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Not for people under the age of 15 due to its graphic nature.

Chapter One.

David's Death.

David sat in his swivel chair as the clock approached 5 am, he looked over to the West Corridor as Rainbow and the others walked though the door.
''All clear, nothing out of the ordinary, well except that the fox robot and the puppet thing were arm wrestling, the Rabbit and the Bear playing poker and the Chicken trying to cook a pizza in the kitchen.'' Rainbow said, trying not to sound insane. David chuckled with a smile.
''Thanks for letting us see this place before it shuts down for good, i'll always have memories of Freddy Fazbears.'' Pinkie said, ''I love their pizza!'' She added as a metallic footsteps sounding from the East Corridor.

David turned the blind spot light on to see the robotic chicken standing by the window holding a pizza box.
''Here's a leaving gift for our Security Guard'' She said as Twilight's magic levitated out of her robotic hands.
''Thanks Chica'' AJ said kindly as Chica smiled as she watched them eat the pizza, she then sighed when she heard.

''Yar lose again Marionette, looks like Hook beats Sock'' A female voice said in a pirate like accent, ''Do what you 'cuz a pirate is free, You are a pirate'' She added.
''Screw you Vixen!'' The Marionette Scream in a female voice, ''And stop with that stupid dance!'' She added, annoyed.

''I better go and make sure a cat fight doesn't break out'' Chica said before walking away.
''Thanks for helping me tonight guys, it means alot.'' David said, looking mainly at Rainbow, he smile softly.
''Its our pleasure.'' Rainbow said before kissing him on the cheek.
David and the others looked up when they heard what sounded like an axe cutting though wood. They looked at each other confused.
''What is that!'' Rarity and Fluttershy said at the same time, ''It sounds like cutting.'' AJ added confused.

''I don't know, but i'm going to find out.'' David said as he grabbed his flashlight and walked to the door, ''Be safe honey.'' Rainbow said, worried as she saw her love leave into the dark corridor.
''Hey! Wait up.'' Pinkie said as she cart wheeled out of the door into the darkness outside.
''Relax dear, he'll be fine. This is David, where talking about'' Rarity said, trying to calm Rainbow down.
''It's just that with Sapphire now, she'll need her dad and i dont what to do if something were to happen to him.'' Rainbow said, calming down.

David and Pinkie walked through the pizzeria looking for the source of the noise, as they walked they were startled by the flicking and sparking lights. They stopped when they heard a female voice chuckling.
''Five victims down, Six more to go'' It chuckled. Pinkie was Shocked when she recognized that voice.
''I can't believe it, that bitch murdered those poor kids'' Pinkie said angrily, ''I knew she was nuts but i didn't think she would kill'' She added.
''Who? How do you know her?'' David asked Pinkie, ''Is she an old friend?'' He added.
''It's Starlight Glimmer, you know, the bitch who tried stealing mine and the other's cutiemarks.'' She replied, as her eyes darkened.

David looked at where Starlight was, she was standing by the door's to the toilets, but their was a third opening leading into a old room David had never seen before.
He then looked at Pinkie, ''Go get the others, its time to end this.'' He said, Pinkie nodded and ran back to the office. David stood up and ran towards the opening and sprinted into the open toilet door, once the coast was clear, he leaped into the old room.
''What the hell is this place, it's not on the map.'' David said, he then turned and looked at an old withered animatronic that looked like a golden bunny of some sort. ''What the he...'' He added before something hit the back of his head, knocking him out.

Pinkie ran into the office panting. ''Pinkie what's wrong, where's David?'' Twilight asked, concerned.
''It's... It's Starlight, she's... she's.'' Pinkie said between pants, ''She's here and... She's the killer'' Pinkie added. The girls were shocked.
''Where's David?'' Rainbow asked worried and concerned.
''He went to stop Starlight.'' Pinkie replied as Rainbow face changed from worry to anger.
''Let's get her before she can hurt him.'' Rarity said as they ran towards the old room.

As David came too he saw Starlight placing the mask of the Golden Bonnie on his head, he smiled when he heard Rainbow calling him.
''Rainbow! In here!'' David called out to her as the hoof steps got closer.

They ran in to see Starlight locking the mask onto the suit, she turned around to see her old enemies, smirking as Rainbow stepped forward.
''Where's David? Starlight if you've laid a hoof on him. I'll fucking rip you apart!'' Rainbow snapped, she then saw the golden suit, ''David?'' She said, panicking she rushed over to him, only to be flung back by Starlight.
''Poor, poor, Rainbow Dash, have you not heard the stories?'' Starlight mocked the pegasus.
''What stories?'' AJ asked Starlight, to which Starlight only chuckled.
''How stupid are you? Well i guess you can't help it, being an inbred redneck'' Starlight said, making AJ snap and charged towards Starlight but was held back by Pinkie and Fluttershy.
''Stop playing games and just tell us Starlight.'' Pinkie said as her patience began to wear thin.
''Fine.'' Starlight said, rolling her eyes.

''This is a 'Spring-Lock' suit, its the most dangerous suit ever made by Fazbear Entertainment, it was made to be both an animatronic and a wearable suit, the only down fall was that they were unstable and the Spring-Locks would fail, crushing who ever or what was inside.'' Starlight stated as Rainbow's eyes widened.
''You're telling me that MY David in now inside a walking deathtrap!'' Rainbow screamed, ''Let him out of their, NOW!'' She added.
''You don't even know the half of it.'' Starlight said, smirking, ''This suit is the most dangerous of all, even more then that golden bear.'' She added, smirking looking at a rotten bear animatronic on the floor.

As Rainbow took a step closer, Starlight used her magic to pick up David, ''Take one more step and i'll show what a Spring-Lock failure looks like!'' Starlight demanded, Rainbow stepped back.
''Why are you doing this!?'' Twilight asked, ''Why did you kill those kids? How did you kill them?'' Twilight added, trying to keep calm
''You want to know why im doing? Revenge! You took away everything from me, now its your turn to experience it!'' Starlight shouted, slamming her hoof down, ''And those kids reminded me of your guys, always sticking their nose's in someone else's business!'' She added, staring straight at Twilight, ''You wanna know how i killed them? With this suit!'' She screamed looking at the 'Spring-Bonnie' suit.

''But if the suit is so dangerous, how were you able to use it and not get crushed?'' Rarity asked confused.
''Ha, ha, i used my magic to force the Spring-Lock's to stay open, a shame that you and Twilight wont be able to'' Starlight replied as she cast a spell on Twilight and Rarity, disabling their magic, ''I was able to not get crushed thanks to my magic, but not David, he has no magic!'' She added as her eyes began to glow red, she then threw David and the suit into the back wall.

Rainbow ran to him and helped him up, but it was to late, David's eye's widened as a snapping sound was heard, Rainbow took a step back. As Starlight smirked, blood sprayed out of the suit, David cried out in pain as the Spring-Locks failed and the crushing began.
Rainbow Dash watched in horror as she watched the love of her life getting murdered before her eyes, her body froze up.
''David... I love you. Hold on!'' She screamed as she ran towards him, she tried her best to remove the suit, but each tug made his pain worse.

''AHHH! HELP ME! AHHH!'' David screamed as his body was torn apart by the suit's endoskeleton, he placed his hands over the mask as his eye burst as the endoskeleton ripped through the back of his head, the animatronic eyes forced his eyes shocked to open wide, almost to the size of the eyes on the mask, he then fell back against the wall, Rainbow's heart felt like it shattered as his cries for help filled her ears.
''Help me...'' He cried in pain before his jaw was broken by four metal rods shooting up through it, blood splattered over Rainbow's face.

Starlight ran out of the room being chased by Twilight and the others. Rainbow fell onto her knees as she watched David slowly die, she wrapped her hooves around his lifeless body as it took its last breath and fell limp, blood slowly dripped out of his now shredded body.
She sat there in the pool of blood, his body still in her arms when she heard a thud, she looked over to see a small box lying near David's right hand, she picked it up and a small ring fell out and landed in the blood. She picked it up and inspected it, 'You're the love of my life, Rainbow Dash' was engraved on it, she then began to cry loud and clear, she cuddled his body and rocked back and forth.

''It... should of been me!'' She sobbed into his chest, ''Starlight will pay for this... I'll make sure of it!'' She added, tears streaming down her face, she looked through her blood shot eyes, his blue eyes now being replaced with metal ones, she slowly pulled up the mask and planted a kiss on his ripped up cheek.
she stopped crying and put the ring on his finger, her heart and chest were full of pain as she closed back up the mask before closing the eye lids, she placed the suit up against the wall.
''Rest in peace sweetheart...'' Rainbow said as she shut and locked the door. She slowly walked into the main dining area where she saw the animatronic's looking at her.

''Wheres Mr David?'' Chica asked Rainbow, the robot looked at the blood on the mare's fur and then her face, ''No...'' She added, putting her hand to her face.
''He's... dead...'' Rainbow said, looking at the tiled floor, ''Starlight Glimmer did it, she said she kill you as well...'' She added, Vixen placed a paw to her face and began to weep. Marionette's mask changed from the look of concern to a look of pain and depression, Rainbow burst into tears and ran at full speed towards the door and left the building.
Bonnie began to weep into his paws as Freddy took off his hat as a sign of respect.

''Hey Guys! Whats happening!'' Golden Freddy said as he appeared from the West Hall, ''Um. Guys.'' He added, his voice filled with concern as he saw Chica collapse to her knees being comforted by Marionette and Vixen, he turned to see Bonnie crying on Freddy's shoulders.
''Oh no...'' Golden said as he saw a faint tale of blood leaking out from under the door, he ran towards the door and broke the lock off and stepped inside. All the animatronic heard was Golden screaming, they looked up to see him walking out carrying the 'Spring-Lock' suit in his arms, Marionette gasped before running up to the suit, its mask slid open as its hand dragged along the floor.

Marionette placed her hands on David's cold cheeks, ''It's ok, i can save him, but it'll take some time to rework the spell to fit a human. I promise you, i will bring him back, no matter how long it takes!'' She said, looking at his dripping body, she looked at Golden, ''Fredbear, please put him back where you found him.'' She added, Fredbear nodded and carried the lifeless body, Chica placed her cupcake in David's hand. Fredbear placed David and the suit back against the wall, he placed an old sheet over him like a blanket, he tried to hold his tears as he shut the door, looking back at the suit.

''Who did this to him?'' Fredbear asked as he sat down at a table, Vixen and Chica kept quite, still trying to process what they saw.
''She did this...'' Vixen butted in, weeping even more, ''She murdered him, just like she murdered us!'' Vixen added, slamming her paw down on the table, leaving a large crack in the wood, Fredbear's eyes widen.
''You don't mean!?'' Fredbear said, shocked, ''You mean, she did this?'' He added
''Yes, She's back! Starlight is back!'' Chica weeped into her hands.

Rainbow slowly made her way home while her fresh tear stains marked her face. Twilight caught up with her.
''Rainbow! Wait up!'' Twilight shouted, running after her, Rainbow stopped and looked at Twilight who was worn out.
''Did you catch her?!'' Rainbow asked Twilight, only for her to shake her head.
''Sorry, she disappeared before we could catch her'' Twilight replied bluntly, ''What happened back there?'' Twilight asked her. Rainbow continued walking home with her head hung low.
''Leave me alone Twi, just leave me alone!'' Rainbow said as she turned the key in her front door, she open the door and went inside.
Before Twilight could enter, Rainbow shut the door on her, Twilight heard the cluck-click of the locks. She sighed and walked away, knowing Rainbow wanted to be left alone.

Rainbow ran up the stairs to her room and slammed the door before leaping onto her bed and began to cry into the pillow, she wrapped her self up in David's jacket and cried her self to sleep.

End of Chapter One.