Hello everyone- I'm back! Super happy that I have some free time to write and hopefully make significant progress on this new story. I'm a huge fan of Padmé/Vader stories and I'm pretty sure I've read every single one on this site. That being said, I decided to write my own. At the beginning of the next chapter, I will explain all the changes I have made to the original films. For now, enjoy the prologue!

As Anakin and Obi-Wan landed swiftly on the forest moon of Endor, Obi-Wan reached for his communicator to inform Master Windu that their journey had been safe and they had reached their destination.

"Why don't you like flying, Master?" asked the little blonde boy beside him.

Obi-Wan chuckled. "Just a personal preference, I suppose. Not all of us are interested in pod racing."

"Speaking of…" Anakin began, "Do you think I could do another one any time soon?"

"I don't believe so, Anakin," Obi-Wan responded. "Right now, we have to focus on your training. Plus, it makes me nervous seeing you put your life at stake at such a young age."

"Hey!" said Anakin. "I'm 10 now, remember? It's not like I'm 9 anymore!"

Obi-Wan laughed again as Mace answered his call. "Master Kenobi to Master Windu- we have reached our destination. Mission is a go."

"May the Force be with you," Mace replied.

"And you, as well, Master," said Obi-Wan before ending the call.

Obi-Wan reached for the latch to push the door open, struggling a bit with the rust. Anakin rolled his eyes.

"Why won't you just let me build you a new ship, Master?" the boy asked.

"Because I like this one," Obi-Wan responded, grunting as the door finally gave way.

"It's not very good for quick getaways," his Padawan pointed out.

"Well, luckily this is a diplomatic, peaceful mission," Obi-Wan countered, exiting the vehicle. Anakin followed. "Are you excited to learn some negotiation skills today?"

"Yeah, overjoyed," Anakin responded in a sarcastic tone.

Obi-Wan sighed. He had hoped that this mission would be an opportunity for Anakin to see that there was more to being a Jedi than robes and a lightsaber. He was grateful when the Masters had granted him permission to take Anakin along, but was beginning to regret it slightly.

"Now, Anakin," he started, ignoring the sarcasm, "today we are going to meet some creatures called Ewoks. They're small edgy little things and don't speak our language, so this will be a bit tricky. A dispute between two tribes began a little while ago when one tribe tried to build on the other's land. Our job is to make peace between the tribes. The leaders have agreed to meet us at a clearing in the forest not far from here."

Anakin nodded and followed closely behind his Master as they pushed through branches and stepped over roots. It took about ten minutes to reach the clearing, which was much larger than Obi-Wan had expected.

"This is a lot of open space for such a dense forest, Master," Anakin observed.

"You're right, my Padawan," Obi-Wan replied, analyzing the area. Where are the Ewoks?

He walked around the edge of the clearing, checking behind trees to see if they were hiding. Perhaps they were afraid of the Jedi or hesitant to begin negotiations.

"Look, Master!" yelled Anakin. Obi-Wan whirled around to see his Padawan in the middle of the clearing. "I found the direct center, just like you taught me when we were mapping!"

"That's great, Anakin!" Obi-Wan shouted back before redirecting his attention to the forest. Something wasn't right.

Suddenly, Obi-Wan was overwhelmed with a sensation he hadn't felt in quite a long time. Something was near. Something very dark…a Force-wielder of the Dark Side.

He looked up at the sky when he heard something entering the atmosphere. A large, black ship was getting lower…and headed their way.

Obi-Wan realized in horror that Anakin was standing directly in the open. "Get down, Anakin!" he shouted, but the groans of the ship's engine overpowered his voice.

Obi-Wan dashed toward his Padawan as the ship began to land beside Anakin. "Anakin- run!" he yelled, coughing from the dust that had been strewn up by the ship's landing.

He watched as one of the ship's lower doors opened and two men in white armor lurched toward Anakin, each grabbing one of his arms. "Master- help!" Anakin screamed.

Obi-Wan picked up his pace as he noticed his Padawan trying to reach for the lightsaber at his belt and failing. One of the men slapped him across the face when Anakin kicked him and Anakin howled.

Obi-Wan reached the ship just as the ominous black hatch was closing. He jumped up to grab hold of it, trying to pull himself in. An armored foot came crashing down on one of his hands, causing the Jedi Master to cry out in pain. With those fingers likely broken, he was hanging on with one hand as the ship began to take off. He could hear Anakin's voice growing fainter inside.

Obi-Wan realized that he would have to let go or else his other hand would be crushed in the hatch as it continued to close. "I'll find you!" he shouted, hoping that Anakin would hear him. "I'm coming for you!"

Obi-Wan reluctantly let go just in time and crashed to the ground, watching as the ship, dark and shiny like obsidian, raced off into the distance. Then, overcome with the shock of the fall, he himself faded into the distance…

Anakin was shoved into a small cell with four white walls and waited for what seemed like an eternity for the door to open. He had been planning all possible means of escape, but was shocked at the face before him.

"Hey- I know you!" said Anakin. "You were on Naboo."

"That's right, young one," the old man replied with a slithery tone that made Anakin shudder. "And it seems that you and I will become much better acquainted."

He turned to a guard behind him clad in the same white armor as the men who had abducted Anakin. "Escort our guest to more appropriate quarters," he ordered.

"Yes, Sir," the man responded, grabbing hold of Anakin's hair and dragging him out of the cell.

Anakin made no sound. Obi-Wan was coming for him- he was sure of it. He would be rescued soon.

It was a holiday on Naboo. Padmé Amidala walked through the busy streets, greeting and speaking with her subjects who were preparing for the festivities. As she stopped at a merchant's stand for some water for herself and her guards, she noticed a sign on the pole behind him.

"Excuse me, Sir," she said, "but could I see that sign?"

"Of course, Your Majesty," the man replied, pulling the paper off the pole and handing it to his Queen.

"Thank you," she said to him.

As Padmé looked down at the paper she was holding, a picture of a young boy with blue eyes stared back at her below bolded black letters that read "Missing". She clutched the Japor snippet around her neck, suddenly finding it a bit hard to breathe.

"A cup of water, please," she said to the merchant.

Oh Anakin, where are you?...