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Hello Stranger

About seven o'clock in New York …

She was running late for work when she tripped on him running up the stairs.

_"What the hell, lass!" he said

_"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I didn't saw you!" she said while he helped her up

Emma was not prepared for what she saw; he was tall with dark, mused hair, an open black shirt exposing tufts of black curls, strong muscular arms and deep blue eyes that matched no other.

Killian, too, was caught off guard by her appearance; her enticing figure aside, she possessed two big green eyes, perfect, long golden locks and she even wore a beautifully irate expression on her face.

After a few moments with the two of them lost in each other's eyes, Emma spoke, shattering the spell.

_"So.. I'm really sorry and I'm late for work , so I see you around?"

_"Of course. I live in apartment 2A.

_"Great." She said shyly and then she was gone.

That was intense. His day at the new firm was pretty hard. He knew being a freshly graduated architect could be hard, but this? Ha! This was insane. He was kind of lost. The older entrepreneurs sent all the paperwork to him. He now had three sketches of fancy houses to do and a lot of paperwork waiting to be filled out.

He opened his door. The apartment of the building was pretty simple. Life in NY could be difficult. His small living room consisted of a couch, a little TV, and a table gifted to him by his aunt. The space also had a similarly sized kitchen attached to it. His bedroom contained a closet and an suite. Because he lived in an old building, he accepted the fact that his suite could only hold a sink and an old, but big bathtub.

After taking a shower, changing into comfortable clothes and sating his hunger, he set out to finish his work. However, there was a silver lining; his salary was more than he could even dream of making in Ireland, that was actually what motivated him to move. Four hours of hard work later, he was finally finished, and went to sleep. Well, he tried. The blonde vixen was consuming any and all of his thoughts. And he didn't even have her name yet, bloody hell!

She managed to arrive at work only moments before her boss. She sat on her table and tried to focus on her work, but all she could think about was him. That handsome neighbor she never noticed before. After writing two new articles for the city journal and updating her website where she wrote her opinions on media matters, well she did have plenty of followers, she was able to call it a night. Being a 28 year old journalist was something she was proud of, but she dreamed of earning the highest rank in her field. She got home at 2am and went right to her bedroom to sleep her brains out. Her earnings made all the exhaustion worth it, though.