There was a flash, and then I was there.

I was alone.

It was a dark room, with a glowing pedestal. It had a strange looking rounded top.

Well, I was the only one here. I pressed the button.

The room filled with the sound of crying.

Across the room, a blue orb skidded into existence down a metal rail track.

Riley sat on her bed, kicking her feet up and down and looking out her bedroom window. Her hands pressed into her sheets. A sunset gleamed into the room and onto her bed sheets.

She choked back another sob as she gazed into the eternity.

By Emotional Flight

It wasn't long before another appeared.

"Whatcha doin'?"

I looked up from my glowing button to see a yellow figure in a green dress.

"I… I'm not sure. What is this?"

"Dunno! You've been here longer than I have."

I watched the yellow figure press the button. It lit up with a golden light.

The crying ceased.

I… wasn't sure, but I felt like I wanted the crying back.

Riley looked at her father. "We're… leaving?"

"Yes, pumpkin. I'm sorry." He looked remorseful.

Then, he wrapped Riley in a hug.

She cried into his shoulder, and he held her close.

The warmth of his clothes offset the coolness of the tears.

An Inside Out Fanfic

"Er… Can I… Uh…"

"You want a go?" The golden figure stepped down for a second. "Here you go!"

I reached up and pressed.

The button glowed blue, and the crying started up again.

I gave a small smile to the yellow figure.

She smiled brilliantly back.

Riley gripped the handrail as she looked over the edge of the bridge. The river lazily flowed by in the golden sunlight. A branch drifted through the water, destined for parts unknown. The small amount of rust on the rail she was holding had stained her hands orange long ago.

She gripped the beam a little tighter, then let go.

She turned and walked away.

Arc I: Hyperemotionality