Title: Avalon's memories

Author: Tessa Vermeulen

Summary: The explorers are still in Avalon. Will they ever get over the loss of Roxton?

Spoilers: My story 'A world named Avalon'

Author's notes: Finally my sequel to 'A world named Avalon'. It will be mainly Marguerite/Roxton/Morgaine centered. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank Yous: For 'Mum' and Gabby for helping me out with the story, spelling and grammar. Your help is really appreciated.

Avalon's memories

Marguerite stood in front of the window in her room, thinking about the last month in which much had happened. She, Challenger, Veronica and Finn were still in Avalon. Veronica had finally found her mother. Marguerite Krux, had found her mother as well as her sister, but had lost the most important and precious thing in her life: Lord John Richard Roxton.

She remembered that day as if it happened yesterday. After finding out Morna was her mother and Morgaine her sister, she had left the palace. Marguerite had known Roxton would follow her immediately, but neither she nor Roxton had thought about Maelan who had returned and had killed Gwyfer.

"If we had only brought our weapons with us." Marguerite muttered. "All would be different now."

Together with Morgaine she had defeated him, but at what price? Maelan had killed Roxton. When she saw the look on Challenger's face, her heart shattered and after Maelan had been defeated, she had cradled Roxton's head in her lap.

She had sat in the rain for hours, until Challenger and Veronica came to take her inside. Druids carried Roxton's body away. Numbly she let Veronica guide her into the palace. Morgaine was already preparing the burning of Roxton's body.

"I don't want him burned."

Morgaine looked up at her little sister. "Excuse me?"

"I don't want to burn him!" Marguerite said fiercely.

"But Marguerite, that's how it goes in Avalon."

"Perhaps we can make an exception." Abigail said.

Veronica looked thankful at her mother. She too didn't want to burn Roxton's body and looking at Challenger and Finn, they didn't want it either.

Morgaine sighed. "A burial it is then."

"And a burial it became." Tears streamed down her face as Marguerite remembered that day.

It had been raining the whole day. Morgaine had chosen a place  under a tree which stood lonely on a cliff. Marguerite had been awfully silent. Even when Roxton's body disappeared into the earth, she didn't cry. Veronica looked concerned at her friend and she hadn't been the only one.

Marguerite knew they expected her to collapse, but she didn't want to give Maelan that pleasure. Even though he was gone, she knew he liked seeing them all miserable.

After they had walked back to the palace in silence, Marguerite excused herself. No one found it strange, but after a week Marguerite still sat in her room, not coming out. Everyone had tried very hard to get her out, but they all failed. After two weeks they had decided they would simply let her, they couldn't get through those walls which were built up again. Every day someone would bring her dinner, but they always brought back a full plate with them back.

There was a soft knock on the door, which brought Marguerite back to the present. "Yes?"

Veronica walked in with a plate full with fruit.

"Thank you Veronica, but I'm not hungry."

"Marguerite," Veronica sighed. "You really have to eat something. You can't let yourself starve to death. Roxton wouldn't have wanted that."

Marguerite paled. "Out!"

"Marguerite ..."

"I said out!." Marguerite's voice sounded really angry. "It should have been me!" She yelled, then the tears came and Marguerite sank to the ground, crying uncontrollably. "It should have been me." She sobbed.

Veronica quickly made her way over to Marguerite and held her, hushing it was alright.

"It's not alright! It's my fault he's dead! Oh my God, he's dead, he really is dead. He's never coming back."

Marguerite kept crying till she had fallen asleep. Veronica stayed at her side. When her mother came looking for her, she had found her daughter, trying to comfort and ease the pain of the Chosen One.


Morgaine, Challenger, Finn and Morna looked up when Abigail entered the great room. Abigail silently walked towards the table everyone was sittin aaround.

"I think she's finally excepting the fact Lord Roxton isn't among us anymore." She softly said.

Morgaine felt horrible. If she had stopped Maelan before they had come to Avalon, none of this would have happened. The Protector of the Chosen One still would be alive.

Abigail and Morna both saw the expression on the face of the Lady of the Lake. Morna walked over to her daughter. "Morgaine, it's not your fault. Lord Roxton was Marguerite's protector, a task he was destined to do, a task he even would chosen to do. It was written in the prophecies, remember?"

Hearing those words only made Morgaine feel worse. Then suddenly the last words of her mother sank in: The Prophecy! Quickly she hurried over to the ancient books.

"My Lady, what is it?" Abigail asked.

"The prophecy." Morgaine continued leaving through the books. "Found it!" she said triumfphantly.

Challenger and Finn looked from Morgaine, to Morna, to Abigail and back. Then Challenger turned his attention to Morna and asked her what Morgaine was doing and what the prophecy was about.

Morna told him the prophecies were written by the druids, who had lived in Avalon ages ago. All were kept in books.

"Before becoming the Lady of the Lake Morgaine had to read them. Your arrival to this place stood in the books. As well as the death of the Protector of the Chosen One."

"As well as his resurrection." Morgaine said.

Morna and Abigail looked at Morgaine in utter shock. Finn and Challenger looked as if she's crazy. Morna wanted to speak, but got interrupted by Marguerite.

"Let me read that."

Everyone looked up. Morgaine walked towards Marguerite and handed over the book. As soon as she got it she started to read the ancient language. Marguerite's face brightened up while reading. When she had finished reading, she asked: "So we can bring Roxton back?"

Morgaine nodded. "Yes, so says the prophecy."

"Morgaine, we don't know that for sure." Morna, the former Lady, warned.

"But there is no harm in trying it!" The Lady shot back. Morna though it wise to say nothing on the matter anymore. Resurrecting someone has only been done once, three ages ago. When she had read about it she felt a chill, and thinking back at it, the chill also came back.

In the meantime, Challenger, Finn and Veronica tried to talk some common sense into Marguerite, to no avail. She simply refused to give up that little piece of hope the prophecy had given her. She took the book and excused herself, walking straight back to her room. Morgaine followed her instantly. The rest was left behind in the great room.


"My Lord, how is he?" a soft female voice asked.

"He'll be fine." A man answered. "The wound was not deep. The hardest part was to keep him 'dead' for three days."

"But why keep him away? They are obviously deeply in love with one another."

The man snorted. "That's exactly the problem. Their love will make them weak. Not thinking about what has to be done!"

The female sighed. "And what has to be done, Bochra? We are back were we belong. She took care of that. What else do you want?"

"What else do I want, Elena? It's not my choice to do this. The elders want her to stay in Avalon, where she belongs. And with him buried here, she certainly will stay and fulfil her duty as the Chosen One."

Elena took a boil of water and silently walked towards the bed the man was lying at. She wasn't sure he would be fine. The wound was infected, which caused a very high fever.

Suddenly the man stirred, whispering something, Elenore moved closer trying to hear the man's words. All she could understand was Marguerite. She hoped Bochra hadn't hear him saying that, but unfortunately he had.

"I think we have to let him forget all about her." He said.

"But Bochra, we can't do that!"

"Of course we can Elena. That man is nothing but trouble as our Chosen One's protector. I knew it from the beginning. Then he didn't believe she was a Chosen One, why would he believe it now? That time he only went with them to protect them. No, the other male, what was his name again?" Bochra thought deeply for e few minutes and than answered: "I remember, Malone! Now he would make a better protector."

Elena looked up at this man who seemed completely have lost his mind. "Malone? I don't remember a Malone."

"Of course you don't, he wasn't with them when they arrived here."

Elena attention got drawn back to the patient. The protector of the Chosen One kept murmuring her name. Suddenly something dawned the young woman. She knew Marguerite was the reincarnation of Morrighan, than the man lying here - who's desperately in love with the Chosen One, that's for sure – must be the reincarnation of Morrighan's lover. There was no other explanation.

'And if he really is the reincarnation of Morrighan's lover and Marguerite is the reincarnation of Morrighan, than Bochra will have a hard time separating them.'

Elena looked up, seeing Bochra had left the room. She continued taking care of the man with a little smile on her face. Now she knew the Chosen One and her protector were both back, there were no worries. Especially when the Ladies heard what she knew.


Long after Morgaine had left Marguerite, she kept reading the prophecy. It left a smile on her face. 'I knew there had to be a way to bring him back.' Then she stood up, walked to the door and looked if there were guards in the hallway.  When that wasn't the case, she silently closed the door behind her and walked outside. What she didn't know, was that Veronica had woken up and followed her.

Marguerite walked to a field with flowers. They were the same ones Roxton had occasionally given to her during their time on the plateau. She didn't know how they got here, and she actually didn't care about it.

She only plucked two flowers: her favourite and Roxton's. Then she walked to the tree on the cliff. Under it was a wooden grave stone, which Challenger and Finn had placed. Marguerite kneeled down and placed both flowers intertwinded with one another before it. She looked up, reading the words on the stone: Here lies our beloved friend Lord John Richard Roxton. Never will he be forgotten.

"Never!" Marguerite said softly.

Veronica had followed Marguerite, to make sure she would be save. When she noticed Marguerite went to Roxton's grave, she turned around. She though this a private moment for Marguerite and decided to leave. She heard the woman softly saying the words on the stone and her determined 'never!'.

When she walked into the palace again, her mother awaited her. "Marguerite is at Lord Roxton's grave." It was a statement, not a question.

Veronica nodded. It still amazed her how her mother knew these things. Then she remembered what Morgaine had said on that fatal day. "Mother, I remember Morgaine saying you and she had to go to Bochra. Why was that?"

Abigail Layton looked at her daughter. "You know my child, you look so much like your father in so many ways."

Veronica looked puzzled at her mother, but somehow she knew she had to do with the answer she got. She gave her mother a kiss and said good night.

When she woke up the next morning, the first thing she did was checking on Marguerite. But when she walked into her room, Marguerite wasn't there. Quickly Veronica made her way over to Roxton's grave and found Marguerite lying there, fast asleep. Softly she made her way over to the heiress.

"Marguerite," she called softly. "Marguerite, wake up."

Marguerite woke up slowly. "What is it?" She asked groggy. Then she saw Veronica standing besides her. "Don't tell me I fell asleep."

Veronica nodded her head. "Yes you did, but no worries. I won't tell anyone."

Marguerite looked grateful to Veronica. Together they walked back to the palace, ready for breakfast. They entered the great room, seeing everyone sitting at the table.

"Had a nice walk, my dear?" Abigail asked both, knowing exactly that Veronica had found Marguerite asleep on Lord Roxton's grave.

"Yes, we had."

Abigail smiled, but thinking she needed to talk to Morgaine.

"Would you like to join us for breakfast, Marguerite?" Finn asked and softly added: "Please?" Knowing that Marguerite was feeling miserable, made her feel miserable too. Finn didn't quite understand the heiress from time to time, but the longer she lived with her new family, the more she started to like them. And she had grew fond of Marguerite as well.

Everyone looked at Marguerite, they really had no idea if she would stay or go back to her room. Marguerite looked from one person to another. She saw the anxious looks on their faces.

"I think I'd rather," she started, but when she saw the look on everybody's face and especially Finn's disappointed face she changed her mind. "I would like that."

Everyone exhaled, happy that she had decided to join them again. Though after breakfast Marguerite immediately excused herself and went back to her room.

Abigail and Morgaine excused themselves as well. Abigail had found Elena in front of her room this morning. When she asked what she could do, the young girl had told her everything she knew, even though Bochra had told her to keep quiet about it. When the girl had left, Abigail went to Morgaine and told her she needed to speak with her after breakfast.

The explorers remained. Challenger stopped the silence by speaking. "I really didn't want to say this in front of Marguerite, but I think we should head back to the treehouse. It's been a month ago Roxton died. We can't stay here forever."

Veronica and Finn looked at the professor. In the back of their minds they knew he was right, though they really didn't want to go.

"Go back?" Veronica said. "I just found my mother."

Challenger sighed. Didn't they see it was not good for Marguerite to stay here. It would keep reminding her of what happened. Not to mention that absurd plan to resurrect Roxton.

"Veronica, I know you just found your mother, but she can always come back to the treehouse and you can always come back here, to this place. But for Marguerite's sake I really think it's important we go back."

"There is not a chance you can make me go back to the treehouse!" An icy voice said.

The three explorers turned around and found Magreurite standing in the room. Challenger explained to her why they needed to go back. Only he didn't tell her what the real reason was. After Challenger, both Finn and Veronica tried it and after Finn said it was for her well being and she would only be reminded of Roxton here, Marguerite was even more determined to stay.

"I don't care about my well being. Roxton's body is here and I have figured out what is written in the prophecy."

"Don't tell me you actually believe you can resurrect Roxton." Finn sighed.

"I do. When we first got here, he got deadly wounded by a sword. He survived that as well. You all can go back to the treehouse, but I'm staying!" Marguerite turned around and walked back to her room, not letting them know how much it hurt her that they didn't want to help her.

"How can they accept his death so easily?" Marguerite threw her hands up  in frustration and walked to the window. Looking out over the cliff at Roxton's grave. "I'm not giving up on you John! I'm not giving up!"


"What's so important, Abigail, that you want to speak to me before I go see Bochra?"

Morgaine and abigail had walked straight to Morgaine's private chambers. Abigail was looking for the right words to say what Elena had told her.

"I, euhm, you know who Elena is, don't you?"

"Of course I do! I brought her here myself."

"I found her sitting before my room this morning."

Morgaine looked surprised at Abigail. "Why was that?"

"She said the Chosen One's protector was still alive. Bochra had to keep him dead, so he wouldn't return to her."

"Keep him dead?" Suddenly it dawned Morgaine. "The Elders, they told me where I could find Marguerite and that I should bring her back home, where she belongs. When they saw I brought Lord Roxton as well, they had a meeting right away."

"So it were the elders all along." Abigail said thoughtfully. "Than we have to move fast. Elena told me that Bochra wants to make Lord Roxton forget everything."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Morgaine allowed the person to come in and when the door opened they saw Bochra entering. Morgaine had asked him to come to talk about Roxton, but after hearing this news, she knew she needed to think of something quickly and the first thing that came to her mind was a celebration for Elena. She had been here a year now and every maiden had her celebration after one year.

Bochra tried to let another druid prepare Elena's celebration, but Morgaine kept insisting that he was the perfect one to do it. Besides the young woman was under his care. Finally Bochra gave in, knowing that it would take a lot of time to organize it. He told the Lady he had other things to take care of, given him by the Elders. Morgaine's simply answered that the Elders had to wait, and this made him a tad angry.

When Bochra had closed the door behind him and his footsteps no longer could be heard, Abigail looked at Morgaine and said that she couldn't have done it better. After all, Bochra would have a full time job preparing that celebration. Which gave them more time to find Roxton, especially with Elena's help. The Protector of the plateau was sure the young woman would help them.

Morgaine looked at her best friend and knew there was something else on her mind. "Okay Abigail, say it."

Abigail looked up. After some minutes she finally said what else was on her mind. Morgaine understood her friend's concern. After all, everyone knew each other on Avalon. It wasn't that large. They had to be really quiet about this. Only she, Abigail and Elena would know about this. Morgaine had one of the young girls tell Elena she had to come to her chambers after lunch.

"If she asks why, what do I tell her my Lady?"

"Simply say there are a few things I need to talk to her about."

The girl nodded and went on her way in search for Elena.


Weeks had passed. Marguerite still hadn't had the courage to perform what was written in the prophecy. What if it didn't work? Besides that, she noticed that Abigail and Morgaine were acting strange. They excused themselves right after every meal and than went to the Lady's chambers.

Marguerite didn't know what was going on, but she knew it had to be something big. I'm not that stupid. I was Parsifal for Godsake. If they think they can fool me they are really wrong. I eventually will find out what's going on.

Marguerite was so lost in her thoughts, she didn't noticed the man and bumped right into him. She muttered an excuse without looking at him, but suddenly her eye caught something. Her head jerked up and her eyes widened.

"R-Roxton? John? Oh my God, John!" Marguerite threw her arms around the man's neck.

"I'm sorry Miss, but who's John? Roxton? Whatever his name is? I think you must have mistaken me of someone else. My name is Dahar."

Marguerite let go of the man, looking at him so intently that he felt a chill running down his spine. Then she spoke softly. "I'm sorry. You must be right, I'm sorry." She turned around and ran back to the palace.

The man wanted to stop her. He didn't understand, but there was something very familiar about that woman. When she looked so intently at him, it was almost as if he could feel her body touching his. Quickly he shrugged that feeling of. That would be impossible, he had never seen that woman, let alone she had touched him and he her.

Marguerite entered the palace, knocking over Morgaine in her haste. Morgaine instantly knew there must be something wrong and quickly followed Marguerite. When she just arrived at Marguerite's chambers, the door got shut in her face.

"Marguerite, Marguerite."

"Go away!"

"Marguerite, I'm coming in. Something apparently did upset you and I want to know what it was."

Morgaine entered Marguerite's room. In the meantime Veronica had walked in the hallway and saw Morgaine trying to get Marguerite talk to her. She walked closer and just as she wanted to enter, she found the door closed in her face. Veronica, too, knocked on the door, but she didn't wait for Marguerite's 'yes' and simply entered the room.

Veronica just heard Marguerite's last words to Morgaine. "Marguerite, you are not going crazy. I saw him too."

Marguerite looked up at Veronica. And from Veronica she looked at Morgaine. "He is alive, isn't he?" she hissed. "Were you ever planning on telling me he's alive all this time? Were you?" Marguerite's voice raised with every sentence and with that, drawing the attention of the other occupants of the castle.

Morgaine walked out of the room, to the main area, ignoring Marguerite's questions. Marguerite, however, wasn't satisfied at all. She wanted some answers and followed Morgaine.

"Morgaine! I want to know what exactly is going on here! I think I have the right to know that!"

In the meantime the rest of the explorers as well as Abigail, Bochra and The Elders had entered the main area too. The Elders had amusing smiles on their faces. The Chosen Ones spirit had come back. Exactly like it was before that man had softened her heart.

Abigail who knew what this commotion was about, quickly grabbed Marguerite's arm, saying she wanted her to meet The Elders of Avalon. Abigail lead Marguerite to them. Immediately Marguerite felt uncomfortable being among The Elders.

After their short meeting with the Chosen One, The Elders returned to their chambers in the dungeon of the palace. Bochra followed them, however he kept looking back at Marguerite, not sure if she knew something or not.

He had finally had a chance to let Lord Roxton forget his memory and the most important part let him forget the Chosen One. While giving him his medicine, he also got some poison The Elders made. When Roxton was fully recovered, he had no idea where he was or who he was. Bochra lied to him by telling him he got wounded in a fight with one of Avalon's memories and that his name was Dahar.

Marguerite, in the meantime, had walked back to Morgaine, demanding an explantion. Morgaine rested nothing else than telling Marguerite what Elena had told her and Abigail. While listening Margueirite turned pale. Was it that obvious that she would have never gone back with Roxton's body here. Would The Elders be really that cruel? So many questions, but the most important one was if Roxton would be able to get his real memory back.


Marguerite was walking through the gardens of the palace, recalling everything she had heard from her sister. She was happy she could count on Morgaine helping her, getting Roxton back to his old self. Last night, they had made a plan, which started this morning when Challenger, Finn and Veronica had headed back to the treehouse. Marguerite would stay here, so The Elders would think they got what they wanted.

Marguerite had sat herself down on a fallen tree and closed her eyes. The garden had something peaceful. How hard it would be to talk to Roxton, while he thinks he's Dahar. Marguerite thought. How long will it take before I see him?

"Is it okay if I join you?" A familair voice asked.

Marguerite looked up and nodded. "Sure. Sit down." And she patted besides her, before she closed her eyes again. The man sat himself down, not taking his eyes off her. Marguerite felt him watching her and a little smile formed on her lips. No matter who he thinks he is. I'll always know who he is. No one else makes me feel the way he makes me feel only by looking at me.

Marguerite opened her eyes again and looked straight in the man's eyes. "Dahar, I owe you an apology. These last couple of months have been very hard on me." Her voice softened. Dahar motioned her to continue. "The man I loved, still love, got killed by Maelan, when I saw you ... You ... you just look like him."

"I think I understand." Dahar spoke. He couldn't get rid of the feeling he knew this woman who was sitting beside him. "When I woke up a few weeks ago, I didn't know who I was or what had happened. I know no one here. I hope you don't mind if I seek your company more often?"

"I would like that."

Neither of them saw those eyes which were watching them.

During those weeks, Marguerite was trying to let Roxton remember who he really was. But to no avail. He kept thinking his name was Dahar. While Morgaine kept telling Marguerite to keep hope, she was losing it every time she spent with him.

One day, he had taken her to the beach. It was the same beach as so many months ago and it brought hurtful memories back. A tear run down her face. Dahar saw it and softly stroke it away, stopping half way.


Marguerite looked confused at the man in front of her. Searching his face, she saw something of recognising dawning on it. She brought her hand to his cheek and he leant into her touch.

"I remember now." Was all he said.