Even the Forte family was invited to the ball, they were on their way, but Felicity had to make a stop first. Felicity meet Belle at the door and was walking around in her golden dress with her hair down in a low ponytail and she wore an opal necklace handed down to her, and still wore her boots, even to the ball. She was looking all around the castle for someone, but had trouble finding him.

"Looking for me?" Chip asked.

Felicity beamed and came to him. "There you are, I was looking all over for you!"

"Sorry, Mama wanted my help again..." Chip smiled apologetically, he was wearing his blue uniform with his blonde hair tied in a low ponytail like many sophisticated older gentlemen with shorts, tights, and black dress shoes. "I guess you're ready to go then?"

"Oui, oui!" Felicity beamed to the boy she had strong feelings for.

"Then let's get going." Chip said.

Felicity was very much excited to be going with Chip. The others in the castle waved to them.

"Ah,... Young l'amour..." Lumiere smiled in admiration.

"Indeed." Cogsworth nodded.

"I told you zhey would be a couple." Lumiere smirked.

"Oh, no, my old friend, I believe I told you." Cogsworth smirked back.

"Non, I told you!" Lumiere started to argue with him.

"Oh, will you two please stop?" Mrs. Potts asked.

Lumiere and Cogsworth folded their arms, glaring back at each other.

Mrs. Potts sighed to them. "You two, honestly, squabbling and bickering like children..."

Cherry and Forte held Simon's hands as they were going to the ball as well, but Simon did not look at all interested in going, besides, who would want to dance with a homicidal five-year-old?

"This ball better be interesting." Simon said.

"Be on your best behavior and no killing." Cherry reminded him.

"Merde." Simon cursed.

"And no cursing." Forte said.

"Fine." Simon pouted.

"Run along, children." Cherry let her son and daughter go off to mingle.

Felicity happily walked with Chip while Simon gloomily wandered around.

The front doors opened and there came Emi in a red and white dress with a black crest around her waist that made her dress seem like it was designed like a Pokeball, she was not wearing her hat and wore her hair down with slight curls.

"Welcome to my ball, I appreciate you all coming." Emi smiled and allowed them inside the ballroom.

Everyone entered inside the castle, in time for the ball. There were Pokemon with the guests that were going to have their own dance, but still be part of the celebration.

"I really like your dress, Emi." Akito smiled.

"Aunt Amy made it for me," Emi smiled back. "You look really charming."

"Thanks." Akito smiled.

Ash's hair was the same way it usually was, but he wore one of Satoshi's suits and was smiling and waving to the guests.

Brock, Misty, and Tracey even came.

"Hey, guys," Ash smiled to his oldest friends, then his eyes widened to Misty. "Whoa..."

"You like my new dress, Ash?" Misty smiled back, she wore a spring green dress with black heels and wore a golden necklace.

"Yeah." Ash nodded.

'I sure do wish that May, Max, Iris, Cilan, Serene, Clemont, and Bonnie could be here too.' Estelle thought to herself.

The kids decided to sit at their own table since the adults had one. There was a huge abundant of food as a live musical orchestra gently played music in the background. The Pokemon smiled to the Fudo siblings and gave greetings before going off to their own friends.

"This is going to be a magical night." Estelle smiled.

"A tale as old as time." Chip chuckled at his little inside joke in agreement.

"Oui, oui." Felicity smiled.

Chip laughed a little, he loved it when she would say that.

"Chip, you've gotten older too?" Akito noticed.

"Oh, yes, after Felicity was able to age, her dad worked out a way for me to age up with her so we could grow up together like we did when she was a baby." Chip explained happily.

"That's fantastic." Akito smiled.

"We are hoping for a bright future together." Felicity nearly squealed.

"Awww!" Estelle and Jenny awed.

Lee and Akito had mature smiles while Marc and Tony weren't sure what to say to that. Megan also found it romantic. As did Eloise.

"So, Eloise, who's your date?" Vincent asked.

"Well, Bruce and Bobby were too busy with something at home, so I'd like you to meet a very special guest, he'll be along in a jiffy." Eloise informed.

The others wondered who it could be until royal fanfare was heard at the front doors.

There came a man in ancient red robes and he carried a scroll in his hands, clearing his throat. "Announcing the royal-"

"LEON!" Eloise rushed right over, she wore a dark violet gown with white gloves, a pink scarf, and black slip-on shoes.

"Leon?" Vincent said, confused.

Akito and Estelle looked curious and confused too.

"If you don't know, we don't know." Jenny added.

Eloise hugged an older boy who wore royal red robes with a crown and came over to the table to her friends and cousins. "Everybody, this is Leon," she introduced. "He's a prince, you guys, a real prince!"

"It's very nice to meet you, Leon." Vincent said.

"Good evening..." Leon bowed to all of them, as was his upbringing and raising for him to do so.

"How did you two meet?" Estelle asked.

Eloise had Leon sit down first and she smiled, getting comfortable with the others. "It happened the Christmas before we met," she informed her cousins. "I was just hanging around the Plaza like I always do, but then Mr. Salamone told me to go straight back up to my room because we were expecting a very important guest and I could not, repeat not, interfere. But, you can probably guess how well I respected that rule," she then folded her arms. "So anyway, Leon was visiting with his family and I wanted to play with him... He just looked so bored and lonely, so I decided to 'kidnap' him and we explored around the hotel and became friends."

"And you didn't get into trouble with Mr. Salamone?" Vincent asked.

"I almost did with him and Leon's parents until Leon told them how much fun he had with me." Eloise smiled in memory.

Leon smiled bashfully himself.

"Eventually he had to go home, but he promised to visit again real soon... Sorry you guys couldn't meet him until now." Eloise said to her cousins.

"It's okay, we're just glad that we got to meet him now." Akito said.

"Your Highness..." Chip bowed like he would do for Belle and Adam during special visitations.

Leon chuckled. "You don't have to do that."

Chip smirked and sat straight up then.

Delia rang a bell to alert everyone and get their attention. "Pardon me, but dinner is served." she told her daughter's guests.

"Yay! Dinner!" The kids cheered.

The guests all got their food and once they filled their plates, they started to sit down, and chat amongst each other. Of course, Lee, Akito, Estelle, Vincent, Leon, Jenny, Chip, Megan, Marc, and Tony didn't reveal too much, such as their missions, they just talked about becoming good friends and neighbors. It was truly a lovely ball so far and they didn't want it to end, but it had to. All good things must come to an end eventually.

After eating, there came a slow romantic song provided by the orchestra and the boys asked their girls to dance, and which of course, they accepted.

"Estelle, may I have this dance?" Lee asked like a gentleman.

"Why, Lee, such a gentleman." Estelle giggled like a blossoming young lady.

The two took their hands together and moved out on the dance floor to join their friends and the other dancers. Estelle and Lee were like in their own little world right now where nothing or no one could hurt them. And where the two of them were now dancing the waltz/slow dance.

Ash smiled as he danced with Misty. "Looks like Estelle earned herself a prince."

"I'll say." Misty giggled, finding Estelle and Lee to be a rather cute couple.

"They do look cute together." Delia smiled.

"They really do." Satoshi agreed.

As Estelle danced with Lee, she knew she wouldn't have to worry about feeling like a fool, because she was in the arms of her angel prince and nothing could change or ruin that for her. After the final twirl, Estelle and Lee actually shared a kiss with each other. And where it felt like sparks were flying and fireworks were going off. Lee and Estelle smiled to each other and held each other close as the song was winding down and it ended with their emotional kiss together. After the song, the dancers turned to the orchestra and applauded them for such a sweet and special song.

"That was so romantic." Megan smiled.

"It truly was, I felt like a princess." Jenny swooned about her dance with Vincent.

"Just absolutely lovely!" Eloise chirped.

Lee and Estelle seemed to tune the others out as they found themselves looking deep and sweetly into each other's eyes.

"Uh-Oh, seems like two love birds are tuning everyone out." Megan playfully smirked.

"Shh..." Felicity put her finger to her mouth with a small giggle.

Underneath the table, Lee and Estelle were also holding hands while their hands on top of the table were holding their faces up. This would truly become a night, dance, and ball to remember.

'I hope this ball never ends.' Estelle thought to herself.

Eventually it would have to, so the guests made every moment count. And where each moment did count. After about a few minutes, it was now time for everyone to go back home.

"Thanks for coming to the party!" Pikachu told his fellow Pokemon.

"Bye-Bye!" Meowth added with a wave.

Everyone went back to their respective homes ,well except Lee was walking Estelle back home, being a gentleman.

"Thanks for walking me home, Lee." Estelle smiled.

"Of course, my sweet," Lee chuckled. "I just wanted to make sure you'd get home okay."

"Thank you for taking me, it was such a wonderful time..." Estelle sighed. "I feel like I'm in a whole new world."

"I feel the same way." Lee smiled.

The moment they got back to the Fudo house, Lee carried Estelle as he leaped over the hole with her in his arms. Estelle giggled, that felt really fun, adventurous, and romantic, all at once.

"Watch your step." Lee chuckled, attempting to make a joke.

Lee then carried her to the door. "Well... I guess this is good night..."

"Yes, I suppose it is..." Estelle sighed, but still smiled to him, she wanted to see him again real soon, but there was always tomorrow. "I suppose I'll see you then."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." Lee said.

They ended the night with a kiss. Both blushed, Estelle went to her bedroom while Lee started to sing down the street, feeling like he was in a musical and Estelle lay down on her bed, thinking fondly of her own personal knight in shining armor.

And where it was Lee and where from there on they were in love and would be a lovely couple. Lee was now in his bed room and in bed and was now thinking about Estelle especially when he went to sleep. There many ups and downs about the moving experience for the Fudo siblings. Such drawbacks included leaving their childhood home, all their old friends, and everything they once knew. However, moving improved those things. They made more friends with a new title to live up to, they were very happy in Southdale Middle School and found it to be better than home-schooling or tutoring, but most of all, Estelle found her prince, and to her, that was all that mattered.

The End