Title: Until The End of Time

Author: Aqua

Series: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Pairing: Sanzo/Goku and Gojyo/Hakkai

Rating: PG-13 for now

Genre: Definately AU!

Warnings: Lots of sap! As well, angst.

Author comment: Sanzo/Goku has quite suddenly become my favorite pairing from the show. So, after reading every single fic for them out there that I could find (which wasn't too many!! If you have one, please let me know so I can read it too!! *desperate look*) I decided to write a fic for them.

Please excuse any OOCness, unexplained phenomena, and the like. I'm relatively certain that the 'dangerous part of Tokyo' doesn't exist as I've described it, so consider that part completely made up. ^_^ As for the rest of it, I'll try to make it as accurate to the show as I can, however there may be several differences made necessary by the storyline of this ficcie.

Oh, and I kept the names the same as the show. ^_^; Before you read the fic, you're probably wondering what the big deal about it is. Let's just say I found it easier than giving everyone a new name. *shrugs* It could happen as I've written.... Really, it could! *glimmery eyes* Right?

And now, finally, please enjoy and please review!

Until The End of Time


"It will happen tonight," a quiet voice said, choking on the words slightly.

Golden eyes turned toward the violet ones looking down at him with a quick movement, almost immediately filling with tears. "You don't know that for sure," the childish voice replied as the slender figure scampered over to the other.

Shaking hands, wrinkled with age, gently pet the head which came to rest in his lap. "I've been alive long enough to be able to tell. Tonight will be the night," the old man replied, heaving a sigh as his eyes slipped closed and he leaned his head back against the chair he was seated in.

"It's not fair," the child cried, wrapping his arms around the slender waist of the person who'd been his lover, his other half, his everything for the last seventy or so years.

Another deep sigh. "We knew this would happen sooner or later. I'm not immortal like you are. We both knew from the beginning that there would be a time where I would pass on and have to leave you."

The child cried in earnest now. "I don't want you to leave me! I'd rather die too, than live the rest of my life without you!"

"Don't say such stupid things! My time has come. Yours has not!" the stern voice exclaimed with as much strength as possible, silencing the child.

There were a few moments of quiet before the young one looked up again. "I'll look for you. You've been reincarnated for the last five hundred years. When you are reincarnated again, I'll find you again!" he declared.

"Goku," the old man said quietly, his eyes saddened. He knew there was no garuntee he would be reincarnated yet again. His mission during this life had been completed. Who knew what would wait for him in the afterlife? He knew for certain that if it were to be anything, hell would be waiting for him. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to crush the hope in the eyes of the child who had been his reason for living.

"Sanzo," the child replied just as quietly. He took the pale, wrinkled face of the other into his hands and kissed the old man's forehead. "I worked hard to gain your love and respect. I'm not going to let something like death take it away. Until the end of time, Genjo Sanzo, that's how long I'll search for you if I have to!"

~~End Prologe~~

Until The End of Time Chapter 1

Walking into the classroom, Sanzo placed his briefcase on the floor beside his desk before throwing himself into his coushined chair. He was exhausted, and the school day hadn't even started yet. They were allready pooling outside and in the courtyard, wasting the few moments left before the bell would ring for homeroom. Of course, Sanzo wasn't expecting half of his students to show up. Usually, about five to ten of them were held up at the principal's office after being caught with some type of weapon.

He really should find a better school to work at. His resume was a good one; he'd taught Mathematics in America for three years and he'd spent almost five years in University in order to get a high-quality teaching degree. However, upon returning to Japan, Sanzo hadn't had as much luck finding a job as he'd had before. So instead of an well-paying private school, he was teaching at a public school for delinquents in a bad part of Tokyo. It was government funded on top of everything else, so his wage was fixed at a less-than-impressive amount.

The truth of the matter was that he really didn't care all that much. When he had first started out, he'd been interested in teaching. He'd loved the satisfied feeling he got when a kid's eyes would light up when he finally got the answer he was calculating for. He had been a little withdrawn, but he had still attempted to get to know his students, their passions in life. It had been the most wonderful thing to him when they would sound enthusiastic about their school work.

Now, however....

Now he spent his nights having strange dreams that left him drawn out and confused when he awoke. He came to school just before the bell rang, taught his classess with little enthusasim, then returned to his lonely appartment twenty minutes away in order to throw a frozen dinner into the microwave before losing himself in the television.

All of the spark had gone from his life. He couldn't even say when it had happened. Probably the same time those dreams had begun. The dreams that were almost an obsession to him now. Some of them were bare whispers in his mind, while others were so vivid he could remember them for weeks afterward. Each one was different, yet similar to the previous one. As though someone's life had been lain out for him to behold, and he was seeing a peice of it every night.

It was then that the bell rang, bringing Sanzo out of his thoughts. Slowly, students began to enter the classroom. They talked and joked around as they took their usual desks, not bothering to glance at Sanzo although they knew he was there. Sanzo let them goof around for a few moments, giving himself a few more moments for his thoughts.

The dream last night had taken the cake. He'd woken from it with a gasp, although it had not been a nightmare like the one's last month. It had simply been... disturbing. Even now, he could not get those golden eyes out of his mind. They were the only part of the dream he really remembered, except for the strong feeling of unease.

Shaking away the thought, Sanzo got to his feet.

"Sit down," he barked, his voice raising over all the other's. The students, not the type to ususally pay attention to authority, slid into their desks slowly. They knew not to piss him off, but they certainly liked to test his limits. They were only three months into the new year, so Sanzo knew it would be a while yet before they slipped into a comfortable system.

Of course, compared to the other teachers, the students seemed to like him. Probably because, although he was strict about most things, he had the same twisted view of life as they did.

"I'm going to take attendance. If you are here, give me a shout," Sanzo instructed before running through the list of fourty-five students.

He was near the end when the knock came at the door. Sanzo's brow furrowed. Normally the principal wouldn't release the late or 'held behind' students until second period. The hall monitors took care of any wandering bodies. An interruption was not a common thing.

"It's the cops, to pick up Nobuhiko!" one of the girls yelled out, causing everyone to break out into laughter.

Sanzo remained silent, pulling open the door. The laughter died when the students saw the vice-principal standing there. She was not a humerous woman, and liked to punish students who were out of line with severe punishments.

"I've got another student for you," she said, not bothering with a greeting.

Sanzo's brow rose. He already had one of the biggest classes in the school. Why did they have to dump yet another student on him?

However, there was nothing he could do about the decision now. "Fine," he replied, stepping asside so the small figure half-hidden behind the vice- principal could enter.

He bid goodbye to the elderly woman, then followed the student into the room. "Introduce yourself," Sanzo instructed as he returned to his desk.

The student bowed, his long chestnut hair flowing over his shoulders. "My name is Son Goku," he stated.

The voice caused Sanzo to pause and he felt his hands shake slightly. It was just a coincidence, he knew that it had to be. However, as he slowly raised his eyes up boot-clad feet, to legs tightly clothed in leather, to a black tank-topped chest, he knew exactly what he would see when he reached the other's face.

Golden eyes, far too old for a teenager, gazed back at him. There was recognition there, as though the kid was mentally greeting an old friend. He knew this person from his dreams. There were differences, but too much was the same, so much so that it was all he could do not to grab the other and demand to know what the dreams were about.

"You can sit there," Sanzo stated, mentally shaking himself as he pointed to a seat in the second row.

The kid smiled at him, a smile he'd seen echoed within his mind a thousand times during the night, then nodded. "Sure thing, Sanzo!"


To be Continued