Chapter 4

The small group approached a hut, smoke coming out of the hanging doors. Rin lifted his nose in the air to smell what was cooking, and it smelled like a lovely soup.

"That smells wonderful." He whispered to himself.

"It is!" Kagome chirped in excitement. "Kaede makes wonderful fish soup. I know you'll love it."

Going inside, Rin immediately sees a short elderly woman. Her hair was graying; she was wearing an eye path, and miko kimono. The woman was kneeled by a black cooking pot over a fire, filled with fish and other vegetables. She looked up and as soon as she noticed Kagome she smiled brightly and went to stand up.

"You're back." She said warmly. Rin could feel his mouth turn up in a smile, he felt comfortable. Like she was some sort of grandmother to him already.

"I am. And I brought someone with me." Kagome motioned her hand toward Rin, and as she did so he could hear Inuyasha let out an exaggerated sigh.

"Yeah, she thought it would be a smart idea to bring some random back from her time." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Kagome shot him a glare and turned back to the elderly woman quickly.

"I didn't think it was right to just leave him stranded here! Or to make him go back without an explanation." She shrugged, her facial expression hopeful and innocent.

"I didn't mean to intrude…" Rin cut in, his voice quiet, "I can leave." He stated curtly. Rin's eyes fell to the floor. "It's obvious I'm just a problem here, so might as well just go."

"Rin, you don't have to do that." Kagome stepped to his side and grabbed ahold of his arm. "I know Inuyasha is mad, but he will get over it." Yet again the evil eye in his direction, in which Inuyasha glared directly back.

"Kagome I trust your judgement, as I always have." At those words Kagome smiled wide. "Now I would like to be introduced."

"Oh!" Kagome's face reddened immediately in embarrassment. "This is Rin! Rin, this is Kaede." Rin smiled weakly. "Hello."

"Now come, sit and have some food." Kaede motioned for everyone to take a seat around the pot.

"Are you serious?!" Inuyasha exclaimed loudly. "This guy has been here for what, a few whole hours? And suddenly he's like part of the family? This is stupid." He crossed his arms again in a rage. Kagome's jaw dropped in shock.

It was silent for a moment as everyone took in the tension of the moment. Finally after a few minutes, Rin broke the silence.

"Well I guess that settles it." Rin shrugged and quickly strode to the door. "Thanks Kagome, I appreciate you being so kind." He took a look back at her, her face twisted in some sort of…sadness? Horror? Rin couldn't tell. Oh well.

"Rin wai-" he heard Kagome attempt to protest but Rin didn't even hesitate. He stared at the ground that was quickly passing under his feet, trying to be emotional. "Just tell yourself it doesn't matter. It's only been a few hours. A few hours that meant nothing."

"Rin! You wait right there mister!" He heard footsteps pounding behind him, and a hard hand grip on his shoulder. "Stop! Did you not hear me back there?!"

Rin turned around to see Kagome, her brows furrowed in determination. "You don't need to listen to anything Inuyasha says. He will probably warm up. He did the same to me. Actually…he tried to kill me…" She giggled loud, nervously and rushed her words, "but that's a story for another day! As I was saying, just don't take what he says so personal. You have a choice, and I want you here. Please stay?"

She released her hand from his shoulder and moved it down his arm to rest it on his bicep, her touch soft and warm. Rin's breath caught and he paused, studying her slick black hair resting gently on her shoulders, she looked stunning to him right now.

"Kagome I-…" they were interrupted by loud 'swoosh' and Inuyasha landing not even 3 feet away from them.

"Ah, so we aren't leaving are we?" he smirked as Kagome quickly stepped away in embarrassment, her face red.

Rin's face fell, "no, I am. Right now." he waved fast and sullenly. Then turned and walked even faster toward where he thought he remembered the well to be.

Will Kagome convince him to stay?