata and her father for the position of clan head in their clan. It was Hinata's long dream to get rid of the cage seal that the Branch families were branded, and the only way to achieve it was to become clan head. She had been training tirelessly for too long, just for this day, and there was no where in hell she was going to give up now. Not when she finally found a way to remove the seal completely.

"The match will be between Hinata Hyuuga and Hiashi Hyuuga for position of clan head." a branch member said. The branch family always liked Hinata, not only because she wanted to set them free, but because not once did she use the seal or treat them loke trash. Its why they were all secretly cheering for her to win, unlike others.

"Yeaaa! Go Hinata, thats my girl! Wipe that ugly smirk off his face!" Narito shouted.

"Grind him into the floor Hinata! Show him what your made of!" Sakura yelled.

"Beat the dude into a bloody pulp!" Miley yelled, as they continued cheering her on. The Uchiha brothers didn't cheer the same way they were, but were giving their support along with Neji. Those three seemingly frightened Hiashi, as his daughter became more and more confident and had a bloodthirsty grin on her face. This was one match he'd remember.

"Hajime!" the Branch member yelled and then stepped away.

They both went into their Hyuuga stances and battled it off. The match was fierce. Blows were traded but the entire match didnt take long. Hinata had the match in her favour, she wasn't and S-rank nin for no entire reason. The match was finally over, Hinata as the victor. Everyone cheered and congratulated her, as she received a fifteen second long kiss from Naruto, which would have been longer if Neji didnt place a wedge between him and his cousin. She then began to undo the seals of the branch family with Naruto's help of shadow clones, but made them promise that they wouldnt get revenge on the main house and try to work things out, as a family should. Just as they finished, the Hyuuga elder who-god knew where they were the entire time-just arrived saw what happened and demanded that the branch family to get their seals back. Poor them, since they didnt get the memo that Hianta was far from the shy sweet girl from when she was younger. All she did was break a nearby wall with a tap of her finger and said

"If you try to undermine my authorirty again, you'll end up like that wall, is that understood?" she said darkly. The quickly nodded and left to their quaters in full retreat. They never tried anything after that. Hiashi could only look at his daughter with pride, despite losing to her.

Sakura had her own things to do as she quickly gained recognition in the hospital. She was said to have her medical skills to rival Tsunade herself and was greatly respected by the nurses and doctors. The success rate for surgeries went extremely high due to her skills and more and more people kept asking for her to treat them. She became a well-known celebrity in a short time.

We now see Naruto, Sasuke and Miley all headed to the Hokage tower, each for a specific reason.

"So boys, hows ANBU treating you guys?" she asked. She too was once in ANBU and new about the harshness that they had to undergo, but because of who she was, she didn't have a problem, and guessed the same with them.

"ANBU is pretty alright. I thought it was gonna be hard and all, but nope, its a breeze." Naruto said

"Same here. I actually thought it was gonna be exciting, buts its really boring." Sasuke said. She sweatdropped at their antics. Leave it to them to make it look like ANBU was a joke.

"Well, I'm going over to see whose on my team. I already now I have Hanabi, but I sorta wish that I get my little cousin too."

"You mean Konohamaru?" Sasuke said.

"Yup! I am not going to leave my cousin at the hands of that closet pervert." she said with a fiery determination. Everyone knew about Ebisu and how she beat him up once when he insulted her by telling Konohamaru that he shouldn't hang out with her if he wanted to become Hokage. The sad guy though that she wouldn't lay a finger on an 'elite' shinobi. Guess he never got the memo since she beat him to a death like state. They arrived at the Hokage tower and was met with Tsunade, Kushina, Jiraiya, Minato, Naruko, Hinata, Sakura, Itachi, Mikoto-basically everyone who was at the dinner party.

"Umm, isn't the room a bit too small for all these people?" Miley said.

"Thank you so much for stating the obvious." Naruto said sarcastically.

"Why thank you." she smiled.

"Your right, lets go into the conference room next door." Tsunade said and they shuffled themselves inside the bigger room.

"Much better." Sasuke mummbled.

"Agreed." Hiashi said.

"Anyways, I called you all here because Naruko here wants to have a friendly spar with one of you, specifically you Miley." Tsunade said, feeling guilty that she allowed this knowing the poor girl was going to be creamed.

"Are you seriously?" Miley asked a bit shocked of the request.

"Why are you scared?" Naruko taunted.

"I was just wondering if you had a death die from humiliation." Some people snickered at her comment, which angered the girl more.

"I trained for the past three years to get my brother back from you and I wont back down just yet!"

"Did I miss something?" Itachi whispered to Sasuke and Naruto.

"Apparently Naruko has it in her mind that Miley used her kekkei genkai to somehow brain wash Naruto into hating her and her family." Sasuke whispered back.

"Her kekkei genkai cant even do that."

"Try telling that to a derange maniac that is hell bent on proving that wrong." Naruto whispered back.

"Miley, for the sake of not giving me any more headaches, please just battle the girl out in a training ground." Tsunade begged.

"I don't want to sound rude, but was there a reason as to why we were called, besides the spoiled girl's tantrums?" Fugaku asked. He had bettering things to do then being here.

"And to think he was smiling a month ago." Miley said shaking her head mockingly.

"Such a shame." Sakura said. Said man just looked at them and scowled.

"Your just proving their point dear." Mikoto said trying to calm her husband down.

"Anyways, yes there is a reason as to why all of you are here. I received a letter from the Fire Daimyo and he requested the six of you to be apart of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve!" Tsunade said excitedly. There was complete silence as they absorbed the information and then Jiraiya spoke up

"What about Naruko?"

"Sorry, it just had their names on it, so I wanted you guys to make a decision now so I could send the letter. He needs a reply immediately." There was silence again.

"Miley is not going." They all looked at the person who said it, who turned out to be Itachi with a stoic and yet determine face.

"Umm...okaaaayy" she said awkwardly not really paying attention, and then understanding what just happened she yelled, "Wait what!? Why the hell cant I?"

"You promise some children that you would train them and if you did go then you would be breaking it."

"Hmm, guess your right, huh? You going? I wouldn't mind." she smiled.

"Well, it would be an honour, but the duty is for a three year term."

"Well, I could always teleport to where you are, it wont be a problem. Besides, even when you return, I'll still be better than you." she stuck out her tongue childishly. He knew she knew that he really wanted to go. Being apart of the Daimyo's royal guards was the highest attainable honour a shinobi could gain.

"Alright then, I guess I'm in." he said and kissed her forehead.

"Well, I'm game, you?" Naruto asked.

"Maybe it'll be more fun than ANBU? Yeah, I guess I'm in." Sasuke said.

"Be careful alright sochi?" Kushina said as she hugged her son, which he returned and smiled.

"Dont worry, I'll be alright." This surprised a lot of the people inside the room, since they knew that their relationship was being repaired, except for a few.

"Alright, three are going and one declined. What about you girls?" Tsunade asked.

"Well I'm just starting in the hospital and I'm more for a medical nin than combat, so I decline." Sakura said

"I just became clan head and there are things I need to dissolve and patch up. I decline as well." Hinata said. Tsunade nodded and wrote down a letter immediately and sent it.

"Alright then, we'll be moving to a training ground for the match between Naruko and Miley."

"Which one?" Miley said, wanting to get it over with already.

"Hmm, training ground number seven is free." and before she could say something else, Miley shushined out.

"So Itachi, mind telling us the real reason as to why you don't want Miley to go, hmmm?" Mikoto said with a smug look.

"Whatever do you mean, dear mother?" he said and then shushined out. Once he was gone, Naruto and Sasuke began to laugh uncontrollably.

"You boys know?" Hitomi asked. They nodded as they tried to straighten themselves up.

"Please do enlighten us." Jiraiya asked sarcastically, getting a glare from everyone in the room.

"Hiro." was all Sasuke said and then Hinata and Sakura began laughing.

"I really want to know what's so funny now." Minato said.

"Well, you see the Fire Daimyo has a grandson named Hiro. We meet him while we were travelling and he took an...interest in Miley." Sasuke said as he laughed again. Now understanding, the entire room erupted into laughter.

"Itachi Uchiha, jealous?" Sakura's mom snickered.

"Not only that, but he almost used Amaterasu on the guy after he tried seducing her." Naruto said.

"Sad part is, Miley didn't know about the advances and shrugged it off as something Itachi was going paranoid over." Hinata said.

"Poor guy is really afraid of Itachi, which made him feel a bit satisfied." Sakura said

"I don't think he'll ever be satisfied as long as he's alive." Sasuke said.

"Enough chit chat, we have a match to go to. I think we left those two love birds alone for enough now." Tsunade said as they all made themselves to the training ground.

Match began almost immediately and ended a second later. Those who knew Miley, weren't shocked, but those who underestimated her-Minato and Jiraiya-were in complete shock. One minute they hear begin and the next second they see Naruto on the floor unconscious. Fakuga was drooling over the power she could bring to the clan when she married Itachi, but all those thoughts were erased when he saw his eldest looking at him EMS blazing and spinning at him with a furious expression, as if he had read his mind, (Itachi and Sasuke switched eyes during the three years). Mikoto was giving him an evil glare as well, so he decided that Miley was off limits completely.

"Alright then, now that this foolish thing is over, I need to know who my students are Tsunade." Miley said.

"Right, lets go back and talk inside the office. You three *looks at the boys* have only today, you leave tomorrow." and off they went. Each family went their own way until all that was left was Naruto, Kushina, Jiraiya and a now conscious Naruko.

"Well, I better go pack." Naruto said and decided to leave, but was stopped

"Naru-nii, please wait!" Naruko started. She knew she couldn't win, but she had to get her brother back, "Please give us a chance, you gave kaa-san one, why cant you give us!?" The other two were also wondering the same thing. Why was Kushina accepted so easily and not them?

"Let me ask you something Naruko and this goes for the both of you as well." he was talking to Minato and Jiraiya, "when I came back, what did you ask me about?" they looked at him in confusion

"If you got strong and how strong you were. We wanted to know." Jiraiya said, not understanding what the problem was, but Kushina knew and she was furious!

"Are you trying to tell me the first things that came out of your mouths was about his skills!?" she yelled.

"Kushina, what the matter? We were only curious!" Minato said

"Haven't you asked him once of how he was?! He was gone, on the road for three years! Weren't you people worried if he ran into trouble, or if he got hurt!" This somewhat surprised Naruto as he didn't think that his kaa-san would come to his defense. He knew right then that he made the correct choice in forgiving her. The other three, however, just realized how screwed they were. They didn't once consider his well being and were only after his skills!

"C-Come on Kushina. He was obvious alright!" Bad move Jiraiya, bad move.

"Oh? Why don't you be so kind and tell me how you knew, considering that you dont know anything about him and didn't even bother to ask!" Kushina said sarcastically, but her hair said otherwise. They didnt know what to say, since they couldnt really SAY anything!.

"Well that was pretty much what I was going to say, so if you dont have a reply,then foget it." Naruro said as he tirned to leave again. "are you going to come over tonight?"

"Why dont we go now!" she said as she sling her hand with his, "since your going to be leaving, then we need to do some shopping!" she yelled as she dragged him towards the market. He could only groan at the torture he might go through.

Uchiha District

"So Itachi" Mikoto began as they began the last family dinner they would have in three years, "I heard Hiro was going to-"

"Mother I would advise you to not finish that sentence." he said

"Awww, but Itachi your jeal-" she was cut off when she saw her eldest looking at her as he switched from the standard sharingan to the EMS.

"What was that dear mother?" he said smiling as he stab the piece of meat on his plate, daring her to say the word. She shut up, frightened by her eldest, hell even Fugaku, who also wanted to say a jab, clamed up immediately.

Next Day

Naruto had just woken up. His body ached all over. Why you ask? Because he was out shopping with his shopping addict mother, who dragged him everywhere. He got up, dressed and freashened up and then went downstairs and saw Miley, Tsunade and Shizune eating breakfast.

"Luck you woke up now, your breakfast is right here." Miley said as she pointed to a plate of food beside her.

"Thanks" he said and began eating as the others continued.

"So you excited for today?" Shizune asked.

"Yeah. Being apart of the royal guards is actually a great honour." Naruto said.

"You got that right. In our entire village, I only know Asuma who actually accepted it." Tsunade said.

"Yeah, the others just decline, although there arent that match to begin with." Miley said. They continued to talk until their breakfast was gone and they headed out to the gates.

"Say Miley, whose apart of your team?" Naruto asked as they walked towards the gate.

"This year is actually lucky you see. There were unequal amounts of students so I get four. Konohamaru and his two friends, along with Hanabi! Isnt that great!?" she exclaimed.

"Yeah it sure is." he said. Looking at her he said, "I'm going to miss you the most Miley." he said softly. Ever since the day they met, he had never once separated from her, and now he was doing just that. Looking back into his life, he couldnt really think of his life where she wasnt in it. It was becasue of her that he was who he was. He threw away his life, but she picked it up for him and helped him start anew, like a toddler learning how to walk again, she was always there for him whenever he needed her.

"I'll miss you too bro. But dont worry,we'll see one another again." she too had similar thoughts. She remebered seeing a little boy who didnt want to live anymore. A boy tortured and hated for something he had no control over. A boy who was consumed by hate and anger, and now look at where he stood. Now she saw a strong boy, her brother, who was willing to forgive those who wronged him-well not all of them.

Sasuke and Itachi, along with everyone who was at the office yesterday were all their, except Hiashi, who didnt see the need to come. Sakura was good bye to Sasuke, Hinata to Naruto and Miley to Itachi. Family members were also saying their goodbyes, althought Minato and Naruko werent getting any luck.

"Alright guys, I think we should get going now. We want to be there by evening." Itachi said. Sasuke came by his side and Kushina gave Naruto a hug.

"Please be save okay sochi? Say that you'll be fine and come back."

"I promise I'll come back. I promise...kaa-san." he finally said as he gave her a tight hug. Kushina and the others around her that heard it couldnt believe what they heard. Kushina looked at his smiling face, trying to hold back her choking tears.

"I'll be back soon kaa-san." he said again. She cried and cried and sobed into his shoulder as she couldnt say anything at all. He had said the one word that she had always wanted him to say. A tittle that she didnt think that he would ever say to her, because she knew that she didnt deserve it. But her son, her babay boy have fully forgave her and it didnt matter to her now that she was a sobbing mess, she was just too happy to say anything against it. So she kept repeating 'Thank you' over and over once she found her voice. Naruto looked at both Minato and Naruko, and gave them a small smile. It was small, but it was a smile and their son/brother had it directed to them. Without thinking, they ran over to them and engulfed them into a group hug. He stiffened a bit, but then relaxed. After a while they broke away.

"Kaa-san, when I come back, lets see who'll be the better sealmaster, okay?"

"I wont lose to you!" she said smirking as she dried of her tears.

"Take care of her, okay?" he said to both Minato and Naruko,to which they nodded.

"Stay safe nii-san/sochi." they said together and he gave them a nod.

"See you guys in three years!" Miley yelled as the boys had finnally departed out the gate. With one last wave they were gone.

"Well, it was nice and all, but I need to go finished the bane of all Kage." Tsunade said as she left and soon everyone followed suit except Miley who just stood there.

'I guess this is the beginning of our new lives huh'


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