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The Fudo siblings had been hit with various changes and not just their ages, they were becoming school students and in a real public school. After Mo finally found a job and while Akito, Estelle, and Vincent did enjoy their home tutoring provided by Tech E. Coyote after Mo had to find herself a job to help provide for the family, the kids decided they would like to go to a public school. Atticus and Mo made sure to send them to a less as strict about rules public school and to make sure it would do a lot better for them than their first public school experience with their cousin did when they were much younger.

"Mo, I found the perfect school for the kids to go to." Atticus smiled.

"Oh, how lovely!" Mo beamed, very anxious. "I just hope it turns out better than Hawthorne Prep and Lady Beatrice's Boarding School..." she then pouted, knowing how public school just didn't fit their children, just because it could work for friends of theirs did not mean that it would work for them.

"But, um, for this to work, we're going to have to move to Southdale." Atticus said.

"We have to move?" Mo frowned.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mo..." Atticus sighed to his wife. "You had to know this would happen sometime."

"I know..." Mo looked out the window, sounding like a child upset about leaving their childhood home. "We've just made so many friends here... What about our old friends?"

"We'll keep in contact with them, I promise, and besides, we also have magic on our side." Atticus assured her.

"Yeah, I guess, but it's just that it's going to be a big change, especially for the kids." Mo sighed.

Dot laughed wildly as she ran inside the house with Fluffy, Scruffy, and Spot chasing her, they all accidentally tracked mud into the house.

"Guys!" Mo shrieked. "I just mopped the floor! Oh... I think it's time for a bath..."

"Sorry..." the dogs told her.

"It's fine... I'll take care of it..." Mo sighed. "Oh, gosh, I sounded just like my mother!"

"Well, that's what happens when you become a mother," Atticus said before whispering to his wife. "We'll tell the kids later tonight."

Mo nodded in agreement. "I just hope they take it well... One of my foster families just moved away from me and Angel before we met you."

"Well, all we can do is hope," Atticus said. "Anyways, better get dinner ready."

Mo went to the kitchen.

"Uh, why don't I do it?" Atticus offered. "You rest..."

Mo smiled small to him, gave him a quick hug, and retired to the couch.

"Alright, time to make a delicious meal." Atticus said before rolling up his sleeves and going into the kitchen.

Mo lay down on the couch and took a deep breath, trying to relax herself. While she was relaxing, Atticus was cooking up a delicious meal that would hopefully soften the news to their children. Mo smiled in her sleep as she smelled the food. Angel came to her mistress and nuzzled against her arm.

Mo giggled a little. "Quit it..."

"I can't help it, Mo, it's what we dogs do to our owners." Angel smiled.

"Yeah, yeah..." Mo chuckled.

"So, what's wrong exactly?" Angel asked, lying down on the floor next to the couch. "Something about moving?"

"We have to move..." Mo sighed. "I finally found a job and that means the kids will have to go to school."

"Oh, my, well, how do you think the kids will react?" Angel asked.

"I don't know..." Mo sighed. "It's just hard... They're gonna have to leave some of their friends behind... Plus... They didn't have such pleasant experiences in school before."

"Well, maybe the school they go to they will have a wonderful experience." Angel said.

"I really hope they do..." Mo cooed. "I didn't like school at first myself... I just wish I could've gone to a school with Cherry and Atticus... Don't get me wrong, I liked my friends at the school I went to, but I really wanted to be with them... At least we got to go to Canterlot High together that one time."

"Yeah, that's true," Angel smiled before she smelled something cooking. "Mmmm..."

Mo sniffed too and smiled fondly, nearly drooling. "Guh... I feel like we're in that restaurant in Paris with the cooking rat... What was his name again? Rizzo? Rocky?"

"Remy!" Atticus told her from the kitchen.

"Remy, that's it!" Mo snapped her fingers. "Dang... I'm getting old..." she then did a fake old woman voice to do one of her infamous jokes. "Land sakes, Atticus, you never take me anywhere anymore... Where's my cane? Oh, Land O'Goshen!"

This caused for her, Atticus, and Angel to laugh and where luckily, it didn't distract him from cooking. Mo smirked and continued to stay on the couch until dinner. While Atticus was getting dinner ready, the Fudo siblings were doing their own things in their rooms.

Estelle never did stop her dancing and she was so devoted and passionate about it, that she decided to go for an entertainment major if she would decide to go to college. Akito was working on his fight moves, but nothing too risky or serious, he mostly took it out on his pillow so he wouldn't hurt anyone. Vincent was actually painting in his room, having become very artistic over the years.

"Alright, time to do push-ups now." Akito said, getting on the floor, starting to do his push-ups with Scruffy counting with him.

Scruffy patted his paw down on the floor gently every time Akito went down like a gym coach would. "Down!"

And that's what Akito did and went up whenever Scruffy said up.

While Akito was doing his push-ups, Estelle continued to dance, but seemed like she was lonely in her heart. Estelle sighed, she could always dance just fine before, but something felt missing. She decided to stop the music and she sat down on her bed, leaning back and stared at the ceiling.

"Estelle, are you okay? Your dancing was beautiful, but it seemed so lonely." Dot said, worried for her owner.

"I just feel like something's missing..." Estelle said to her dog.

"Like what?" Dot came to cuddle against her to make her feel better.

"Well, like somebody to be in love with." Estelle sighed.

"Oh... Puppy Love..." Dot giggled.

"Akito has Emi Ketchum..." Estelle listed. "Vincent has Jenny Foxworth... When's someone gonna come for me?"

"Now, now, not everybody has a boyfriend or girlfriend, what about your cousins?" Dot prompted.

Estelle showed her pictures of her two cousins with their own boyfriends.

Dot flinched slightly. "Even Eloise?"

"Oh, don't get me started on her..." Estelle sighed a little.

*Brief cut to Paris, France with Eloise who has her blonde hair tied down with a black headband and she is now wearing red heart-shaped earrings*

"Oh, I love you too, Bruce, can't wait to see you soon!" Eloise beamed. "Hang on, I have another call..." she then hit a button. "Hello, it's me, Eloise... Hi, Leon, I was just thinking of you!"

*Back to the Fudo house*

"Yikes." Dot flinched.

Estelle sighed.

"Don't worry, remember what your father told you," Dot cooed. "Someday your prince will come."

"He got that from Princess Snow White," Estelle said. "I still can't believe that we got to meet her in Enchancia and then there was that evil princess."

"That was quite the adventure..." Dot giggled. "Don't worry though, Estelle... Someday, you'll find happiness..."

"Aunt Cherry says that happiness is so depressing..." Estelle sighed. "Sometimes I wonder how she and Uncle Forte even got together when they both hate love..."

"I wonder that too." Dot said.

While Estelle and Dot were talking about love, Vincent was now finishing off his latest painting.

"Done..." Vincent said to himself, putting up the brush and cracked his knuckles. "Ooh... That was harder than I thought..."

Snow White strode over to see what Vincent had painted this time.

"What do you think?" Vincent showed her his latest masterpiece.

"It looks great, what's it about?" Snow White asked. "Every painting you do is always been about something, so what's this one about?"

"Kinda something new..." Vincent showed her.

Snow White could see a lot of spy stuff in the painting which piqued her curiosity. "Hmm... Wonder what that's about..."

"It was a dream I had once..." Vincent shrugged honestly.

"Must be a vision." Snow White said.

"Really? Well, I guess it is, I think." Vincent smiled.

"What kind though?" Snow White wondered.

"Hmm..." Vincent pondered that now

"I have no idea, but I can tell it will be soon." Vincent said.

Snow White nuzzled against him.

Vincent chuckled, petting his cat. "Oh, I just love your fur..."

"Thanks you it's because you wash it and make it clean." Snow White smiled.

Vincent laughed a little. "Yes, ma'am."

"Kids, dinner time!" Atticus called out to them.

"Coming, Dad!" Vincent called back.

"Coming!" Akito called out, getting up from his push-ups.

"I'm coming!" Estelle called out, getting up from her bed.