Three Months

It had been three months since Patrick and Emma left Port Charles and Sam was still coping with the fact her future had left and her past was back. Jason had yet to regain his memories and he still didn't feel like her husband. She wasn't in love with him but it still hurt to look in his eyes and not see any recognition of the man who used to love her, the man who she made her beautiful son with and planned a life with. She only really saw him when he came to pick up Danny and she tried to keep the meetings short, it hurt too much.

Sam had moved in with her parents, it was a new home, void of any bad memories, or plans for the future. She loved the home she shared with Patrick; it was a great place for Danny to grow up. He had plenty of space in the back yard to run around and ride his motorized toy SUV. Patrick had offered to sell the house to Sam but she couldn't bear to live in that home without him and Emma. Sam couldn't move back into the Penthouse either, too many memories of the man she shared a life with. It was worse now than when she thought he was dead because before his body might have been gone but she could still feel his spirit. Now, his body was walking around town but she couldn't feel his spirit anymore. It was different. Sam sold the Penthouse back to Jason after he broke up with Elizabeth.

Alexis offered for Sam and Danny to live at the lake house, temporarily until they could find another place suitable for them. As much as Sam adored her family she was reluctant as they also drove her crazy. She had enough of the animosity between her baby sister and father when they were all cramped in the PH. Her mother had told her that things were getting better between them and there was a lot more space now for everyone to spread out. She was also faced with having Olivia to deal with when she brought Leo over. Sam had never had much contact with the woman before but since finding out about her lie concerning her baby brother she felt some resentment towards her. Sam knew all too well the devastation of having your child taken from you and believed to be dead. Olivia seemed to have no boundaries and Sam had also had more than enough experience with women like that. However, she did truly relish the opportunity to be around her baby brother. Sam knew her mother had ulterior motives to offering her a room, if Alexis could have her way she would barricade herself and her daughters in that house for the rest of their lives. Sam had to convince herself that it would only be temporary, very temporary until she could find a home for her and her son.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" the precious sound of her son's voice drew Sam out of her thoughts. She often found herself contemplating life and how crazy things had gotten, as did her son.

"Hi baby, did you have a nice nap?" Sam leaned over to scoop her son up onto the couch.

"Yes, you're sad." It wasn't a question and Sam marveled at her son's ability to perceive her emotions.

"A little, but you always make me feel better" Sam gathered her son and hugged him tightly. He was her one constant. He kept her going every day, motivated her to get up and no matter how confused or sad she got, she could always count on him to lift her spirit. At times she felt guilty about her dependence on her son, it was supposed to be the other way around; and it was. They depended on each other.

"but you still get sad mommy…" "I know…" Sam forced a smile for his sake "…but I'm never too sad for Danny kisses!" Sam began to kiss Danny's face all over as he giggled and tried to protect his face.

"Nooo mommy" Danny protested. "Yeesss, I got you!" Sam laughed as she roughed her hands through his hair.

"When is Daddy and Emma coming home?" And there it was. Sam knew it was coming and she tried to deflect it but Danny always came back to it.

Sam stared into her son's dark eyes, one of the few features on him she could see herself in. His seemed to be more intimidating though. She might even be intimidated by his piercing eyes if she hadn't given birth to them. "We talked about this, remember sweetie? Patrick and Emma had to move away so Patrick could help people that really need him. He's the best doctor and he wanted to help more patients."

"but I miss them and you do too" Sam's heart broke. "I know baby" Danny laid his head on her chest and she ran her hands through his hair. Sam was at a loss. She hated Patrick and loved him at the same time, blamed him yet understood why left. It had been five months since she found out about Jason and she was still as confused as she was that day. It physically hurt her to see Jason but she also needed Patrick and Emma in her life. She missed that little girl beyond words. It wasn't fair to Patrick or Emma to be with them while still so emotionally confused.

Sam had no way of contacting Patrick. They didn't leave on good terms. Shortly after deciding they shouldn't be together while she was not 100% emotionally sure of what she wanted, he was offered a job opportunity in Germany to help soldiers who suffered head injuries. He decided he couldn't wait for her to figure out what she wanted and she knew it wasn't fair to ask him to. He stayed in town long enough to settle things with Robin and Sam got the sense she wanted more. Sam was taken by surprise at the announcement of their departure. The day Patrick left he picked Danny up from preschool and dropped him by the house. He wanted to say bye to Danny and gave him a little chain to wear and remember him by any time he missed him. He also gave him a watch and set the time to the European time zone. Patrick told Danny he could always look at the watch to know if it was night time or daytime in Germany; if he was sleeping or awake thinking about him. Sam got a chance to say bye to Emma which was extremely painful. Sam was trying to stay strong for Emma but was unable to keep her composure when Emma broke down in her arms. Patrick didn't have a contact number for her at the time and part of her wondered if that was a form of payback, to hurt her. Now, three months later and she was almost certain of it or maybe he was still in too much pain. Sam knew she could've used her PI skills and Spinelli's cyber skills to track him down but that wouldn't be fair. Then again, it wasn't fair to her to keep her in limbo either. She just wanted to know that they were okay.

Sam was pulled from her thoughts, again, this time by the doorbell. She looked at the time, "Shit. Jason." "That's your dad sweetheart, where are your shoes?" Sam asked as she scooted Danny off of her in an effort to get the door. Sam had completely lost track of time and forgot Jason was coming by to pick Danny up.

"I don't wanna go." Sam turned back to see her son's wrinkled brow. "Why not? You love hanging out with your dad." Danny shrugged his shoulders and started playing with the toy cars in front of him as Sam answered the door.

"Hi Jason. Come in, I'm so sorry I lost track of time, just give me five minutes to pack his bag." Jason stepped into the lake house, trying to rack his brain to remember if this was the first time he had been invited in past the threshold.

"It's okay, thanks…. Hey buddy!"

Sam walked back to Danny's room to pack his bag.

"Whatcha got there?" Jason walked over to his son. "Race cars. Look how fast they go!" Danny rolled one of the cars as hard as he could off the coffee table and giggled as it crashed into the fireplace before hitting the ground. "Whoa! That's super-fast!" Jason smiled at his son's easy amusement.

"Okay, I think that's everything." Sam came back into the room with her son's Spiderman book bag packed and his tennis shoes. "Come put on your shoes Danny."

"I should have him back by 3pm tomorrow." Jason stood up and walked back towards the door. He felt his presence in the living room was an intrusion of her space.

"Okay, are you picking up Jake?"

"Yes, that's my next stop" Jason shifted uncomfortably in his spot.

"Look, whatever you do in your spare time in none of my business but I don't want my son near her for extended periods of time. So if you ever intend to be there longer than the 5 minutes it takes to ring the doorbell and Jake to come out, let me know. I'll just drop Danny off."

"Sam, she wouldn't…"

Sam turned away and cut him off, "Danny, come here let me put your shoes on."

"Can I stay here wif you? I don't wanna" Danny looked up at his mother, eyes wide. All the intensity that was in his eyes before was gone. "What's wrong baby?" Sam bent down to get to her son's eye level.

"I just wanna stay wif you, plwease?" Danny begged.

"But if you stay here you're gonna miss all of the fun you're gonna have with your dad and brother"

"Yeah buddy, it's gonna be so much fun, we can race cars and build forts and stay up all night." Jason looked at Sam, "ahem" he cleared his throat "... Reasonably late, of course."

Danny stared at the toy car in his hand. "Hey look at me sweetie, can we make a deal? You go with your dad and if you still want to come home at bed time I will come and get you? What do you say?"

Danny looked up from the toy car to his mother's face slowly, "Okay" he whispered.

"Alright." Sam kissed him on the cheek and assisted him with putting on his shoes. Sam walked Danny to the door and bent down to give him a hug and kiss. "Come here Junebug, love you!" "Luh you mommy!"

"We have a deal right?' Danny nodded. "Okay, stay with your dad and be good."

Sam stood to meet Jason's gaze "You're good."

Sam nodded, "Thank you, let me know if you need me to pick him up."

"Okay." Jason turned to walk out the door with Danny leading them to the car.

"Hey Jason…." Jason turned to look back at Sam, "Don't ever tell me what she wouldn't do." Sam closed the door and with that Jason thought it best to stay on Sam's good side.