And now for something totally non-canon and not part of the story:

In the Shard Bar, somewhere in nospace ...

"Not fair."

"What's not fair?" asked the Armsmaster shard on his way past with a round of drinks.

The Jack Slash shard sulked. "Not fair how she took my host out. I should've seen it coming. It's what I do."

The Armsmaster shard shrugged, but carefully. "You do realise, she set that up while you were still terrorising a small town in the midwest."

"I still think it's not fair."

"You should've seen what she did to Butcher."

"That was bullshit!" yelled out the Butcher shard from across the bar. "That shouldn't have happened!"

"Hey," the Eidolon shard pointed out as he came over and took one of the drinks the Armsmaster shard was holding. "She got me therapy. My host is getting laid for the first time ever. I'm not gonna argue with the results." He smirked. "And if you want to complain, go ask Kaiser what she did to him with less than a week of lead time."

This brought an outburst of laughter from around the bar. At a table against the wall, the Kaiser shard held out his hand, middle finger upraised. Beside him, the Hookwolf shard did the same. Everyone at that table seemed to be drinking to drown their sorrows rather than enjoy themselves.

"Screw you all," declared the Shadow Stalker shard. "She made Aegis put me through a wall."

"And made you tie yourself up with duct tape." The Clockblocker shard was almost helpless with laughter. "My host still has one of those pictures as his phone wallpaper."

"I still say if I'd had a chance to see her coming, things would be different." The Shadow Stalker shard took a drink.

"Oh," purred the Butterfly shard from right behind her, "is that a challenge?"

Inhaling her drink in an unhealthy fashion, the Shadow Stalker shard coughed and spluttered, then fell off her chair. She glared up at the Butterfly shard. "Not. Goddamn. Funny."

The Butterfly shard gestured at everyone around the bar who was laughing now, even including the Kaiser shard's table. "They seem to think otherwise." Strolling back to her table, she sat down. The Tattletale shard high-fived her and handed her a drink.

"So what happened next?" asked the Grue shard.

"Well, as it happened, Emma and Madison were both standing on the toilet seats." The Butterfly shard smirked and took a drink. "It really wasn't hard to have loosened them beforehand ..."