Cuddy came back to her office after the board meeting had ended and sat down with a sigh. Although she'd lobbied hard against it, the board had decided that the continued and upward trending discipline issues with Greg were no longer worth the cases and donations that he brought to the hospital. She had even done a chart in hard figures, demonstrating that the hospital was indeed still turning a very handsome profit on Greg's services but the board barely even considered it. Their brand new chairman had read it over thoroughly however.

"I see no reason why this slave should be sold," the chairman said. "I'm certain that the many other slaves of this hospital do not bring in the profit that Greg is bringing in.

"Mr. Airsid, it's not a question of profit but of discipline," Dr. Bergman interjected. "Clearly, no amount of judicial whippings are going to change his behavior and the complaints from the free staff and patients have to be given due consideration.

"I am giving them due consideration. I agree, something must be done about his behavior issues, but simply selling him away allows him to claim the victory."

"How does getting sold equal victory for him?"

"It means that you could not control him. You could not be a proper master and so allowed your slave to master you. That equals victory," Nikolai Airsid said tersely. "The record says that he has been tagged by Dr. Wilson, Dept. Head of Oncology. Clearly Dr. Wilson is unable to be a proper master either."

"He doesn't have the most pleasant or compliant personality."

"Mastering a slave has nothing to do with a pleasant personality and compliance. Obedience is something that is demanded. Too many people mistake ownership for mastering. They are two entirely different things. Send a message to Dr. Wilson and have him come to my office tomorrow morning with Greg and security. You and our assistants will witness the revocation of Dr. Wilson's tagging rights and the beginning of mine."

"You'll tag Greg?" Dr. Young asked, startled at the turn of events.

"Yes. I will become his master and the hospital will remain his owner and benefit from his services. Dr. Cuddy, get me all of his records this afternoon to look over. Any objections?" Nikolai said, looking at each board member, who shook their heads no one by one. All were intrigued to see if Nikolai would be able to tame their most unruly slave.

" Over the next four hours, Cuddy got together all of Greg's paperwork, medical records, disciplinary records, medical licensing and slave title and registration papers. She sent the message through to Wilson to come to Mr. Airsid's office first thing the following morning. Greg hadn't gone home with Wilson that night, due to the morning meeting. Wilson wanted to be on his best, thinking it was some question of funding for the new clinical trials he was proposing.

Early in the morning, the security guards collected Greg from his cubby hole in diagnostics and dragged him down to the groomers where he was forcibly restrained and given a haircut and shave, showered and dressed in jeans and tee shirt. He was then delivered to the slave canteen to eat and brought up to the Chairman of the Board's office, forced to kneel in the waiting area. Wilson saw him kneeling there when he arrived and was beside himself, wondering what trouble Greg could have gotten in overnight to be at the Chairman's office instead of Cuddy's. Greg met his eyes and shook his head, denying any knowledge of what this could be about. For once, Wilson believed him.

The assistant showed Wilson into the office. "Dr. Wilson, thank you for being prompt. Please sit down," Nikolai said gesturing to one of two chairs in front of his desk. The other chair was occupied by Cuddy.

"Thank you, Mr. Airsid. The uh, memo didn't say what our meeting was about so I'm afraid I'm unprepared for anything but basic stats on my department," Wilson said.

"I would like to hear about the new clinical trials, but I understand that you didn't have fair warning to gather up your information and proposals. We'll reschedule for that discussion. This meeting is concerning Greg."

"What did he do?" Wilson asked with a small sigh.

"Nothing in specific. But his behavior since you tagged him has been steadily getting worse, not better as is the intention in allowing a corporate slave to be tagged by an employee. Therefore, the board is terminating your tagging rights."

"What? Cuddy -"

"I'm sorry, Wilson. It isn't working," Cuddy said sympathetically.

"He's using you, Dr. Wilson. He's slowly wrapping you around his little finger and soon he'll have you commit his misdeeds for him. He can only be whipped or sold. You can be professionally ruined. I cannot allow one of the hospital's slaves to do that maliciously or recklessly, particularly when your own record is exemplary with no disciplinary issues whatsoever. Therefore, your tagging rights are terminated. Linda, have Greg brought in," Nikolai said into the intercom.

A moment later the door opened and Greg was brought in between two security guards and put on his knees between Cuddy and Wilson, facing Nikolai. He stiffened and then went stoic when Nikolai repeated the board's decision and kept his eyes fixed to the floor as Wilson shakily removed his tag from Greg's collar.

Nikolai stood up and came around the desk. "I am now with full permission of the board, tagging Greg as mine exclusively with the four of you as witnesses. Dr. Cuddy, Greg will not be working his clinic hours for the next three days, as I will be conducting basic training and discipline exercises during this time. This will not count against him in this instance and he may continue to receive his pain scripts during this time. Dr. Wilson, arrange another meeting with Linda in the next couple of days to discuss those clinical trials. Thank you, that will be all," Nikolai said, dismissing both doctors and the security guards.

Greg stayed still where he'd been placed, kneeling on the rug in front of Nikolai's desk, every muscle in his back and arms tensed. He didn't know whether to expect a beating or to be fucked or to give his new master a blowjob. Greg would prefer the latter personally but he didn't think he'd get off so easy since Nikolai had said he would be doing training and discipline for three days.

Nikolai had taken the time to have some restraints and training devices installed in his office when he took over as chairman of the board and he moved about the room getting them ready. Finally he came over to where Greg was still kneeling and took him by his arm.

"Stand up," he said; giving him added leverage to do so and waiting until Greg had his balance to release him. "We'll set a few things straight first," Nikolai continued leaning against the edge of his desk. "No matter whether you are treating a patient and accorded the title Dr. House or standing before me as a slave, you will always refer to me as Master Nikolai. You will be leaving the building with me each night. If a case requires you to stay, I will stay as well. The board is ready to sell you off for the lack of respect you dole out every day. Not that I don't understand where it comes from. As a slave, you get no respect. You are a brilliant man and easily able to manipulate things into a form of revenge against them, even at the cost of multiple whippings. You may even be a touch of a masochist and like the pain. But I am the last chance you have to remain here and practice medicine. You are truly gifted at it, and I for one would hate to lose such talent, slave or free. Therefore, I've taken it upon myself to see if I cannot unravel your behavior and come up with more effective correction than yet another whipping. Now strip out of your clothes."

When Greg was naked, Nikolai put leather cuffs onto his wrists and lowered a chain from a pulley mounted on the ceiling. The chain was connected to a garage door opener type of winch. Nikolai used quick links to attach the cuffs to the chain then put a bit gag in Greg's mouth and hit the button on the remote control. The winch started up and lifted Greg up by the cuffs until he was just off of the floor, although he could extend his foot and put down the ball of his foot to the floor to take the pressure off his shoulders, though not for a long time. Nikolai merely went back to his desk and sat down, starting on his phone calls and paperwork for the day while Greg hung before him.

The only thing good about this, Greg thought, was that his bad leg wasn't hurting or strained by the position, although the rest of his muscles certainly were. He wished that Nikolai had blindfolded him so that he wouldn't have to see the time creeping slowly by on the desk clock or the assistant come in and out of the office, brushing by him as if he were no more than a hanging plant. The morning crept by and Nikolai didn't pay him any mind at all. Greg started to get antsy and made noise when he was on the phone, tipped one of the chairs over with his feet. Nikolai never blinked, merely told whoever was on the phone that the noise was being caused by a slave he was disciplining as he got up and moved the chairs out of his reach. As it neared lunchtime Greg was starting to get panicked. He used his good leg and knocked the desk lamp and pencil cup off the edge of the desk, looking pleadingly at Nikolai when he looked up at him.

"I see what you want. You're feeling out of control and panicked correct?" Greg moaned and nodded, tried to plead with Nikolai to take him down but of course the bit didn't allow him to speak intelligible words. "Unfortunately, that would reinforce your behavior that you can act out and get what you want, so no, I will not release you from these restraints."

Greg groaned out deep and let his head drop backwards as he flailed his feet again, but Nikolai merely moved things out of his reach and sat back, letting him kick at the desk until he hung still again in exhaustion. After a few minutes he picked his head up again and made a grunting attempt at a word.

"Yes? What do you need?" Nikolai asked him.

Greg grunted again in frustration and jerked his head down at his penis then back up to Nikolai, twice in succession.

"You need to urinate?"

Greg groaned in relief and nodded frantically. Nikolai went into the bathroom and came back out with a male urinal bottle, eased it over the head of his cock. Greg found the whole thing humiliating, less so than pissing himself, but still. Nikolai had brought out a cloth as well as the urinal, first wiping Greg's face, neck and chest, then wiping off his cock. He took the urinal into the bathroom and dumped it, washed it out and set it back into place. He washed his own hands and came back out to the desk.

Nikolai did not release Greg during the day at all, even though he conducted a meeting with Cuddy while Greg was hanging there silently. At the end of a long day, Greg was completely undone by the treatment. Nikolai lowered him to the floor with the winch and Greg went all the way down, unable to stand up on his feet at the moment. Nikolai let him sit there, unclipping the cuffs from the chain and removing the bit. He went into a refrigerator and brought back a bottle of ice water and handed it to Greg but his arms were too spent from hanging by them all day, so Nikolai held the bottle for him until he'd drunk his fill.

Nikolai brought over his clothes as well as his cane and a coat, which Cuddy had brought down at her meeting. Greg slowly got dressed, not out of defiance but pure exhaustion. His muscles were all trembling at the effort it was taking to get his clothes on and he couldn't manage getting his shoes tied at all. He could feel his eyes burning at feeling so helpless while Nikolai stooped down and tied his shoes for him as though he was a child. A leash was clipped onto his collar and Nikolai steadied him with one arm as he got to his feet, making sure that he could walk, however slowly and unsteadily. Then he picked up his briefcase, shut off the lights and headed out through the clinic to the parking lot. Greg was put into the back seat of the car and Nikolai drove off headed toward home.