The whooshing of the helicopter rang through my ears, but I was used to it. After all, this was the usual and most efficient way to go to school, and who would care, considering I was the king. As always, irritation thrummed through my blood and I kept a scowl on my face, warding all away who dared to come near.

The trimmed green grass outside of the helicopter pad bent over, welcoming my presence as it always did when the chopper touched down. What was taking them so long? Don't they know by now? One more minute and I swore that they were all fired! 1…2…-finally!

The small door to the chopper was opened and I gracefully stepped out. My scarf whipped around in the artificial wind and my flawless hair blew at just the right angle. I was sure that when everyone looked at me, I was brighter than the sun itself, for I was Gu Jun Pyo.

As I neared the prestigious Shin Hwa Academy, I began to hear the familiar chatter of the sons and daughters of the country's richest families calling my name. "Oh, wow, look at him." "Oppa is so handsome today." My face remained impassive because I didn't at all care for their lives, as long as they didn't get in my way. But it was the only way to think of me. This praise really is the only way to be. I just wish they didn't have to be so goddamn annoying with it all.

Across the pavement, I saw my companions arriving. F4 comprised of myself, for I was the leader, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin. I was the heir to the Shin Hwa group, a billion dollar industry that had taken over most every market in Korea. Yoon Ji Hoo is the grandson of the president of Korea. So Yi Jung is a master potter and ceramic artist, whose family owns a museum. Song Woo Bin was the son of a construction company founder; his family are in real estate, and his family happens to be the descendants of a powerful mob group of Korea. They all looked up at me, and I moved my head slightly to the side, gesturing to the school, and they moved behind me.

I could see their faces through the door, the uniforms that my family's multi-billion dollar company designed lined up awaiting our entrance. As usual, the double doors were opened for us, as was to be expected. Students "ooh"ed" and "aww"ed at our magnificence. Not one of us wore the Shin Hwa uniform. As if I would stoop to their level. I ignored the bunch as I moved forward, my eyes were fixed on the opposite side of the foyer. Just a few more steps until solace, then I could relax without the hundreds of eyes gawking at my face. However, why would my life ever be so simple as a few more steps?

Something caught my eye. Such a disgrace it was. For someone to do such a thing was inconceivable. Huh, the nerve of these people. I stopped and fixed my eyes on the disturbance. It was the collar. The damn collar was the exact same as mine. The funny thing about the whole situation was that I had this shirt personally made; it was the only one of its kind… until now.

His nervous, but proud eyes met my own. When I looked into his brown gaze, I felt disgust inch its way into my veins. All eyes were on me, awaiting my next move.

His mouth opened and a nervous quiver came out, "Is something wrong?" Was something wrong? Huh. It appeared that once more I would have to explain everything, well… maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt and really he did know what was wrong.

"I'll give you to the count of three. Three…two…one…." He only stood there staring at me blankly muttering "what?" and "what is this for?"

Well, let me just explain it then. I grabbed the tip of the black collar, the same one as mine. His head jerked forward and the scowl on my face deepened.

"Woo Bin, do you still have that juice from this morning?" I asked smoothly.

"Yeah, you want it?" He asked casually. I didn't reply and instead reached my hand back and my fingers enveloped the cool plastic. I didn't need to look at the bottle to know that the orange-red color was bright and would stain easily. With my other hand, I pulled back the jacket of to his uniform and held the bottle up, tilted it, and let the contents flow freely down his shirt and seep into the fabric.

He caught his breath in surprise, and all around him the same sounds were coming from the other students as well. I grabbed his hand, placed the bottle in his palm, and closed his fingers around the container. There was nothing left to do. I was sure he got the point now.

I tuned out the murmurs asking if he was okay and other nonsensical rubbish, and moved to the staircase leading to F4's special area. It was there that I could briefly unwind before it was time to head to class. Thankfully it was easy to pass through all of the other students when I only saw them a few times a day.

I began my decent down the staircase and the rest of F4 followed behind me. The lounge came into view. Lush cushions rested on the several couches, soft blue light reflected on the fabric from the expensive aquarium against the wall. Books rested in piles on the coffee table dividing up the couches. I grabbed the English Literature textbook and sat down. The others grabbed their own books and sat down on the other couches.

"Have any of you studied for this exam?" I asked the group.

"No. The material is pretty simple." Of course Ji Hoo would think that. He was a genius. I was as well and agreed with them, but after this morning's stressful and irritating events, it would take me a few minutes to let it come back to me.

"I agree. What was the text? Hamlet? Ahh, yea… I remember now." I was sure that it was all coming back to me. The others looked at me with amusement flickering in their eyes, but they dared not to say anything to me. Even though they were my closest and only friends, with whom I could be myself, I had my limits and I think they thought it was best to leave me as I was.

We took an alternate staircase to class, one that was void of students. The stairway led to a straight hallway with a door at the end - our classroom for all intents and purposes. Our professors were highly skilled and vetted from all across the world.

I led the way and pushed open the door, the space opened into a glorious room. Four desks sat in a circle. The dark cherry wood gleamed in the sunlight pouring through the window. Atop each of the desks rested a crystal name plate with each of our names. At the head of the room stood my desk, the largest and most magnificent of them all. It sat a little higher and was a little larger than the rest. It was fit for the best, a king if you will. And that king was I.

We all filed into our positions and waited for the professor to come in.

"Jun Pyo, did our plan for Lee Min Ha go accordingly?" Yi Jung always kept tabs on these games.

"No… Some girl saved him just as he was about to jump off the roof of the school."

"Really?! That is unexpected…. Who was she?" The calculating look in his eyes spoke volumes. He was cool, calm, and collected, but was surprised that someone intervened. Before he went jumping to conclusions about someone he might know, I would fill him in.

"She was some commoner. No one we know. She has caused enough trouble for the company and now my father is left to deal with it. It's a mess." I closed my eyes and rubbed my temple with my hands.

"So where is he?"

"Gone. He withdrew and apparently is having some mental problems." Woo Bin said. "I looked into it after hearing about this Wonder Girl," I couldn't help but give him a look of puzzlement. 'Wonder Girl?' It sounded like some sick joke. "That's what the press is calling her - Wonder Girl." Woo Bin added nonchalantly despite the look of pure disgust and astonishment.

"Sounds like an interesting title since all she did was meddle in the affairs of the elite and wealthy. Who was she to be on our campus anyway?" Yi Jung asked, inquisitively.

Ji Hoo's eyes moved to meet those of each of the group as he said, "She was delivering laundry or something for Lee Min Ha."

"Well, at least she has no reason to come here again." And with that, Professor Brown walked into the room. He had a degree in English Literature and was fluent in Korean, though he made us speak English for all parts of the class. He also spoke nothing but English in the class.

"Hello guys, are you ready for the exam today?" A series of yeses and groans followed the cheery question.

"Great, let's get started…."

By lunch time, I completely cooled down from the earlier conversation and event. In order to get to our private dining quarters, we had to go through the main galley. As we descended the stairs, I heard one female call "F4! F4!" and then the wave of voices calling our group's name intensified as others started calling. Like seagulls by the bay, they flocked to the most beautiful beings to grace Korea…or the world.

I stared at the other students as they pooled around the base of the wooden staircase. As we walked, I cast cold stares in their direction, which parted the inferior sea. Behind me, the others followed suit, their faces with similar expressions devoid of emotion.

As usual, I kept my eyes straight as I glided past the commoner tables. It was strange though. When I neared the opposite side of the hall my nose was overwhelmed with the scent of perfume. Tacky perfume at that, mixed with… rice? How could these people sink any lower? I didn't bother looking around, lest I made eye contact with one of the crazy females that inhabited the school.

The dining room was lavishly decorated, every detail was the epitome of perfection, but that was to be expected as money could buy anything, even love if I so deemed it.

The meal began in silence. The entrees were served and the meals were gracefully devoured.

"Did you see that new girl?" Woo Bin chirped.

"No, why? Should I care?" I didn't look up from the meat I was slicing with my knife.

"Not necessarily, but she is the one that came here on scholarship for saving Lee Min Ha. I was reading the news after the exam and it turns out that your family accepted her on scholarship to cover up the game, which nearly led to Min Ha's 'death.'" At this I did raise my eyes for a brief moment to look at Woo Bin.


"That's right, I didn't think you knew based on our earlier conversation. However, the idea that she is now going to be at this school is a bit annoying, don't you think?"

"As long as she stays out of my way, then I don't care." At that, we returned to our meal and silence resumed.

The next day I followed the same routine with the helicopter, the exit, the students, everything. One would think that this routine would eventually become something sacred, that no one would ever tamper with it, but I think that was too much to ask.

Upon our glorious entrance into the main doors of Shin Hwa High, there was an obstruction blocking my way.

"Jun Pyo, I baked this for you myself." A small voice squeaked out of the obstruction. I looked down and found that it was an ugly girl who was blocking the way, holding a small cake in her hands. Her bangs and bowl style hair cut framed her face and false confidence and hope lit her eyes as she smiled at me.

"Please accept my heart." I glanced down at the poorly made cake. I took the tray the cake was sat on in my hands and studied it momentarily. In what world was she living in where she thought I would ever consider accepting her heart? I then raised my eyes to her face which her shining with happiness and true confidence.

So I did what was an appropriate show of how I felt about her.

I shoved the cake into her face. The strawberry sauce dripped down off of her nose and onto her uniform. Her white cream face was shocked and the rest of the school either laughed or gasped in shock. I kept my face neutral because really it was sad. How could anyone think that they would be enough, special enough, precious enough, for me? Huh. It was sad.

A voice from one of the most irritating fan girls chirped up, "Our Jun Pyo only eats cakes made by the best pastry chefs." Damn, they were the most irritating. I reached over and pulled the fan girl's hankie out of her uniform's top pocket and wiped my fingers which felt sticky from the cake, and threw it back to her without looking. It must have hit the floor because I heard high heels rush to pick it up. Whatever. I turned to go down the staircase to freedom until another obstruction was blocking my path.

My sharp eyes looked collided with those of another ugly little girl. What was it today? She didn't have anything in her hands and I didn't recognize her, so I was fairly certain she and I had never crossed paths.

"Who are you?" I asked plainly. She didn't reply right away, but instead what looked like anger pooled deep into her eyes. Aish, this was annoying. I had better things to do.

"Do you have something to say?"

"That's right. I have something to say! I have a lot to say!" Her voice was slowly rising. Well this was a first, but still, I couldn't care less.

"You!" She suddenly screamed and pointed an ugly finger at me. "Do you have no respect for people?" Did I? I turned my head slightly to answer the obviously dumb question, but she hammered on. "I don't even expect you to have any humility as a rich person. If you didn't want to eat it, then you could have rejected it nicely. Or…would it kill you to accept it just for the sake of that person's effort? What are you going to do if she says she is going to jump off of the roof, you bastard?"

"Who are you?" Admittedly, no female had ever had the audacity to talk to me in such a manner, but I didn't see why I should care. She seemed taken aback by this. There was no reaction from me and I suppose she wanted to see some damage, but that was not going to happen. I wasn't the type of person to waste my anger out on the likes of her.

"Do you have something to say?" Her brown eyes fumed at my responses. She thought for a few seconds, her face turning into a sharp scowl, and then with gritted teeth, said no. I had nothing further to say, and so, I moved passed her and descended the staircase to the lounge.

No one mentioned anything about either events. I was glad for that. For some reason, the latter of the two incidents nagged at the back of my mind. I wasn't sure why exactly, but I supposed it was all due to the fact that no female had ever stood up to me. No male for that matter either. They were all scared of the dreaded red card. It was with that card that all of the students were at my beck and call and performed anything I wished. Never had they failed me. Usually the male students were the ones that carried out the deeds, all trying to get into my good graces. I wasn't sure what they hoped for because the only reward they got were no red cards and a "good."

I kicked up my feet and pulled open one of my text books and began reading the contents. English was tricky to learn, but necessary for my success. The verbs and adjectives marked the page as my eyes danced over the page. I stared at the conjugation of "to be" for the entirety of our time in the lounge. I then made my way to our classroom, and tried my best to concentrate.

The air was nice as we stepped outside. The wind blew gently against my face and the fur on the tip of my coat brushed the bottom of my jaw. The grey sky wasn't a problem or bothersome, sometimes the sun was a bit bright too bright for my mood, so today was rather perfect in terms of whether.

Behind me, Woo Bin and Yi Jung were chatting about some party Woo Bin was hosting and Yi Jung was inquiring about the invite list. Of course, it was mainly the attractive females that they surrounded themselves with.

Quietly, Ji Hoo walked slightly behind me. He never said too much and kept to himself, but was my best friend nonetheless. We shared several conversations when were alone, and he made comments here and there when the four of us were together, but remained silent, watching the world.

Out of nowhere, my shoes were tainted with ice cream and a hand shakily removed itself from the tip of the shoe. Why did it always have to happen to me? Damn.

"Sunbaenim…" A shaky female voice said from below me. Oh Min Ji. I knew her. I'd known her for years. She like every other female at this school had had a crush on me for ever since ever.

She hastily got up and bowed deeply several times. Worry was etched into her face. "I'm so sorry, Sunbaenim." I left my face blank and irritation coursed through my blood.

I didn't even look at her sorry state. My voice was icy cold as my next words left my unrepenting lips, "Sorry? If apologizing solves everything, why do you think there are laws and police officers?" I waited for her response. I didn't take long. Her eyes were glued to the ground as she explained that it was an accident.

Her voice then became stronger and more affirmative as she thought of a way to make it up to me. "I'll buy you the same exact shoes right away!"

"You, are you richer than me?"

It didn't seem to register in that thick skull of hers. "Pardon?"

I supposed I would have to explain everything, once again. What was with these people? "Even if you had more money, it would be impossible. These shoes were made by a craftsman in Ferenze. How could you possibly buy me the same exact shoes immediately?"

"I'm really sorry. I'll do anything I can to fix it."

"Anything?" I asked disbelievingly. This would be interesting. I could definitely better my mood with this.

She nodded eagerly, "Yes."

Oh the power! What to have her do that would be worthy punishment for her infringement? I knew. It would be gloriously humiliating for her, but would also teach her her place.

"Lick it."

"What?" Behind me, F4 was snickering. Even Ji Hoo was chuckling. It was one of my better ideas, I will say. I was having a hard time not cracking a smile, but the most I would allow for was a smirk.

"I said to lick it." Tears rushed to her eyes and a blush of embarrassment spread across her pale cheeks.

"Sunbaenim." Oh now she was begging. Well, I wasn't known for mercy.

"Didn't you say you would do anything?" Her back began to bend and submission rested in the depths of her eyes. She had no choice, no way out.

I had won; this was the highli-…"Stop it!" A new voice yelled. My eyes flew to the side of Min Ji and there stood that girl from earlier, who yelled at me. "You! You think she fell because she wanted to? Apologizing is enough don't you think?" She stared at me as if I was missing some larger part of life. There was no denying the hatred that burned in her brown depths. Well girl, the feeling was mutual.

However, the whole situation was amusing. A choked out a laugh, "Who's this nosy person?"

She just glared at me, so I continued on, "Hey Sophomore! I guess it hasn't been that long since you returned, but you shouldn't try to use that American style here…. Why so informal?"

Her way of speaking to me was that of an equal, a close friend, didn't she know I was older than her? Didn't she know that I was her superior?

Woo Bin suddenly leaned over and whispered in my ear. "She is Wonder Girl. The one who saved Lee Min Ha." Oh, how interesting things had become!

I turned my head slightly to address her, "Oh, so you're the famous wonder bra?"She shifted uncomfortably and avoided my eyes. Good. "People were saying Wonder Woman and stuff, so I at least expected an S line and a D cup." The image of the iconic Wonder Woman popped into my mind, and as I made fun of her, I compared the two. I ran my eyes up and down her slender body, taking in every detail with piercing scrutiny. I didn't care about her body, I just enjoyed seeing her squirm and that quick mouth of hers stay shut. "How homely!"

She breathed a sigh of utter disbelief, then she came back, "I'm glad I let you down."

Damn she was annoying. "Is it your concept not to think of your status and be nosy?" The smile that had been in my eyes when I was picking on her vanished. "Why are you butting into other people's business?"

Wonder Woman met my eyes without fear. "She's not a stranger. She's my friend. I guess in rich people's dictionaries, there are no words like friend or friendship?"

"Friendship?" Interesting concept, well let's see what we can do with that point. "Let's see that great friendship that you speak about." I glanced down at my shoe, moved my foot slightly to the left so it faced her, and looked back at her, "Lick it."

I think the hatred in her eyes grew ten-fold. "What?!"

"I'll forget about all this if you lick it instead." She glanced at her friend and defeat finally sunk into her eyes. She slightly shook her head, and she began to bend down. I was soaking in the satisfaction that I stopped watching her. There was no greater pleasure than watching this big mouth suffer for her insolence.

The peace of the moment was rewarding, the wind was calm, the campus was quiet, and most of all, the trouble maker was paying her dues. Ahh life was- "YAA!" Something hit my face and went up my nose. The force was so great and caught me so off guard that I was thrown backwards onto my butt.

I raised my hand to my face to investigate the damage and found that vanilla icecream was now all over my face. "Aish! What's up with you?!" I remained on the ground, my brain slowly processing what had happened. In front of Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin. Humiliated by a commoner. This wasn't fine.

Wonder Girl moved closer to me in a threatening manner and stood over me, for the first time, someone was looking down on me, "Does she have more money than you? Did you yourself earn all of that money?" I looked at her in disbelief as she continued, "What? Is it my concept to be nosy?" She paused to scoff at me, "It's my concept not to overlook bastards who act out just by trusting their rich parents to have their back. Why!"

She reached into her pocket and pulled out three 1000 won bills. Her lip curled as she returned her gaze to me. She threw the bills over my head. "At our place it's 2,500 won, but I calculated it by Gangnam standards, okay? If the stain doesn't come out, then bring it by."

She turned to leave, I thought it was all over, my façade of coolness broke and anger and disbelief washed through my body. Wonder Woman then turned around, marched over, and slapped something on my forehead, and walked away.

I ripped the sticker off of my head and listened for a brief moment as F4 snickered around me. "What the hell was that piece of crap?!"

I got up and stormed off without caring if F4 was following me. I couldn't think anything, my vision was red with rage.

I found the nearest bathroom and to those unfortunate men in the restroom, I had no remorse for their fearful faces. I gripped the edges of the glass bowl sink and stared at the ice cream staining my face. What the hell?! Who was she?! The sticker was still pressed to my palm even though I was gripping the sink. I opened the crumpled sticker and read the writing. "Jan Di's Dry-cleaning…" She was the daughter of a dry-cleaner? The daughter of a dry cleaner bested the great Gu Jun Pyo? Aish! This was unbelievable.

I fisted a handful of paper towels and began fiercely wiping my face, ridding my beautiful skin of the sticky substance.

This was unbelievable. Never! Never! Had this happened to me before. I was Gu Jun Pyo! "Aish!" My breathing was ragged as I thought about all that had happened today. Yesterday, everything was normal, but today? Everything that I understood to be standard was now revealing the damn exception to that rule: Jan Di.

I left the bathroom and headed to the one place I could vent my rage in peace- the hideout.

The dark room was lit with neon lights and areas of dim yellow lights. Music blared through the surround-sound speakers and I went straight to the dart board, in the center of the room. There, I pinned up the damn sticker and grabbed the handful of darts and began firing them, one by one.

Most of the time they hit the target, which was any area of the sticker that spelled out "Jan Di." I don't know how long I did that, but it wasn't long enough for me. I wasn't satisfied and anger leaked out of every pore. No one approached me, which was probably for the best. This couldn't go unanswered for. Something had to be done as an appropriate punishment for the meddling child.

Sometime later, I heard Yi Jung say to Woo Bin, "What's with Jun Pyo?"

"I think the shock was pretty big today. He just keeps doing that." I pulled the darts out of the board and moved back into my starting position. How was I going to get her back?

I felt a hand fall on my shoulder. "What are you doing with that serious face?" Yi Jung asked. He had moved away from his game, I think it was Rock Band or something, and his girls to come see what was up with me.

Ready to reply, I was surprised to find that most of my anger had subsided. "Don't bother me. Can't you see the wheels turning in my head? I'm thinking of the best way to crush Jan Di or weeds or whatever." I threw a few darts at the damn sticker. Maybe I should go after her family's company…. That would teach her…. Or what if I got her kicked out of school? At least then I wouldn't have to deal with the press.

Yi Jung watched my throw a few more darts at the board. "I don't know why you're even bothering to think about it. Just do what you've been doing all along." His words sank in, and I felt like a light bulb had finally gone off! I looked at him and he was giving me a knowing smirk. Doing what I had been doing all along. Yes!

I hooked my arm around his neck and pulled him close in excitement. "Man! You really are smart!" I sauntered over to the dart board and pulled the sticker off of the board and held it in my hands. "Jan Di Laundry, you are really dead now." I crumpled the sticker in my hand and threw it away. This was the beginning of the end for that meddlesome weed!

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called the one person I trusted with the cards. He picked up on the second ring. "Yeah, it's me… I need you to target sophomore Jan Di."

"Isn't she the scholarship student?"

"Yeah, that's her."

"What would you like us to do?"

"Hmmm… trash her desk and place it outside. When she goes looking for it, dowse her in egg and flour. Add your own creative spin on it if you will, but do not disappoint me. I will be watching from the cameras that you have. Video tape it, and we will watch it live."

With that, I hung up. I felt better. Happiness radiated from my body. No one got away with crossing the path of Gu Jun Pyo without repercussions.

The next day, I sat in the lounge and asked for a day off from classes so I could watch everything transpire.

The whole evening and night of yesterday, excitement coursed through my body and I couldn't wait for everything to go down. Most of all, I was looking forward to her running into the lounge, apologizing for the way she treated me, her superior. It was a fool proof plan!

As it stood, she was hopping along the sidewalk trying to catch her book that was being tugged away. She stopped as soon as she saw a glimpse of her vandalized desk that was out in the middle of the hall.

A crowd of people gathered around her, and she was demanding an explanation. Then the first egg hit her head and she stopped dead in shock. It was what she deserved. Then more eggs followed, then the flour followed.

Her clothes were ruined. She shouted at the crowd of students and more eggs and flour followed.

By the time it was over, I had was satisfied with the outcome. My face was serious and I was pleased that she got what she deserved. Now she would be coming to me, begging for mercy and forgiveness. It was the groveling I was most looking forward to.

Yi Jung and Woo Bin watched from the other couch, and Yi Jung commented, "Isn't it over now?" Did he not get it?

"What do you mean over? It's over when the rude chick comes and kneels in front of me. So, that's why they say not to bother a sleeping wolf?"

"You mean a sleeping lion…" Woo Bin interjected.

"It seems this time it won't even last a week." Yi Jung watched the screen as it looked as if Jan Di was about to cry with the powder smudged on her face.

"One week? I say it won't even last three days." Woo Bin gave his opinion and then they waged a bet. "Yi Jung, you, if I win, I get that traditional pot from your last show."

Yi Jung laughed, "For a fool that can't tell a pot from a water bottle, what's with the sudden interest?"

"My baby is a fan of the potter, So Yi Jung."

"Okay. If I win, I get the number of the Super Girls."


I was tired of their nonsense, "Hey guys! Shut up. It's almost time for her to show up!"

I shifted my body to face the bottom of the stairwell leading into the lounge, waiting for this sweet moment of the defeated coming to grovel at me feet.

"Alright! 5…4…3…2…1! Ta Da!" No one was there…. Oh! "That's right! She probably doesn't want to show herself in front of me in that disastrous state! Yep, I was a bit hasty…. Okay, one more time. 5…4…3…2…1…..?" Where the hell was she?!

I pulled out my phone and dialed the person from yesterday. "What's wrong with you guys? Did you do it right?"

"Yes, just as you asked…"

"Then, why isn't she here?"

"We don't know…"

"Where the hell did that chick go?!"

"We really don't know! She left!"

I had to calm down. It wasn't over. This wasn't the end. I looked into her file and found that she is here on a supposed "swimming scholarship," so if she liked to swim, why don't I just make that a tad bit difficult.

"Alright, I want you guys to dump empty plastic bottles and stuff into the pool, and then when she gets out, I want you guys to give her a little scare, okay?"

I hung up after confirming everything with the boys.

It wasn't over until she came to me!

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