Summary: After the death of his God-father and the revelation of the prophecy Harry Potter is once again locked away at his aunt and uncle's while his parents and brother are helping the Order. Being sick and tired of those who try to control his life, Harry sees only one way out and summons a Devil to make a deal.

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"Divide"= talking

"Divide"= thoughts

[Divide]= Albion talking

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Rise of the White Dragon Emperor

Chapter 03 Settling in and Britain

June 25 2024 19:00 pm., Potter Manor

Lady Lily Potter nee Evans was not having a good day… now that she thought about it ever since the death of her close friend named Sirius Black she was having a bad time. It had all started after everyone had returned and the Potter family had decided to meet in Dumbledore's office.

*********************************Flashback Start*********************************

May 25 2024, Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts

With a pop a very pissed off Lord James Charles Potter appeared in the Office of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore closely followed by his wife named Lily and two sons who were named Harry and Aiden. Whereas Harry had his mother's eyes, Aiden was an exact carbon copy of his father. As they waited for Dumbledore to arrive, Lily watched as her husband kept pacing around, her youngest son held a smug grin on his face and her eldest son was glaring at all three of them. The glare that Harry sent her way sent an involuntary shiver down her spine as she thought "Is it normal for a boy his age to hold that much anger?"

After another five minutes, Dumbledore finally arrived and sat down behind his desk and asked "Now can someone please tell why there were six students at the Department of Mysteries?"

As Lily looked at her two sons she saw that Harry was about to say something when Aiden quickly said "It was all Harry's doing sir. During the History of Magic OWLs he received a vision of Sirius being tortured. I made the suggestion to contact the Order, but he didn't want to hear anything about…"

Everything else was lost as Aiden was interrupted by a furious Harry as he snarled "WHAT!? It was you who received the vision you backstabbing bastard. I was the one who even informed Snape about it."

As Lily looked at her husband she knew what he was going to say and could only groan as she heard her husband yell "BE SILENT YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT. ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ONLY CAUSE TROUBLE FOR OUR FAMILY!"


Although Lily could sense that Harry was speaking the truth, but as she once again looked at her husband she just knew that he didn't believe a word of what just was said. James was furious and said through gritted teeth "I will not allow you to claim the heroic acts of your brother and quite frankly I have had enough of your lies. For your acts against the Potter family and the death of one Sirius Orion Black that you clearly caused, I James Charles Potter Head and Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter hereby disown you Harry James Potter from the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, So I say so mote it be."

Lily could only watch in horror as her family was literally ripped apart in front of her. Lily knew that loosing Family Magic was on par with the Crusiatus Curse, so it was quite astonishing as Harry did even show an ounce of pain.

As Harry walked towards the exit Lily heard him say "May Peverell's Curse judge you here and now to be worthy of their power." Lily knew a little bit about the Peverell family as they were the Ancestors of the Potter family. So she could only gasp as both her husband and remaining son screamed in utter pain as a crimson and black aura was lifted from them.

As she heard Harry open the door he said "And so only one remains true to the Path of Peverell. May you all burn and rot in the deepest pits of Hell for what you did. And when you do, I will be there to watch it happen." And with that Harry walked out of the room and their lives.

*********************************Flashback End**********************************

Thankfully before this happened Lily had made a family tree keyed to her blood. And because of that she noticed two things happening: the first was Harry being linked to one Daphne Greengrass while they were both linked to two blank spaces. Lily could not stop the smile from forming as she came to the conclusion that Daphne had gotten pregnant. And although both Harry and Daphne were very young, she knew that they would find a way to make it work.

The second thing happened yesterday. As Lily once again looked at the Family Tree she gasped as she saw Harry's name being burned off. Though she was even more shocked as Harry's name was replaced by Hadrian Ignotus Peverell. And because something told her to once again watch the tree, here Lily stood once again. And so Lily couldn't even try to hold back her tears as she witnessed the blank spaces the represented her unborn Grandchildren being violently burned from the Family Tree. And as Lily sank to the ground, for the first time in seventeen years she cried.

Her family, her precious family was now officially ripped asunder. Ever since they came back from the office, James was only focused on Aiden and ignored both herself and their six year old daughter. And so as she stood up and sat down in one of the chairs, Lily Potter cried herself to sleep to the memories of her family.

June 26 2024, dining room, Potter Manor

After a very rough night, a very tired Lily Potter was sitting at the dining table next to her very energetic six year old daughter. She was about to take a sip of her coffee when her husband stormed into the room. As he saw his wife look at him James said "Watch Aiden while I am gone there is a situation at Greengrass Manor." Lily's eyes widened just a fraction at the mention of Greengrass Manor as it reminded her of Daphne and her situation.

So as to find out more, Lily stood up and followed her husband as she asked "What happened at Greengrass Manor James?"

James glanced at her and answered "As you know today the entire Wizengamot was supposed to be gathered in order to release Sirius's Last Will and Testament. I still cannot believe that You-Know-Who erased the knowledge of who the Secret Keeper was from our minds. But after Lord Greengrass didn't show up after half an hour, we sent someone to pick him up. Only for that person to come back in a panic with the news that Greengrass manor was completely destroyed, the two daughters were missing and the Dark Mark was floating above the grounds." With that James walked out of the door not even noticing the shocked look on Lily's face and apparated away. It was close to dinner time when he came back and said "We have just arrested Lucius Malfoy on suspicion of the murder of the Greengrass family and also for still being a Death Eater." With that he laid a hand on Aiden's shoulder before he walked towards the Master-Bedroom and closed it.

Lily could only sigh as she started making dinner for three only for her remaining son to announce "I am going to the Weasley Family and I am probably staying there the night." With that Aiden walked to the fireplace, threw some floo-powder in it, said his destination and disappeared in green flames.

As Aiden disappeared, Lily looked at her daughter and asked "So shall we just order some pizza?"

At that Rose started nodding wildly like any six year old and said "Yes please and could you please order a small tuna pizza for me?" This was of course followed by the puppy dog eyes that Rose had mastered when she was four years old.

Lily chuckled as she said "Alright Rose one small tuna pizza for you and a medium one for me." With that Lily grabbed the phone and started to order their dinner and probably breakfast.

June 25 2024, Old School building, Kuoh Academy, Japan

With an almost blinding flash of red light Akeno Himejima best friend and Queen of Rias Gremory was alerted of her friends arrival. What put her on edge however was the absolutely livid look her best friend had on her face. That feeling was reinforced when two girls followed Rias. One girl who was probably a year her junior was crying her eyes out and kept muttering about wanting them back. She was supported by a younger girl who was around the age of fifteen.

As Rias walked the two girls to the bathroom Akeno was put even further on edge when an absolutely massive power came out of the Teleportation Circle in the form of a young man who was probably the same age as the first girl. What shocked her even more however was that the young man was sporting an even more livid look on his face, something Akeno thought impossible since she never had seen Rias as pissed off as she was now, but what actually sent a shiver down her spine were his eyes. For his eyes held the same crimson color as Rias's hair.

As Rias came out of the bathroom alone, Akeno asked "Rias what happened in the two days that you were gone and who are these people?"

Rias let out a sigh as she tried to calm down and said "Akeno meet Hadrian Ignotus Peverell the last heir of the Pillar House of Peverell and those two girls are Daphne and Astoria Greengrass. Hadrian and Daphne are also new members of this Peerage while Hadrian is also the wielder of Divine Dividing." As this was said Rias actually got a small smile on her face at the shocked look on her best friend's face.

Rias took another calming breath before she said "As for what happened… well let's just say that I have found a hidden society that is far worse than our own."

Rias was however interrupted by a still very angry Hadrian as he said "Really Rias that is the best you can describe the situation? I mean between being disowned by my own father for the acts of my brother and no today with the father of my girlfriend giving her a dose of Abortion Potion I can think of better ways to describe what happened."

Before anyone could say something Astoria opened the door to the bathroom and said "Ehm… Ms. Rias could you come in here for a second please?"

Rias stood up and said "Alight Astoria I will be right there. Akeno could you and Hadrian make something to eat and drink?" At Akeno's nod Rias once again entered the bathroom to help Astoria. As both Akeno and Hadrian moved towards the small kitchen that was inside the building, Akeno glanced at her companion and saw him shake with suppressed anger. After fifteen minutes of cooking it suddenly happened, the massive power that surrounded Hadrian just disappeared as Hadrian almost collapsed and had to support himself on the counter. Akeno was about to ask what was wrong when she saw the tears streaming down his face as she heard him whisper "I failed them. I failed all of them. Even after Albion warned me that something was not right, I still failed to protect Daphne and our unborn children." And with that Hadrian broke down in front of Akeno. Akeno decided to place Hadrian in one of the chairs as she finished dinner.

With Rias

As Rias closed the door of the bathroom, she could only gasp at the frozen room that laid in front of her. Everything was covered in ice. As she looked at the person that sat in the original WARM bath, Rias could only shake her head. As she approached Daphne, Rias could hear the poor girl whisper to herself "I should have known. I should have known that the bastard would do something like this and yet I still fell for it and lost my children."

Rias crouched down next to the bath and said "You couldn't have known your father would do that to you. Could you have suspected that he would do something like this? Maybe, but who would think that their own father would force and abortion like yours did today. Let's get you out of this bath and warm you up and after that you and Hadrian can spent as much time together as the two of you need and don't worry about Astoria, I am sure that between Akeno and myself we can keep her safe." Daphne was about to say something when all three occupants felt the massive power of a pissed off Heavenly Dragon suddenly disappear. That appeared to work as not even three minutes later Daphne was dry and in warm clothes rushing towards Hadrian's location.

Rias looked down at Astoria and said "Tomorrow we will go and look for a place that the three of you can stay in.

June 26 2024, Old School building, Kuoh Academy

After a very restful night of sleep, both Hadrian and Daphne were sitting at the table eating breakfast along with Rias, Akeno and Astoria. Rias had just told them (Daphne, Astoria and Hadrian) that they would start attending Kuoh Academy the coming week. And since it was a Wednesday that meant that the three of them had almost a full week to prepare themselves. For Daphne and Hadrian it was no problem since they were Devils and thus understood almost any language. For Astoria it was simply applying a translation charm or ward around her. Hadrian had already solved the housing problem, since he informed everyone that Peverell Manor was actually located in Kuoh somewhere on the outskirts of the town.

Rias was wondering one thing however and since she was very curious to the answer, she asked "Hadrian how is it that I never heard about the Spell of Inner Promotion?"

Hadrian actually chuckled as he said "I was wondering when you would ask that particular question Rias. To answer it I have to say that it is actually very simple, since that spell was and still is considered Peverell Family Magic. The spell was in the Peverell Grimoire, it was created by Ignotus Peverell's Great-Grandson for when the time came when his family once again became Devils."

Rias slapped her own forehead as she muttered "Of course it would be that simple, why didn't I come to that conclusion."

Hadrian wasn't done however as he said "And to top it all of only I can reveal and use that spell, since I am the only direct member of the Peverell family."

The rest of the week was spent meeting the other two members of Rias Gremory's Peerage and meeting the Student Counsel. After an unfortunate meeting with the Perverted Trio who were leering at Daphne (go figures), it was Hadrian that confronted Rias with something as he said "Rias I really hope that you have no intention to recruit that Issei Hyoudou. Since that would only lead to confrontations between us, considering the fact that he is the Wielder of Boosted Gear and partner of Ddraig."

Rias groaned before she said "Alright I will inform Sona that she can go after him instead. Thanks for informing me Hadrian. I take it that Albion still sensed Ddraig's presence even though he is still dormant?" In answer Hadrian only gave her a nod. After both Kiba Yuuto Rias's Knight and Koneko Toujou her Rook learned what happened earlier that week to Hadrian and Daphne, the entire Peerage was shocked when Koneko actually shared some of her sweets with them. Koneko never shared HER sweets with anyone else period.

Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts, Scotland

Staring out of a window and across the school grounds was one Albus Percival Wulfric Brain Dumbledore. He was doing what every manipulative old men do namely contemplating the current situation. Everything was going according to plan in the eyes of Albus Dumbledore. Sirius Black was dead, the Potter family was finally ripped apart, and his weapon and True-Boy-Who-Lived named Harry Noname formerly Potter was back with his abusive relatives. It nearly went wrong when his damned weapon informed Snape of all people about the situation, thankfully he could salvage the situation by ordering Snape to ignore the warning.

Now all he had to do was some "research" and discover that Harry was actually the real Boy-Who-Lived. After that he would apologize to the Potters and ask them to adopt Harry back into their family, after all who would refuse such a generous offer. After Harry was back under his thump, he would train his weapon in how to use his powers (read seal or try to steal the boy's powers and make them his own). No everything was going according to plan and nothing could go wrong. It was not as if the boy could wish for freedom and his answer would appear, no that was impossible what was he thinking.

Unseen by Dumbledore however was a girl that looked no older than thirteen or fourteen years old floating in front of the window. The girl had long black hair that reached her hips she also had grey eyes and pointed elflike ears, though the later was not really visible thanks to her long hair. She was also wearing something that was considered Gothic Lolita fashion. This girl invisibly glared at the senile old man as she thought "Oh poor senile old wizard, soon you will learn not to mess with our kind since we can hold a grudge longer than that you live. And you will learn REALLY soon not to mess with those I consider my ally." With that the girl disappeared by her own Magical Circle that showed two snakes trying to bite each other's tail.

Grounds of former Greengrass Manor, Scotland

On the grounds were once Greengrass manor stood. Two young women walked around looking for clues as to what had happened. Both wore skintight black leather armor. And while one had short blue hair with a streak of green, the other had long chestnut brown hair that was tied in twintails. After they had finished the circle they walked around the grounds, the blue haired woman pulled out a crystal that glowed white. After a short chant, the world around the two young women swirled as it showed what happened a day before. Both gasped as they heard the echoing voices yelling what had happened. They both watched as at first Devil wo they identified as Rias Gremory appeared with a young woman of their age and a girl who was a few years younger. As they looked closer the two saw that the young women was vomiting blood. They both watched as the Manor exploded and a man they presumed was the father of the two unknowns was blasted across the grounds. The two women both gasped as they saw a young man walking out of the destruction. He had black untamed hair and Crimson-Red eyes, he was enveloped by a flame like aura that had mostly the same color as his eyes, but with a bit of black in the mix. The most shocking however were the two wings that has sprouted from his back while one was a normal bat like wing of a Devil, the other was a silver birdlike wing. As the two women stopped the events and tried to figure out what the man was, the one with chestnut hair asked her partner "What does this mean Xenovia?"

The now named Xenovia looked at her partner and said "If I had to guess Irina? I would say that he is part Fallen-Archangel, but that is just stupid there is no Fallen-Archangel since that would mean that God would be dead." Both Xenovia and Irina laughed at the very idea of God being dead not knowing how right they were.

As Irina stopped laughing and looked closer at the unknown man, her eyes widened suddenly as she began to mumble to herself "No… no it cannot be."

Concerned at her companion's sudden change in attitude, Xenovia asked "Irina what is going on? Do you know him?"

Irina looked at Xenovia and said with tears in her eyes "That… that is my childhood friend from England. His name is Harry Potter and before I left we made an vow to write each other every month. I thought he somehow broke his promise, but seeing him alive proves that he didn't break it."

Xenovia looked at Irina and said "He could have died and Gremory could have resurrected him you know."

At that Irina actually smiled a bit as she explained "For a Devil to resurrect someone or something as a Devil they still need their soul and body. Harry made the vow on his very soul. So if he broke it no-one could have resurrected him since his soul would have been destroyed." With that said time started again and both Xenovia and Irina watched as the now named Harry Potter blasted the infamous Killing Curse to smithereens. They watched as the eldest daughter froze and killed her father. And as the four teens teleported away,

Irina looked one last time at her childhood friend as she whispered "No matter what happened that made choose becoming a Devil Harry I will always be at your side and we WILL see each other again this I swear." As Irina made her vow, she didn't notice the uncomfortable posture of Xenovia.

Xenovia frowned at her departing companion and said to herself "Let's hope both Irina and Harry never find out what I and the one who helped me did." With that she followed her companion never noticing the glare that was aimed at her.

As the mysterious girl from before glared at Xenovia she thought "Just wait exorcist, all secrets will come out sometime. Especially those that involve my allies." With that she once again disappeared with help of her own Magic Circle.

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