Hinata Hyuga: A Gamers Potential

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"Okay class pay attention this stuff is likely to come up on your graduation exams tomorrow. I know your all tired and want to go home but any extra knowledge you can accumulate can be the difference between success and failure" said Iruka as he peered over the class.

Looking around the classroom Hinata could see varying degrees of responses from her peers. Shikamaru was sleeping on the desk whilst Choji was eating a packet of crisps next to him. Kiba meanwhile was attempting to get Akamaru to pee on the sleeping Nara's head.

Shino was diligently making notes on the lecture whilst trying to ignore the bickering coming from Ino and Sakura near him who appeared to be having another match for Sasuke's affection, whilst the boy in question looked like he wanted to shove a rusty kunai into his eye.

Hinata never got the fascination that all the girls had with Sasuke, yes from a certain angle she supposed he could look handsome, well as handsome as someone with hair like a ducks behind could look anyway. But his personality left a lot to be desired, oh she certainly sympathized with the boy after he lost his clan, but it was no excuse to treat everyone with such disdain, especially after many of the villagers seemed to hand him praise on a silver platter.

If she had to admit it she was jealous, no matter how hard she tried her family would not acknowledge her. She was not daft; she heard the mutterings about marrying her off and instating Hanabi as heiress. No matter how hard she tried she tried she just could not seem to get the clans Juken (Gentle Fist) it was if something just would not click in her brain. She would practice the katas over and over to no avail, heck she was more proficient in the academy Taijutsu style.

Shaking her head out of these negative thoughts her eyes wandered to the boy sitting by the window. His sun kissed blonde hair and cute little whisker marks sent her heart all aflutter.

"Naruto-kun" Hinata said softly as she felt her cheeks warm up.

Uzumaki Naruto, ever since that day years ago when he saved her from those bullies Hinata had developed a fascination with the boy. It started with seeing him around the village and being too shy to walk up and say thank you. Eventually she developed the hobby of Naruto watching, she would stal- observe him around the village and she was fascinated by what she saw.

The boy never seemed to give up, often she would go home on the verge of tears at seeing how the villagers treated him but only once did she ever see him cry. Most of the time he would pick himself up show off that brilliant smile and keep going.

It was only after she had gotten a bit older that she noticed the pain lurking behind those wide smiles that never reached his eyes. Naruto was so strong, to keep going in the face of an entire villages scorn when she was about to crumble just from the expectations of her own clan.

"Naruto-kun you're really amazing" Hinata said fondly.

Her musing was interrupted when Iruka-sensei yelled at Kiba for his prank on Shikamaru, once more diverting the attention of the class back onto him.

"Ok class just ten more minutes then you can go home for the day, the last thing we will be covering is Kekai Genkai (Bloodline Limit). Now who can tell me what a Kekai Genkai is?" Iruka asked.

Several hands went up but eventually Iruka called on Sakura.

"Yes Sakura" Said Iruka.

"A Kekai Genkai is an ability passed down genetically within a clan like the Sharingan" Said Sakura whilst looking at a certain Uchiha with Hunger in her eyes.

"That's correct Sakura well done, now can anyone tell me how a Kekai Genkai develops?" Iruka said.

This time most of the class was silent with nobody raising their hands.

"Anyone?" queried Iruka.

Looking around the class once more a deep sigh was let out "troublesome"

"A Kekai Genkai develops due a genetic mutation over the course of several generations. The mutated gene can have a variety of effects which is why there are so many different Kekai Genkai. As it is a genetic trait the new gene is often not passed down as is the case with a lot of first generation Kekai Genkai. This can be seen with the Shodai Hokage Mokuton, it was a recessive gene which is why Tsunade-sama does not possess it" Said Shikamaru in a lazy drawl.

"Thank you Shikamaru, very thorough. One other piece of information to keep in mind is while it does not happen often Kekai Genkai can also change through the generations developing new skills or becoming something else entirely" Iruka finished.

This got Hinata thinking, was that the reason she had yet to activate her Byakugan? Did she somehow receive a recessive or faulty version of the gene? Most Hyuga activated theirs by their eighth birthday; she was twelve and still had not.

As she considered this bell rang signalling the end of class for that, this was followed by a yell of satisfaction from Naruto as he bolted out of the door.

Hinata shook her head at his exuberance and decided to go home and prep for her test tomorrow.

Sunlight began to stream through her window gently nudging Hinata from her dreams.

"Mmmm Naru-kun stop what if Tou-sama spots us" Hinata mumbled with a giggle as somehow she shocked herself awake by fainting in her own dream.

Hinata sat bolt upright whilst trying to get her furious blush under control. Today's dream had been racy even for her so she took a few moments to have a deep breath. Her ... unusual dreams had been happening for the last couple of weeks ever since she saw Naruto all sweaty and gleaming after one of his long training sessions.

After getting herself composed Hinata looked up and noticed a bright blue box floating in the air in front of her.

Confused for a moment she brought her hands up in to a hand seal and flooded her body with chakra "Kai!" she shouted as she attempted to dispel the genjutsu.

One thing she actually was adept at was detecting and dispelling genjutsu even without her Byakugan, this was mostly thanks to Kurenai nee-chan.

"W-what that's not a genjutsu?" Hinata queried.

Her senses no longer dulled from sleep Hinata inspected the blue box more carefully it read.

Hyuga Hinata

The Gamer

Tutorial Y/N

"T-the gamer" Hinata stuttered unsure of what to make of this as it was unlike any genjutsu she had ever encountered.

Cautiously she edged a finger closer and noticed the box was solid.

Incorrect input

Hinata was startled as the box responded to her touch; did she have to select one of the two options?

Carefully she pressed the yes button as she waited for something to happen.

Name: Hyuga Hinata

Class: The Gamer

Title: Hyuga Clan Heir

Level: 6 Exp to next level 500/800

The Gamer is an advanced Space/Reality Kekai Genkai, by tapping into the consciousness of the world it allows the user to enforce their perception onto reality to a limited extent (further information must be acquired via in universe actions).

The Gamer ability will allow one to drastically alter their own physical and mental abilities at a much greater rate than standard training.

The Gamer Ability is only visible to the user or those that the user has formed a party with (Party ability locked until level 20).

The Gamer ability allows for Dynamic skill and Jutsu creation.

Command inputs: Status, Perks, Skills, Reputation, Inventory.

The Gamer Ability allows for in depth character growth and advancement. Thus ends the basic tutorial, advanced tutorials unlock in required circumstances.

Hinata could only look on with her mouth open in an extremely un-Hyuga like expression.

"Space/Reality Kekai Genkai?" she questioned.

Of course everyone heard how the Yondaime Hokage's signature move the Hiraishin was a space time ninjutsu but she had never heard of a Move that could affect reality. However this may explain why she had yet to unlock the Byakugan, maybe she couldn't.

Hinata was conscious that she had to get to the academy soon or she would miss the opportunity to become a genin, her mysterious bloodline would have to wait.


Quest: Get the academy on time.


125 Exp

Increased reputation with Konoha Shinobi.


Seeing the message Hinata pressed yes, she figured she may as well go all in and it was not like she was planning to be late or anything.

Hinata arrived at the academy with plenty of time to spare and quickly got to her seat. The only other ones there at this time were Sasuke, Shino and surprisingly Shikamaru.

Quest Completed


125 Exp

20 Reputation with Konoha Shinobi.

Well that was something, she was not sure exactly what XP was used for but she hazarded a guess from what she heard Naruto and Kiba talking about that once she got enough she would level up?

Looking around the class something strange happened there were boxes above the heads of her classmates.

Uchiha Sasuke: Level 12

Aburame Shino: Level 10

Nara Shikamaru : Level 9

A Special Skill Has been created through a special act.


Level: 1

"This must be that dynamic skill creation" Hinata thought.

Uchiha Sasuke

Level: 12

Sasuke is the last Uchiha Loyal to Konoha, his family was brutally murdered by his older brother Itachi leaving behind several mental scars on his younger brother. As a result Sasuke is only interested in getting stronger.

Aburame Shino

Level: 10

Shino is the clan Heir to the Aburame family. Shino is often very quiet as it is a little known fact that strong visible emotion agitates his hive.

Nara Shikamaru

Level: 9

Shikamaru is the heir to the Nara clan and like his father possesses a genius level intellect. However like his father he is often too lazy to put that tactical mind to use.

Obseves Level has risen by 1.

As Hinata was going over this new discovery the rest of her classmates had arrived.

"Ok class today to begin we will be doing the written test, this will be followed by the obstacle course, weapons test and sparing. Finally we will have you perform the academy jutsu. You all have thirty minutes begin.

Hinata looked down at her test paper and sighed in relief, she could do this; she may not be as smart as Sakura or Shikamaru but this should not be a problem.

New quest alert

Pass the test

Bonus objective: score more than 80%

Bonus objective: score more than 90%

Reward: 150 Exp per objective completed.

Hinata buckled down to complete the test, most of the questions were easy but a few of the later ones were becoming more difficult.

Question 18: at the end of the second shinobi world war which group of shinobi were responsible for the death of the Nidaime Hokage.

This was a tough one; honestly she was not sure what the answer was.

"Think Hinata, I need to slowly work to the answer. Ok in that war our main aggressor was Kumo so it stands to reason that it was a Kumo shinobi. Now who were the main players in Kumo at the time, I know it was not the Raikage so that leaves... I know the gold and silver brothers" Hinata thought to herself as she jotted her answer down.

For thinking through a problem wisdom has gone up by 1.

So she could earn points by doing tasks a certain way, interesting.

Ten minutes later the test was over.

"Okay class ten minutes then we move onto the next test" Said Iruka.

Using this Time Hinata went off and found a quiet corner, now was a good time to learn more about her ability.

"Status" Hinata said quietly.

Name: Hyuga Hinata

Class: The Gamer

Title: Hyuga Clan Heir (Plus 10% experience gain to Juken and Byakugan techniques)

Level: 6 Exp to next level 625/800

HP: 140

CP: 150

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 17

Agility: 5

Vitality: 4

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 8

Charisma: 1


Timid: -20% to reputation gains below friendly and - 20% experience gained to Juken techniques

Flexible joints: +2 dexterity per level

?: +50% Exp to ? skills and Jutsu

Point: 0

Perk: 1

Ryo: 0

Overall Hinata did not think that was too bad, she was sad to see that she had a penalty to her Juken but she knew about her shyness. What did intrigue her was that question mark skill.

"Ok Class gather round for the obstacle course" shouted Iruka.

Walking over Hinata could not help but observe a few more classmates.

Haruno Sakura

Level: 5

Sakura is from a civilian family and as such did not have any prior shinobi training. Sakura is very book smart and has intelligence only a few degrees less than a Nara. She is held back by a fangirl mentality.

Yamanaka Ino

Level: 5

Ino is heir to the Yamanaka clan, she is a bit vain and cares a lot about her appearance but underneath the fangirl is a shrewd mind and keen information gatherer.

Inuzuka Kiba

Level: 8

Second in line to head the Inuzuka clan after his sister, Kiba is brash and loud but wears his heart on his sleeve. If he cares about you he would move mountains for you.

Akamichi Chouji

Level: 7

Chouji is clan heir to the Akamichi and is a gentle giant that is loath to hurt anyone, except if you mention the f word he is big bonded damn it.

Observe's level has risen by 1

"Ok class it's the obstacle course, the record time is 1:23 and a passing time is 3:00 please make a line" said Iruka.

New Quest Created- Race for the finish

Quest: Pass the test

Bonus Objective: Pass in under 2:00

Bonus objective: New academy record

Reward: 100 Exp

Bonus Reward 1: 150 Exp

Bonus Reward 2: 200 Exp

So far the time to beat was set by Naruto, who was extraordinarily good at obstacle courses due to outrunning Anbu Patrols; his time was 1:53.

"Okay Next up Hinata" Said Iruka.

Hinata readied herself at the starting line and burst forward with a spurt of speed ducking underneath a volley of Kunai from an automated cannon. She quickly jumped into the air to land on a suspension bridge and used her natural balance and poise to make it across quickly. The next obstacle was a climbing wall that took its toll on her due to her low strength and finally a dash to the finish.

"Not Bad Hinata 2:01 your first half was great but i think you need to work on your strength and stamina"

"Yes Sensei" Hinata said as she tried to regain her breath.

Quest completed

Hinata quickly pushed the accept button as she was too winded to pay attention right now.


The weapons test went well as Hinata scored a 7 out of ten placing at second for the girls with Sakura coming top with 8.

Over by the boys Sasuke scored a perfect 10 causing the rest of the girls to go crazy whilst naruto also scored a 7.

"Congratulations Naruto-kun" Hinata thought to herself with a pleased smile on her face.

She received another 75 Exp for that test which meant the last thing up was a spar against the teachers.

Uzumaki Naruto

Level: 6

Naruto is an enigma, not much is known about his past or his family but for some reason most of Konoha seems to hate him.

NEW QUEST CREATED- reason for scorn

Find out why the villagers hate Naruto.

Bonus Objective: Confront Naruto with the truth.

Reward: 8000 Exp,

Bonus Reward: ?

Bonus Reward: ?


To Hinata this was not even a question she pressed yes and was determined to find out the answer to this quest.

Hinata watched as Naruto had his match against Mizuki sensei. Mizuki seemed to be much more brutal against Naruto than the others which made Hinata frown; the man seemed to target joints and other areas that could cause lasting damage.

By calmly analysing an opponent Intelligence has gone up by 1

"Okay Hinata your up you need to land three hits" Said Iruka.

NEW QUEST CREATED – Avenge your Man

Don't just land three Hits defeat Mizuki


600 Exp

+50 Reputation with Naruto.


Before she could even think she had pressed the yes button, let it be said that Hinata was not quick to anger; she was one of the most forgiving people around. However for years she had watched people step on Naruto and while she may not have the courage to talk to him she could at least do this for him.

Stepping into the ring Hinata adopted not a Juken stance but that of the academy Taijutsu style. Mizuki had a condescending smile on his face as he knew that little Hinata did not have much bite in spars and so he dropped his guard slightly.


Level: 20

Mizuki is a teacher at the academy and an adult that harbors resentment towards Uzumaki Naruto. Not able to cut it in the field Mizuki chose to teach at the academy.

Observe's level has increased by 1

Seeing that gap Hinata rocketed forward with a punch directed at Mizuki's solar plexus. Even with his guard down Mizuki was still a Chunin and blocked the strike but it did put him off balance.

Using the momentum of her strike Hinata kept going and pivoted on one foot spinning round his guard and delivering an elbow to his kidney.

"Good job Hinata that's one stri-" Iruka tried to say as Hinata kept going launching a flurry of strikes against the dazed Chunin.

Normally Mizuki would have been able to block this but his surprise at seeing little Hinata attack so viciously allowed several blows to slip through his guard pushing him to the edge of the ring.

Hinata jumped back briefly creating some space before rocketing forward once more and leaping in the air to deliver a devastating roundhouse kick to the Chunin's nose with a sickening crunch.

Academy Taijutsu increases by 1

Academy Taijutsu Max

Like a puppet with its strings cut Mizuki Crumpled to the floor, blood pooling from his face.

Hinata Landed after her kick and looked around to see the shocked looks of her classmates who all had their jaws on the floor.

"Wow who knew Hinata was such a bad ass" said Naruto.

Reputation with Uzumaki Naruto increased by 100.

Quest Compl-

"Eeep" was the last thing Hinata said before what felt like all the blood in her body rushed to her head and she passed out.

Hinata woke up some time later to find an empty classroom save for Iruka who was grading some papers.

"Ah Hinata your awake, the others have already had their tests so we are just waiting on you. Congratulations by the way you scored 91% on your written test" said Iruka

Quest Completed

Reward: 150 Exp

Bonus 1: 150 Exp

Bonus 2: 150 Exp

"Thank you Sensei , um d-did Naruto-kun pass?" Hinata stuttered.

Iruka frowned and Hinata's heart sunk.

"I'm sorry Hinata but he failed the Bushin portion of the test."

To say Hinata was disappointed was like saying Naruto only liked Ramen, she was crushed. She had hoped against hope that they could have ended up on the same team so that she could have spent more time with him and gotten over her shyness.

"No Naruto-kun never gives up so neither should I" she thought with determination.

"Iruka-sensei its Naruto's dream to become Hokage so he won't let this stop him. Its my job to pass this test and become a genin so can we continue" Hinata said bowing politely to her Sensei.

Iruka could only chuckle at the faith the girl had in his favourite blonde, he only hoped Naruto would stop being so dense or the girl would get some more courage.

"Okay Hinata you know what to do can you please demonstrate the three academy jutsu"

She had done it she had finally done it; she was now Shinobi of Konoha. Her Konoha hitai-ate sat securely round her neck as she proudly walked through the Hyuga compound receiving smiles from the branch family members.

She stepped through the courtyard to see her father and her Sister Hanabi sparing.

Hyuga Hiashi

Level: ?

Hiashi is the father of Hinata and Hanabi, since his wife died he has become much colder and stricter especially with his eldest.

Hyuga Hanabi

Level: 8

Hanabi is a rising star within the main family and is thought to have more potential than her elder sister.

HP: 200

CP: 150

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 15

Agility: 7

Vitality: 10

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 10

Charisma: 10

Hinata's feeling of elation dropped off rather quickly at seeing her sisters stats, she guessed her observe had levelled enough to provide new information.

Hanabi was several years younger and was already stronger than her. She loved her sister and was glad she was succeeding but in the pit of her stomach she felt like every time her father had called her a failure was validated.

"otou-sama" Hinata said politely in greeting to her father.

"Hinata, I see you have passed as expected, but why are you late?" said Hiashi

"I-I f-fainted after one of the academy exams" said Hinata.

"Disgraceful, not only do you continue to stutter you disgrace yourself in front of your peers, go to your room and reflect on your attitude, team assignments are tomorrow and I will not have you embarrassing me" Hiashi said in a steely tone.

"Yes otou-sama"

Back in her room Hinata was depressed that even though she succeeded it still was not enough for her father.

She was wallowing in self pity when it clicked she had exactly the tool to make herself stronger.


Hyuga Hinata

Class: The Gamer

Title: Hyuga Clan Heir ( Plus 10% experience gain to Juken and Byakugan techniques)

Level: 8 Exp to next level 15/1152

HP: 140

CP: 160

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 21

Agility: 5

Vitality: 4

Intelligence: 6

Wisdom: 9

Charisma: 1


Timid: -20% to reputation gains below friendly and - 20% experience gained to Juken techniques

Flexible joints: +2 dexterity per level

?: +50% Exp to ? skills and Jutsu

Point: 10

Perk: 1

Ryo: 0

Her Gamer Ability, with this hopefully she could become stronger but first she needed to know how it worked.

First she tried clicking on each option.

Strength: How much physical damage you can distribute, as well as other strength related feats such as throwing, climbing, swimming etc.

Dexterity: dexterity effects how nimble and agile you are, also effecting aim and precision.

Agility: agility affects how quickly you move your body, agility effects running speeds as well as other physical factors.

Vitality: Vitality affects your stamina and how much punishment you can take, each point in vitality is worth 10 HP.

Intelligence: This effects how much information you can retain and overall intelligence, each point of intelligence is worth 10 CP.

Wisdom: Wisdom affects your chakra control; higher wisdom opens new avenues such as genjutsu or Iryo Ninjutsu.

Charisma: Charisma affects your ability to lead and influence people. With high enough Charisma people will gravitate towards you as well as having other useful benefits.

Looking at her stats Hinata decided not to place any points in Dexterity as her Flexible joints status gave her an additional two per level, for now she noticed her chakra capacity was a bit low so she should put points in intelligence and Vitality was a must as she got very tired in the obstacle course, for now that was her best option.

For wisely considering your future development wisdom has increased by 1.

That still left this perk whatever that was.

Perks are bonuses that are achieved every 5 levels or through certain special actions or quests.

"Perks" Hinata said.

Perk Menu

Available Perks

Byakugan- 1 point

Chakra Nature Water- 1 point

Chakra Nature Wind- 1 point

Chakra Nature Fire- 1 point

Chakra Nature Earth- 1 point

Chakra Nature Lightning- 1 point

Additional Perks Unavailable at this time.

Hinata knew immediately where she would spend her points.

Hyuga Hinata

Class: The Gamer

Title: Hyuga Clan Heir (Plus 10% experience gain to Juken and Byakugan techniques)

Level: 8 Exp to next level 15/1152

HP: 200

CP: 200

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 21

Agility: 5

Vitality: 10

Intelligence: 10

Wisdom: 9

Charisma: 1


Timid: -20% to reputation gains below friendly and - 20% experience gained to Juken techniques

Flexible joints: +2 dexterity per level

?: +50% Exp to ? skills and Jutsu

Point: 0

Perk: 0

Ryo: 0

Bringing her Vitality and Intelligence up to 10 Hinata felt her body become flush as he muscles writhed underneath her skin, she could feel herself becoming fitter and her mind sharper.

"Wow this really does work" she said.

"Byakugan" she cried as she channelled chakra to her eyes. The veins surrounding her eyes bulged and she felt her vision sharpen as she could see 355 degrees round her for about 50 meters each way.

This caused Hinata to cry out in joy as she shed happy tears, she finally had her Byakugan and it was glorious.

"Skills" Hinata said

Gamers Body Max

Grants the User a body that functions like a game. After sleep in a bed restore Hp, Cp and any abnormal status effect.

Academy style Taijutsu Level: 20 Max

Passively increases taijutsu damage 20%

Weapons Kunai and Shuriken Level: 17

Passively increases Kunai and shuriken damage by 17%

Stealth level: 11

Passively increases stealth by 11%

Observe Level: 5

Through constant observation information may be gathered about an object or person. Information received is level dependant.


Kawarimi Level: Max

Bushin Level: Max

Henge: Level Max

Byakugan: Level 1

Active: when active increase sight by 20% in clarity and enables user to see 50 metres. Will notice Genjutsu 50% of the time and will see through it 30% of the time.

Hinata spent the next few minutes carefully going over each skill; she noticed that if she levelled her Byakugan up enough she could become effectively immune to genjutsu. Her Gamers body was also a boon as she did not have a huge amount of chakra if she could get it back after a rest on a long mission, it would vastly increase her combat potential.

As she was scrolling down she accidentally clicked on Academy style Taijutsu which prompted another menu.

Skill maxed would you like to evolve skill?


Curious as to what this option was Hinata picked yes.

Options: Juken.

You have insufficient knowledge for any other style at present.

Juken, it was actually letting her pick Juken!

Hinata rapidly mashed the option afraid it would disappear.

You have selected Juken, Academy style taijutsu will be deleted, and do you wish to continue?


Hinata hit yes without a second though.

All of a sudden her mind felt hazy and the knowledge she spent the last few years accumulating felt muddled. She still remembered it but it was like watching someone else do it rather than having learnt it yourself, like watching the stunts in one of those princess gale movies.

Juken Level: 1

Passively increases dex by 1%

Passively increases Wis by 1%

Finally, after every time she had failed. After every time she had forced herself back up again it was like the universe was rewarding her effort.

"Perhaps now Tou-sama won't see me as such a failure" Hinata said with a small smile gracing her face.

Suddenly she felt very tired, the stress from the tests today as well as the emotional turmoil from finally unlocking her Byakugan seemed to have taken a toll on her. After getting changed into her rabbit onsies she snuggled deep into her bed sheets and drifted to sleep.

"I wonder who is going to be on my team tomorrow" was her last thought before drifting off.

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