Title: A World Named Avalon.

Author: Tessa Vermeulen

Summary: What is that place they call Avalon? And in what way are the explorers of the Challenger expedition tied to it?

Spoilers: The Lost World episodes The Adventure Begins, Out of Time, Legacy and Trapped. The movie The Mists of Avalon as well as the novels about Avalon of Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Author's notes: Two weeks ago, I have seen the movie The Mists of Avalon bases on the novel of Marion Zimmer Bradley. The story I was writing at the time wasn't of my liking when I reread it, so I completely rewrote it. Always have been interested by the tales about King Arthur and Avalon. And now the writers have used Avalon in the show it gave me a good excuse to think of what could happened. So below is the result and Heart of the Storm never happened ;-).

Thank Yous: For 'Mum' and Gabby for helping me out with the story, spelling and grammar. Your help is really appreciated.

It was the middle of the night, the whole jungle was sound asleep. No sound could be heard. It actually was kind of eerie. Never before it has been so silent here, Marguerite Krux thought. Miss Krux was completely awake, thinking about today. It had been a day filled with arguments, not only the normal bickering between her and Lord Roxton, but also between her and the other occupants of the treehouse.

"Well, this isn't making me sleep. Perhaps a glass of water will help." Marguerite muttered to herself. She slowly made her way up to the kitchen. When she finally got there she quickly lit a candle to see what she was doing. She turned around and screamed.

"Roxton! What are you doing here? You scared me to death!" Marguerite's angry voice filled the quiet jungle.

"We all live here, Marguerite."

"It's just ... I didn't expect you to be here." She added softer. "I thought you had gone with the rest on their plant gathering. Away from my moodiness, away from me."

Roxton had to do his best to hear her last words and when they finally sank in his eyes widened. "Do you really believe I would leave you behind?" he asked softly.

"You did said you would get out of that cave 'with or without me'. "

Roxton immediately knew what Marguerite was talking about. Several months ago they had been trapped in a cave. He had gotten angry, because he couldn't get them out of there and he had lashed out at Marguerite. Saying things he didn't mean, things he would regret for the rest of his life. While still being trapped, he had said he was sorry. He would give his last breath for her. Something he still would do. But what was it again, she said? He tried to remember her exact words. 'I don't give about your temper. I won't forget those things that you've said'. Those were her words. Roxton remembered the pained look on her face after he said those words.

Marguerite looked at Roxton, wondering what he was thinking about. He's probably thinking he'd better joined the others.

Roxton looked up at Marguerite. "What did you just say?" Marguerite cursed under her breath. She couldn't believe she had said it aloud.

"Why do you think I would rather go on a plant gathering with Challenger, Veronica and Finn while you are here? Okay, a bit moody today, but most of the time you are really enjoyable company." He teased.

That did it. Marguerite's head jerked up and her raging eyes met his teasing ones. "If you think you can continue picking on me, you are wrong Lord Roxton!" Marguerite turned on her heel and stomped of to her room.

"Marguerite! I was only teasing you! I'm sorry!." But there was no response. Roxton sighed and made his way to her room. Without knocking he walked in.

"Marguerite, I said I was sorry!" He looked at her and the last thing he saw and heard was Maruerite's eyes widen and screaming his name before his world went black.


"Where are they?" Veronica Layton sighed in frustration. "They can't disappear into thin air!"

Challenger, Finn and Veronica had come home early that morning. They had gathered all the plants they needed. After they had taken the elevator up and walked into the living room, they had found a complete mess. Finn went to the sleeping quarters to see if Marguerite and Roxton were there, but their rooms were empty.

"I think we better start searching for them. Something must had happened." Challenger said unnecessisairily, for Finn and Veronica were already on their way. Challenger quickly followed.

When they started searching for clues, Finn noticed the footprints first. After a closer look, they knew one pair of them belonged to Marguerite, and none to Roxton. Then to whom do the other footprints belong? They all wondered.

The three explorers simply followed the footprints, hoping they would eventually lead to Roxton and Marguerite.

"Vee, have you noticed how quiet it is? We haven't stumbled upon any raptors yet." Finn said just as two raptors jumped out of the bushes. Finn stood ready with her crossbow, while Veronica had pulled her knife and Challenger aimed his rifle. All three were ready for the confrontation, but it never came. The two raptors never even noticed them and ran further into the jungle.

"Geez." Finn couldn't hide her disappointment for not being able to have some 'fun' as she called it.

"Be glad young lady," Challenger said. "Raptors are very unpredictable lately." Challenger had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Oh no you don't! Not now! First we have to find Roxton and Marguerite!" Veronica said, knowing exactly what the professor was thinking.

"What? Oh, of course, Marguerite and Roxton first." But in the meantime Challenger planned it all out. He totally lost track of time and his surroundings. He didn't see that Veronica and Finn had stopped and he bumped into Finn.

"Watch out! Where were you? Geez!"

"Enough Finn!" Veronica warned.

Challenger looked from Veronica to Finn. Those two could have been sisters, the way they bicker. "Euhm ... why did you stop so suddenly?" he griped.

"Oh brother!" Finn murmered, which didn't go unnoticed by Veronica.

"If you wouldn't have been forming some plan in your head, you would have noticed that we are now standing at the bank of a lake and that the footprints end here.

"You don't suppose they crossed the lake, do you?" Challenger and Finn asked in unison.

"There is no other explanation. The footprints stopped right here. They must have crossed it." Veronica said.

"I wonder what is on the other side. The mists make it impossible to see." Finn murmered.

"That's something I would like to know as well." Challenger said.

"Don't just stand there! Help me get this dingy into the water!" Veronica said with a grin. "We are going to find out what's on the other side."


"John, John, wake up." Marguerite's voice trembled. Roxton slowly regained consciousness. When he was fully awake he became aware of their surroundings: a small, filthy cell with only one bed.

"What happened, where are we?"

Marguerite filled him in on what had happened last night. After Roxton had been hit, their captors had dragged him out of the treehouse. Marguerite had to walk with them, or otherwise, they would leave Roxton for the 'beasts' and kill her instantly. She silently walked, not feeling very comfortable between all those men in shrouds. Unconsiously it reminded her of something, but she had a hard time remembering it.

Roxton listened to her, not interupting her once. After she had finished, he said: "Men in shrouds? Now that reminds me of something too. Only ..."

Roxton immediately stopped, the men in shrouds walked into the cell. Followed by a woman. Both, Roxton and Marguerite were perplexed. Roxton softly whispered into Marguerite's ear if she was seeing what he was seeing. She nodded and replied that he was not seeing double because of that blow on his head.

The woman stood still, giving Roxton an icy glare for only a second. Her attentioned focused on Marguerite. "So it is true ..." The woman spoke in her native tongue. "My ancestor has arisen." The men in shrouds walked to Roxton and Marguerite. This made Roxton move protectedly in front of Marguerite, who was too flabbergasted to say a word. The woman noticed this and told him in perfect English they were not in any danger and that she only wanted to look at the woman's shoulder.

"Why would you want to do that?"Roxton asked, not completely trusting the woman.

"Sir, I know you are her protector, but this is simply unnecessary."

The words sank in by Marguerite. "He? My protector? What are you talking about? Listen missy, I don't know what is going on here, but I demand you release us immediately!"

"My dear Marguerite, no need to be hostile to the High Prietess. Not after Veronica took you all in to our home three years ago." Every one in the cell looked at the woman who had entered. Roxton and Marguerite vaguely recognized the woman. "How rude I am," she spoke. "I have you two at a disadvantage. I'm Abigail Layton, protector of the plateau, and Veronica's mother."

Roxton walked towards Abigail Layton and introduced himself as well as Marguerite. Abigail smiled while saying she knew who they were. All of them. It was hard not to know them, for Veronica sent images of them to Abigail in her dreams.

"If you are Veronica's mother, than who is she?" Marguerite asked. "You were talking about a High Priestess."

"Oh, yes. This is Morgaine. She is the High Priestess of Avalon. Also known as the Lady of the Lake."

Morgaine walked to Marguerite and said to the protector: "Abigail, she is the one."

Abigail Layton paled. "Are you sure? Morgaine nodded. Abigail turned around to one of the men and told him to get Bochra. The man quickly followed his mistress orders.

"Bochra?" Marguerite's voice sounded softly. Suddenly all the memories of two years ago come back. How she, Malone and Roxton were captured by druids. How they had laid her on an altar to get sacrificed. How they had noticed her birthmark and all bowed for her. She looked at Roxton and saw he too remembered those events after Bochra's name was mentioned.

"You remember, don't you?" Morgaine asked. Marguerite knew lying wasn't useful, so she merely nodded her head.

"Your ancestor," she asked, "I pressume that is Morrighan?"

Morgaine nodded. "Yes, I'm named after her. I'm just like her. Morrighan also was the High Priestess of Avalon. She was King Arthur's half sister and was named many names, including mine." Morgaine couldn't tell more.

Bochra had walked in the cell, straight to Marguerite. "My dear, it's so good to see you again."

Marguerite felt really uncomfortable and Roxton saw it. Though he was not the only one. Abigail Layton had seen it as well. She suggested, they all should go to the dining area for dinner. It was a better place to talk than in the cell and she was sure Roxton and Marguerite were hungry.


"When will we get to shore?" Finn whined. "This is taking so long."

Veronica and Challenger rowed the dingy further. Finn was right, it really is taking a long time for us to get to shore, let alone see it. Veronica thought.

"Finn can you take over for a while? I want to take a look at what lies in front of us."

Finn quickly moved to Veronica's seat, while Veronica tried to catch her balance in the moving dingy. Finn had just sat herself down or the mists cleared, leaving a path for them to follow. "Keep rowing!" Veronica said. "I see land."

That was something she didn't have to say, for Challenger and Finn had seen the mists clear away, leaving that path. "How on earth is that possible?" Finn said.

"Well," Challenger began. Finn and Veronica simply let him tell his theory on the disappearing of the mists. They were glad the mists cleared away, so they could get to shore, and continue the search for Roxton and Marguerite.

Now that the mists were cleared, it didn't take much time to reach shore. Challenger, Veronica and Finn stepped out of the dingy and walked on the little beach. When they turned around to look at the lake, they saw that the mists had come back.

They didn't have much time to think about it for Finn had found the footprints. "These belong to Marguerite, Vee. I'm sure of it."

Veronica took a look at the footprints and Marguerite's were indeed among them. She praised the girl form the future. Finn started glowing at the compliment Veronica gave her. Quickly the three of them started following the footprints, hoping Marguerite and Roxton would be alright.

Soon the path became steeper and it became harder to walk. Though Challenger, Veronica and Finn never stopped once. After half an hour they reached the top of the mountain they had been climbing and they stood still in amazement. In front of them they saw a castle, at least that was what it looked like. They were passed by men in shrouds and women in long dresses.

"That looks like a castle, but seeing these people, I start doubting if it's a castle or a cloister." Finn whispered.

"It sure does like a cloister to me" Challenger whispered back. "Look at those people, they are certainly dressed simple."

"I don't like this." Veronica also whispered. "I don't like this at all. Why are we all whispering? I don't get it. There is something very strange about this place, though I really feel at home here. Like I have been here before."

The three of them didn't noticed the people standing behind them, until one of the men spoke. He asked what they were doing here, how on earth they had found this place. The explorers tried to explain it to the man, but he wouldn't listen. He said they could save their excuses for their High Priestess, hoping she would fall for them, because he surely wouldn't and that they have to follow him if they wanted to stay alive.


Abigail Layton, Morgaine, Bochra and Roxton and Marguerite were sitting at a nicely decorated table, enjoying their meal. None of them spoke, simple enjoying the peace and quiet which was a normal thing in Avalon.

After they had finished their meal, the silence had to be broken. Abigail knew their guests had questions and she, Bochra and Morgaine had to give the answers. But it seemed very hard for anyone to begin. Finally Marguerite found the nerve to start the unevitable conversation.

"Dinner was delicious." Roxton nodded his agreement. Abigail was pleased to know they had enjoyed their meal. After all they hadn't eaten since last evening.

"What I want to know is why we are here." Marguerite blurted out.

Abigail and Morgaine looked from each other to Roxton and Marguerite and than back at each other. Finally, which seemed like an eternity, Morgaine answered the question. She told them, their druids had seen them walking while being on a trip to the inland sea. They had followed them back home, so they would know where to find them if they were needed.

"Abigail didn't know about it, or she would have told me it was her home."

"I think I don't want to know for what we would be needed." Marguerite whispered to Roxon. Roxton gave her a reassuring smile, letting her know he would never let anything happen to her.

"Morgaine, you said Marguerite was the one and after that," Roxton turned his attention to Abigail, "you sent one of the druids for Bochra."

Abigail knew what Roxton wanted to know. She looked from Roxton to Marguerite and back. Are they ready to hear this? I know the first time they heard Marguerite was a Chosen One they didn't believe it. Abigail didn't got a chance to think further about whether they were ready for that thruth nor did she had a chance to tell it. The door opened and a group of druids walked into the dining room. In the middle of that group walked Challenger, Finn and Veronica. Abigail stood up demanding an explantion for disturbing them. However, Veronica had other plans. She had seen Marguerite and Roxotn sitting at the table.

"Roxton? Marguerite? Are you alright?"

"Of course, could have known it." Finn said. "Vee, don't you see they are perfectly fine? We are trying our very best to find them, after they left the living room in a mess, while they are sitting here," Finn looked around, "in a beautiful room, having a delicious dinner at the looks like it."

Marguerite stood up and walked towards the group of druids. They strode away when she got too close. They knew she was the one and they didn't want her as an enemy. Marguerite now stood in front of Finn. "Dinner was indeed delicious." She grinned.

Finn looked from Challenger to Veronica to Roxton. "She has lost it, she has totally lost it."

Morgaine had listened to the young woman and what she heard she didn't like at all. She now stood beside Marguerite and with the same intonation as Marguerite had spoken to her, she spoke to Finn. "Listen young lady. You can show a bit more respect for the Chosen One!"

"Chosen One? She?" Finn burst out laughing. "She's a Chosen One? For what? Reading thousands of languages?" Morgaine didn't like where this was going, but she answered Finn which silenced her.

"That is one of the reasons, yes! Besides showing respect to Marguerite, you can also show some respect to me!"

"Yeah? And who are you? Oh, wait, let me guess. If Marguerite is the Chosen One, that would make you the Lady of the Lake." After saying that Finn burst out laughing once again. She had grown up with those stories, about the Chosen One, the Lady of the Lake and the Protector. That was why she was so sceptical about Veronica knowing for sure her mother was the Proctector of the plateau.

Roxton had walked to Marguerite, knowing that she would be outraged of being made fun of. However when he came closer her saw that Marguerite was completely calm. Morgaine was the one who was getting angrier by the second. Abigail had seen it too. "That's enough Finn!"

Hearing her name spoken by an unfamilair voice, Finn looked up completely in silence. Vaguely she recognized the woman who was walking towards them. She looked at Veronica, and saw that her best friend had paled. Though not liking the fact she was silenced by a stranger she retorted: "Says who?"

"Says the Protector of the plateau." Everyone looked up, turning towards Abigail Layton.

"M... mo... mother?" Veronica's voice trembled.

"Yes, darling, it's me." Veronica rushed towards her mother, who held her close.

"That means you really are the Lady of the Lake." Finn stated. Morgaine nodded.

Challenger hadn't spoken at all, during the things that happened. He walked towards Roxton and Marguerite, telling them how happy he was they were all right.

"Let's sit down, shall we." He said to Finn, Marguerite, Roxton and Morgaine. Bochra still sat on his seat. Veronica and her mother joined them as well.

"Well, let me tell you the story about Avalon." Abigail said softly. "Now that all of you are here, it's time for all of you to know the truth."

It all happened ages ago. There were three sisters: Morgause, Igraine and Vivianne. Vivianne was the Lady of the Lake. She had follwed up her mother to serve The Godess. Morgause married Lot, a king from a nearby country and Igraine had been married to Gorlois, whom she loved and with whom she had a daughter: Morrighan or how they called her: Morgaine.

Vivianne had forseen that Igraine would give birth to the king everyone had been waiting for. Only Gorlois wouldn't be the father. The father would present himself by a mark, a sign he had. And so it happened. Igraine found out who the father of her child would be, but she kept denying it. Her husband sensed that something was not right, and he knew who to blame for it: Uther Pendragon. The two men got into war and Uther killed Gorlois. He went back to Gorlois' kingdom. Too make a very long story short: Igraine married Uther and gave birth to their son: Arthur Pendragon. He was the king everyone had been waiting for. After several years Vivianne came to take Arthur and Morrighan with her, to educate them. Arthur turned out to be a good king, married to the beautiful Guenevere. Morrighan became the High Priestess of Avalon after Vivianne died.

Being the High Priestess of Avalon wasn't as easy as she had thought it would be.She could travel between Avalon and the normal world, outsiders never could find Avalon, the land in the mists. But the church nearby didn't accept the priestesses and druids and Morrighan kept trying to make peace between both 'cilvilizations', too no avail.In the meantime she had to stop Mordred, one of the druids, who wanted power, being the one who ruled Avalon. He got more and more people to help him, getting his goal and to be safe away, she told her daughter she would bring them into eternity. They would be drifting through time and space and when the it was the right time, a woman with the symbol of to snakes facing each other would be able to get them out of it. She had just done it, ready to go herself, when Mordred's men grabbed her and dragged her to a cave. There Mordred killed her and sealed her body, preventing her spirit would leave this world. Little did he know he would fail in that.

Ages went by and Morrighan's people kept drifitng through time and space. Until they found you two years ago, Marguerite. You have brought Morrighan's people back to Avalon where they can do what they were meant to do.

The explorers looked at each other. All wanting to know one thing. "Mother, if Avalon is the land of Morrighan's people, why are you here? And why could we find Avalon?"

"My dear child, the Protector is a part of Avalon. Morrighan had found the Plateau many years ago and she appointed a Protector for it: Her best friend: Aralanna, our ancestor."

Everyone wanted to know much more than was told to them, but both Morgaine and Abigail decided it was enough for one day. Tomorrow would be another day, and it was time for sleep.The explorers were escorted to their rooms. Abigail had made sure Roxton would get the room next to Marguerite. He was her protector after all, her soulmate. Though they didn't seem to know that.

They will find it out sooner than planned. Abigail smiled sadly after hearing Morgaine.

I know, my Lady, I know. She replied, without saying a word.


The next morning Marguerite was awake early, a thing that rarely happened. She put on a dressing gown, which was given to her and made her way to the room they had dinner last night. They were told breakfast would be served in there as well. When she opened the door of her room, she bumped into Roxton.

"Good morning, My Lady." He greeted her.

Marguerite was ready to give a angry retort, but when she looked in Roxton's eyes, she saw no mocking in them, only kindness and dare she hope she saw love in them as well? "Good morning, My Lord."

"Is it okay if I escort my Lady to the room where breakfast will be served?"

Marguerite looked at Roxton. "Since when am I your Lady?"

Roxton looked slightely embarresed. He had hoped Marguerite hadn't heard that. Ever since they had met three years ago in Challenger's meeting room he had these dreams in which Marguerite was his. His thoughts wondered of to the dream he had last night ... only to get interrupted by Marguerite calling him back to reality. He sighed, "What were you saying?"

"That was some day dream you were having. Care to tell me about it?"

Roxton slowly walked towards Marguerite. When he was close enough he lowered his voice and whispered in her ear.

"Why Marguerite, I don't think that's very ladylike to ask and to know. Especially not my day dream." He grinned when he saw her eyes widen.

"Lord Roxton!" She couldn't say anything more on the matter, for Veronica, Finn and Challenger came walking their way. Roxton saw it and his grin widened even more.

Marguerite saw he was enjoying it. "This isn't over yet! Far from it!" she hissed. Then, like nothing had happened she simply held her hand up. Roxton looked puzzled at the woman. "You did wanted to escort me to the breakfast room, if I remember right. Of course I do remember that right, my memory never fails me."

"Looks like you're stuck to that Roxton." Challenger said and then burst out in laughter, seeing his friend's face. Veronica and Finn couldn't help it either and they too laughed.

The five of them made their way to the main room. Morgaine and Abigail were already sitting at the large table where they had had dinner the evening before. The explorers sat down. They were anxcious to know more about Avalon, the plateau, Morrighan and their own part in this whole story. Morgaine knew they were all waiting for more information, but she simply told them it was better for them to have breakfast first.

Just when they were about to begin a druid stumbled into the room, completely soaked in blood. Morgaine's eyes widened. "Gwyfer!" She rushed to him, and the young man collapsed. "Gwyfer! What happened? Please speak to me."

"Maelan. He...he...he's here, in...in Avalon. He...told...told me...to...to tell you...that he...he...will get...his revenge." This were the last words Gwyfer said, he died of his injuries in Morgaine's arms.

Everyone sat there silently, not knowing what to do. Abigail made her way towards Morgaine. "Maelan Will pay for this, my Lady. He knows it, I know it and you know it. He will pay!"

Marguerite had stood up. She really had a bad feeling about something, though she couldn't quite put the feeling anywhere. She walked to one of the windows. Roxton looked concerned at her. Within seconds he was besides her, putting his arms on her shoulders. Marguerite leaned into him.

"What's wrong?"

Marguerite snorted. "What's wrong? You want to know what's wrong Roxton? There's a dead man on the ground over there. Killed. By someone who wants revenge." Marguerite turned around, looking from Morgaine, who had stood, to Abigail.

"I have the feeling there is so much more than they are willing to tell!" Marguerite said.

"Marguerite!" Veronia started, but she was silenced by her mother.

"She is right Veronica. A Chosen One can feel these things. There is indeed much more to the story."

"I told you they would know it sooner than we wanted them to know!" she whispered angrily to the Protector. Morgaine had walked to Abigail.

"Know what?" Veronica asked.

Morgaine sighed. She had no choice but to tell them, to tell them about their connection. She started to speak, but the words didn't came. She couldn't tell them, they weren't supposed to know it yet. Abigail saw that Morgaine couldn't tell them, so she did what Morgaine couldn't.

"Yesterday I told you the story about Avalon, but there is much more you should know."

The explorers sat down at the table again, while druids took away the body of Gwyfer. Morgaine took one last look at him and then she too, sat down at the table. They all listened to the story Abigail told.

"Mordred had killed Morrighan and he swore to kill every anyone, who still followed the Lady of the Lake. He never got that chance, he was banned from Avalon and could never return. In the outside world, he married a Christian girl and they had a family. Mordred never spoke about his time in Avalon, nor about what he had done. He did teach his family to hate everything that had to do with Avalon. Even now, his 'family' is after us. You heard Gwyfer say Maelan is back. He is a great-great-great-great-grandchild of Mordred. After you, Marguerite, brought back the emeralds, so the people of Avalon could return, the fire was once again lit between the druids and priestesses of Avalon and Mordred's family."

The explorers had listened carefully. They could only imagine what it would mean, if Maelan would succeed.

"But what has that got to do with us?" Finn asked.

Abigail wanted to answer, but Morgaine raised her hand to silence the woman. "It's enough! They know too much already, which they weren't supposed too."

During the tale one of the Preistesses had walked into the room. She had seen Marguerite standing besides Morgaine. She couldn't believe Morgaine wouldn't tell them. She couldn't believe Morgaine didn't tell Marguerite who she really was, what her fate was, what the man's fate was, who was standing besides Marguerite. What everybody's fate was.

"My Lady." She spoke.

Morgaine looked up, seeing her mother standing in the door opening. She quickly introduced her mother -the former Lady of the Lake-  to the explorers and than asked her what it was she wanted to say. Morna walked towards her daughter and whispered that Marguerite deserved to know the truth. Morgaine simply walked away.

"Tell her what you did!" Morna said. "Tell her why you sent your youngest sister away. Tell her!"

Marguerite had paled. She couldn't believe what she had heard, nor could the others. Abigail sighed. Marguerite turned her face to Morgaine.

"Is it true, what she is saying?" Morgaine nodded and Marguerite ran away, desperately needing some air and some time alone. Though she knew Roxton would follow her, which he did.

"Marguerite?" Roxton had followed Marguerite and saw her sitting at the bank of the lake. He came closer and sat beside her. "Marguerite?" Marguerite kept staring at the lake on which they had came. They sat there silently, not saying a word.


Maelan grinned wickedly. He had known Gwyfer was Morgaine's lover and that his death would enrage the Lady of the Lake. It had been so easy, so easy to return to Avalon. He had learned all the tricks his ancestor had passed on, which could help him entering Avalon.

"All I have to do now, is to kill the so called Lady of the Lake and the protector" he murmed. Little did he know Morgaine's little sister had returned.

"Santar, bring me my horse! I think I will go for a ride, enjoing the beauty of Avalon as long as it's possible."

"Yes my, Lord"

Maelan soon was planning an attack on Morgaine. There had to be a way to weaken her more. Now that I have killed Gwyfer, she is getting stronger. She wants to see me hang for his death. Maelan came to the open clearing at the lake. He saw two people sitting there. He stopped his horse and silently moved closer so he could here them. He heard the female saying something about Morgaine and Morna. Since he couldn't hear everything they were saying he decided to get a bit closer. As soon as he heard 'sister' he started smiling wickedly.

He stopped as an idea came to him. His eyes widened as he rapidly turned it over in his mind, carefully considering every aspect. Yes, that might possibly work! He paused a moment more, as he thought about what might happen if it didn't work. But he had little choice; he had to try.

Maelan climbed up his horse and with his sword raised he galloped to the two people sitting on the back. Soon he saw the faces of the male and female, because they had turned around to see what was coming their way. Roxton moved in front of Marguerite and cursed under his breath. Since they were in Avalon, where there were no raptors, he didn't bring his rifle with him. The man on the horse was coming closer and closer. Neither recognized him. Than the man was close enough. Maelan raised his sword and without any hesitation he hit Roxton.

"Nooooo!!! Roxton!!!" Marguerite sank to her knees. She cradled Roxton's head in her lap. "Roxton! Roxton, come on. Open your eyes." She felt tears stinging. The man on the horse had turned around and dismounted. Now he was making his way to her.

"What do you want from us?"

Maelan looked at Marguerite. "You look so much like your sister. What will she do when she finds out I have you?"

"What do you mean?" Marguerite whispered.

Maelan couldn't even aswer, because an icy voice said that he knew exactly what she would do. Marguerite saw Morgaine standing in front of Maelan. The others came running quickly, the explorers stood still in shock when they saw Roxton lying in the sand. Challenger rushed to the man to see if he could do anything, but he was powerless.

"Challenger, you can help him, can't you?" Marguerite asked. She looked at Challenger and saw the answer in his eyes. It was an answer she didn't want to hear.

"Please," she whispered. Veronica put her arm around Marguerite, trying to pull her away from Roxton. She needed the help of Finn and her mother to get Marguerite away.

In the meantime Morgaine and Maelan stood in front of each other, both ready for battle. Neither wanted to be the first one, but at one point Maelan couldn't hold back anymore. He started chanting an old song Mordred had chanted when he had killed Morrighan. Morgaine knew what was coming next, she had studied the books, which told about Morrighan's killing, time after time. She was prepared for the first blow and ducked. Than she started chanting as well. Soon rays of light filled the -now dark- air. Abigail, Morna and the explorers couldn't do a thing, it was up to Morgaine to vanquish the last member of Mordred's family once and for all.

But Maelan was too strong and Morgaine looked at Marguerite. Marguerite knew what Morgaine meant. They had to do this together, after all she was the Chosen One. Marguerite walked to Morgaine, chanting the same words as her sister. Veronica tried to stop her, but Abigail stopped her daughter.

"She has to do this with Morgaine, darling."

Together, their power was strong enough. Morgaine and Marguerite saw Maelan fading away, till he ceased to excist. Morgaine looked at her little sister.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome ... sister." Marguerite replied. Morgaine smiled and Marguerite returned the smile. Then her attention went to Roxton. She slowly walked towards him and let herself fall on her knees. She touched his hand and than felt for a pulse. She couldn't find any. Tears started falling down her face.

The three explorers were having a hard time and they turned away. They couldn't accept their dear friend was gone. Abigail said it was a good idea for them to get inside, so they could give Marguerite some time alone.

Morgaine saw a grimness on her friend's face, which could only mean she had a plan.

"I think that's a good idea. Abigail, we need to talk to Bochra."

Marguerite didn't noticed the others were silently walking back to the castle, nor did she notice that it had started to pour. She held the man she loved in her arms.

"I'm sorry, John. I'm so sorry." She cried. "If I didn't walk out of the castle, none of this would have happened. You still would be with me." Marguerite bent down and placed her lips on Roxton's for a kiss. While holding him, she looked out over the lake where the mists concealed Avalon from the outside world.

The end or not???

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